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[AWT-03] MS-02 Allies Abound

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    Montropolis - Anime World Tales

    [AWT-03] MS-02 Allies Abound
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 03/27/2017

    Chapter One

    Sometime later within Rex Rabbitmon's private quarters within the barn, Monty was amazed how nice Rex's apartment out here looked. He had game card posters for defunct games that hadn't seen the light of day in ages and he had action figures for the card games as well. While Monty was looking over a blue and white dragon like wizard in one poster, Rex who had been getting something out of his storage cabinet, walked up directly behind Monty and hugged him gently, rubbing his fur against Monty's skin in a nice way. "You are looking at Wizdramon, the partner that I told you about from the Magic Monsters Battlecard game. You are in luck because I remembered that I had a near duplicate of the species card in my collection. And now, you can have your own Rank One Wizdramon partner card. He will gift you with the Digiportation power that we talked about. All partner cards from the modern games are supposed to share a power with you because if they don't, then the official bonding cannot occur between Player and Partner. And that is bad because it makes your partner open to theft. I will give you the partner card in exchange for some personal play time the next time you choose to come out here for the apprenticeship job you agreed to. Oh and I pulled out a spare suit of work clothes for you to wear to go home in. Again, I am sorry you lost your exploration clothes on the first day. But I am glad I got to see you in the nude."

    Monty turned around and he gave Rex a kiss on his muzzle. "That is a partial thank you for this job and the partner card you are giving me. I promise to give you personal play time the next time I am out here. How do I receive this teleporting power from Wizdramon?"

    Rex smiled as he said, "Put on the work clothes and work shoes first and then I will hand you the card and walk you through the process. For the record, when in school, only the anime humans tend to wear clothes and that only makes up twenty percent of the entire school. The other eighty percent of the faculty and students are naked. Same goes for the populace of most of the entire west coast here on Anime World. Humans are referred to as the most over dressed species on the planet; so when you are naked around the eighty percent, their opinion of you soars since you are choosing to be like them. I can understand your covering up around your family since you grew up being told that being naked in public was wrong."

    Monty was getting into the clothes now. "Indecent exposure are the words my dad used to explain why I shouldn't be anywhere on Earth in public in the nude. He said I could get arrested."

    Rex smiled again. "On Earth, that is true. Here on Anime World, not so much. Humans are low on the totem pole around here although most of us know how much fun playing with a human really is. And from the people you have met today, Landra included, we all think you are really fun to play with."

    Once Monty had the work clothes and work sneakers on himself which fit him surprisingly well, he turned to face Rex. "Okay, I am dressed. Next step..."

    Rex produced a partner card with a glittering back side with the words Magic Monsters centered in the middle of the sparkling effect. As he handed over the card into Monty's hand, Rex said in a most noble voice, "Upon the rights of Magic Monsters, today I pass ownership of this spare rank one partner card to Monty Springfield of whom I deem as a worthy and noble player who will respect and protect this rare Wizdramon partner with the spirit of his soul and with the strength of his life. Wizdramon Mark I... awaken and greet your new partner." And the moment the card left Rex's furred hand and Monty held it fully within his fingers, he got to see just how important these rare Wizdramon partners were. This dragon humanoid like partner was blue overall with a white under belly while he had gold jewelry and a bright red wizard cape and hood positioned on his shoulders. His eyes sparkled in silver while arcane runes floated around his torso. "Master... I am Wizdramon and I will strive to teach you the wonders of my full abilities."

    "Um... thank you but you don't have to call me Master. You can politely use the shortened version of my first name. Monty. And I will call you Wizdramon. We can be partners as well as friends. We will learn the ways together as magic students. I was told you can teach me how to use Digiportation, an ability I truly and desperately require to survive in this region. Will you gift me with this power?"

    Wizdramon waved his glowing claw which had runes floating around it toward the boy and the runes flew out of the card and surrounded Monty as hey rapidly collapsed into his body which made his whole body glow for a moment. When the glow subsided, Monty stood there in an impressive clothed version of Wizdramon's overall colors and outfit. And he could feel the ability to use the power he had just asked for. Wizdramon then said, "When you need to undress quickly, just think of yourself in the nude and it will be so; when you need to be clothed, just think of the outfit you need to be wearing and you will instantly be wearing that ensemble. And you will be able to Digiport regardless if you wear something or not. We will always be able to communicate mentally at will. Thank you for accepting me as your new partner."

