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[AWT-04] BT-02 Musical Partners

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  • [AWT-04] BT-02 Musical Partners

    S'taur View - Anime World

    [AWT-04] BT-02 Musical Partners
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    S'taur View, Anime Oregon; Anime World

    For the second time in twenty four hours, the entire S'taurrior game world came to an awkward stop. Bert then said, "All friended acceptances make to Lukas should be switched over to my new partner as well. And his farmhouse should be replaced at his original farm and he should awaken there at his original rank. Either that or shift Lukas to Temporary NPC status."

    Orion replied, "Now you know why you and Thunder were given Admin Collars. You are both fair and can help me make this game work. Temporary NPC status until he earns your trust back. He can learn a lot from you. And now for your new kangataur partner form. I hope you can handle the bloke."

    And in a flash of light, Bert Thomas the Foxtaur transformed into Bert Skyruroo the Kangataur fuel miner turned guild master. And Bert the human found himself back inside the partner's mind briefly where he got tackled and hugged, followed by deep kisses from his mental partner. "Ah gots me a joey to love and fuck and squirt my juices inside of. Just call me Sky. Its short for Skyruroo. Ah mine fuel for Dezerdine and when Ah am not doing that, Ah am teaching sexy cuties like yas about sex." Bert struggled under Sky as he said, "Ah may surprise yas with what Ah know. What is wrong with my voice?" Sky grinned. "When yer inside of my body, yas talk the way Ah do. Ah'm looking forward toward seeing what all yas know about sex."

    Bert was now thinking, 'Ah will kill Orion for doing this to me!' and then he found himself in the pilot's seat with his co-pilot in his lap hugging his torso. Bert was glad that he couldn't see the Kangataur muzzle that was licking his neck and whatever else he was trying to do. Bert hopped over to Orion and nearly strangled him where he stood. "Ah ought to kill yas for putting me in a partner who acts like every day is breeding season!" Orion gasped and coughed before saying, "At least you are not in a prude who lies about his sexual desires."

    Bert said, "If Ah cannot control his raging 'ard on, Ah will quit playing this game. Maybe Ah would be better off just 'anging myself." Lukas stepped over to Bert and held him by his shoulders, "If I cannot kill myself, then neither can you. Besides, you were so clever before; use that cleverness to aid you in this problem." Bert said to Lukas, "Sky wants to fuck yas 'ard whether yas want it or not. Yas may 'ave been a prude, but at least yas didn't act like this."

    Lukas looked to Orion. "Sir... please don't make Bert suffer through the rapist who never grew up. What has he done to deserve this?" Orion replied, "This is a side mission. You could help him if you truly are sorry about how you acted before and want a second chance inside with Bert." Lukas replied, "Please, not like this; I am begging you, Orion. Bert and I are both fresh. This roo taur will break the boy." Orion then said, "Very well, the roo taur will work as the fueling attendant at the guild base. Anyone trying to cheat him out of fuel gets to deal with his libido. As for Bert, I will grant him his first request. Maybe next time he shouldn't be so quick as to name a second species when I was about to grant him the first one; but be warned, skunktaurs are just as much horny as the roo is." Bert then said, "And Ah suppose foxes just 'appened to be stereotyped as yiff magnets, right?"

    Lukas smirked at that statement. Orion then said, "Just choose a taur species and specify how boring you want them to be."

    Bert said, "Ah want a skunktaur with a playful attitude but only just starting to be curious about 'is sexuality. 'e should not be over the top pouncy nor in 'eat. Cuddly but not clingy. A true romantic at 'eart; maybe with a slight French accent. Again nothing over the top, but if 'e asks me nicely Ah would 'elp 'im to explore 'imself. 'is name would be Bryan with a Y. Scentaur spelled S. C. E. N. T. A. U. R. A real skunk like name, Ah think."

    Orion smiled. "That was a better evaluation of a new character. Let's see how this turns out." And there came a flash of light as Skyruroo was removed from Bert and the Kangataur was sent back to the Guild Base. And within the glow that Bert was within, Bryan Scentaur the Skunktaur Quadi Squire, who was the newest Guild Master of Impirebel Fuels with the assistance of Lukas Quadwalker and Skyruroo, began to take shape as Bert felt the body fill out and the cuddly fur covered his body as Honey Mustard fur covered him overall as a dark Ketchup Red set of stripes extended from his head down to his tail tip and his under coat from his chin to his genitals was covered in Mayonnaise White fur. His eyes were Brown like Bert's natural eye color. His socks around his foot paws were dark red like this stripes. His hands were covered in Black fur matching Bert's natural hair color. Bert sat down in the pilot's seat as he smiled at the skunktaur youth in the co-pilot's seat next to him. Bryan was slowly swishing his tail as he laid his head against Bert's shoulder with a smile. "Thanks for giving me a chance, Bert. I'll bet you have a few plushies?" Bert replied, "I actually do and I like how cuddly they are. I am glad you are calm in here, Bryan. I will help you with anything you want to learn about. Can I do anything for you right now?"

    Bryan nodded his head. "Will you kiss my muzzle and rub one hand over my sheathe? And may I do the same back to you?" Bert thought that was innocent enough as he pressed his lips to Bryan's muzzle and kissed him lightly although the kiss got deeper as the skunktaur returned the favor. And then Bert rubbed one hand over Bryan's sheathe and Bryan slid his hand down into Bert's pants and rubbed over the boy's penis until Bert got an erection which Bryan then stroked it fondly. Bert felt he had to return the favor as he realized that Bryan was also aroused and his hand got wet from Bryan's sticky virgin fluids. And he felt himself also releasing his first time squirt of virgin semen into Bryan's paw. Bert then said, "I am so sorry I did that in your paw." Bryan now said, "Will you lick my sticky fluids off of your hand while I do the same for you? I apologize if I am going too far with this first time but you said you would help me learn." Licking his hand clean, Bert found it to be quite delicious; Bryan liked what he tasted as well and then he pulled the boy down to the mattress like floor and he proceeded to give Bert his first blow job and Bryan coaxed Bert to return the favor for his first time.

    Once the activity ended, Bryan whispered, "Swallow it, Bert. Thank you for helping me to learn about these things; I hope you learned something nice as well. I love how you play and taste." After the boy swallowed the fluids, he felt a little high all of a sudden as he laid close to Bryan's body and fell asleep. Bryan grinned slyly as he placed his arms around Bert and he opened the 'Help Menu' as he went into the 'Debug Menu' and he found the 'Shared Existence Protocol' and he clicked on it and then he clicked on 'Yes' and on Are You Sure, he clicked 'Yes' again. Then he closed out the 'Help Menu'. And he gently woke Bert up and sat him upright in the pilot's seat. "You must have been tired, my friend."

    Bert tried to focus on the controls but everything still looked fuzzy. He still had that taste of Bryan's fluids in his mouth and in his stomach. And it was making him suggestive to whatever Bryan wanted of him. Bert felt rather lovey-dopey toward his new partner.

    Lukas said, "Bert, don't forget that you promised Thunder Rails to be his boyfriend. Orion? Bert is acting like he is high on drugs. I think you should check him out just in case." Orion ran a med lab test on Bert and he applied a curative injection to the skunktaur. "That was acute observance, Lukas." Lukas said, "Clan was once high and he was just like that."

    End of Chapter 01

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    Chapter 02

    Orion conducted a full scan on Bryan Scentaur and at the end of the scan, Orion forced Bryan apart from Bert. "That was underhanded, Bryan. Bert never asked you for an agreement. I am going to have to restrict the Debug Menu from the Characters in-game. Only Bert and Thunder have access to those menus. However, I will permit you to stay at the guild base because you could learn something from Skyruroo." Lukas said, "That's a punishment, isn't it?" Orion said, "I don't like to use that term. I prefer to say 'a side mission'. However, I think we have learned an important lesson here. Romantic characters are a bad idea for a naive young boy. So, its time to mix and match so Bert gets a reasonable partner who can make the game fun for him. I am starting to feel sorry for him." Lukas said, "Orion, please give me another chance with Bert. You know that I'm not interested in sex yet." Orion said, "You monitor the new partner and if you can prevent Bert from having another mishap, You will automatically get to team up with Bert once again." Lukas said, "You have a deal."

