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[AWT-04] BT-04 The Rebellion Strikes Back

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  • [AWT-04] BT-04 The Rebellion Strikes Back

    S'taur View - Anime World

    [AWT-04] BT-04 The Rebellion Strikes Back
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01
    Quadrant MMO, S'taurrior Game Universe.
    Orion was extremely angry but from his facial expression he wanted to wipe the game out. "I don't want to lose my brother, Bert. You rallied the other good players to save Thunder Rails. Please help me to save my brother. Lousy dragon shit lord. The debt is probably a player trade for cred removal type of debt. Epsilon won't talk to me about it. If he would only open up about it, we could probably help him. What do I do?" There was a small pause. "Okay, I just changed my staff password and game database password. I am begging you, Bert. Help me save Epsilon from this wicked trap he is stuck in."

    Bert glanced over at Kazma. "Good call, sir. You were right to be suspicious in regards to how easy it was to find the missing persons. Almost like Epsilon wanted to be found out."

    King Kazma said, "If a Hell Dragon Lord is involved, then Epsilon is probably also under magical control. He is simply doing as his master commands. That is why this looks like a recruiting operation. I really do not want to have my star gate closed to the public like QC Planet has had happen to them multiple years in a row. This situation is the first strike against us, Bert. I will support whatever plan you have for helping Epsilon to be free of this hellish creep."

    Ricky then said into Bert's communication device. "Orion, this is Ricky. What do you know about the Quadrumorpher device?"

    Orion replied, "It is the main engine for the creation of new Taur characters in S'taurrior. You input the character data and when you finalize the choices, the character is dropped into your game account character slot for player usage in game. After you click on the character, you are put through the tutorial and then you spend your completion points for Rank 2."

    Ricky said, "What would happen to a Player if they were standing inside of a tangible real version of this device, say outside of the game, when they made their character and could it be undone once created without killing the player?"

    Orion growled, "Is that what Epsilon did while under mind control from this sleazy dragon lord? From your expressions, he put these missing people into the device and tricked them into thinking they were simply creating Taur characters. And when they clicked the create button, their old memories were replaced by Taur memories. If there is a way to restore these people, I will permit them to return to their old lives and I will make restitution for their missing time even if it breaks me."

    King Kazma said, "I will give you a chance to make good, Orion. I think your brother will know something is up when he finds that he cannot log into the game. Where is Epsilon right now?"

    Orion replied, "He was supposedly in his sleeping quarters resting until his shift begins much later."

    Bert then asked, "Orion, did you attend the open forum meeting yesterday that I was running?"

    Orion replied, "Oh yes, Bert. That was me laying on the sofa feeling like garbage. How else would I know that you spoke up for Thunder Rails to have him rescued?"

    Bert then asked, "Was it also you who temporarily possessed Obi Zan Quanobi the day Lukas tried to off himself and me as well in game?"

    Orion had that 'Say What?' look on his muzzle. "When did that happen? Oh my gods... no wonder you had me change my passwords. My brother has been logging into my account while I would either be working at the Observatory or resting."

    Bert said, "He has also been masquerading around as you when you are resting. My dad said he saw you wearing your game collar and you were apparently in game that day at the Observatory."

    Ricky then said, "Now that I know the differences in color and I am thinking back, the foxtaur I saw was red on top with a yellow undercoat. But his collar was the same as the one you wear, Orion. He even had your voice. I think he was the one who asked me if I would like to try the game shortly after he met me."

    Orion said, "I definitely do not recall asking you if you would like to play the game, Ricky. I knew you came to work for me under serious business."

    Ricky asked, "What did your brother say to you in regards to me when you next saw him?"

    Orion replied, "He said he felt sorry for you and how you turned him on. But after you started dating Ligra, Epsilon said that you were starting to lose your focus."

    Bert said, "So your brother wants to get into my dad's pants; I didn't know he was into older males. Ew..." He said that last part with a wink at his dad.

    Ricky then said, "If Ligra reverts to whatever species she was before, I am not sure I would still want to date her. I met her while she was a Ligrotaur."

    Bert said, "I like Linus as a Ligrotaur as well. I may feel the same way as you do, dad, if he changes into something else."

