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[AWT-04] BT-04 The Rebellion Strikes Back

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  • [AWT-04] BT-04 The Rebellion Strikes Back

    S'taur View - Anime World

    [AWT-04] BT-04 The Rebellion Strikes Back
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01
    Quadrant MMO, S'taurrior Game Universe.
    Orion was extremely angry but from his facial expression he wanted to wipe the game out. "I don't want to lose my brother, Bert. You rallied the other good players to save Thunder Rails. Please help me to save my brother. Lousy dragon shit lord. The debt is probably a player trade for cred removal type of debt. Epsilon won't talk to me about it. If he would only open up about it, we could probably help him. What do I do?" There was a small pause. "Okay, I just changed my staff password and game database password. I am begging you, Bert. Help me save Epsilon from this wicked trap he is stuck in."

    Bert glanced over at Kazma. "Good call, sir. You were right to be suspicious in regards to how easy it was to find the missing persons. Almost like Epsilon wanted to be found out."

    King Kazma said, "If a Hell Dragon Lord is involved, then Epsilon is probably also under magical control. He is simply doing as his master commands. That is why this looks like a recruiting operation. I really do not want to have my star gate closed to the public like QC Planet has had happen to them multiple years in a row. This situation is the first strike against us, Bert. I will support whatever plan you have for helping Epsilon to be free of this hellish creep."

    Ricky then said into Bert's communication device. "Orion, this is Ricky. What do you know about the Quadrumorpher device?"

    Orion replied, "It is the main engine for the creation of new Taur characters in S'taurrior. You input the character data and when you finalize the choices, the character is dropped into your game account character slot for player usage in game. After you click on the character, you are put through the tutorial and then you spend your completion points for Rank 2."

    Ricky said, "What would happen to a Player if they were standing inside of a tangible real version of this device, say outside of the game, when they made their character and could it be undone once created without killing the player?"

    Orion growled, "Is that what Epsilon did while under mind control from this sleazy dragon lord? From your expressions, he put these missing people into the device and tricked them into thinking they were simply creating Taur characters. And when they clicked the create button, their old memories were replaced by Taur memories. If there is a way to restore these people, I will permit them to return to their old lives and I will make restitution for their missing time even if it breaks me."

    King Kazma said, "I will give you a chance to make good, Orion. I think your brother will know something is up when he finds that he cannot log into the game. Where is Epsilon right now?"

    Orion replied, "He was supposedly in his sleeping quarters resting until his shift begins much later."

    Bert then asked, "Orion, did you attend the open forum meeting yesterday that I was running?"

    Orion replied, "Oh yes, Bert. That was me laying on the sofa feeling like garbage. How else would I know that you spoke up for Thunder Rails to have him rescued?"

    Bert then asked, "Was it also you who temporarily possessed Obi Zan Quanobi the day Lukas tried to off himself and me as well in game?"

    Orion had that 'Say What?' look on his muzzle. "When did that happen? Oh my gods... no wonder you had me change my passwords. My brother has been logging into my account while I would either be working at the Observatory or resting."

    Bert said, "He has also been masquerading around as you when you are resting. My dad said he saw you wearing your game collar and you were apparently in game that day at the Observatory."

    Ricky then said, "Now that I know the differences in color and I am thinking back, the foxtaur I saw was red on top with a yellow undercoat. But his collar was the same as the one you wear, Orion. He even had your voice. I think he was the one who asked me if I would like to try the game shortly after he met me."

    Orion said, "I definitely do not recall asking you if you would like to play the game, Ricky. I knew you came to work for me under serious business."

    Ricky asked, "What did your brother say to you in regards to me when you next saw him?"

    Orion replied, "He said he felt sorry for you and how you turned him on. But after you started dating Ligra, Epsilon said that you were starting to lose your focus."

    Bert said, "So your brother wants to get into my dad's pants; I didn't know he was into older males. Ew..." He said that last part with a wink at his dad.

    Ricky then said, "If Ligra reverts to whatever species she was before, I am not sure I would still want to date her. I met her while she was a Ligrotaur."

    Bert said, "I like Linus as a Ligrotaur as well. I may feel the same way as you do, dad, if he changes into something else."

    King Kazma then said, "We will give the transformation victims the choice whether they want to go back to their old lives. But first, we need to learn if they can be reverted via the devices. Otherwise, I may have to call my adopted son back to assist us in this. He is the one with the angel dogs and the sexy Devil Kangaroo who makes the bakery goods."

    Orion said, "After we find a way to free my brother from that awful dragon sleaze, I am going to have to clean up the game something fierce. The Punks are really getting unruly. They are making in-game demands that I do not want to grant."
    End of Chapter 01

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    Chapter 02
    S'taur View, Anime Oregon; Anime World
    An hour later, with King Kazma and the Red Rabbit Army standing with Orion just outside of the Foxtaur's shared home quarters, Orion said to Bert, "Are you sure you want to speak to him alone? I don't know what his state of mind is going to be like when you surprise him in his own room."

    Bert said, "We have to get him to open up somehow, Orion. And since he won't talk to you, then it falls to me."

    Orion placed one paw-hand on Bert's bare shoulder. "Are you sure you want to do this in the nude though?"

    Bert replied, "As Linus originally told me, we humans are the only ones wearing any clothes in all of Taur Valley. I think Epsilon will be more interested in talking if he sees me naked. I have to try since you asked me to help save your brother. Kazma is going to stay out here with you. Here goes..."

    And Bert then entered the house. After a search of the ground floor, Bert was almost stymied until he opened what he thought was a closet door and saw the stairs leading down into the subterranean areas of the town below the sewer level apparently. Bert was thinking as he slowly descended the stairs, 'This reminds me of the Origon Trial mission in S'taurrior'. Part way down the stairs stopped being wooden and had an almost smooth metallic appearance. When he reached the twenty-third step, the stairs suddenly flattened into a slide and Bert fell and slid down rapidly where there was like a ski jump at the end which made him fly through the air over a large hollowed out warm chamber where he landed butt first into the slippery lap and slit opening of a massive Hell Dragon whom had been lounging in a provocative position as if when he saw the stairs covert into a slide, he purposely positioned himself to catch the newest curious victim. Bert continued to slide until he collided fully into the back side of a red and yellow Foxtaur. "Epsilon Foxtaur, I presume?"

    The colorful foxtaur sighed audibly. "I don't know who you are, but you shouldn't have come looking for me. Now you are likely stuck in here with me."

    Bert said, "You aren't wearing the collar. Its me, Bert Thomas. Time to get you out of here. I am sure King Kazma will love banishing this Hell Dragon straight to Lord Io."

    Epsilon then said, "I'm stuck in a hole you cannot see, Bert. How are you going to get us out of here? I am so sorry for trying to shaft you with Skyruroo and Bryan Scentaur. I noticed afterward, you mended fences with them and Taru when the latter broke contact with me."

    Bert then asked, "Tell me about your debt, Epsilon. Please. We cannot help you if you keep quiet about it."