    Orion then transported Bryan back to the guild base to the farmhouse. Then, Bert's body was overtaken by another glowing ball of light as Orion scanned Bert's thoughts in regards to his first species choice before he started this game. He was a little surprised by the Honey Mustard colored male dragontaur with Brown eyes. He knew that dragons were not allowed in the game so he chose to mix a kangaroo, a skunk and a foxtaur. The body that formed in Bert's place had the basic shape of a foxtaur, the bushy tail of a skunk, and the head of a kangaroo. Orion withheld accents this time and instilled a sense of honesty into the partner. He would allow possible dating between player and partner as long as the partner kept the actions honest. The Foxtaur was Honey Mustard in coloration with a double Black stripes down his back and he had brown eyes. His undercoat was Mayonnaise White, while his hands and feet were covered in Black fur. His ear tips were covered in Ketchup Red fur. Bert appeared in the piloting chamber and as he sat in the pilot's seat He saw his new partner sitting away from him at what looked like a computer terminal. "Who are you? I'm Bert Thomas." The new partner replied, "I am Taru Twintaur of Dezerdine, your new partner. I suppose I am here as a trial period to see if anything else goes wrong with your having a new partner. Personally, I think Lukas should be your partner."

    Outside of the body, Bert spoke from the new Foxtaur body. "Okay, I just met my new partner. He seems sorta stuffy. You know, I may not be playing this game much after today since nothing seems to be working out for me."

    Inside the mental space, Taru walked over to Bert and said, "I thought you would appreciate an honest opinion instead of a sleaze trying to dominate your life or a pervert out to have sex with you or even an underhanded turd trying to get you doped up on sexual pleasure fluids. If I assumed wrong, then I apologize. You just met me and you are making hasty judgments. According to your memory files, Linus asked you to give everyone a chance and Thunder asked you to keep grudges and hatreds in game. Instead of my reminding you of what you already know, why don't you tell me what you really want out of this game... although there is a way you might be able to override the Game Master's tampering of your game account."

    Bert turned his gaze to look directly at Taru at that point. "Okay, you got my full attention now. How do I do it? If this works, you can stay in here despite whatever else happens." Taru sat down on his rump allowing his bushy tail to bob behind him. "While I speak, you do this. Open the 'Help Menu' and go to the 'Debug Menu'. Look for a listing called 'Host Universe'. Open that and despite what else you see in this mass of settings, scroll down to 'ServerName' and type in the first word of your guild. Then under 'NewStaff' click 'Yes'. Now Click the 'Staff' link and type in your real name under 'GameMaster'. Under 'Admins' type 'Linus Ligrotaur' and 'Thunder Rails'. Find 'PreventOverride' and click 'Yes'. Under 'SoloUniverse' click 'Yes'. Under 'LaunchGame' click 'Wait_10_Minutes'. Now exit out to the general settings of 'Host Universe. Scroll down to 'LoadStaffCharacters' and click it. Under the listing of 'CopyCharacterData' type in how many hours ago you want to copy staff data from. In other words, how long ago was it that you got tired of Orion's interference? If the time was minutes, then type in the number followed by the letters 'min'. This will save every character you and your staff has had access to from the beginning of your game experience up to that number. Now open 'CharacterAdvisor' and type in 'Taru Twintaur'. Click Save and now exit all menus. Log out of the game for ten whole minutes; go use the bathroom and get a drink of water or something. Return to your gaming spot and activate the game once again. At the Welcome screen, there will be a new feature in the form of a drop-down menu. It reads as 'ChooseUniverse'. Select 'Impirebel' and then click 'enter game'. It will ask if you have a former character. Click 'Yes' and then fill in what you had to do when you replaced your collar that one time. Once you get past the welcome screen, you will note all manner of Game Master only options. Go to 'MassMessageFriends' and click it. Under 'TypeOfMessage' select 'New Game World Invite'. Within the message body, type out that you are running your own game universe in S'taurrior and you want to invite them over to play in it. The mass message will automatically add in the New World link and when they click it, it will take them to a screen that reads, 'Are You Migrating From Another World?' Yes or No. If they Click 'Yes', their old data from that date time that you entered on back to the beginning of play will be copied over into your game universe. Their old game data will stay exactly as they left it on the original server. Once the copying process is done, they will be able to continue their login to your game universe. Otherwise, if they clicked No, then they will make all new characters for your new universe. I think you have plenty on your plate for now, Bert. See you on the other side."

    After completing the instructions that Taru had given him and just before logging out, He said into the outer area where he was standing. "I have to use the bathroom and get something to eat. Be back later." And then he logged out entirely. Once he was back in the real world, he did exactly as he said he would do. He really did need to use the bathroom and then he really was hungry. Almost as if he was eating for himself and every character he had. When he used the bathroom, it was like someone had pulled the lever on an ice cream machine and left it on for several minutes because he nearly filled the stool if he hadn't thought to flush it every once in a while. In the kitchen, he found himself eating five sandwiches and drinking enough water for five people. Once he finished this, he went to the bathroom one last time and he took a necessary shower. Once he felt clean, he dried himself, got dressed and headed in to where the main frame was at. He activated the computer and he asked it to open a voice and video channel to Thunder Rails right now.

    When the Red rabbit teenager appeared on screen, he was in the process of polishing leather taur saddles. Bert said, "Man, you are more handsome than your father, Thunder. Its me, Bert." Thunder moved around to the other side of the saddle so he could still work as he faced... what was normally a mirror on the wall. But today, he could see Bert standing in a futuristic looking guild base. "Bert? Where are you and how come I can see and speak to you through the mirror here in the saddler shop?" Bert smiled. I'm here in the replica of my guild base just South of S'taur View. I assume I caught you at work. My Guild mainframe computer can call anyone I know the name of whether you are near a video phone or not. I am calling for two reasons, well three... I wanted to see what you looked like and I am not sorry I checked you out; I wanted to let you know that I learned how to set up and run our own S'taurrior game universe. I can share the details of that with you later; and finally, I wanted to check on when when would be a good time for our upcoming date, like I promised you."

    Thunder smiled when Bert said that last part. "If you are not too busy, I would love to see you for dinner and a movie this weekend. I was going to go by myself, but since you are really going to uphold dating me, we can make the outing into our date. I hope this next part doesn't bother you, Bert, but I am not a virgin. I have full knowledge on how to safely do it with my friends. Do you still want to date me?"

    Bert smiled. "I sure do, Thunder. It would take more than that to make me give up on a hot bunny like you. I'll see you this weekend."

    End of Chapter 02


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      Chapter 03

      After ending the call with Thunder, Bert returned to the gaming spot and logged into the S'taurrior game where he used the 'ChooseUniverse' drop-down menu, he selected 'Impirebel' and then he clicked 'enter game'. The game asked him if he had a previous character and he typed in his identification data and he was soon looking at the game master choices. He also noticed that his guild was no longer on the leaderboard since it was not it's own universe. He also noted that Thunder's guild once again at the top of the Leaderboard. And he noticed that Dezerdine was now a protected world. This meant that it could not be destroyed. Next up, it was time to send out the mass invites. Going to 'MassMessageFriends', he clicked on it and under 'TypeOfMessage' he selected 'New Game World Invite'. Within the message body, he typed out that he was now running his own game universe in S'taurrior and he wanted to invite his friends over to play in it. He recalled that Taru had said that the mass message would automatically add in the New Universe link. Then he clicked send.