    King Kazma then said, "We will give the transformation victims the choice whether they want to go back to their old lives. But first, we need to learn if they can be reverted via the devices. Otherwise, I may have to call my adopted son back to assist us in this. He is the one with the angel dogs and the sexy Devil Kangaroo who makes the bakery goods."

    Orion said, "After we find a way to free my brother from that awful dragon sleaze, I am going to have to clean up the game something fierce. The Punks are really getting unruly. They are making in-game demands that I do not want to grant."
    End of Chapter 01

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    Chapter 02
    S'taur View, Anime Oregon; Anime World
    An hour later, with King Kazma and the Red Rabbit Army standing with Orion just outside of the Foxtaur's shared home quarters, Orion said to Bert, "Are you sure you want to speak to him alone? I don't know what his state of mind is going to be like when you surprise him in his own room."

    Bert said, "We have to get him to open up somehow, Orion. And since he won't talk to you, then it falls to me."

    Orion placed one paw-hand on Bert's bare shoulder. "Are you sure you want to do this in the nude though?"

    Bert replied, "As Linus originally told me, we humans are the only ones wearing any clothes in all of Taur Valley. I think Epsilon will be more interested in talking if he sees me naked. I have to try since you asked me to help save your brother. Kazma is going to stay out here with you. Here goes..."

    And Bert then entered the house. After a search of the ground floor, Bert was almost stymied until he opened what he thought was a closet door and saw the stairs leading down into the subterranean areas of the town below the sewer level apparently. Bert was thinking as he slowly descended the stairs, 'This reminds me of the Origon Trial mission in S'taurrior'. Part way down the stairs stopped being wooden and had an almost smooth metallic appearance. When he reached the twenty-third step, the stairs suddenly flattened into a slide and Bert fell and slid down rapidly where there was like a ski jump at the end which made him fly through the air over a large hollowed out warm chamber where he landed butt first into the slippery lap and slit opening of a massive Hell Dragon whom had been lounging in a provocative position as if when he saw the stairs covert into a slide, he purposely positioned himself to catch the newest curious victim. Bert continued to slide until he collided fully into the back side of a red and yellow Foxtaur. "Epsilon Foxtaur, I presume?"

    The colorful foxtaur sighed audibly. "I don't know who you are, but you shouldn't have come looking for me. Now you are likely stuck in here with me."

    Bert said, "You aren't wearing the collar. Its me, Bert Thomas. Time to get you out of here. I am sure King Kazma will love banishing this Hell Dragon straight to Lord Io."

    Epsilon then said, "I'm stuck in a hole you cannot see, Bert. How are you going to get us out of here? I am so sorry for trying to shaft you with Skyruroo and Bryan Scentaur. I noticed afterward, you mended fences with them and Taru when the latter broke contact with me."

    Bert then asked, "Tell me about your debt, Epsilon. Please. We cannot help you if you keep quiet about it."

    The Foxtaur then said, "You know how the one hundred votes system is set up in the game? Well, the dragon lord was having me to recruit one thousand rebels whom were game players. Since the transformed people had limited memories anyway, it was figured that none of the village taurs would notice game players disappearing since most of them were heading out of the villages to a mountain play area where they could role play in utter privacy. I wanted to tell Orion what I was stuck in but the dragon lord has a spell on me making it so I can only speak openly either in game or inside his slit, where we are now. When I failed to send him the thousand players, he summoned me this evening to ask me directly what the hold up was. You and your father were to be the last two. And I am so sorry. The dragon lord prefers humans but he was taking what I could send him. When attending the Underworld University college, I found I was short of having the entry fee to get enrolled there. I stupidly said out loud that I would do any job to get the enrollment fee for getting my college education. I was quickly confronted by this Hell Dragon Lord whom offered me the enrollment fee in exchange for a job of his choosing after I graduated. I stupidly accepted his offer. Once a month, he would visit me outside of classes and he would pin me down and fuck me while reminding me of the agreement I had made with him and how I shouldn't forget since I failed to lawyer up before accepting his offer. He placed a spell on me to prevent me from telling Underworld Legal representatives what he had done to me which for the record is illegal in the Underworld currently. It is like visiting a Loan Shark and then not being able to pay the guy back. When I graduated the college. I tried to vacate the Underworld as silently and as quickly as possible. But he caught up with me where he fucked my bottom again and he laid the job upon me. He said to send him one thousand players and I would never have to deal with him again. However, he said that if I gave up trying to send people to him, he would summon me and change me into a sex slave for the rest of my life. I was stuck, Bert. When I found out how nice you were, I knew I couldn't make you disappear. There is more, but get us out of here first. Please..."