    The Foxtaur then said, "You know how the one hundred votes system is set up in the game? Well, the dragon lord was having me to recruit one thousand rebels whom were game players. Since the transformed people had limited memories anyway, it was figured that none of the village taurs would notice game players disappearing since most of them were heading out of the villages to a mountain play area where they could role play in utter privacy. I wanted to tell Orion what I was stuck in but the dragon lord has a spell on me making it so I can only speak openly either in game or inside his slit, where we are now. When I failed to send him the thousand players, he summoned me this evening to ask me directly what the hold up was. You and your father were to be the last two. And I am so sorry. The dragon lord prefers humans but he was taking what I could send him. When attending the Underworld University college, I found I was short of having the entry fee to get enrolled there. I stupidly said out loud that I would do any job to get the enrollment fee for getting my college education. I was quickly confronted by this Hell Dragon Lord whom offered me the enrollment fee in exchange for a job of his choosing after I graduated. I stupidly accepted his offer. Once a month, he would visit me outside of classes and he would pin me down and fuck me while reminding me of the agreement I had made with him and how I shouldn't forget since I failed to lawyer up before accepting his offer. He placed a spell on me to prevent me from telling Underworld Legal representatives what he had done to me which for the record is illegal in the Underworld currently. It is like visiting a Loan Shark and then not being able to pay the guy back. When I graduated the college. I tried to vacate the Underworld as silently and as quickly as possible. But he caught up with me where he fucked my bottom again and he laid the job upon me. He said to send him one thousand players and I would never have to deal with him again. However, he said that if I gave up trying to send people to him, he would summon me and change me into a sex slave for the rest of my life. I was stuck, Bert. When I found out how nice you were, I knew I couldn't make you disappear. There is more, but get us out of here first. Please..."

    The human boy placed his hands around Epsilon tightly and said, "This will seem like magic, but..." He lifted his voice as he focused directly beneath both himself and the Foxtaur. "In the name of Io's Light! Game On! Io's Court!" And in a flash, the Game Portal opened directly under both Epsilon and Bert dropping them through the opening where a Platinum dragon caught the two before moving them to one side at the base of a massive Lawful Good Cosmic Dragon. And then, the Hell Dragon Lord fell through the Game Portal on his ass where he was grabbed and arrested by several Lawful Good dragon guardians of Io.

    The Hell Dragon Lord growled, "You cannot do this to me! He owes me a legal debt when he accepted my offer without requesting a lawyer!"

    Io then spoke neutrally, "The Underworld law in regards to verbal debts is thus: after speaking a verbal offer, if the one making the offer does not ask for a Contract Imp and a Law Imp to seal the deal, then the action is illegally considered Recruiting which is still against the law in Hell except during times of War. And since Hell is in a time of peace currently, you broke the law by not requesting these imps. Had you sealed the deal legally, then your victim would be stuck. No contract for this Foxtaur nor any of those he nabbed for you exists. Therefore, all captured victims will be summoned, restored to normal and released back to King Kazma whom has been in contact with me on behalf of Bert Thomas. Such a nice boy."

    The Hell Dragon Lord continued to bitch and growl as he was dragged away to be punished for his own special 'side mission'.

    Io then reached out and pulled the Game Portal down to the court floor and he turned it right side up where the cavern chamber could be seen on the other side of it.

    Bert then said, "One moment, your liege... Epsilon is under a spell from that dragon making it so he cannot tell the truth unless he is either inside the Hell Dragon's slit or within the S'taurrior game itself."
    End of Chapter 02


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      Chapter 03
      Bert then continued his request to Lord Io, "Since Orion does not want to lose his brother, could you please remove this curse that is upon this Foxtaur and clean up his appearance as well. I get the feeling that the Red and Yellow was the Dragon Lord's idea as a means of finding him if he tried to get out of the deal he sadly agreed to. Also the trap stairs are currently in slippery mode. When we go back, we will have trouble climbing the stairs unless this is fixed. Kazma said he would give the transformation victims the choice on whether to return to their old lives or not, for the anime whom were his citizens anyway. But for the humans nabbed, they should be restored to their human form."

      Io nodded his head as he gently tapped Epsilon on his head which almost floored the poor Foxtaur, then the stairs were repaired. The cavern chamber then began to fill up with hundreds of rebel players with their full memories restored from both sets of lives they had lived. Anyone who wanted to stay in Taur form could request that from King Kazma. As for the human victims, They were immediately restored so they could go back to Earth to cancel their missing status. If they wished to resume Taur form at a later date, they could legally leave Earth and then make that request from King Kazma on Anime World. And lastly, all Punks in game whom were certifiably Underworld Lackeys of the Hell Dragon Lord were summoned and arrested under the same charges as the dragon was under. Abetting to Recruit during a time of peace. The Hell Emperor would be informed of this plot. He then said, "It is done, Bert. Use your gained powers wisely. You are a good boy and I like good boys. Now take Epsilon home. I also restored the full memories of everyone in Taur Valley in all villages. It is up to them whether they want to stay Taurs or not."

      Epsilon had Orion's general shape and size but his underbelly was still Yellow while his top side was all Black with two White stripes down his back. In effect, he looked like the Foxtaur version of a Yellow-bellied Skunk. He sighed again. "There is no way anyone will forgive me for my recent blunder."

      Bert hugged the Foxtaur, saying, "You give up too soon. We can still be friends." And then he led the Foxtaur through the Game Portal where he said, "Game Off!" Finally they directed all of the rescued people out of the subterranean chambers and out through Orion's home into S'taur View village.

      King Kazma was surprised by the number of Taurs and humans whom were emerging from that small home on the side street. And then Bert and Epsilon emerged last.

      Orion came over and he hugged Epsilon. "You are my favorite hero, Bert. Thank you so much for rescuing my brother."

      Bert said, "I am going to spend a little time with Epsilon so he recovers his encouragement better. He believes that no one will forgive him for what the dragon forced him to do. Kazma, Io said that when you are ready to start restoring Taurs into their former species, he will assist you with that. However, Epsilon. I have to know one thing... What were Ligra and Linus originally."

      Epsilon replied, "Linus was once a two hundred year old Liger when he accepted the offer to become a Taur, he kept the same overall species; but he chose to have 'is vitality and youth restored so he could have a second chance at a better childhood. Ligra is not his mother; she is a real Taur whom Orion hired fresh to work at the Observatory. She was never interested in the game; but she always wanted a son. So after Linus got his youth back, he got an offer from Ligra to live at her place as her unofficial son. She started believing the alternate story and the rest is history."

      Orion then asked, "What is the secret project that you and the others are working on, Bert. Since we are starting fresh by being honest with each other, I need to know."

      Bert hugged the Foxtaurs again. "With the dragon under an Io 'side mission' and the Underworld Punks also on that 'side mission' as well, we can talk openly about the project. This is to be a S'taurrior Expansion which can benefit both games and could possibly even stand alone as a game unto itself. The two working titles are: 'S'taurrior III: The Final Quadrant' or 'Quadrant MMO; a S'taurrior tale. In the expansion, we add in real world physics into the existing game covering distance, weather, travel, ect. New star ship engines are required to go from star system to star system. Staff protected planets are exanded into the entire star system making them immune to player anhilation. No matter what a player tries, they cannot destroy a protected system nor a staff star ship."

      Orion asked, "How much of the expansion is view capable, Bert?"

      Bert then spoke up aloud, "Attention S'taurrior Players! Regardless if you choose to stay a Taur or choose to return to your old lives, you will not be removed from the game. Your accounts will achieve gold status for enduring all of the bull crap the Punks put everyone through. Now, Orion wants to view what we have done on the new game expansion and since everyone is here, everyone should see what we have done so far. There is no movie yet, but I think you will get the idea when you see how big the programming field is."

