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[AWT-06] BC-02 Ace of Spades

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  • [AWT-06] BC-02 Ace of Spades

    Montropolis - Anime World

    [AWT-06] BC-02 Ace of Spades
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    No one ever used the Cardmon training machines at such a ridiculous hour in the morning and because of the time in both worlds, the temp staffer who was assigned to card activation services hadn't been informed that if Brand logged into the system again to contact Cardmon Police immediately. Without a clue, he pressed the authorize button on his console before returning to work on his newspaper crossword puzzle.

    Within the Cardmon training machine at the same time in which the boy said his own name, he heard his partner say, Blackjack Jerbodra. Additional card entry. And following that, the sparks erupted as the entire Cardmon training machine repeated history as it exploded in a massive fireball which actually cracked the walls of the arena. Rolling clear from the blast, Blackjack quickly grabbed Brand's clothes and after a quick glance around, he high-tailed it out of the school property. The Jerbodra was able to be active in the boy's world now.

    Chase Farmhouse... 29 December... Tuesday morning...

    Just before the morning sun could rise, Garurumon was heard knocking at Brand's bedroom door. "Come on, Brand," said Garurumon as he debated stealing the entire barn. "I'm actually here early for a change. A whole hour early in fact. I want to take you somewhere and show you something nice that you might like to see. Don't make me steal the whole building." The boy opened the door and looked at the large Garurumon. He had his regular clothes on and looked as dashing as usual. "So where are you taking me? I don't want to go to school this early." Garurumon helped Brand into the special saddle and said, "Not school but something I have been told that you like even more than school. Trust me... you'll love it." And with that, he began charging off across the fields, leaping fences and farm buildings as he went.

    Within the main farmhouse, Zecma had joined the Chase's for breakfast when Andrew having seen the two depart through one of the windows remarked, "...And there they go. Garurumon just kidnapped Brand. Perhaps today will be a better day for him." Zecma then changed the subject. "From what little I was able to find out, Mrs. Chase, apparently there was a digital energy surge that originated from the Cardmon training machine in which your son had tried to activate. The energies from the explosion is what left him in the nude in school. Further information gathered from Raluta, someone Brand had made friends with in school, revealed that an expelled kid named Guido might have sabotaged the machines to get revenge on Raluta for a petty and unfounded reason. Sadly, your son used the machine instead of Raluta and that is what caused the incident. The school had no choice but to drop the sibling rivalry accusation." Donna said, "Good thing they did because I was about to go postal on them with my famous 'look'." Andrew shuddered. "Heaven forbid, we don't want that."

    At that moment, Chuck entered the room and looked at the devil mouse who had been sipping his tea. "Zecma, what would it cost me to get this glob of tar off my hands so I can go to school?" The underworld rodent glanced at Donna in a 'Should I' manner of expression. Mrs. Chase replied, "Chuck, if you make a deal with Zecma, you and only you will be responsible for that deal. It is your call, Zecma; I have been invited into town today by some local mothers to discuss political things." Andrew remarked, "You just want to give new people that 'look' of yours." Zecma giggled quietly before turning to Brand's older brother once again. "What would it cost...? Well... I'll make it easy on you this first time. I don't get a point-blank offer such as yours very often so the first time should be easy so you can test the waters a little. Get used to the knowledge of knowing what dealing with a devil mouse is like on a non-dangerous level. I want you to tell me three animals that you really don't like at all. After that I will tell you what the fee will be to get that tar off your hands. Do we have a deal?"

    Chuck arched an eye. "That's it? This sounds like a steal! Okay, let's see... I don't like warthogs, swamp rats, and skunks. Especially swamp skunks. They stink worse than normal skunks do. Warthogs are too muddy and I don't like getting muddy. And swamp rats have beady eyes and always look like their laughing at you." Zecma giggled again and looked to Chuck's mother. "I am almost sorry that Chuck agreed to my deal without asking why I wanted to know what three animals he didn't like. Anyone else would have demanded my brothers to know what they were up to." Donna grinned back at the mouse. "And just what are you up to?" Zecma grinned back with a wink before turning to Chuck once again. "Once the tar is off your hands and you head off to school, you will have one week to find, bodily hug, and kiss on the mouth... each one of the animals you just named, in order. If you can't do this, then you'll have to wear a diaper on the outside of your pants and have the tar glob again for a month." Chuck frowned. "Oh Hell! What have I gotten myself in to?" Of course, his parents both laughed out loud.

    Montropolis Fairgrounds... 29 December... Tuesday morning...

    Garurumon with Brand in tow arrived at an overlook, where down below Brand could see circus tents and carnival rides. The large Digimon wolf said, "Do you like what you see?" Brand was smiling widely now. "Wow! Heck yeah! You really cheered me up! How did you know?" Garurumon grinned. "Zecma told me about his deal with you. This is the Digimon Fairgrounds. This coming weekend, the whole school will be coming here for all the fun they can handle. Its actually a reward for being so good in school. But if you quit school, you'll miss out on getting to come here." Brand smiled. "Well, I was upset because of the first day... but... I guess I can give it another chance. Thank you so much for showing me this." He HUGGED Garurumon's neck tightly.