    The human boy placed his hands around Epsilon tightly and said, "This will seem like magic, but..." He lifted his voice as he focused directly beneath both himself and the Foxtaur. "In the name of Io's Light! Game On! Io's Court!" And in a flash, the Game Portal opened directly under both Epsilon and Bert dropping them through the opening where a Platinum dragon caught the two before moving them to one side at the base of a massive Lawful Good Cosmic Dragon. And then, the Hell Dragon Lord fell through the Game Portal on his ass where he was grabbed and arrested by several Lawful Good dragon guardians of Io.

    The Hell Dragon Lord growled, "You cannot do this to me! He owes me a legal debt when he accepted my offer without requesting a lawyer!"

    Io then spoke neutrally, "The Underworld law in regards to verbal debts is thus: after speaking a verbal offer, if the one making the offer does not ask for a Contract Imp and a Law Imp to seal the deal, then the action is illegally considered Recruiting which is still against the law in Hell except during times of War. And since Hell is in a time of peace currently, you broke the law by not requesting these imps. Had you sealed the deal legally, then your victim would be stuck. No contract for this Foxtaur nor any of those he nabbed for you exists. Therefore, all captured victims will be summoned, restored to normal and released back to King Kazma whom has been in contact with me on behalf of Bert Thomas. Such a nice boy."

    The Hell Dragon Lord continued to bitch and growl as he was dragged away to be punished for his own special 'side mission'.

    Io then reached out and pulled the Game Portal down to the court floor and he turned it right side up where the cavern chamber could be seen on the other side of it.

    Bert then said, "One moment, your liege... Epsilon is under a spell from that dragon making it so he cannot tell the truth unless he is either inside the Hell Dragon's slit or within the S'taurrior game itself."
    End of Chapter 02


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      Chapter 03
      Bert then continued his request to Lord Io, "Since Orion does not want to lose his brother, could you please remove this curse that is upon this Foxtaur and clean up his appearance as well. I get the feeling that the Red and Yellow was the Dragon Lord's idea as a means of finding him if he tried to get out of the deal he sadly agreed to. Also the trap stairs are currently in slippery mode. When we go back, we will have trouble climbing the stairs unless this is fixed. Kazma said he would give the transformation victims the choice on whether to return to their old lives or not, for the anime whom were his citizens anyway. But for the humans nabbed, they should be restored to their human form."

      Io nodded his head as he gently tapped Epsilon on his head which almost floored the poor Foxtaur, then the stairs were repaired. The cavern chamber then began to fill up with hundreds of rebel players with their full memories restored from both sets of lives they had lived. Anyone who wanted to stay in Taur form could request that from King Kazma. As for the human victims, They were immediately restored so they could go back to Earth to cancel their missing status. If they wished to resume Taur form at a later date, they could legally leave Earth and then make that request from King Kazma on Anime World. And lastly, all Punks in game whom were certifiably Underworld Lackeys of the Hell Dragon Lord were summoned and arrested under the same charges as the dragon was under. Abetting to Recruit during a time of peace. The Hell Emperor would be informed of this plot. He then said, "It is done, Bert. Use your gained powers wisely. You are a good boy and I like good boys. Now take Epsilon home. I also restored the full memories of everyone in Taur Valley in all villages. It is up to them whether they want to stay Taurs or not."

      Epsilon had Orion's general shape and size but his underbelly was still Yellow while his top side was all Black with two White stripes down his back. In effect, he looked like the Foxtaur version of a Yellow-bellied Skunk. He sighed again. "There is no way anyone will forgive me for my recent blunder."

      Bert hugged the Foxtaur, saying, "You give up too soon. We can still be friends." And then he led the Foxtaur through the Game Portal where he said, "Game Off!" Finally they directed all of the rescued people out of the subterranean chambers and out through Orion's home into S'taur View village.

      King Kazma was surprised by the number of Taurs and humans whom were emerging from that small home on the side street. And then Bert and Epsilon emerged last.