      At that moment, he was again checking out the rest of the game master functions. He soon saw a link listing that read 'NewSpecies' and he clicked on it. Within he saw the parameters for inviting an all new species and he began designing his dream species, the Dragotaur. He took the body of a moose, added a long and thick prehensile tail, replaced the genitals with those of a prehensile deer and he gave it the feet and head of an ear-less Great Dane; he then removed all of the fur and replaced the fur with fine scales all over its entire body. He would have added wings except there was no parameter for that body part on any of the existing taurs, so wings would have to remain in the world of fantasy for now. And with no slit, there would be no naughty inside sexual action. He then set the sexual cycle of the new species to a once a year mating cycle that also resulted in one egg lain by the dragotaur. They were incapable of getting other taurs pregnant and they could not be impregnated by anyone outside of their species. Next, he set their character to suave (cool) and intellectual Merchant minded individuals. Cursing with vulgar language was not something they enjoyed as they were above uncivilized barbarians. He then gave them a boosted mechanics skill for repairing ships and other equipment. Bert also gave them a bonus to body armor requiring two hits to do the damage of one hit when taking damage from other species. He then set the 'Availability' listing as 'Under Development', 'Awaiting Approval' and 'Awaiting Votes'. The last setting was set to one hundred votes. When one hundred player votes for the new species arrived, he species would go live. Then he clicked save and went back out to the regular view. He then clicked on 'View Species' and rotating pictures of each species appeared on the screen before him. There were two listings: 'Live' and 'Requiring Votes'. He clicked the second one and he examined the creation he had just made as it rotated in front of himself. He clicked on 'OpenVoting' and selected 'AllPlayers' and 'Yes' before clicking Save. Then he clicked on the vote box and it recorded his own vote. Now it read as 1/100 Votes.

      He returned to the main screen where he noticed people accepting his invitation. He soon received a message from Orion, 'Well done, Bert. You did what I was hoping you would do. I cannot be in game all the time which is why I gave out Admin game collars to people I thought I could trust. When I do log into your server, I will play an ordinary non-powerful character. I saw what you did to create a Dragotaur. I read over the reasonable parameters you set. And thank you for setting it as a vote capable species. Overrunning a game with a new species that hasn't been tested can ruin a game world. The reason I never allowed Dragon taurs is because a dragon room mate at college ruined the experience for me. He was heavily into sex and he had me pinned down nearly every night in the floor of our dorm. One night he was in heat and he tried to get me stuck inside his slit. If I hadn't activated a rescue alarm, no one would have known what was happening to me. I was assigned a new dorm mate after that and although I was continuously sexual in college, which I never recovered from, that dragon scared me, Bert. I promised myself that I would never do that to others. I guess after my almost getting you fucked in my server multiple times, you finally had enough and you created your own universe. I am sorry; but I suppose that will never be good enough. Therefore, I will simply have to try to earn your trust back out of game. Good luck in running your own universe. I will make updates available to all game servers. If you need game mastering advice, just ask me any time, even out of game. Again, I hope you will some day forgive me.'

      For the second time, Bert felt like utter shit. He never imagined what all Orion could possibly be going through nor why he was not allowing Dragotaurs in game. One oversexed dragon in college ruined it for everybody. Bert then replied to Orion, 'Dear Orion, I had no idea what you had gone through in your past. I would like to see you out of game sometime before Saturday. I have a date this weekend with Thunder. He told me that he isn't a virgin and since he might want to do it, I need advice/help on that. As long as you are not my dad's age of 38 or above, perhaps you and I can makes things work. Signed, Bert.'

      Orion soon replied saying, 'Bert, Linus and I are only five years apart. I am happy you have a date with Thunder. He has been lonely since... well, it isn't my story to tell. I will not spread gossip even if it is true. If you want to take a break from the game tonight and have dinner with me at my place, I will be glad to discuss the game and my other projects with you as well as anything else you want help with. Wear anything you want tonight; or come nude. It won't matter to me since all Taurs are generally naked in this region anyway.

      Bert looked around his piloting area and said, "Taru? I need to speak to you." From a side door in the back, Taru stepped forward and sat down on the floor next to Bert with his tail bobbing behind him. "What do you need?" Bert asked, "Did Orion ask you to help me set up my own universe? And don't lie to me. I just made up with Orion and I want to know." Taru replied, "I am incapable of lying to my assigned partner, Bert. Orion did ask me to help you with this. He thought that you hated him since you were on the verge of quitting the game and he wanted to have you make your own universe so you could play without any of the things he tried to force you to accept. You almost made him want to delete the entire game."

      Bert now got hit with the third bout of feeling like utter shit... the deepest this time. He had hurt Orion's feelings. Yet the Foxtaur still permitted him to start his own universe. "Taru, how do I set Universe wide fuel price limits?" Taru then began to help him work his way around the game master settings. Fuel prices were set to minimum 50 Creds per Tank to a maximum of 500 Creds per tank. Any attempt to set a higher amount for fuel tagged a warning to the player's account. Three warnings of any sort would net a player with one strike; three strikes, cumulative from all offenses, netted the player a 1 week game ban in his universe server only. You could still play in the other universe servers. He then activated a server wide game master matinee scrolling message to let players know about the new fuel limits and how previous fuel settings were being reset to 50 until changed by the player. He also designated free fueling between missions until Rank Ten. This would permit players to make a better start before having to pay for their own fuel. He also initiated 'Bug_Hunter_Rewards' for players in-game if they reported a bug that no one else noticed after given updates. These awards were equal to a bonus booster of +5% to both experience and creds for the life of their account. He then set up the ability for players to make and use multiple characters per account. The base was one. Extra Character Slots were awarded when a player reached certain mile markers in-game throughout the account. Reaching Rank Ten gave you a Title as well as a new Character Slot, one time only; not per character. Reaching Rank Twenty awarded a new Species Ability from a short list and the second additional Character Slot. Reaching Rank Thirty awarded either an advanced species ability or two more basic abilities and the third additional Character Slot. Reaching Rank Forty awarded either a one-time guild booster of +5% or an advanced species ability or two more basic abilities and the fourth additional Character Slot. Reaching Rank Fifty awarded a new star ship AND a one-time guild booster of +5% AND Two advanced species abilities AND three more basic abilities AND the fifth additional Character Slot. Reaching Rank One Hundred awarded a bonus booster of +5% to both experience and creds for the life of their account. (This was in addition to any Bug Hunter Rewards totals.) This rank also upgraded a ship's tank fuel storage to double capacity and upgraded cargo holds to twice the capacity of the usual amount. He then posted this information into the 'Did you Know?' section of the game loading screen. For players already in game, a link on their screen flashed which read, 'NewRankAwards'. Players who were already at those levels got the chance to collect their cumulative rewards for each mile marker. This link included a listing of the amended rules.

      End of Chapter 03


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        Chapter 04

        Within the hour, he noted the Global Chat window with a message that was nearly the same: BEST UNIVERSE EVER! He then checked on the voting for the new species, it now read 2083/100. Opening up the editing portion for Dragotaur, he set the new species to go live at seven A.M. Pacific Time. But he also set it so players could meet the NPC versions of the suave merchant species at local market places throughout the game universe as of right now. Then he made a slight alteration to include the female version of the species; sheathe and sac beign replaced with what looked like a slit (the vagina.) He added breasts on the chest that were size alterable which would tell the players the difference between genders. Females were more slender than males although if a player wanted to increase or decrease the body mass on a character it was now possible to do so. He clicked 'Save' and added the species message to 'Did You Know?' which included pictures of both the male and female Dragotaurs looking at each other on screen.

        He now typed into Global chat: Dragotaurs go live at 7 AM tomorrow morning; you can see the species in game early at the in-game marketplaces; both male and female.

        There were a lot of AWESOME! replies from a lot of players! Then there came a few Bug Hunter Rewards are a groovy idea, GM! Orion should have thought of that back in the original game.

        Bert thought mentioning Orion was a sore spot so he typed, Orion had a lot on his plate between the game and his real life. This second Universe is a place where we can test out new ideas for inclusion in the main game Universe. Just remember, if you copied in your characer data from the old Universe, then your character still exists in that universe at the last rank you played them at. Orion will be watching occasionally to see how things go here. As you already noticed, this Global Chat Window is a new feature and you all seem to love it.