      "First up is the Protected Staff City of Yew Nork on Planet Adminos." He activated a video view to show off the realistic physics and appearance of the futuristic city. "And this building is the Headquarters of Star Taur Games on Planet Adminos. This is where players can go to suggest game ideas in person." The HQ building was then show in a fantastic revolving view which included the fountains and garden. "Now zooming out to give you the full view of their star system and next, we will zoom over toward the Emeralda star system. Just a reminder, since we are adding the systems by hand, not every system is in place yet. Also, it requires Hyper Drive or Warp Drive engines to travel between star systems in the expansion. If you choose to keep your old ship engines in the expansion, it could take you a full week of RP time to travel between the closest star systems." At this point, the Admin sector fell away until it was simply a shining dot in the spiral galaxy. Then the view centered on a green light as the camera zoomed in on the multi-world system of Emeralda. The preview never showed Clan's secret base however. "At the moment until more systems are added, it would take nearly a month to travel from Emeralda to Adminos using the old engines. And that concludes what we have done so far. King Kazma got a personal tour of one world in Emeralda and he and his boys liked it."

      Bert then said, "More character slots will be available when the expansion is released. In the expansion, gestation times for character to character breeding will also be added. So if you don't want your characters to make babies, then keep their tail holes covered with a frying pan. or make sure they stay away from other horny characters. In game birth control will be available from Emeralda III."

      One male black Panthertaur said, "Bert, I know you said you guys only had two systems programmed in at the moment. What is that shining yellow star all the way over near the edge of the galaxy near the space between Galaxies?" Bert giggled. "That is a legendary star system. When it is completed, it will have a unique race of species dwelling there. However, their technological level is far below the rest of S'taurrior. That star system is to have only the one habitable world referred to as 'Goldilocks III' or more commonly known by real world Spacers as... pardon my language... 'That Fucking Dirtball'. That's right, folks. Planet Earth. Humans. If your characters are lucky enough to befriend an adventurous young human, then you could gain a new Special slot character. Despite this being a Taur game. The humans thankfully do not have star travel."
      End of Chapter 03


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        Chapter 04

        The black Panthertaur said, "I like being a Taur, Bert. My old life was awful. Before I got sent to the dragon, I lived in Taurheel Junction. Black furred Taurs were always sent to Taurheel Junction in case you wondered how that area got started. Since Skuntaurs are mostly black they always got moved into that Taur village; I actually like the area. I had some good neighbors but if they choose to revert to their old lives it may be like going home to a ghost town. I don't want to be there by myself."

        Bert said, "That seems both racist and silly. Just like preventing Taurheel Junction Taurs from being Rebels in the game; all because someone wanted them to have the Black game collars. We need to do something about that so game balance is presented to other Taurs no matter where they live. Which Taur is in charge of road construction in Taur Valley? I have an idea that may resolve the social barriers crap that seems to exist."

        Orion then said, "Although he doesn't play the game, the Taur in question is Stallone, who is a Highway Dept equitaur. Born and bred as the species. He initially built the village streets which we walk upon. I haven't seen him in a while."

        King Kazma said, "Stallone was hired to replace the streets of a Japanese village in Anime Japan. He will be back soon."

        A female Siamese Cataur then asked, "Bert, in the expansion universe, how will world creation work? Part of the fun in game in addition to creating your own Taur was to create their home world as well. If there are going to be permanent stars, how will this work overall?"

        Bert smiled. "That was clever thinking, ma'am. The males were not asking about that. Depending upon the size of the star in question, three to nine habitable worlds can be placed in orbits around those stars. When you are creating a new world, if there is an existing star you would like your home world to be in orbit around, we can place your custom made planet there. When or if the old game is merged into the expansion, Players can choose stars of preference in the new galaxy to have your home world in orbit around. Also, that home world becomes the species base for that star system if you are the only one playing that species. Otherwise, there could be star systems dedicated to one species. A Star Suggestions drop-down list will be provided to a player for your home world for new placement. If a player's home world had been destroyed in the old versions of the game, you can choose an existing world for your character to be an immigrant to rather than creating a new planet. This will be the player's choice. Also... Until a player has visited a world, the worlds in question do not appear on your personal maps even if you have visited them in the old version of the game. It will always be best advised that you explore your home star system before fanning out to get more worlds on your star map. Your home world and home star will always be lit up on your personal map was well as the Staff World of Adminos. Also, in the expansion Universe, player accounts get three free character slots without having to earn nor buy them. This way, you can play more than one character in the game depending upon who you log in as."

        The Siamese player smiled. "That does seem a lot more fair, Bert. You know, you are a very handsomely cute boy." She swished her tail after saying that.

        Bert smiled in return. "Lord Io thought so too."

        A male Ponytaur then said, "I know you mentioned befriending a young human from Earth before, Bert. If we get lucky enough to earn one, does he remain in NPC status, or will he be playable through our accounts?"

        Bert replied, "If a human can play a Taur character, I don't see why a Taur cannot play a human. It only seems fair... right?"

        The Ponytaur smiled. "Right. I cannot wait to get one especially if they are as cute as you are, Bert."

        Bert was blushing since he couldn't figure out why all the Taurs thought he was so cute. For now, he stayed near Epsilon since they needed his programming skills later.

        At that moment, a powerful stud of an equitaur clopped up to the group and said, "I'm home, S'taur View! Someone said that I was needed for a new roadway project in Taur Valley! Isn't the Rail System good enough?" It was Stallone, the Highway Dept equitaur.

        After Bert explained who he was and what his involvement with Orion was, he laid out the plan to Stallone. "The rail system is good for bringing in tourists who want to see the local Taurs or buy souvenirs like the S'taurrior game. But the existing Taur communities need to have actual roadways connecting them together instead of segregating them apart from each other as if they were racist communities. Roads between the communities would permit better trade between each Taur city as well as friendship routes for players to visit with other players they met in game. By the way, how was Anime Japan?"

        Stallone grinned. "I was treated very well. Not a single dirty word the whole time I was there. So you want me to make these roads to connect the communities so they don't have to use the rail system which would leave the rail system more open to the tourists. I will need the permission of the valley owner. Orion?"

        Orion nodded his head. "I approve of the idea, Stallone. We need to reconnect the Taurs in a more reasonable manner."

        Stallone then said, "I know most humans wear clothes, but Bert is naked at the moment; that is tempting a big stud like me. However, I think humans are more cute with their clothes on."

        Bert really blushed now. He had forgotten that he had removed his clothes to effect the rescue of Epsilon. Orion, hand me my clothes, please." And once he had them, he got dressed once again and he tied his shoes before standing up straight and posing for Stallone. "How is this?"

        Stallone smiled. "Better, but I am way too big for a youngster like you. I better stick to making the roads." He headed off to make plans for where the roads would be laid out and he was softly singing the Heavy Metal song, Working in a Coal Mine by Devo.

        Bert sighed. "I thought I would impress him more than that. Maybe I should just stick to what I do best... sucking at games."

        A raccoontaur boy walked up to Bert, "I don't think you suck, Bert. You came up with some good ideas to make the existing game better. Everyone just needs to be social."

        End of Chapter 04


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          Chapter 05

          Some time later back at the Replica Base, Bert began writing up a new script for a possible new Taur game. Since he still felt that he was lousy at S'taurrior, he wanted to find a genre he would be good at. Linus walked in and set a glass of milk and a plate of cookies down at the table where Bert was working before he leaned in and he gave Bert a kiss on the side of his face. Then he left silently to give Bert his privacy.

          Outside in the farm yard, Lukas said to Linus, "He is still in there? I am starting to miss his spending any game time with me. He may be punishing himself, but in truth, he is punishing me far more than himself. Why do I deserve his sorrow? If there had been age limits on this game from the beginning, Bert would never have gotten depressed in the first place. But admittedly, some of his ideas helped to get the game back on the proper track. Otherwise, we would still be dealing with Imperial Prick players and a Hell Dragon recruiter."

          Linus remarked, "He thinks S'taurrior is too advanced for his stupid mind. He thinks that everyone blames him for screwing up the original game. He thinks everyone's nice words about him is just to cheer him up. He thinks he is a turd."

