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[AWT-04] BT-05 Return of the Quadi Knights

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  • [AWT-04] BT-05 Return of the Quadi Knights

    When Bert Thomas and his father Ricky move into an Quadraen community on King Kazma's Live Anime World, Bert must learn to associate with the local Quadraen society as he participates in the local game of choice S'taurrior where he learns to work with a Quadraen S'taurrior partner.

    S'taur View - Anime World

    [AWT-04] BT-05 Return of the Quadi Knights
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Bert remarked. "I would have to say, not now, American Rabbit. I have too much work to do with Orion and the other gamers at the moment. Besides, I'm only twelve."

    American Rabbit said, "Sorry, Bert... its just that you are so attractive in that body. I'm not normally into foxes, but you make it look good. Anyway, back to business."

    Bert said, "I've been told that most of the Taurs in this area are way younger than they look. Most are only fourteen to sixteen years old. I am twelve. There's are least three Taurs who have been waiting for me to hit puberty."

    Medina and her brother Burstfire worked with Covert Fox as they programmed a Digital DNA vortex that pulled the Imperial Characters into the trap to contain them from causing any further trouble.

    Bert activated his communicator. "Orion? Where are you and the others locked up at? We just rounded up all the Imperial Escapees from the game?"

    Orion's voice shouted, "Come quick! We're in the basement of the observatory! Your dad is here too! The Imperials programmed a purging device and loaded all of us into it. They were going to wipe us out of existence and take over the valley when the timer reached zero! We have about forty minutes left!"

    Bert shouted toward the heroes to come with him to stop the purge timer and then their group headed for the basement of the observatory. At the bottom of the stairs, everyone could see the timer sitting on thirty-five minutes and counting down. Within a large transparent containment cell were all of the S'Taur View citizens looking worried along with the one human male who was in there with them. Medina, Covert Fox and Bert converged on the console where the program and timer were controlling the device for conducting the character purge. "Medina? This program looks familiar to me. Give me a few seconds while I check." And he reached up and activated his game collar. Since he had set his game collar to skip the movie, He was quickly into the game where he entered the DeBug Menu and looked up the ClearCharacterCache program that all Imperials had access to in game. Out loud, Bert said, "This is how to stop the timer, Medina." And he began reciting off an override code very carefully, this took about five minutes to recite and confirm before hitting the submit button.

    To everyone's relief, the timer stopped at thirty-one minutes and twelve seconds.

    Then Bert recited off the containment cell release code. This took a little longer and when it didn't work right away, Bert exclaimed, "Blast the lock open guys! The Imperials never initiated a release protocol for anyone placed into the purge chamber! Orion! Dad! The moment the door is open, get everyone out as fast as possible! The stupid Imperials placed a self destruct protocol just in case someone came to the rescue! It is powerful enough to destroy the entire mountain chain!"

    American Rabbit was then at the forefront once again as he sang, "It's Too Heavenly Here! Come on, Charlie! We have to rescue people this time!" The Heavenly dogs all appeared, only this time Annabelle was with them. American Rabbit quickly explained the bomb problem under the base and how they needed to get all of the Taurs back to the Village at the base of the Mountains. "Bert's father and Orion as well as the other Villagers are stuck inside that Containment Cell which was made over into a universal Purging Device. And yes, I am sure! Or is the poker game off?" All three angel dogs reached up and touched their collar tags as a trio which teleported the Taurs and Human out of the Observatory and back to S'taur View. King Kazma then said, "We don't know where the bomb is, Annabelle! Therefore, I want this entire mountain removed from the chain sadly with Bert's replica base included and moved off into a black hole in the Argex-5 sector of space." American Rabbit looked to the angel dogs again. "For the sake of my father's planet, please make it so and replace the mountain as it was before the Thomas family moved into Kazma's LAW. We will make it up to Bert later for all the work he is about to lose."

    While the heroes made their plans, Bert in-game was making sure that Lukas and Clan closed off the Stargate from the home base as it was about to be destroyed and to make sure all allies were within the game universe for their own safety. Bert in-game then said, "I love you both, Lukas and Clan. Hopefully this won't be too long of an absence. Bert out." He then logged out of the game and said, "We can make the mountain disappear now, guys! Let's get out of here!"

    The Heroes and Red Rabbits along with the angel dogs exited the mountain where they watched from a safe distance as the entire mountain and former base glowed with the Heavenly power before being replaced with a duplicate of the mountain before Bert had taken the original mountain over.

    American Rabbit then hugged Bert and said, "I want to make it up to you for your losing you Taur Valley base, Bert. No obligations involved. Before I settled here on Kazma's LAW to make my current hero team, I had originally had a scientific base at a location on one of the other animated worlds which was called Two Rivers. The predecessor of our current team was based out of that original building. I would like to give you and Orion that building as the new Taur Games Headquarters here in Taur Valley. I would prefer you have it set up at an actual location where two rivers come together so the base's nickname still makes sense. Two Rivers. Kazma should know where a locale such as that resides. I will have the angel dogs set up the headquarters base for you which can be lived in and yes, it has its own observatory in one of the two towers. The other tower contained our gaming hall. Where we would often invite the space pirates to come and have a safe legal place to gamble on Friday nights. Although if you want to use that space for a different reason, you could. That tower has space docks for star ships. Your buddy Clan would have a place to park his space ship. Will you accept my gift, Bert?"

    Bert looked to King Kazma, "Are there two rivers in Taur Valley where we can set this thing up?"

    King Kazma replied, "I know just the forested location to place the building. If I remember correctly, the original Two Rivers was nestled into a forested area. As for the spot I am thinking about, I can Terra-Form the two drainage ditches to become the new rivers. One of the drainage ditches runs along the back side of Ernie's farm. He would probably use the water access for his crops. The two drainage gullies normally dump out into a river to the North. The other drainage ditch runs beside the Ottertaur's bog lands to the West of S'taur View. They could also use a fresh water source for when their bog swamps dry up occasionally."

    Bert then said, "As long as there will be a road connecting the Two Rivers base back to S'taur View, I will accept your gift, American Rabbit. In the meantime, Orion and I need to initiate a mass recall on all S'taurrior game collars; especially Imperial Collars. All game collars used during the beta phase of the game should be regarded as suspect and all new collars keyed to each player will be awarded back to the players themselves. However, all former characters from the Beta version of S'taurrior should be erased to Level One and if they want to remake the same character again, a backed up appearance file will be available for each player to make it easier to remake their character from a fresh slate. However, everyone will get Rebel collars. Imperial Collars will be a thing of the past to preserve game balance in S'taurrior. Everyone will get to start fresh as if the game is brand new which for the record, with the changes that I was working on, the game WILL be brand new for most of the players."

    End of Chapter 01