        Just then, he saw a private message arrive from a character named Zippy Quadspeed. It read as follows, 'Bert or Lukas or Sky or Bryan or Taru, I noticed when you arrived in S'Taur View. I would like to meet with you out of game. In real life I am called Copernicus Yohannus. I am a sewer worker aka plumber; I am sorry if that turns you off but it is the only work my people can get in the region. My friend Taro Wrathe and I really love this game where we can be fit in and make friends without people knowing that we work below the streets. Taro and I are also... information specialists, so if there is ever anything you need to know about anyone or anything, we are the ones to ask. Just allow us to be your friends in real life and all we offer you is free. I swear on everything that is holy and hope to die if I lie. I would also like to be your friend in-game. Taro always plays himself in-game, I play Zippy Quadspeed. Will you accept our friend requests?' and following the message were two friend requests. One was from Zippy and the other was from Taro. Bert saw no problems with Friending these two but he turned to Taru first and asked, "What does Orion know about Copernicus Yohannus and Taro Wrathe and does he think it is okay for me to accept friendship requests from them?" Taru closed his eyes for a moment as if he was contacting Orion directly and then he replied, "They are reliable Information Specialists although expensive sometimes. If they are offering friendship, take it. In real life, they are both reliable. Exact words." Bert nodded his head. "Thank you, Taru." He then clicked on both friendship requests and accepted them. Then in the return reply, he typed, 'I was going to have dinner with Orion tonight at his place, when and where would you like to meet with me at in real life?'

        There came a reply from Taro this time which read, 'Thanks for accepting us, Bert. If you don't mind spending a day with us, say from tomorrow morning to the following morning, you can meet up with us at the drainage gate located just below the S'taur View Overlook Terrace where we can open the gate for you and let you in. No need for a gas mask; Zippy hates that joke; but I think it is funny. Clothing and shoes optional. We want to be friends for you, not what you brought to the region. If we knew where your sewer entrance was, we could meet you at that location instead of in the village. By the way, Orion lives in the village near Zeta's Shop which as you know is pretty close to the depot. But he owns the observatory; I don't know why he doesn't live up there. If you choose to meet with us, I will let you try out my sex toys. These can prepare you for the real thing later. Taro.'

        Bert hit reply and typed out the information for the directions to the real world Guild base's sewer entrance was; which was located behind the main building in a secluded walled in super private back yard behind the main base main building. Bert would have no problem getting in and out of there since he was a human. It would also permit the two a place to come up into for those times when they just wanted to sleep outside of he sewers for a change. Bert would set up a large safari tent in one side of the backyard facing the steps leading down into the sewer tunnels. He knew there was a gate down at the bottom of the steps, but he didn't know who had the keys to that gate. Now it made sense. He then typed to Taro, 'As long as you both don't hurt me in real life, I will give you both a kiss on the muzzles.' Then he got a quick return from Taro 'DEAL! I will let Copernicus know!'

        Bert felt pretty good about himself now that he made two more locals happy. He couldn't wait to meet them if they were as reliable as Orion said.

        He then opened the game master settings once again and this time he searched through all the settings thoroughly until he found the item he was looking for. 'SendGameCollar'. He clicked on that link where he saw a form for inviting someone to the game by gifting them with a game collar of their own either by Express Delivery or by Gift Certificate. Bert knew of a friend back on Earth whom would likely enjoy this game a lot except he had no computer of his own and he lived in a rural area. His friend barely knew what a cellphone was. He then typed the following information into the player fields... Name: Kevin Galen. Mailing Address: County Road 237, Box 45-D; Elk Mtn, Oregon; Earth. Bert then chose 'SameDayDelivery' from the delivery options. Now he opened the dropdown menu to select the type of game collar to send his friend Kevin. He chose 'Rebel' from the two choices given. And then he added in an 'AutoFriend' installment so Kevin's account would automatically be friended to Bert's account. Under 'IncludePersonalNote' he type the following message. Dear Kevin Galen. I remembered how much you said you liked leather collars for humans. I found this game that utilizes a leather collar that the player wears and then when you are in game, you get to play a custom Taur character that you create yourself. I am already in this game along with a few new friends. I would really like it if you joined the game with us. I have sent you a Rebel collar. Included are the instructions for activating the game and how to login to your account and then how to make a character as well. After the character is made, you do the whole tutorial to gain a free level. After that, you will be LIVE in the game and we can chat with each other when you are in the game. Your friend, Bert Thomas. PS: It will be just like all the times we role played on your uncle's farm. My taur wants to meet your taur.

        Bert then clicked on the 'AuthorizeOrder' link. He wasn't sure how fast Express Delivery was going to be. But he knew that Anime Physics was pretty damned fast.

        Next, Bert searched through the settings looking for characters under evaluation. And he eventually found what he was looking for by using the Search field to find the exact section in question. He clicked the link and he saw his 'side-mission' characters with a 'GM-Evaluation' listing on every character. Now it was time to make things right with his characters. Bert selected every character in his list in order and he sent them to the 'GM-to-CharacterConference' group. He then exited that menu and proceeded to the Faction Creation section. The existing factions included the Rebels and the Imperials. Now Bert was going to try his hand at making a new faction. After clicking 'AddNewFaction', he began to slowly fill out the new Faction form which included a Home World selection menu. He named the faction, 'Red Badges' and he set the faction to embrace law enforcement throughout the new frontier. The new Home World was set to 'Alsaberon II'; the main species of taurs on that world were draft horse sized 'German Shepheardtaurs' with a German accent. These dogs came from Free Spirited Soldiers of Freedom. He then made the female counterparts as being twice as powerful as the males. The new faction and new species was slated as the police force for the Game Master. To join this new faction, players could fill out a 'JoinFactionRequest' form for the GM to evaluate.

        End of Chapter 04


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          Chapter 05
          Attacking this new faction placed a legal bounty on the players' characters who had conducted the act. If a player did such an act and then deleted their character to avoid the bounty, then their entire account was marked with the bounty. To remove the bounty without being hunted, the character simply had to surrender to any law enforcement NPC. Bert then set this new faction as 'Awaiting Approval' and 'Awaiting Votes'. Characters under a bounty no longer had access to any bonuses they normally had earned in game. The new rules were then also placed under the same protocols.

          Bert then went to the voting section and placed his vote on each new creation he had made. Finally, he closed the game master menu and typed into Global Chat: "Possible new faction, a new species, and new rules are currently under review and requiring votes. Game Masters will be able to hire players to act as in-game police officers during times when GMs cannot be in game."

          He saw immediate responses such as, "AW NO! Why did you do that for? You're going to screw up the game play!"

          Bert then typed, "This addition has to be in place before I initiate 'Multiple Character Selection Mode' later on. Currently all players are only permitted one character. It is called game balance. If you think I am making a mistake, place a NO vote on the new additions. I edited in the ability to place negative votes. Something missing from the main game server. Over there it is simply vote my way or shut up. I am giving players the choice here on my server."

          Then came a Global message from Orion, on-screen and outside of the Global Chat window: "Bert, I considered a police faction initially before opening the game to the public. Having one has issues you haven't considered as yet. The other additions you created are permissible. As for multiple characters, since no one wants game balance, do not make multiple characters available to the public."

          This prompted some pretty vulgar responses in the Global Chat window which appeared as censored funny symbols instead of the filthy words they were using. When Global Chat had first been initiated, you could tell it as the players felt. Now there was a censored edit in place. Plus those who used nasty language received a game creator 'Strike Warning'.

          And then without warning, the Global Chat window simply vanished in a fade away fashion from everyone's game views. And the following message took its place: 'I suck at this. erasing all of my changes. goodbye.'

          In the background, Bert selected a world creation protocol listed as 'SaveWorldDataforTransfer'. The entire game world then froze as if an update was being conducted. The game view for most players went white as their accounts were copied back to the main server and the new data from Bert's server overwrote their data on the original server. Players were being kicked out of Bert's world and the last thing they saw were the black words on the white screen which read: in 30 seconds, you will be returned to 'MainServer'. Thank you for testing this world. I am not coming back. It was signed in small print with the words, Bert the jerk. And when the countdown timer reached zero, all players found themselves back in the 'MainServer' as if they had never left. All bonuses gained from Bert's world had been removed.