          From the workshop, Bert was heard shouting. "THAT'S IT! Now to get this wrote up!" And it got quiet again. "I wonder where this glass of milk and the cookies came from?"

          Lukas and Clan were both muttering, "Please don't let this be another game expansion, by the Taur Gods, have a heart, please!" Yes, they were saying the same thing.

          Orion and Epsilon walked over to where Linus stood and Orion asked, "What is Bert up to? People are asking for him in game."

          Bert then came running out of the workshop and with a smile, he handed Orion a stack of papers. "Movie time, Orion! Read this over and make a movie for the synopsis. Obey every word and no sexual, adult nor suggestive stuff please. Keep it clean; if you can't then I'll ask Clan Single or one of the other programmers to do this. Now I need to work on the gaming world for this." He was about to run off again, but Epsilon caught him by the arm. "What's up, Epsilon?"

          Epsilon said, "People are asking for you in the game, Bert. Or have you wrote it off entirely and the suffering you are placing on Lukas is to prove you can be a bigger prick than the ones we got rid of? Or maybe worse... you are starting to become like your... mother."

          Mentioning Bert's mother was a sore spot with him as the boy glanced over at Lukas who had been looking over his imperial laser gun thoughtfully.

          Orion then said, "I'll work on this, Bert, but you have to spend time with Lukas. You made him, so please go show him a good time in game."

          Bert sighed as he looked at Lukas fully. "Orion? How can a player change the entire synopsis for the original game and still play the damned thing fairly? How can it remain fair to the other players if even one player who was not on staff originally knows the end goal? When I gave Lukas his background, either you or your brother changed the entire game to incorporate Lukas' new background into the main story plot. The upgrade was immediate. Even Clan knew that he was on the lost world of Dezerdine after the update. Later, you started talking about game balance which was a farce since I was able to change the game so much. But the original game was never very social; it was a war game from the word go. Even Linus and a few others admitted this. When I proposed the prequel, I got a lot of support from the players who wanted the social game and I got a lot of criticism from the war gamers who didn't want the pussified version of the game to exist at all since it insulted their abilities. When I announced the third version of the game which could very well be an upgrade to the existing version of the game, all of the players said they liked the idea; there wasn't a single nay-sayer. But I have to wonder how many were sincere about hearing about a new version of S'taurrior." He sighed. "This new idea will the last new S'taurrior idea I make. It is not a prequel nor a sequel. It would be a stand-alone game for the younger players."

          Orion then said, "You do recall that I am only a year or two older than you are, Bert. All Taurs are younger than they look but their minds are more adult than a human the same age."

          Epsilon added, "Chiron the Scholar of the Greek Centaurs may have had a beard on his chin but in Taur age, he was younger than Jason of the Argonauts."

          Lukas then stated, "So are we going to go have some fun in the game or do I get to de-pants you right here in front of everyone and prove that I am a horny Imperial sleaze who just wants cute human bottom as a hobby?"

          Bert ran after Lukas shouting, "You better hope I don't get my hands on that Imperial Blaster, Lukas!"

          Lukas while running said, "See you in game, Bert!" And then he shouted, "Dezerdine! Game On!" The game portal opened and he ran inside and then the game portal closed!

          Bert smirked. "He thinks he is so smart, well just because I haven't physically been in game doesn't mean that I haven't crafted something out here and sent it in to my Admin account. He will get his." He walked over to his safe gaming spot and he smiled at Linus and Clan. "Duty calls, boys, unless you are both having sex out here!" He reached up and touched the button on his S'taurrior game collar and fade from sight as he entered the game himself.

          Linus sighed. "But I love Bert. Why can't he see that I actually care about him?"

          Clan patted Linus' shoulder. "I think I have this figured out. Orion and Epsilon can correct me if I get this wrong. We Taurs hit puberty at a younger age while human children don't hit puberty until twelve or thirteen years of age. Bert isn't even a teenager yet in human terms. He is still a kid and he hasn't hit puberty as yet. The rest of us have sexual and suggestive urges; but Bert gets lost on that concept and is completely at a loss when the rest of us start hinting at anything involving sexy fun. Well, fun to us." He grinned at the Foxtaurs. "Am I wrong? How close am I? You know, Linus... I love the kid myself but why would he ever want a filthy rebel scum like me? I need to get into the game world before Lukas gets any funny ideas about trying to find his missing ring." He then activated the game portal but before going through it, he turned to Linus and planted a deep kiss on his player's muzzle just long enough to get the point across. "See you in game, Master Linus." And he went through the portal into the game itself before the portal closed.

          End of Chapter 05


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            Chapter 06

            In game, Bert was making a new character as primary revenge against Lukas for threatening to de-pants him in public. A female retrievertaur named Princess Zeia Quadwalker otherwise known as the Crown Princess Zeia S'taurrior of Emeralda, currently residing on Areth-XVI. Having escaped from the usurper's Imperial Dungeons at a young age, she fled to Areth-XVI to rebuild her eventual rise toward dethroning the Usurper Emperor. She was Lukas' own sister and very pretty to look upon. He gave her a commanding aura (a permanent +10% to all incoming experience) as well as a permanent credit account booster at +25% toward anything that got deposited into her account. This would make the game more fun for her. Bert quickly noticed that the game had some sort of male chauvinist slant against female characters but he wasn't going to let that stop him from being a bitch.

            He played through the female slanted tutorial and then he reached the star port where he conducted a local bounty mission of a type not suited to a female and finished it in record time. Now he had to purchase a beginning star ship for his princess. With his account boosters along with some sweet-talking to a merchant, he was able to afford to get quite the nice star ship with more than a sufficient cargo hold. He then placed some fake crates in the hold all marked with the words Discount Lingerie, Discount Tampons, Discount Douches and Discount Pregnancy Testing Strips. He did a few space missions before performing the final part of his mission to land the Princess' ship at the star port. When the tutorial ended, he smiled as he reached Rank Three instead of the usual Rank Two the male characters got. In the global chat he typed, "Stupid game! The tutorial made me do a bunch of unfair anti-female oriented missions. But I showed the system! I won..." Then he inserted some red kissy lips before hitting enter. This prompted a whole lot of lewd replies and offers to make babies for a real Taur. Bert then typed, "When I see a real Taur, I will let you know." This promoted some growls and some filtered derogatory remarks before Orion butted into Global Chat and said, "Fun is fun, Bert; but that is not a nice way to test the players. As for the players, they should be ashamed of themselves for falling for this obvious trap so easily. Are you really playing a girl over there?"

            Bert typed, "It seemed like the only way I could meet a real Taur in this game. The NPCs have better manners than the players so far. The warehouse guard I made a pass at in the tutorial almost handed me the keys to the warehouse on a silver platter. This is called ROLE-PLAYING, guys! Maybe if you learned how to do it, this game could be more fun. Now that you know it is I, Bert, go ahead and let me have it. I'm a T.U.R.D. and I know it. I'm an Itch with a B." Spelling it out permitted him to get around the chat filter.

            Bert now noticed a lot of new friendship requests incoming from female players who had long complained about the male chauvinistic slant in the game and how female Taurs didn't get fair treatment as equals in the Rebellion. There were no name-calling in any of the requests. These female Taurs were glad that a male was finally on their side. Didn't matter that he was a male human or not. He had just done what they all wished they could do and get away with it. However, one request was from an obvious male player. It read as: "Bert, I saw you around in the original game and it makes me sad that you and I are not closer out of game or in it. I don't want to trick you into being my friend in real life but I don't live in any of the Taur towns at all. If you are interested in some time outside the game, send me a reply. Signed, Ernest 'Ernie' Donkeytaur." His character name was Duke Donkeytaur and he was an Imperial Grain Lord of Rank thirty. Bert never saw any Donkeytaurs among those he rescued from the dragon trap so this player was obviously a farmer somewhere in the valley.