    Monty grinned as he placed the partner card into his shirt pocket before he turned to Rex and hugged him tightly and kissing his muzzle deeply again. "Thank you so much, Rex. Your spirit is golden for giving me one of your own collection cards. My opinion of you is high despite what Tod and Buck said about you earlier. Then again, Buck is in heat still. I assume he knows horny because he is horny himself currently. Um, how does digiporting work?"

    Mentally, at the same time Rex replied, he heard Wizdramon saying the exact same words, "Picture the destination locale in your mind and then close your eyes and spin around one time and when you open your eyes, you will be in that place. Later when you get used to using the power, you will not have to close your eyes nor will you have to spin in place. Some people can digiport while running."

    While holding on to Rex in a hug, Monty decided to try out the power and without letting go of Rex, he closed his eyes and spun in place while picturing his new bedroom and when he opened his eyes... both he and Rex were in Monty's bedroom back at the new house. Couriovermon was sitting on the bed with Finnpaw and Agumon Prime when the two appeared in the room like that. Thankfully, none of the other family members were in the room.

    "Nice new clothes, Monty," remarked the game creating houndramon from his position on the bed. "Which one of you activated that Digiport just now?"

    Rex spoke up first, "Forgive me, Finnpaw; Monty was asking about the power to teleport right after he agreed to work part time for me at Tod and Buck's farm. I gave Monty a partner card from an old defunct game that I was fond of, Magic Monsters and his new partner gifted him with the Digiportation power. I don't know why Monty brought me home with him."

    Monty then released Rex from the hug and said, "I brought you here so you could learn a new digiportation arrival zone. That way you can come see me during non-work hours. Why are you both here, Finnpaw? It isn't Sunday yet nor is it Friday nor Saturday."

    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two

    Finnpaw replied, "Agumon Prime wants to finalize your class choices for school and he reminded me that there will be people who might try to challenge you or harass you if they learn you have partner cards, so we need to give you the official Multi-Partner Safety Bracer. The Mobians of Aurora, Vision and Nomad assisted Zecma, the Imp Brothers of Pimp and Crimp, myself and Raluta as well as his father Rao forming the Dream team of all game creation dream teams to put the new bracer together and to make it work properly. We got tired of all of the idiot challenges that were occurring with Battlecard games that were causing property damages in the middle of city streets, in school hallways and more rarely, in church pews on Sunday when players who were forced to attend services got bored. When receiving a challenge, you can either decline the challenge or accept it and then, the challenger and you are transported to the game world in question where the match progresses along with a disembodied match narrator to give a play by play to the action that occurs. The narrators also award scoring at the end of the match before making sure both players and their partners get safely returned exactly to where they had been before entering the game world. So if they were in church before, you will still be in church when you return. Furthermore, as long as you can physically see another player in the same area as yourself whether you can see their bracer or not, you can ask your bracer's narrator to send the other player a challenge. Remember, you have to know the guy's name before you issue a challenge. And yes, when you are by yourself, you can have a nice chat with the game match narrator. They are quite social."

    Monty remarked, "Sounds like a good combination. And I like the idea of being able to talk to the game match narrator just for fun. So how do I get one of these bracer things?"

    Finnpaw grinned. "My, you are an eager one, aren't you? There are a few more instructions and rules you need to understand before we give this bracer to you. First of all, once a partner bracer bonds to a player, only that player can ever use it. Also, unlike clothing, you can never lose the bracer in the way you might have lost your other clothes. If you accidentally leave your bracer at home and you later get a challenge from another player, the bracer automatically appears on your arm, cleaned up and looking as new as the day you first got it, along with your chosen partners included in the partner slots. Next up, your partner bracer can hold up to a hundred partner cards. The Dream team are currently working on a Multi-Partner Memory Module add-on that would enable you to go over a hundred partners but it isn't available as yet. When adding partners to the bracer, always slide the card in feet first and picture side up. Once it is in place, you tap the picture and say the word, ACTIVATE. Initially, your partner will appear next to you and speak to you briefly before he shares a partner power with you that can be used anywhere. Also, activating a partner in your bracer bonds that partner to you and you alone. No one else can ever claim it after that. Once the visit between you and your partner ends, he will go back into the bracer to his card to recharge. Recharging takes one hour, so you cannot receive another challenge for that partner for one whole hour. You are only permitted to decline a challenge up to ten times before there is an auto-accept that occurs and you are forced to participate in a match. For safety purposes, you can only receive a new challenge once per hour and ideally, you should only conduct one match per day. This pissed off a lot of the sleaze bucket players around the region, but as I said earlier, we game creators got tired of these reckless and careless players causing property damage just to get points. The only exception to the one match per day rule occurs when you are enrolled in the tournaments. If you are not participating, the normal rules applies."