    Garurumon chuckled. "Can I take you to school now?" Brand replied, "Yeah. Let's get to school. Um, do you think it would be wrong of me to ask... if sleeping with you some night would be warm and cozy?" Garurumon grinned slyly though not where the grin could be seen by Brand. "I don't know about you but I would like that a lot." And he turned and began loping off toward Montropolis High School. Then without warning, Brand heard his partner mentally, So you like male rumpuses, do you? No wonder you had an erection this morning. Brand and Raluta sitting in a tree... The boy thought back in return, Stop that! I don't think of stuff like that! Blackjack mentally grinned. That isn't what your groin is saying.

    Montropolis High School... 29 December... Tuesday afternoon...

    Most of the day went by without a hitch unlike the first day. A lot of the students were a lot more sympathetic about what happened to him the previous day and told him as much. When it came time for his fifth hour class, Renamon caught him by the arm and pulled him into a side hallway where she hugged the boy and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. "About yesterday..." she said. "I know you were embarrassed because I saw you naked and because you got hurt. But please; don't be. I see naked boys all the time around Montropolis. And accidents tend to happen here in the monster mecca of Anime World. Besides... you actually care about what I think about you. And what I think is..." she softly kissed Brand again. "you are a really good friend who cares about people. If you need any help at all, just let me and Raluta know; we are on your side. Now, we better get on to class." The two proceeded to class and took their positions at their desks. Sony came in next, followed by Mr. Mendelssohn. Slick came in last looking somewhat pale but his last class was Biology 2, so there wasn't any idea what their teacher had the students dissecting. Mr. Mendelssohn then turned to face the class as he said, "Students, today we will be focusing on the practice of player to partner conviction. In order to make this exercise more meaningful, we will be utilizing the prototype digivices that were the basis for the Digimon: Virtual Adventure Gauntlet series that aired just last year." He next produced one of the prototypes from the box on his desk and demonstrated it in use one time. "As you can see, it is equipped with a single battery which powers the light bulb on the tip."
    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two

    Mr. Mendelssohn handed out the prototype digivices to his few students in the class. "The prototypes are, of course, disabled from the digital grid, therefore... they are safe to use in our teaching lessons. Let me demonstrate." And he pointed his prototype at Renamon and pushed the button. Nothing happened, of course. "As you can see, they are without the link to the digital grid. Now, I would like you to practice pointing your prototype digivice at each other and call out the classmate's name and the word Digivolve. I will grade you based on the realism of your conviction in this exercise."

    Brand was doing exactly as he was told, pointing at each of the others and flawlessly shouting out the correct phrase each time. Renamon and Sony were also each doing as told, though Slick noticed that the two non-humans were not pointing at the only human in class which he decided to remedy right away so the boy wouldn't feel left out. Slick pointed his prototype digivice at the human boy and shouted, "Brand digivolve to..." and he pressed the button. And without warning the unexpected happened, as just above Brand's head for all to see unfolded the digital matrix for the DigiCard Tournament layout as the slots quickly filled with his appropriate cards. The 'Blackjack' partner card was crossed with the 'Health Booster' support card. The 'Dragon Barrier - Permanent' defense card appeared in the top slot as the 'Opposition Dampener - Constant' defense card appeared in the bottom slot. The 'Elemental Strike' offense card appeared on the left while the 'Distraction - Duo Effect' offense card appeared on the right. Finally, the 'Blue Fairy' card appeared in the floating utility card space.

    The attribute statistics were the next thing to be displayed. Blackjack had a base score of 123.5 on his Health, a base score of 23.5 on his Muscle, a base score of 100.6 on his Wit, and a base score of 147.0 on his Reflexes. These were then modified one at a time by the cards on the matrix. The first modifications came from the cards bonuses themselves. This resulted in the temporary final totals of 203.5 Health, 162.5 Muscle, 251.6 Wit, and 315.0 Reflexes. Next came the special effect from the 'DigiCard Master' layout grid itself which increased all four attributes by a multiple of four before rounding up to the nearest whole number. And finally, the Health Booster doubled the starting Health score.

    Thus the ending master layout grid had the following totals: 1,628 Health; 650 Muscle; 1,007 Wit; 1,260 Reflexes; +4 Health Regen per Turn. Blackjack Jerbodra's special attacks included: Raking Strike for 6 Health damage points, Shadow Breath for 3 rounds of Blindness and 3 Health damage points, and a Tail Slap for 18 Health damage points along with a 3 point penalty versus Muscle, Wit, and Reflexes due to Stun effects for one game only. Due to his high Reflexes and his Shadow element, he got a bonus on all Covert and Special Operations maneuvers. In addition and because of his Shadow element, Blindness effects were ignored since he was immune to them. To the left of the card layout was the damage location chart while the stats, attacks, defenses, and utilities were labeled to the right of the card layout. What probably surprised everyone was when the disembodied voice announced, "Tournament challenge accepted!"