          Within the main game server, all players were suddenly logged out of the game and when anyone tried to log back in, they got the message of, "Game off line. Try again later." It was signed with 'Gamemaster Orion'.

          Bert never saw the override log out because he was in the GM override world creation menues. Under the listing called 'Host Universe'. Bert had opened it and under a setting called type of login, he chose 'AskForApproval' then he scrolled down to 'ServerName' and he typed in 'RedBadge'. Then he went to 'NewStaff' and clicked 'Yes'. Next he clicked the 'Staff' link and he typed in his real name under 'GameMaster'. Under 'Admins' he typed in 'Linus Ligrotaur', 'Thunder Rails' and 'Orion Foxtaur'. Then he found 'PreventOverride' and he clicked 'Yes'. Under 'SoloUniverse' he clicked 'Yes'. Under 'LaunchGame' he clicked 'Wait_1_Minute'. Now he exited out to the general settings of 'Host Universe' and he scrolled down to 'LoadStaffCharacters' and he clicked it. Under the listing of 'CopyCharacterData' he chose the option of 'LoadWorldDataFromBackup'. The next thing Bert did was to open 'CharacterAdvisors' and he typed in 'Lukas Quadwalker', 'Taru Twintaur', 'Skyruroo' and 'Bryan Scentaur'. He then clicked 'Save' and then he exited all menus. When he went to log out of the game, he noticed that Orion had closed the 'MainServer' to the public.

          Bert went and used the restroom and then he got a sandwich and some water from the kitchen. While he was in there, Linus and Orion rushed in and they both hugged him.

          "Please don't poison yourself, Bert!" exclaimed Orion. Linus then said, "Game play is suspended because those jerks made you upset, Bert. Please, my friends and I need this game."

          Bert calmly said, "It is just a bologna sandwich with Mayo and a glass of water. I can make one for you guys if you really want one. There is no poison. I guess my in-game acting is getting better, isn't it? I transferred all of the whiny players back over to the 'MainSever' after saving gamemaster and admin character data for transfer into a newly created universe which has a different name and then I came to get some lunch before heading back into the game to finish up the remaining portion of server setup."

          Orion made sandwiches for all of them and then after lunch, Orion said, "I am so sorry, Bert. Linus and I really care about you."

          Bert said, "The new universe is called 'RedBadge'. It is to contain the protocols for game balance that I wanted to put into place in the old universe. Since the naysayers revealed their true colors, they will have trouble getting into the new server. Time to go back in."

          Orion then asked, "How many total characters were you planning to permit per player?"

          Bert smiled as he hugged Orion and kissed his muzzle. "How many do I have in total?" Then he gave Linus a muzzle kiss before heading outside to his gaming spot.

          Orion smiled. "You have four characters."

          Bert then said, "Correct; but I was planning for five total unlockable character slots. To unlock these extra slots, I was thinking, Every twenty ranks for normal players results in a new available slot. Staff members get all slots unlocked from the start."
          End of Chapter 05


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            Chapter 06
            Bert then returned to his gaming spot and he logged back into the game where he noticed that the 'MainServer' was once again open to the public. At the Welcome screen, Bert used the drop-down menu which read as 'ChooseUniverse' and he selected 'RedBadge' (Impirebel was completely gone!) and then he clicked 'enter game'. The game asked Bert if he had a former character in which he clicked 'Yes' and then filled in what he had to do when he replaced his collar that one time. Once he got past the welcome screen, he proceded to the Game Master only options. He went to 'AskForApproval' link and he proceeded to the open form where he began typing in the rules with approval boxes next to each one in the list. At the top of the rules he type, Check each rule checkbox if you agree with each rule. At the bottom he typed in the large words of 'IF YOU AGREE WITH THESE RULES, CLICK SUBMIT TO ENTER THIS BALANCED UNIVERSE!' Then under the failure screen, he typed, 'Because you do not agree to our rules, you may only play in 'MainServer'. You may reapply in 24 hours. Thank you for your interest.' He then clicked save before going to 'MassMessageFriends' and he clicked on it. Under 'TypeOfMessage' he selected 'New Game World Invite'. Within the message body, he typed out that he had started a balanced game universe for the good players (The 'Jerks' had been removed from his friends list) in S'taurrior. He then explained that joining the new universe through this game message would allow them to copy their data into the world. Joining any other way implied that players wanted to make a fresh start; no character transfers allowed for non-friends. The mass message automatically added in the New World link and when they clicked upon the link, they would bypass the rules agreement form and they would arrive at a screen that read, 'Are You Transferring an Existing Character?' Yes or No. If they clicked 'Yes', then their old data from the former 'MainServer' was copied over into RedBadge. Their old game data would stay exactly as they left it on the original server. Once the copying process was done, they would be able to continue their login to RedBadge. Otherwise, if they clicked No, then they would be taken to the all new Character Slot Choice Screen where they would make all new characters for RedBadge. After login, a copy of the New Rules form would appear on-screen in front of the player along with a staff message from Bert: 'Every box has to be checked to log into this balanced server. - Bert Thomas.'

            When Orion, Linus and Thunder logged back into the new universe and they carefully agreed to the rules agreement, they arrived in the game universe where obvious game window changes were very apparent. Also, every cantina tavern and star port now had the new Law Enforcement Freedom Soldier NPCs keeping an eye on the businesses themselves. Another new staff-only protocol was a link to transport your character to Staff Hall where administration meetings could be conducted. This meant that Orion could conduct Gamemaster and staff meetings whenever he liked from any universe. The Meeting Hall was a closed universe all to itself. When a player was ready to return to their own universe, it was no problem to re-click the return to game link and re-enter their game universe.

            Within the Global Chat window, several players had typed, "Thank the Taur gods! You didn't destroy Global Chat! Please don't ever get sad again, Bert!"

            Bert smiled when he saw the polite messages and then he typed: "For every twenty ranks a character earns in this new universe, you unlock a new character slot. It is LIVE right now. If anyone needs to discuss anything with staff and I, please do not hesitate to ask."

            "Are New Character Slots available in 'MainServer' as yet?"

            Orion then typed, "Sadly, due to recent events, the new slot system is only available in the balanced universe. I will have to edit the protocol of earning before it is allowed in 'MainServer'. Also sadly, Game changes made here will not be made available game-wide as I said once before. Staff and I need to decide how to make the good stuff fairly available to the good players across the game universes. I apologize for that."

            Bert then quickly added, "Please curb any vulgar comments anyone may be about to make in 'RedBadge'. Cursing here after agreeing to the rules will switch you over to the 'MainServer' without warning. Keep it clean in Global Chat please."

            Then in a private message, Bert saw a message from Kevin Galen. When he opened it he smiled as he read: "Thank you so much for remembering me, Bert! You are one the only friends I have left; here in the Northeast corner of Oregon, I am so bleeping bored." Yes, he had typed the word 'bleeping'. "I am playing a Unitaur Medical Scientist named Auran Two-tails. My two tails are a mutant defect. I was so glad when I saw they allowed for mutant defects. But I am sure you knew that. My character's home world is Emeralda III; it is the healing capital of allied space. How do I get my character to your location? Love and kisses, Kevin. PS: I recently found out that I am gay, so please don't hate me."

            Bert was a little surprised but not disgusted; Kevin was his friend.

            Mentally, Bert heard Skyruroo the Kangataur say, "Thank yas so much for giving us another chance, Bert. Ah am sorry Ah came on to yas. Ah do like yas. We all do."

            Bert mentally replied, "What happens to you blokes in my universe is my responsibility; not Orion's. He may have helped to make you guys for me, but you are still part of my account. Yes, I am a kid, but I am willing to learn as long as you blokes don't hurt me and don't make me forget who I am."

            Lukas was then heard saying, "So I am playable once again? I really miss Clan."