    Monty then asked, "If you are a spectator at the Tournaments, what prevents someone participating from sending a challenge to someone in the bleachers? By accident or even deliberately?"

    Finnpaw placed a paw on his chin as he said, "That is a good point to bring up. I will need to speak to the Dream Team about your inquiry, Monty. That was excellent thinking. Now for your bracer..." He produced an unopened box and handed it to the boy. "Open the box and put it on with the slot opening toward your head and body. You can remind yourself of the rules I explained to you since these boxes also include an instruction booklet. Then insert your partner cards into the bracer one at a time and activate them when you put them in."

    Monty then opened the box and he pulled out the mini-booklet first as he set that aside to his night table next to the bed, then he pulled out the partner bracer which seemed to have a cool digital wrist watch built into one end of it. Putting on the bracer made him experience a brief static shock that didn't really hurt but it surprised him. The digital watch face then spun in place before settling on the correct time along with the word beneath it which read, Montropolis. "Cool! An auto time set and location identifier!"

    Finnpaw smiled. "Yes, the location identifier and local clock was added in after some confusing tests by beta testers of whom you will meet in School two Mondays from now. Cherapumon and Prince Shyremon are very reliable Beta Testers. If you need game help while in school, they are the ones to tag up with. They will be Seniors this year and they have guaranteed jobs lined up with the Dream Team at our game creation factories and labs."

    Monty went over and picked up Couriovermon's partner card and then he nodded his head at Couriover whom was on the bed. "Ready to do this, handsome?" He held up the empty card and Couriovermon Digiported directly back into his card as he said, "Lets make this official, Monty! Tempero Gold here we come!"

    Monty then placed the Tempero Gold Partner card face up and feet first into the primary partner slot and then he tapped the card face and said, "ACTIVATE!" Couriovermon was again sprawled out on the bed smiling. "That was awesome! And now as per the rules, I will share my Courier Speed power with you, Monty! When you gotta go fast, nothing beats the Digimon Postal Service! You can even run over the top of water! You will never be late again for those times you don't want to Digiport all over the place! Also, you will be given the Hunter the Road Rover ability to leave a flame trail behind you on pavement or other solid surfaces! It always extinguishes quickly so it will never cause wild fire outbreaks!" Monty then felt his molecules speed up all over his entire body which felt like his hair was standing on end and he had goosebumps briefly.

    He then pulled the Magic Monsters partner card out of his shirt pocket and he touched it to the bracer slot which made partner slot number two rotate into position before he slid the Wizdramon partner card into the bracer before he tapped the picture and said, "ACTIVATE!" The entire room darkened briefly as glitter like fairy sparkles permeated the entire room; it was like standing in a space filled with the back artwork on the the Magic Monsters game card. And then Wizdramon appeared in front of Monty within the room as the air returned to normal. The dragon wizard bowed out of respect to the boy and then he rose up and he hugged him closely. "Thank you for agreeing to study magic with me, Monty. My powers which we agreed upon before are now forever yours. I will serve you defensively whenever you like. Mine was a game which permitted players to have multiple partners on the battle grid at the same time. Sadly, when more powerful brawl like fighting games were introduced, Magic Monsters fell out of favor and over time, we became known as a defunct card game."

    Finnpaw said, "You mean the Multi-Partner Guild ability that we game creators are trying to reintroduce was available in Magic Monsters?"

    Wizdramon nodded his head at the game creation houndramon. "Indeed it was, Sire. If you were to buy the rights to Magic Monsters and tweak the game politely, it could make it easier for your game creation team to apply this guild party ability that you want in the games. The old company was called Warriors of the Coast. I don't know what ever happened to them."