    Mr. Mendelssohn just as quickly shouted, "Cancel challenge! Override! Now!" And just as suddenly as the grid appeared over the boy's head, the entire layout vanished. Then the male anime teacher leaned back against his desk panting hard before lifting his gaze to look at his human student directly. "Is there something you want to inform the class about, Brand?"

    Brand frowned as he realized that somehow the gig was up. To his partner he mentally said, What did you do, Blackjack? The reply was, That last card we added to our deck to balance out the frequencies... damn it! That was a Tournament Master card! I am so sorry, Brand; that stupid card made it so that anytime someone points a Challenge Beacon at you, a Tournament Match is initiated. Good thing your teacher knew the override pass code or else we would have switched places right in the middle of the class room. We need Zecma; now. The boy focused his gaze on his teacher once again. "I am so sorry, sir. We need to call Zecma. That accident yesterday in the training arena did something to me. But PLEASE! Whatever you do, please DO NOT call my mother if you want to avoid the look that no one wants to get!" Slick and Sony both quickly added at the same time, "He isn't kidding, sir; that look is for real!"

    Moments later, the game master Zecma had arrived in the class room but sadly Brand's mother and his mute sister were with him. Donna had a calm expression at the moment, but her son knew how that could change at the drop of a hat. His mother said, "You told Zecma that this was an emergency, so please do not lie to me. What happened to Brand this time?"

    Mr. Mendelssohn retold the events in the class exactly as they happened to both the mother and the devil mouse. "...and it was handy of me to know how to diffuse a challenge or else this class would have been in the middle of an arena battle." He looked at Zecma directly at that point. "Brand asked for you just after the situation ended." The devil mouse turned to look at the boy he liked as he produced a Digital Game Card reading device out of his shoulder pouch and activated a scan on the boy. And exactly as before the matrix appeared over Brand's head and the disembodied voice gave the announcement once again. This time, however, the surprise of seeing this almost electrifying effect over her brother's head made Irene release an audible scream at the top of her lungs. It was Zecma whom gave a pass code this time by saying, "Players Zero! Display Only!" And the announcer replied, "Display Mode, On."

    Zecma then examined the layout matrix carefully as he cross indexed a thorough scan for whatever this effect was IF it was even listed in the gaming index. "Brand... what card produced this matrix effect? I need to know if I am to help you control it." The human boy replied, "My Platinum partner, Blackjack Jerbodra, told me that it was a 'DigiCard Master - Tournament' card. In exactly those words." The devil mouse then entered in a precise search for those exact words and waited for a reply. "Just so you know, Brand... your partner is the master thief of Monstrotopia. The Cardmon Police have been after him for months. There is a huge bounty for his capture on his head and sadly, you are linked to him now. That means bounty hunters may start coming after you to get at him." Brand replied, "Fat chance of their succeeding at that; due to the accident yesterday which the Cardmon Police actually caused themselves, Blackjack and I gained the ability to cross between our two worlds at will. So even if they did catch him and hold him in a cell, I could simply pop back over here and be free in an instant."

    The devil mouse rolled his eyes with an amused look on his muzzle. "That's what happens when amateurs change the linking frequency between a partner and a card. Well, we can safely say that the accident was not caused by Guido, Mr. Mendelssohn; it was caused by the Cardmon Police in Monstrotopia. They are responsible for the damage to the school's arenas." The male anime teacher replied, "I will inform Principal Agumon about that fact immediately. But what of Brand? Can you help him with his new powers?" Zecma nodded his muzzle as the information on the recalled Tournament Cards was displayed on his screen. "I should be able to... uh oh." Brand remarked, "I don't like the words 'uh oh' when I am the target. What did you find?" The devil mouse read over the data carefully before replying. "As I told you back on Earth, I personally created the DigiCard game and its rules. However, after I designed the primary cards and the game was a success, third party companies began to produce 'Special Situation' cards as part of add-on packs. They would buy a Starter Deck from my company, replace the most worthless card in the deck with one of the special cards, then repackage the new deck in their own packaging. These add-on cards were both good and bad. Some of them were approved by both me and the gaming commission. But there were a few that were deemed as far too dangerous to be allowed in the open circuit. We initiated a mass recall after a Tournament incident when one of these Booster Cards caused an unexpected display of damage to the arena itself and landed the opposing player in the hospital. In order to avoid a lawsuit, all Tournament cards were announced as illegal and a public recall was placed to get them back for permanent removal. The Tournament Card you named, Brand, is one of those special cards. It permits you to initiate a Tournament Match no matter where you are. But because your partner was merged with you, when the match starts, you and your partner switch places and he ends up in our world to do the battle." Brand turned to look at his mother and his older sister. "This just got extremely messy." And mentally, Blackjack quietly commented, We will work this out, Brand. I promise.

    End of Chapter Two