            Bert mentally said, "Everyone is back on Shared status with me. When I am logged in as Lukas, the rest of you are in adviser mode. When I log in as someone else, same story; those not being played are in adviser mode. And I aim to play all of you when I get the chance. I believe you all have things you can teach me or even, each other."

            Back in game, Lukas sent a private message to Clan. "Hey lover boy! Bert made me official once again! I want my Creds or your buns! I'll let you choose which I get to get my mitts on. Bert is willing to learn now and that is making all of us pretty happy."

            Clan privately replied, "But I am just a dirty rebel, Lukas. Are you sure you want me as your first?"

            Lukas grinned before replying, "It is either you or the Kangataur. Are you going to lose out to a Kangataur with a libido issue?"

            Clan privately replied, "I lose to no one, Lukas. Where do we meet?"

            Lukas privately replied, "Swing by Emeralda III and pick up a Unitaur medical scientist named Auran Two-tails. He is a friend of Bert's; bring him with you. He said he was gay."
            End of Chapter 06


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              Chapter 07
              Bert spent the time waiting for Clan and Auran by searching the species settings for Mutant Defects. When he found the listing, that is when he found the elusive wings defect. He removed the fur and/or feathers from the wings and added the fine scales and modified the dragotaurs to give them the stylish wings. He then looked through the defects again and he found the groin slit defect which he sank the male dragotaur's penis deeply within the dragon slit. However, the dragotaurs still refrained from letting just anyone enter their groin openings. In a Taur universe, it would not feel comfortable to let someone that big to go into a small slit. A young human would be a different story. He then clicked save for the species and he bookmarked the defects section so he could find it easily later.

              Soon, Bert through Lukas' eyes saw Clan's ship land and the two rebels emerged from the ship looking mildly amused over something.

              Clan and Auran walked over to Lukas and they both hugged him. Auran smiled. "If anything medical happens between you guys, I can treat the after affects. Just call me Auran."

              Lukas smiled. "Nice to meet you, Auran. Bert is piloting my body at the moment, if you are wondering where he is."

              Auran smirked. "Clan explained that to me during the trip over here. Just as he is being piloted by Linus."

              Lukas laughed. "A Ligrotaur piloting a leotaur. I always wondered who Clan's pussy was."

              And then in Global Chat, Bert typed, "In Character speech may still be somewhat suggestive but that is permitted; Global Chat speech should remain clean. And I am about to initiate the testing of a new feature; When you notice this pop up in private chat, let me know how it goes. I am hoping it makes social gaming more enjoyable. Since I am still getting used to the staff commands, I have to be careful in here." And with that, Bert activated 'LivePilotCamInPMs'. It was a custom written command that he converted from his own memory stemming from the old Apple Computers from the days of old. This permitted Private Messages to have a live Camera shot of the Player's face/muzzle when they were speaking to other Players. To test it, he sent a private message to Orion since he was the game owner. "Is this working properly, Orion. You should be able to see my human face in the small video chat window. I haven't tried to add voice yet. - Bert."

              The return PM from Orion included what looked like a small TV screen that was horribly out of focus. "You need to fine tune the channel signal just like with old TVs; now that you can see my screen image, you can work with the fine tuner. When you are able to see me clearly, then you have finalized the fine tuning and you should save it at that setting. Nice thinking in putting this into PMs, Bert. I am proud of you. - Orion."

              Bert then started toward trying to find the best clear image. This took a few hours since this idea was fresh and it was not easy to work with. But since it was his creation, Orion was letting him do this for himself. Bert was about to the point of just saying, 'Screw this' when he finally found the exact tuner setting. "It would be the last setting I tried. I almost gave up on this. - Bert." He then clicked 'SaveNewProgram' and 'ShareDataWithGameCreator'. A copy of the video program and the exact fine tuning setting was sent to Orion's home database.

              Orion smiled when he saw how clear the animate video image was. "Since you successfully did something without my help, Bert, I will be nice and add in the voice chat to this video chat feature. It will be better than live streaming. - Orion." And a few moments later, the video image of Orion smiled as he said aloud, "Testing, testing... 1.2.3. Hi Bert. Video chat should remain private for now. Although I could add party mode later. This feature should never be Global."

              Bert smiled as well. "I just wanted to do something right in this game that you would be proud of. I have messed up so much when I started. I hurt your feelings; I almost made Thunder quit the game; I almost made Lukas kill us both; and I didn't consider other players' feelings. I acted like a turd. But I am still a kid."

              Orion smiled once again. "We can spend some personal time together later 'out of game' where we can just hug and be cuddly... and shoot the breeze about anything you want. Now you need to tell the other players what you just launched in the game. This actually works."

              Bert said, "I need to add in one more thing. Then it will be finished. I just thought of it." And Bert then added a button to the bottom of the video window. It read as 'EndVidCall' Then in the main PM Social window, he added two buttons; one read as 'TXTpm' and the other read as 'PVID'. If you hovered over the buttons a tool-tip told the player what each one was for. 'TXTpm' was for the old PM system, while 'PVID' was for the Video Live Chat system. After clicking 'SaveNewProgram' and 'ShareDataWithGameCreator', Bert then made a modification to the Extra Character Slots system. The new feature was something the staff already had access to: 'CharacterAdvisors'. For normal players, this would only work if the player had more than one character. Once he was done, he clicked 'SaveModification' and then he said in Global Chat, "Universe Wide Update in 3.2.1." And then he clicked 'UpdateUniverse' to add in the new features.

              For every player, the 'Did You Know?' Screen appeared in front of their faces showing all new species, male and female; updates to the factions including possible new factions later such as 'the Cloaks' which was an information broker organization; 'the Merchants' self explanatory and 'the Mechanics' also self explanatory. And then new game features were explained along with pictures of the feature in use. And then players were back in the game where they found a 'ThankYouForYourPatience' reward bonus activated at the top of their screen. It said: +5% experience, +5% Cred awards and +5% Earned Rank Points. And the timer was set to a point at Midnight on Sunday night.

              In Global Chat, Bert typed, "Private Video Chat between players is now live. Let me know if you have any issues."

              The return Messages were once again those he had seen before from the lousy players. He was hoping he wasn't going to have to weed out cheaters aka Players with Two Game Collars.


              Bert typed, "Time to see how many players still think that once I explain this next part. Orion and I need to evaluate all players to verify if they are only possessing one game collar. Players with two accounts are out-right cheaters. If anyone knows a player who is doing this, please send a message to Orion since he is the game creator and you may get a reward for being honest. Remember: this is a social alliance game."
              End of Chapter 07


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                Chapter 08
                Bert then continued typing, "I can understand why players might have thought they needed more than one game collar before I suggested the Multiple Character Slots. If you turn yourselves in, and you have gained sufficient ranking points on your primary character, we can merge your acounts and character slots into one legal account. The maximum number of characters for now will still only be five. If you have a character you don't really care about but want to save his goods, then you can use the new 'CharacterBank2CharacterBank' feature in the PM menu to send items/ships/weapons/Creds to one of your own characters. Please only do this if you are about to delete an old character. Once after doing this and you log out, access to the character you just emptied is no longer accessible. You will have a free character slot with a creation bonus for sacrificing a character to make a new one. Of course, good players would never murder their own characters just to get freebies... RIGHT?!" The guilt trip.

                Global Chat was dead silent for a good long while as Bert noticed players logging out of his universe without a word.

                Bert then sent Orion a PVID and said, "I screwed up again, Orion; they all left. I guess I was wrong about good players."

                Orion replied, "I did get a few PMs on the 'MainServer' to report cheaters, Bert. Which suggests that someone found a way to listen in on changes made in another universe to report back to their main guilds. I never implemented the rewards program on the 'MainServer'; it only applies here at the moment. I was going to implement Global Chat on the 'MainServer' but now that I know there are cheaters, I must hold off on adding new features game-wide. Please do not wipe out your account and characters, Bert. You just said it yourself earlier; that would be murder. Lukas almost made that mistake once; don't be a lousy imperial just because your feelings are hurt."