      Orion came over and he hugged Epsilon. "You are my favorite hero, Bert. Thank you so much for rescuing my brother."

      Bert said, "I am going to spend a little time with Epsilon so he recovers his encouragement better. He believes that no one will forgive him for what the dragon forced him to do. Kazma, Io said that when you are ready to start restoring Taurs into their former species, he will assist you with that. However, Epsilon. I have to know one thing... What were Ligra and Linus originally."

      Epsilon replied, "Linus was once a two hundred year old Liger when he accepted the offer to become a Taur, he kept the same overall species; but he chose to have 'is vitality and youth restored so he could have a second chance at a better childhood. Ligra is not his mother; she is a real Taur whom Orion hired fresh to work at the Observatory. She was never interested in the game; but she always wanted a son. So after Linus got his youth back, he got an offer from Ligra to live at her place as her unofficial son. She started believing the alternate story and the rest is history."

      Orion then asked, "What is the secret project that you and the others are working on, Bert. Since we are starting fresh by being honest with each other, I need to know."

      Bert hugged the Foxtaurs again. "With the dragon under an Io 'side mission' and the Underworld Punks also on that 'side mission' as well, we can talk openly about the project. This is to be a S'taurrior Expansion which can benefit both games and could possibly even stand alone as a game unto itself. The two working titles are: 'S'taurrior III: The Final Quadrant' or 'Quadrant MMO; a S'taurrior tale. In the expansion, we add in real world physics into the existing game covering distance, weather, travel, ect. New star ship engines are required to go from star system to star system. Staff protected planets are exanded into the entire star system making them immune to player anhilation. No matter what a player tries, they cannot destroy a protected system nor a staff star ship."

      Orion asked, "How much of the expansion is view capable, Bert?"

      Bert then spoke up aloud, "Attention S'taurrior Players! Regardless if you choose to stay a Taur or choose to return to your old lives, you will not be removed from the game. Your accounts will achieve gold status for enduring all of the bull crap the Punks put everyone through. Now, Orion wants to view what we have done on the new game expansion and since everyone is here, everyone should see what we have done so far. There is no movie yet, but I think you will get the idea when you see how big the programming field is."

      "First up is the Protected Staff City of Yew Nork on Planet Adminos." He activated a video view to show off the realistic physics and appearance of the futuristic city. "And this building is the Headquarters of Star Taur Games on Planet Adminos. This is where players can go to suggest game ideas in person." The HQ building was then show in a fantastic revolving view which included the fountains and garden. "Now zooming out to give you the full view of their star system and next, we will zoom over toward the Emeralda star system. Just a reminder, since we are adding the systems by hand, not every system is in place yet. Also, it requires Hyper Drive or Warp Drive engines to travel between star systems in the expansion. If you choose to keep your old ship engines in the expansion, it could take you a full week of RP time to travel between the closest star systems." At this point, the Admin sector fell away until it was simply a shining dot in the spiral galaxy. Then the view centered on a green light as the camera zoomed in on the multi-world system of Emeralda. The preview never showed Clan's secret base however. "At the moment until more systems are added, it would take nearly a month to travel from Emeralda to Adminos using the old engines. And that concludes what we have done so far. King Kazma got a personal tour of one world in Emeralda and he and his boys liked it."

      Bert then said, "More character slots will be available when the expansion is released. In the expansion, gestation times for character to character breeding will also be added. So if you don't want your characters to make babies, then keep their tail holes covered with a frying pan. or make sure they stay away from other horny characters. In game birth control will be available from Emeralda III."

      One male black Panthertaur said, "Bert, I know you said you guys only had two systems programmed in at the moment. What is that shining yellow star all the way over near the edge of the galaxy near the space between Galaxies?" Bert giggled. "That is a legendary star system. When it is completed, it will have a unique race of species dwelling there. However, their technological level is far below the rest of S'taurrior. That star system is to have only the one habitable world referred to as 'Goldilocks III' or more commonly known by real world Spacers as... pardon my language... 'That Fucking Dirtball'. That's right, folks. Planet Earth. Humans. If your characters are lucky enough to befriend an adventurous young human, then you could gain a new Special slot character. Despite this being a Taur game. The humans thankfully do not have star travel."
      End of Chapter 03