            In a reply to Ernie, Bert typed, "Sunny Day, Chasing the clouds away. I would love to meet... where I can see. Can you tell me how to get... how to get to Donkeytaur Street? All you had to do was ask, Ernie. I would love to come and meet with you out of game. As you have heard, I am a nice human boy." and he sent the message. Then he focused on accepting the female friendships for this character.

            On a whim, Bert opened up the Debug menu and he opened up friendship lists for Duke Donkeytaur. He about fell over where he stood when he saw that the lists were completely empty. Either this was a trick or Ernie had no friends in game at all due to being the worst taboo in Taur Valley... a Donkeytaur. Females obviously got better treatment in comparison to Duke.

            On Duke's screen, he saw the words, INCOMING PVID REQUEST. DO YOU ACCEPT? YES OR NO. He clicked on yes and the PM window opened and he saw Bert's human face looking at him. Bert could see the young donkeytaur's blushing muzzle in his video window. "Um... Hi Bert. You surprised me. Please don't kick me out of the game. I... have no friends of my own and I wanted to take a chance with you. I'm sorry for being insensitive. I hit puberty last month and I am going crazy out here on the farm."

            Bert said, "What's going on with your friendship lists? Why are they completely empty? Admins can see this stuff, Ernie."

            Ernie replied, "When I first started playing the game I had many friendship requests and a few friends on the lists. But once they learned I was a Donkeytaur in real life, they canceled their friendships with me. No goodbyes or anything. I got on one day and friends online was completely inactive. I finally looked in my friends list and it was blank. No one likes our species. Maybe we should just be purged instead of my trying to reach out to you, Bert. Humans have more open minds than other species do. I know I had a few friends who told me they were from the underworld and how S'taurrior was the best game they had ever found. So you see, not all underworld citizens are evil pricks; just the ones who were helping that asshole Hell Dragon. Because of him, I lost a lot of my in-game friends."

            Bert said, "I will need directions to your farm if I am to come visit you, Ernie. Please tell me where you are. I made friends with the sewer workers; do you really think you are less liked than they are? I will also need contact information for your underworld friends. Give me their character information and I will see about getting them back into the game as they were when the removal occurred. We did back up the database a few times before their removal. They have to be in one of them."

            Ernie said, "If you backed up the databases, then look for my account and just check my friendship lists. If its blank, then you are looking at the wrong one. One of the Underworld friends had the name of Aaron Fimptaur. He once told me that he was friends with a lot of the others who originally got on my friends list. He said he and his brothers were all members of the Menial Labor Union. They do cleaning and lap sitting, they said. He likes chocolate fudge, cherry ice cream and sugar cookies. He also told me that no one likes their species either, so Unwanteds like us had to stick together. Please rescue my unwanted species friends so they can play with me again." Then he added, "Are you working on any other new S'taurrior releases, Bert? If you are, I would love to join with you and beta-test the game. Its a shame no one thought of a Medieval version of the S'taurrion Knights. I think that would go over pretty well."

            Bert grinned at that point. "How does this sound, Ernie? In an almost forgotten time, the ancestors of the S'taurrion Knights strive to free their world of horrific monsters while upholding the code of chivalry and honor to their fellow Taurs and the pubic at large! Do you dare to join the quest? Come and Join the Crusades of... S'taurrion Knights 500! I was originally thinking about calling the new game S'taurrior Junior but your suggestion sounds better. I was going to remove star travel and restrict play to one world."

            Ernie smiled for the first time in the call. "I like that idea, Bert. Please rescue my Underworld friends, though. I miss them."

            Bert smiled back. "I think I know just how to do this, Ernie. Ernie and Bert. I need your farm directions, please." And Ernie gave accurate directions to Bert before ending the call.

            End of Chapter 06


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              Chapter 07

              Searching the Debug Menu, Bert had to do some extreme searching before he was able to locate exactly what he was looking for. FormerPlayersData contained the personal information for every player who had ever played the game at all. Fortunately there was a search feature and he typed in Aaron first but none of those in the data history matched that name. Then he typed in Fimptaur and he got a single hit. Aaron was misspelled as Ahren the Fimp. It mentioned that his last playing time was before Bert had joined the game. So there was a chance that Bert could recontact Ahren Fimptaur and see about reconnecting him with Ernie Donkeytaur. Apparently Ahren was some sort of Underworld Imp who had managed to get hold of a collar so he could play the game but then he somehow lost the collar and could not return to the game. It mentioned that his delivery address was at Menial Union Labor Employment in Rotunda City. The initials spelled MULE, which is probably what got Ahren interested in Ernie in the first place. Getting the mailing address for the MULE union was a little easier since he already knew the city locale in the underworld. Bert then wrote out what he hoped would be a simple inquiry to the Union boss in charge.

              "To whomever the MULE Union Boss is currently: Due to a player inquiry in the S'taurrior Social Game, we are trying to make contact with a missing player whom is a member of your union. His name is Ahren the Fimp. If he is still available, please have him send a reply to Admin Bert Thomas c/o Star Taur Games. The game has changed a bit since he was last connected. His contact with us is vital to solving the inquiry the player has made in regards to Ahren. Signed, Bert Thomas of S'taur View, Taur Valley; Kazma's LAW. Again, thank you in advance." Looking over the request to correct any spelling or grammar errors, Bert then initiated the send function of the the mailer.

              Within Bert's Admin mailer, he soon saw a reply from MULE. It read as follows... "To Admin Bert Thomas: Ahren is under a punishment at the moment and is not available for sending notes of any variety. Could we inquire as to what the emergency inquest is so that we can just ask him ourselves. We apologize that he cannot make the reply himself. I am not sure if you know what one is, but he is currently stretched over what we in he Underworld refer to as a Dildo Tree. He has a release date of ten years unless an Imperial Council Reprieve requires his freedom in advance. If you want to make the inquiry to the Council yourself, just remember that they may just laugh at you. They like to feel so self-important and pompously in charge. And before you ask, Ahren applied Emperor Strength Imp Glue on the penis of a Dragonmount and he sprayed the FuckMeNow mating scent on the foreman's backside. When the Dragonmount mounted and began breeding with the foreman, he could not free himself from the boss' tail hole and when the culprit was found out, they sentence him to thirty years on a Dildo Tree. There is a time difference in some parts of the Underworld and he has served twenty of those thirty years. He has ten left. According to our records, if he was last in game before you arrived in S'taur View then the displacement is equal to something like one LAW Week equaling ten punishment years and you have been at LAW for about two weeks. I'll bet you are a sexy human boy in the surface world. As the MULE union boss, I am an anthropomorphic goat with a pony's tail. I wear a leather loincloth as well as a black leather vest over my torso. I have dated humans before, so I have good information on sex if you need it for some reason. I am also a programmer in my own right. I had to fix the MULE computers when I took over as the new Union Boss. As for Ahren, you could have access to him in less than one week if you and the player can be patient to wait until then. Signed, MULE Union Boss Fabio Shadowhoof. PS: I hope I can make friends with you Bert. I am sorry for this long reply. I haven't had a date in months. I don't care if you are just a kid in life; just don't be over the hill." The message included a winky grin at the end.