                Bert nodded his head as he noticed something on his players list once again. "Orion. I am seeing a whole bunch of login processes occurring from existing authorized accounts; they are making new characters. And now they are all in Tutorial Mode. I cannot believe they are unhappy with their old characters. This has to be a trick."

                Orion said, "I know how to find out if it is a trick and players will hate this. Here goes..."

                Within Tutorial Mode, a Staff2Player message then flashed across the screen. "Killing an old character here in 'RedBadge' will also delete the original character from 'MainServer' at the same time. If you have no intention of doing this, then please click 'AbortTutorial' to return to the login screen. You may submit a claims ticket to restore equipment to a character who you may have emptied by accident without knowing that this would be the result. I know some of you players have worked long and hard to get your characters up to a decent rank. - Game Creator Orion Foxtaur."

                Bert then noticed several Tutorials aborting as characters vanished off the grid. In PVID, Bert said, "That did the trick for three-fourths of the ones in Tutorial, Orion. But the remaining ones are choosing to continue. Maybe they are making honest second characters."

                Then every staff member received a PM from Auran who had CCed the message to all staff members: "Dear Staff. Instead of killing an old character, why not strip them of their rankings, goods and memory before placing them into Game Adoption Services. That way other players can utilize Creds to buy an abandoned character to rename and play as their own. Effectively adopting the deleted former character. Since they have amnesia, they would never remember the former player at all. - Kevin Galen, real world player."

                Orion replied in PVID to Bert, "Your friend just came up with an awesome idea, Bert. That would save game memory, programming space and let the former character live. Too bad a Taur didn't think of that. But perhaps you were right in suspecting that many players are self-centered pricks who don't care about game balance and fair play. They just want to fight each other and I wasn't trying to make Just Another War Game. There are too many of those right now."

                Bert then said, "Orion... perhaps my ideas are not appropriate for the old version of this game. Rather than my adding things to it that many players may hate; hear me out before you say no to this suggestion. Perhaps I should focus on planning and releasing the prequel to the game; S'taurrior II: Rise of the Quadi Knights. Guilds would still exist, but they would be Knight guilds instead of Conquest guilds. Player made guilds could never rise about 4th place in the ranking list. First, Second and Third would be reserved for Staff run Knight Guilds. Implement Guild Tournaments to replace faction versus faction warring. All the new stuff I came up with would exist in the new game. Make it so existing game collars could access the second game in this manner: When a player logs into the game, they are welcomed with a screen asking if they are logging into the original game. They can review the new game by clicking on a review movie link that would explain the new game and show cool features and events in the new game. When the movie ends, they are taken back to the welcome screen. If the Player clicks on 'Yes' for entering the original game, they enter the old character login screen and log in normally. If they click 'No', then they are taken to a new login screen where they are asked if they wish to use their existing account for ancestor references. Otherwise they can make a legal second account that could only be used for S'taurrior II. The Tutorial would occur entirely within the Quadi Knight Academy. Graduating from the Academy permits the character to go shopping for new gear at their new character at rank ten instead of rank two like in the old game. Once shopping is completed, they are thanked for completing the tutorial and then they are returned to their home world where their adventure truly begins. Extra character slots can be unlocked by completing Master quests or simply spending one thousand creds to buy the first extra slot, two thousand for the second, three thousand for the third and four thousand for the fourth. Also, this version of the game would include a ten thousand cred 'Groomer Makeover'. A Groomer makeover permits a player to reset their character's personal looks and appearance and even merge nicer appearances into character owned items. 'VIP Groomer Makeovers' could be included as event rewards instead of the normal perhaps lamer prizes. Comments?"

                Orion said, "A pre-War version of the game. That might interest players who liked the background story for the original game."

                Bert said, "Players using an existing account would click on the first character slot and then they are shown male and female ancestor choices for prior relatives of the first character in their existing accounts. Then they make the character normally. They could choose a new first name while the existing surname from S-I is added on to the end. Let's say I use my existing account to enter the game. Lukas' ancestors of the Quadwalker family are the only ones I can play in slot one. They do not have to have his colors; but they are directly related to him. Any new adventures of notable worth I complete in S-II become part of the S-I background. If permissible, Copies of Staff characters could be played in S-II as pre-existing ancestors with the same name and appearances while starting fresh at the beginning. Again, comments? I am trying to clean up my messes in S-I, Orion."

                Orion replied, "If this is your intention, then for staff characters, I would suggest that you transfer your characters out of S-I entirely and simply play them in S-II. I can really see Lukas as a noble Quadi Knight. He already has the air of being one. Even though you were calling him a prude early on, prudes make the best knights. Otherwise, existing staff characters should be permitted to access ancestor memories in S-I whenever they want to reminisce in a past S-II event."
                End of Chapter 08


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                  Chapter 09
                  Orion then said, "Tell you what, Bert... You write up a script of what to show in the review movie for S'taurrior II: Rise of the Quadi Knights. I will program and produce the CGI movie for the new game. I will let you preview the movie before it goes live. Then if any changes need to be made, we will focus on correcting the errors before I allow you to view the corrected movie. Once we have exactly the effect you want players to see, we can then start programming in the Quadi Knight Academy Tutorial. I assume that Obi Zan Quadwalker will be an instructor or dean at the academy, Yes?"

                  Bert smiled. "That was my intention, yes."

                  Orion then said, "Best tell your Earth friend that you are about to log out of the game. We have been in here for about four hours straight. While we're performing bodily functions and so forth, I will start work on the Quadi Knights Academy programming. We can use parts of it as the background in the script you will be writing especially since a lot of the Tutorial occurs at the academy."

                  Bert then typed into Global Chat, "Attention All Players! 'RedBadge' has encountered an Exceptional Data Streaming Error. We sadly have to shut down this universe for a short amount of time. But we will be back. Staff has to log out anyway. It is almost dinner time in real life."

                  Bert then clicked on 'UniverseShutDownForRepairs' before logging out. Once he was back in the Guild Base replica, he walked over to where Orion was still immobile and he kissed him again before rubbing a hand over the Foxtaur's groin; sheathe, sac and butt. He knew Orion was still in 'MainServer' and he knew the Foxtaur would feel that.

                  In a whisper, he heard Orion say, "I'll get you later, Bert."

                  Bert smiled. "Busted! Time to go see what I can find for dinner. You coming Linus or is Clan still stuck with Lukas?"

                  Linus opened his eyes and said, "Thankfully Clan and Lukas had finished and they were both in the showers washing all the filth off of their bodies. Lukas still wants Clan to pay him his Creds. It is so funny."

                  Bert then said, "Actually, Lukas wants to know what Clan did with his ring."

                  Linus hugged Bert fondly. "Character Knowledge and Player Knowledge are thankfully not one in the same. I have no idea what Clan did with the ring. So that is an adventure in itself. You know how it is with a filthy rebel smuggler."

                  The two headed off to the farmhouse to see about getting dinner. When they arrived, there was a note from Ricky and Mrs. Ligrotaur explaining where dinner was being kept warm at and how the two of them had gone to see a movie together. "My dad is dating your mom. I guess what they say is true... the bigger the body, the more there is to love."

                  Linus smirked. "You will be dating Thunder this Saturday. Thank you for keeping your word to him. He is pretty lonely."

                  Bert then told Linus about S'taurrior II: Rise of the Quadi Knights and what they were planning for the game itself.

                  Linus smiled. "That is exactly the kind of game I thought I was joining when S'taurrior was first released. But then the punks invaded the game while planets and guilds were getting attacked left and right. When I and several of my friends threatened to quit the game all at the same time, Orion then hired Staff Member Players to help him regulate the game. You and Thunder were given Admin/Game Master collars; but only you have been using yours to make new universes. Now you are fed up with the old game and want to make and play in a new version. A prequel. You got my support, Bert, as long as my friends and I can be in your knighthood."

                  Bert shook Linus' furry hand. "It is a deal. Let's have dinner, then I have to write a script for Orion. Tomorrow I need to go out and socialize in real life so I won't be in game. So don't get into too much trouble while I am busy or else I will claim Clan behind your back."