              Bert giggled at the end of the note and he chose to send another to Fabio. "Dear Fabio, This is Bert. I live just south of S'taur View in Taur Valley on Kazma's LAW. If you get legal visitation permission to come in, I'll be glad to show you a good time. As for my visiting you, I'm not sure how I would reach you. I've never been to the Underworld before. My current home looks like a replica of my guild base in the mountains South of town. We are a verifiable star port of our own. If safely possible, I could send you the schematics for setting up your own Star Gate to connect to the one we have so we could visit each other at any time afterward. I am rather naive and inexperienced in sex, so I could use the education in the subject. The other player in question is a Donkeytaur who lives on a grain farm. He had made friends with Ahren in game and then Ahren's game account disappeared without warning. We are still investigating to find out how that happened. Your friend, Bert Thomas. PS: Hit reply if you want the schematics and link code for the gate."

              Bert then noted a fast reply with the words, "Send it and I will build it. Talk to you in person soon, I hope." Bert then loaded up the schematics and the link code for his star gate at the guild base before hitting send. Then he fired off a quick message to Duke who was still in game. "Ahren Fimptaur is doing a job for someone back home. He'll be free in a week."

              Duke sent back a happy reply. "Thank you ever so much, Bert! My home is your home! I promise!"

              Bert then logged out of the Zeia character before logging back in as Lukas. "Since you like de-pants in a public place, the next time we are in public, I am going to make you remove your uniform and lift your tail for all to see." Lukas growled, "You better not! I missed you, Bert. I was starting to think that you had abandoned me entirely. I am not the best partner to get along with." Bert sighed. "I deserved that message. You and I need to bond sometime soon." He then sent a friend request to Duke Donkeytaur from this character.

              The request was accepted immediately! Along with a PM message. "Hi Bert. I never expected you to friend me. You are my new hero."

              Lukas then asked, "Who is Duke Donkeytaur? And why does the name sound familiar?"

              Bert replied, "He is the Imperial Grain Food Supplier player who lives on a farm outside of S'taur View. He was getting my help to track down players who used to be friended to him. Somehow or another, his entire friendship list got deleted a few days before my dad and I moved into Taur Valley. His real name is Ernie."

              Lukas smiled. "We could use the extra grain, admittedly. Let me guess, he is another lonely player and you want to go visit him."

              Bert said, "I know I have been neglecting you but Linus was the one who originally said I should give all the players in Taur Valley a chance. Ernie is a player even if no one in the valley likes him. So yes, I want to go visit him soon. Tomorrow if permitted. I have been spending too much time in the game as is. It is a nasty addiction that I never had back on Earth. In fact, aside from Thunder and the sewer worker players, I haven't heard of anything the other young players are doing at all. They have all said that they live for this game."

              Lukas hummed for a moment. "In other words, you think that if permitted, the players would never leave the game at all."

              Bert shrugged. "It just seems that the whole game is a worse trap than the Hell Dragon's plot was. My first time in... if Linus had not told me that I had been in the game for four hours, I likely wouldn't have logged out and I am usually more responsible than that."

              Lukas remarked, "I care about you, Bert. I know I didn't at first since every other moment you were crying like a baby when nothing seemed to go right for you in the game."

              Bert sighed. "I know. I am still somewhat immature in comparison to all the other players. I'm not even thirteen as yet. Clan is waiting for me to hit puberty."

              End of Chapter 07


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                Chapter 08

                The following morning very early, Bert had a quick breakfast, left a note for the others to find and after choosing not to wear any clothes since only the humans wore anything anyway, he headed off for his day-long visit with Ernie Donkeytaur at his farm. It didn't take him long to find the farm since he was wise to get get accurate directions to Ernie's farm. As he arrived at the farm with tall corn stalks and a row of thick wheat, He didn't see a farm house but there was a barn of large size. Apparently Ernie had expectations of having lots of friends since the barn was so vast and deep looking. "Ernie? Where are you? It's me, Bert!" From within the barn, Ernie's voice was heard, "Come on inside, Bert!" He then opened the barn door and he slowly entered with a curious look on his face because there didn't seem to be any animals or other taurs within the barn.

                Looking around the front section, Bert didn't see any sign of Ernie. "Where are you, Ernie? I don't see you! You're not in trouble are you?" From the rear stalls of the barn, he heard Ernie's voice exclaim, "Last stall, Bert! I'm cleaning my hoofs." Bert headed off in the direction of where Ernie's voice had come from. When Bert reached the stall entrance, he stopped when he saw Ernie inside apparently cleaning his hoofs as he said he was doing, but being extra alert, he also noticed one thing more about Ernie that didn't seem right for the species. Ernie had no sheath and sac in the rear part of his donkey body. He had a dragon's slit instead. And there was squirming movement from within the slit as if something was trying to get out. Bert quietly moved away from the stall entrance as he returned to the front of the barn and he went outside where he used the phone portion of his game collar where he placed a call to the Emergency Red Rabbit Hot Line. "This is Bert Thomas currently at Ernest Donkeytaur's farm. We have a Hell Dragon species infection and possible trapped individuals within the slit in question. Come quick before Ernie comes to find out why I didn't go on in to where he was cleaning his hoofs."

                It didn't take long for King Kazma and the Red Rabbit Army to home in on Bert's location after that. King Kazma handed Bert his clothes that the warrior rabbit had the forethought to pick up from the replica base. "Get dressed, Bert. You have the sexy body that my boys would love to mount and claim. It is a good thing you were still alert in regards to the Hell Dragon trap. If Ernie is infected with the Hell Dragon, then he is a walking recruiter. You are lucky that you got yourself out of there."

                Bert got dressed as he said, "I noticed that Ernie's slit was squirming as if people were trying to get out."

                Kazma then asked, "Where in the barn is he, Bert?"

                Bert replied, "From the entrance, all the way down the largest corridor and within the last stall on the left. He almost lured me all the way in there; I was already suspicious when he didn't meet me in the barnyard as he said he would when I arranged this visit with him."

                Kazma watched the strike force enter the barn before he said, "I am glad you left a note with precise directions back at the base. Seconds before you called the emergency line, your father called me and he told me about your note."

                Bert then said, "I think S'taurrior needs a complete cleansing as well as a possible restart from the beginning especially if the game is still infected by the Hell Dragon. I seem to recall after the fact that when we were freeing people from Epsilon's trap chamber, Ernie was not among them. There were no Donkeytaurs in the village at all. Another factoid that we might have missed is that any Taur with a dragon's slit might be one of the Hell Dragon's left over recruiters still on the loose in Taur Valley. I am sad that Ernie is turning out to be one of these recruiters; he came across as being so nice before I saw his squirming slit. Seeing that slit moving like that scared me, King Kazma."

                Kazma hugged Bert. "We are lucky you were on guard and had not just walked up on Ernie to offer to help him with his task. You could have been sucked inside like anyone else caught off guard. This turn of events is going to depress Orion again for sure. S'taurrior is his livelihood away from the observatory. He would be broke and broken without this game."

                Bert sighed. "I will help Orion. He did tell me once that he is only a few years older than I am. I can be his friend. And if the remaining players are as honest as I would hope, then they will not be too angry that we have to purge the old database and start all over again fresh. This also means that all of the S'taurrior expansions I have been developing are likely also corrupted since they were based on the polluted data of the original database engine. We can tell the other players that S'taurrior is about to exit Beta Testing and go LIVE and how all characters made in Beta will be lost since the old database had been corrupted and needs to be purged out which would include characters based on the original corrupted gaming engine. We should also distribute all new clean game collars to anyone still interested in the game."

                Kazma said, "They will be sad when you make that announcement since many of those players rely on this addictive game to dispel boredom in their lives."

                Bert said, "It must be done or else the Hell Dragon wins despite the 'side mission' he is currently on. Also, no player should be able to play an Imperial since they should have been reserved as NPCs within the game world. Imperial collars will be a thing of the past. That should help get rid of the corrupt segregation that Taur Valley is arranged around. If we are to clean this up, we must go all out." He then glanced at the barn. "What is taking your strike force so long to bag one Donkeytaur?"

                At that moment, Ernie's voice was heard from behind the both of them from the direction of the corn field. "Bert? When did you arrive on the farm?"

                Bert turned around and smiled when he saw that Ernie looked normal and had the proper tools for a Donkeytaur. "If you are out here, then who is the Donkeytaur jack inside the barn within the last stall on the left?"

                Ernie replied, "That is Duke and I hope no one went near him. I've been trying to figure out how to get him to return to the game. I accidentally released him last week and he has been very demanding. As an Imperial, he is a major prick. I was lonely and I thought for him to be on the farm would make life more fun. Instead, I've been more miserable."

                Bert said, "He tried to trick me into going into the stall with him. The Red Rabbit Strike Force went in there to capture him."

                Ernie said, "King Kazma, you may have to Taser his stupid ass. I don't know who all he has stuck in his slit."

                King Kazma looked upset by that information. "Looks like I need to call my adopted son and his Devil Kangaroo friend again." He then placed the emergency call to the rabbit and the roo.

                Moments later, the heroic rabbit, along with the Devil Kangaroo boomer, two women in black, a familiar cloud lands tiger, a black panther gargoyle, a thin man resembling a Lupin as well as a dark colored fire horse stallion had appeared in the barnyard. "We got your call, father? Give us the details and we will handle it."

                End of Chapter 08


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                  Chapter 09

                  After a short explanation on what had occurred, the female in black who resembled a doctor stated, "You said that he is a game character who escaped from the game into the real world and he is a dragon hybrid who has captured a few victims within his slit? Then I have a solution for this silly bastard. Arnie, I will need some of your liquid chocolate so I can load some into this hypodermic needler gun. I have long since discovered that digital dragons of all varieties lose the ability to hold their slits closed when they are injected with liquid chocolate. It is similar to an insulin shot." Once the Devil Kangaroo handed over the vial of chocolate, the lady doctor said, "Dark Witch, you come with me. The rest of you stay out here. We don't want any more males to get stuck in his lap." And the two women (one of which wearing a porcelain mask) then entered the barn.

                  Moments later, they heard Duke Donkeytaur scream! "What in the nine galaxies is that horrid thing?! BLUH! What did you shoot me with? Why can't I hold my slit closed!"

                  Following that, Dark Witch emerged with the porcelain mask back in its proper place as she escorted several naked Red Rabbit soldiers and other male Taur youngsters draped in cloaks (to cover their decency) out of the barn itself. "Medina is putting the evil Drago-Donk into confinement. These are all of the people who were stuck in the slit. Most of them were dazed as if they were slowly being hypnotized into loving their master. Medina gave them a mind restoration medicine before she had me bring them out into the sunlight."

                  Bert remarked, "Why are all of these guys without their fur? What did that idiot half dragon do to them?"

                  King Kazma looked to his adopted son. "Call the angel dogs, son. We cannot let these people freeze to death without their fur."

                  Bert then said, "If you are about to call the wish dogs, perhaps you could ask them to also purge out the evil Hell Dragon Programming out of the S'taurrior Collar gaming system. It would be a long clean up process otherwise. I don't want Orion to get so depressed that he would want to erase his life's work all over again. He's been through enough."

                  The heroic rabbit then said in a sing-song manner, "...Its Too Heavenly Here!" There came two separate poofs as dogs with Halos appeared in the barnyard with tails wagging as they looked up at the heroic rabbit whom knelt down and petted on them as he explained what Kazma and Bert were asking them to accomplish this time. "So you see, The Hell Dragon left a few fail safes in place to cause the people in Taur Valley more trouble when everyone least expected it. As you can tell from those effected, they lost their fur due to the dragon enzyme they were bathed in. I wish for all left over Hell Dragon programming and enzyme traps to be completely removed and cleanse-purged from any partial Underworld Dragons living in Taur Valley as well as from the entire Quadraen Zone here in Anime Oregon." The dogs asked, "Are you sure?" The Heroic rabbit said, "Yes, I am sure. Casino games tonight at my place for you and all your friends; I promise." Both angel dogs reached up and touched their collar tags in unison as the entire zone was bathed in the anti-enzyme cleanser and all naked denizens re-grew their fur all over their bodies. The game's evil programming was removed safely from the system as well as from all back ups of the game. The larger dog then said, "All done, Gerard. And thanks for giving us another gaming weekend. We rarely ever get vacations in Heaven." The heroic rabbit said, "I know and you will get to see me naked at the game, too. We will really have fun this time." The two angel dogs disappeared while the heroic rabbit hugged Kazma and kissed him. "Don't be a stranger, father. I want you to come by for dinner on Sunday." And then Medina emerged from the barn to rejoin her friends as the heroic rabbit and his team teleported back to Heroes Reach.

                  Kazma smiled. "I think it is sweet that you care about Orion, Bert. I need to get the Red Rabbit soldiers and the other young Taurs back to the medical station in the village. Come on along when you finish your visit with Ernie." And he gathered those he would be escorting and they departed the farm.

                  Bert went over to Ernie and he gave him a fond hug around his neck as he kissed Ernie on the muzzle. "I came, Ernie. Just you and me now, as I promised." He then rubbed down over the Donkeytaur's body slowly. "What would you like to do with our day?"

                  Ernie kissed Bert in return and said, "Since I got dirty out in the field, lets go into the barn, remove your clothes and then you can help me get clean as I take a bath in my large tub. You can help wash my body. Besides, you might need a bath yourself. You promised that I could see you naked and when I came out of the corn field, you were clothed."

                  Bert smiled. "When I saw Duke in the barn, I called Kazma and he brought me my clothes in preparation for when he called his adopted son and his team. And as you saw, they had girls with them. I didn't want the girls to see me naked. I like boys like you, but girls are icky. Come on, lets get that bath drawn up for you."

                  Within the barn, a back stall was made over to look like a huge hot tub. Across the corridor from the tub stall was a stall that contained towels, soaps, shampoos and what looked like wet suits in the shape of anthropomorphic donkey boys. Ernie said, "Remove your clothes and then put on one of those wet suits and I will help you to secure it properly around your waist, between your legs, around your neck, wrists and ankles. Then you can help to bathe me in the hot tub safely."

                  Bert removed his clothes and folded them neatly aside on a wooden table and then he selected a wet suit in his size and he slipped it on to his body. There was rubber flippers that were made to look like black hoofs and the rubber gloves made his hands feel thicker than usual. Ernie then reached a hand down into the sheathe in the front and he guided Bert's penis up into the rubber sheathe like opening before pulling his hand out and helping Bert to adjust and securely fit the rest of the suit, which included lining up the tail hole in the back so it was perfectly even with the boy's own anal ring. Then he helped Bert to put on a breathing apparatus donkey head which was a tight fit and smelled rather arousing inside the rubber like head itself. Adjusting the jaws to be lined up with Bert's chin and upper lip was next. By the time all of this was complete, the hot tub was filled with hot water, donkey soap and donkey fur shampoo.

                  As Ernie assisted Bert into entering the hot tub directly in front of himself, he got in directly behind the donkey suited boy where he then slowly mounted and inserted himself into Bert's now perfectly aligned tail hole as thanks to Anime Physics, he stretched his new friend in a loving sexual display over his Donkeytaur cock which didn't feel like a normal donkey's cock at all. In fact, it had more of a Digimon like feel and consistency.. which proved all too true as Bert felt the Auxum cock drill into his butt just above the tail hole and this was followed by what felt like a ridged penile knot tying the two of them together on the base cock itself.