                  After dinner, Linus went off to talk to his other friends while Bert did work on the script for about an hour, but then he placed the script to one side and he went out to the sewer grate and he called down into the gate entrance at the bottom of the steps. "Any workers in there? It's Bert."

                  When five minutes passed and no one came to the gate, Bert started to turn to leave and he heard the gate unlock and open just behind him. When he turned to look at the person standing there, he saw what looked like a male Quadraen Anubian Houndtaur who looked slightly aroused. "Copernicus or Zippy?"

                  The houndtaur shook his head before saying, "They already went to bed for the night, Bert. What brings you to the sewer grate?"

                  Bert replied, "I need to learn about sex from someone. I have a date with Thunder Rails this coming Saturday and he told me that he isn't a virgin and he mentioned he might want to have sex with me after the movie on Saturday night. I don't know the first thing about doing it. I don't want to disappoint him. Can you help me?"

                  The houndtaur said, "Despite my size and looks, I am only your age, Bert. You can call me Jack. Everyone does when they aren't holding their noses. I won't lie to you, Bert, I smell pretty foul. I work in the deepest part of the sewers during the sunlit hours. Remove your clothes and collar and leave them here. I will take you back to my lair where I will teach you what you have asked me to teach you. I live alone, obviously. I know Thunder Rails. I dated him for a while myself. When he learned that I was a sewer worker, he dumped me. Later he got told by his father that he would be grounded for hurting a sensitive taur's feelings. I gave up on dating after my experience with him. He is what you might call a conniving prick. He can trick and fool people into seeing things his way. Last I heard, he was bragging about how he even had Orion fooled into trusting his lame ass. You may not know this; but he is one of those players who owns two game collars. One of the collars is used for his one character who owns the guild known as ISurpU2Win. Biggest prick in the game which he uses to enact his prick nature in game on gullible others. The other collar is used to put on the sensitive 'TrustMe' act for gullible staff members. If he tricked you into going on a date with him, then you should bodyguard up and show his lame ass that you mean business. Do you still want to learn about sex from me?"
                  End of Chapter 09


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                    Chapter 10
                    Early the next morning, Bert parted company with his new boyfriend, Jack Anubotaur, whom had giving him a wonderful session of how to do it both on bottom and on top. After the goodbye kiss, Bert returned to the replica guild farmhouse where he took a bath in Dawn dish-washing liquid and another bath in Clorox bleach and a third bath in Head and Shoulders and Zest soap. He personally didn't think Jack stank but he did not want to smell that way himself.

                    After putting on his clothes and his game collar, he struck a pose and said, "Game on! RedBadge!" And the game portal opened to the RedBadge Impirebel Fuels guild base where he stepped through the portal where he went to the bath house where he had been told by Linus that Lukas and Clan were showering. When he got there, he gave a hug and a kiss to Clan Single who seemed to be just standing there frozen in place under the frozen shower water. He then grabbed Lukas' paw-hand and planted a kiss on his muzzle. After the minute timer ended, Lukas blinked his eyes as he saw Bert standing there near him with a serious look on his face.

                    Lukas said, "You have my attention, partner. What happened?"

                    Bert said, "We have a major staff breaching emergency; I learned last night that Thunder Rails is one of the two game collar cheaters before tricking Orion into making him into a Staff Admin and which for some reason, Thunder cannot figure out how to do the game master and universe creation stuff. I am the only one aside from Orion who can do it. I met up with someone whom had dated Thunder and was dumped by him for what I would call petty and prickish reasons."

                    Lukas growled, "I knew it was too good to be true. Just before you announced that you were going to pull the game offline, Lightning Surpertaur, the guild master of ISurpU2Win sent me a message on the other universe server asking me if I would like to double-cross my player and join him... to win in a meaningful way. He said an Imperial like me was surely getting tired of dealing with a whiny chaos-causing crybaby who changes the rules in game to get his way. He said he would never cry in game if his player had done to him what mine had been doing to me. After I finished topping Clan, I was actually considering the offer and then we saw the message that you were pulling the universe offline. Now you are here in front of me and holding my paw hand as if you really care about me."

                    Bert sighed. "Orion and I are about to launch the prequel to S'taurrior as a new game. But since learning that Thunder is a cheater and a prick who is tricking and using Orion to gain unfair bonuses for his guild members, I don't want anyone I don't trust in game to know what we are planning. S'taurrior I: The Saga Begins is about the rebel strike back against the Empire. S'taurrior II: Rise of the Quadi Knights is the prequel to the war version of the game. Guilds are no longer about conquests; they are about Knighthoods. This means that you could be the knight you have always wanted to be. My plan is to migrate entirely out of S'taurrior I when the new game launches and then no one in the old game will be able to strike at anything I created because it will simply be gone and so will I. Linus told me that the old game when it first launched was a nice game, then the punks joined and took over the entire game making it a horror to play for rebels. Linus threatened Orion to leave the game and take all of his friends with him. And then Orion hired the Staff Players and you see how that is going."

                    Lukas was trembling because he was angry. "Is that all, partner?"

                    Bert shook his head slowly. "No, I have been reading the in-game rules in regards to new characters in an account. You are the only one I personally created. The other four were created by Orion if you will recall. I didn't make them in the character creation screen. The others never went through a tutorial. Taru Twintaur often was saying that you, Lukas by name, should be my partner. It makes sense now; you were the only one I created. The others all belong to Orion. This means that I should be able to make new characters for my other four character slots since when I log into the game normally, only your picture is shown; the others are not shown at all. So I cannot select any of them."

                    Lukas growled loudly. "Now I am really pissed! Orion and Thunder Rails are both hypocrites! I wish I could pull S'taurrior right out of Orion's control and place it into a universe of our own!"

                    Bert hugged Lukas tightly. "There is a way to do this, I found it in the Debug Menu. Like I said, I have been really reading up on all this shitty stuff. I also struck up a conversation with one of the Red Rabbit Soldiers whom have been guarding the replica guild base. I asked him for information on how the Star Gate Portals worked, like the one King Kazma has set up to travel from Earth to Kazma's Live Anime World. By the time he stopped himself, he had already told me everything about the Star Gate; at that point, I gave him the rest of the carrots for helping me with a game related programming issue; okay, I fibbed at the end; but I didn't want him to think that I was trying to resolve this S'taurrior shit behind Orion's back. Are you interested, Partner?"

                    Lukas smiled. "What do you want me to do?"

                    Bert said, "How much do you really like Clan Single?"

                    Lukas said, "He is my friend, Bert. Or are you making a point?"

                    Bert remarked, "Before I accepted Linus' auto-friend request, what would the old you had likely done to a WANTED filthy lying rebel named Clan Single?"

                    Lukas thought about it before saying, "Oh, I see what you mean. The game programming is making me agree to be his friend. What do I do about it? I really want him as my friend. If Clan swore fealty to the Quadi Knights which I myself am part of, we both could throw off the old programming and just be ourselves." Bert said, "Then let us wake up Clan and ask him if he will do this. We need him to be allied to us when we escape from Orion's version of S'taurrior."

                    Moments later, the two had Clan awoken from the game stop sleep and they had explained the entire emergency to him. He was just as angry as Lukas had been earlier. But then in a mature manner of being, Clan chose to swear fealty to the Quadi Knights under the Quadwalker bloodline. Next up was to return to Clan's star vessel and copy all of Bert's new features and species into a save disk aboard the ship. While Clan and Lukas did this, Bert went and, one at a time, made the offer of freedom to the rest of his advisers. The one he was worried about ratting out on them was Taru Twintaur since he was so chummy with Orion. The others were just a little yiffy and Orion didn't seem to care so much about them. Thankfully, Taru proved as mature by swearing fealty like the others had. Once Clan made his ship portable and placed it into his vest pocket they returned as a group to S'taur View. "Game off!" Clan was a master Programmer in his own right and they needed him to create a star gate for traveling between the real world and S'taurrior itself.
                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Two.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, The Final Quadrant.