                  Bert gasped. "Ernie? What's happening? Donkeys don't have knots. What are you doing back there?"

                  Ernie grinned as he replied, "I wanted to have sex with you, Bert, my love. That's why I had you put on an Anime Physics capable Digimon Donkey Boy wet suit so you could not be hurt during our sexual activity together. I'll even let you mount me when I am done with you. As for why I have a knot, I am a Donkeytaurmon Digimon species. All Digimon have Auxum cocks and knots. I am sorry I didn't warn you in advance. But I wanted to show you a good time for helping me to deal with Duke. Please don't hate me. You are helping me to get back in touch with Ahren. He was the one who provided me with all of these donkey boy wet suits. Made to feel real during gay sex."

                  End of Chapter 09


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                    Chapter 10

                    The sexual activity with Ernie lasted several hours. When it did end, Ernie was helping Bert out of the tub as well as out of the wet suit. Ernie gave Bert another deep kiss on the mouth. "Thanks to you, I will never be lonely ever again, Bert. Please fix the S'taurrior game so the Duke accident never happens again. When you guys put a stop to the punks in game, that was the day all Imperial players received an offer to bring our characters into the real world the way you were able to do with Lukas. Since I was lonely, I accepted the offer and you quickly saw how that turned out. He was a dragon hybrid trapper. You might want to warn Orion and the others about the issue that I just mentioned. Released characters are not good folk even if Orion repairs the game to permit all players to play Rebels."

                    Bert then asked, "What do you mean that you will never be lonely again. I cannot come out here every day, Ernie. I really like you but I am needed back in S'taur View."

                    Ernie said, "When I lay my eggs in a few days, they will hatch soon afterward and then I won't be the only Donkeytaurmon out here on the farm anymore. Digimon lay eggs when they get pregnant. I let you get me pregnant with enough eggs to start my own herd here on the farm. And I have you to thank for helping me to remake my herd. I am so glad you and I are such good friends. I love you, Bert. Now lets get your clothes back on you so you can return to S'taur View. You can come back any time you like."

                    Soon after, Bert was back on the road outside of the farm. Ernie didn't look pregnant but with Digimon you couldn't really tell anyway. He then turned to face the direction of S'taur View and he reached up and touched his gaming collar. "Game on! Orion's Observatory!" The short cut portal then opened and Bert hopped through to Orion's Observatory at the Replica Guild Base. "Game off!" And the portal closed behind him. "Orion! Where are you? This is a game programming emergency!" When no answer was given to his shout, Bert began to suspect that the Taurs were in trouble yet again and Kazma had just been out there that morning.

                    "I hate to do it this way... but..."

                    Bert struck his pose as he said the words, "S'taurrion Knights!" Bert's surroundings briefly changed into that of the Quadi Knights Temple on Planet Emeralda as a glow overtook his body as he felt his own body extend out behind him and form into that of a Foxtaur's hindquarters as his dark Honey Mustard fur grew all over himself and his head inflated as it became vulpine in appearance and his tail also grew out behind him and then the uniform and armors of the Quadi Knights appeared over his body which included his Quadi weapons, a glowing power sword and an energy pistol. Then there came a flash of light as his star fighter appeared behind him briefly before he found himself on his feet where he pulled his sword and held it above his head in a finishing pose before shouting, "Bert Thomas! S'taurrior!"

                    "I sure am glad I had the time to alter the way this transformation works," said Bert in his Foxtaur body. "Now to locate Orion and the others. I cannot believe how quiet it is around here. I just know the escaped characters had something to do with this." He then activated his emergency hot line phone to King Kazma. "Sir, this is Bert in my Quadi Knights Foxtaur form. S'taur View is in another situation. Bring the red rabbit army quick. I'll explain as you motivate your people."

                    What came next was the explanation to King Kazma which during the explanation, Bert got attacked by the Imperial characters who stupidly came across his position and learned that a Quadi Knight was not a helpless victim. Kazma's voice was then heard saying, "We are on our way, Bert! I am bringing in American Rabbit and Medina again! Keep the line open so I know you're okay while we travel!"

                    Down in Heroes Reach at the headquarters of the Justice Patrol, the team was mobilizing together as they were starting their transformation sequences.

                    "Justice Legacy! Activate!" Gerard Prince struck his pose and felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood on in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power before the form of a handsome and muscular rabbit man stopped in the fore front to take the place of the former human. His pirate crew costume appeared in a flash to cover his body. "Lapine Armor Sequence!" His hero armor then appeared in flashes up and down his lapine body, followed by his gloves and boots, and finally his clear safety visor which appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip as he landed in full view where he made a flurry of martial arts moves before striking his final pose for all to see. "Justice Patrol Number 1! American Rabbit!"

                    Timesheart Tiger exclaimed, "Heroic Rhyme! Caring Time!" Timesy's Cousin Legacy body then lit up with the energies of the time stream itself which was like a rainbow ribbon enveloping his entire body. When the light subsided, he wore black pants and white gloves and boots over his tiger body with white tabard like armor. "Justice Patrol Number 2! Time Tiger!"

                    Lightstrike the Dar'Shanian Royal Stallion stepped into view and in a fiery flash of sun light, Lighty became humanoid before he ran one hand through his shoulder length hair. His shining neck tattoo gleamed and his entire body became enveloped in a magical cascade of sparkling star light. As the light dimmed slightly, his white uniform came into view first with gold racing stripes along his sleeves and leggings. His silver belt appeared around his waist as his silver and chrome like boots appeared on his feet. He then spun around in place as a light show and explosive fireworks erupted all around him in a display which looked like both fire and ice. He then took out a designer pair of golden shades and placed them over his eyes as he smiled for those watching. "Justice Patrol Number 3! Brightburst!"

                    Others who were already suited up from previous duties took their positions and called out their designations. "Justice Patrol Number 4! Dark Witch!" "Justice Patrol Number 5! Medina!" "Justice Patrol Number 6! Burstfire!" "Justice Patrol Number 7! Kangaroo Commander!" "Justice Patrol Number 8! Covert Fox!" and "Justice Patrol Number 9! Wonderboy!" Yes, Connor and Wolf of the Young Justice team were both on sabbatical with the Justice Patrol currently. It was not unheard of for heroes from other regions to team up with the Justice Patrol for extra credit now and then. Dalis Hailey was staying behind this time to hold down the home fort with Black Kitsune.

                    American Rabbit then activated their magical transporter to move their team up to S'taur View to join the action already in progress.

                    The Justice Patrol appeared at the same time the Red Rabbit Army were arriving at Bert's combat location. The Imperial escapees were laying on the laser fire thickly trying to do bodily harm to Bert Thomas. Dark Witch then cast a spell bubble over the top of Bert Thomas which caused all incoming shots to rebound back at those who fired the shots. Yes, it was the infamous Anti-Arthur Barrier in spell form. American Rabbit appeared directly beside Bert as he said, "You look good in that heroic Taur form, Bert. This is probably not a good time to pitch this at you; but how would you like membership in the Justice Patrol. Since you have a hero form and we have to be up here from time to time, it might be a benefit for you to be on our team. Be thinking about it. The Angel Dogs like you, too. Arnie Roo is wanting to give you some Chocobomb Bars later from his bakery. You can stay in your own region; but having heroes on call in times of emergency would only be helpful for you guys."

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Four.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Return of the Quadi Knights.