    End of Chapter Two


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      Chapter Three

      Finnpaw smiled. "I know how to contact them; always keep your contacts in hand just in case you need advice on a certain card game or need to make a purchase. And now that I have this part out of the way, Agumon Prime will work out the classes with you, Monty."

      Agumon Prime now turned to Monty and said, "You made some pretty good choices in which I have been reviewing, Monty, although due to spacing limitations in a few classes, one or two will have to be taken next year and sadly, we need to have you select some alternates. The definitive classes you get to keep are as follows; First Hour: Anime History, Second Hour: Anime Averages (this is your math class,) Third Hour: Digital Sciences. Then you attend to lunch in the cafeteria. Fourth Hour: Anime Physics. And for your last three classes, You need to make a fresh choice from this following list for the new fifth hour class," he handed Monty a list of Fifth Hour classes. "And then for Sixth Hour, I have enrolled you in Tempero Gold Mechanics so you can learn about Couriovermon's home environment better. When we find out what your other game partner will be, for Seventh Hour class, you will be enrolled in the Game World Mechanics class keyed to your other partner so you can learn about their home environment. When you finish with that, you may go home or even attend to your new after school part time job. Do you see anything on the fifth hour class list that interests you?"

      Monty remarked, "Gangarunimon told me about a card game called Pouch Fighter that he and his brothers like to play. I would like to try playing that game. I am still looking over this class list at the moment."

      Finnpaw said, "I know of the game; I am glad he told you about one of the safe games."

      Agumon Prime said, "Pouch Fighter Mechanics for your Seventh Hour class. I am writing that down right now. We just need to learn what you want to take in Fifth Hour."

      Monty soon said, "I want to take... Dragon Awareness which says that it teaches all about dragons, their lifestyles and their sexual activities. It also mentions that it should be taken in case the student has dragon friends outside the school or even if the student has a dragon strain of card partner. And I do have some dragon hybrid friends."

      Finnpaw smiled. "An excellent choice, Monty. I am a dragon hybrid myself and I think you have chosen well."

      Agumon Prime nodded his head as he recorded the class choice. "I have to agree with Finnpaw. I have known students to get stuck in dragon related situations never to be seen again."

      The Montro High principal was then printing out both a class schedule poster sheet as well as a wallet sized class schedule reminder card so Monty would know what Freshman classes he had this year. He then handed the class schedule card over to Monty. "This is for your wallet." And then he went over to a wall space just above a desk and he affixed the class schedule poster to the space available for it. "And this is so you can look at it from your desk when you do any possible homework."

      The houndramon game creator said, "You can also see Cherapumon and Prince Shyremon in Digital Sciences if you need their advice before lunch hour. Now, while Agumon heads back over to the school to get your schedule added into the system, I will take you over to BAGS and we can get you the rest of your partners for any games you might be interested in. Normally they are already closed at this hour but since I own the store, I can get you in there right now through the rear access door. Come on, Monty..." And he leaped up and grabbed a hold of the boy before digiporting with him to the game shop. Just after their departure, Agumon Prime departed for the school and Rex Rabbitmon memorized an open locale in the bedroom before he digiported himself back to his bedroom apartment out at Tod and Buck's Breeding Farm.

      Within the closed Back Alley Game Shop (or BAGS for short,) Finnpaw took Monty to the Pouch Fighter partner acquisition booth. "Word of advice, Monty. On screen there will be a box for a promotional code. Try anything you want to make up and if you get lucky, you might get a rare partner card. Otherwise, it will say invalid and ask you if you want to proceed to the partner selection menu. When it asks you to insert your gift certificate, type Owner Override. My personal device will get an alert and I will clear you through, so you can get your partners. You can do this on all of the games in here. When you are done for the afternoon, come on back to the counter and I will see about giving you an official BAGS jacket in your size. Off with you, handsome; and try to have fun."

      Monty thought Finnpaw was being waaaaaaaayyyyy too generous in his politeness, but instead of complaining or questioning the offer, he stepped inside the booth.

      Looking at the screen, Monty saw the promotional code box and he typed in the following made-up code: MRE-5WAY-PLEASE and then he clicked the enter button. The screen went blank for a moment as a sixty second timer counted down and then a question appeared on the screen with the words: WHAT IS THE PRIMARY COLOR? Monty typed in 'Red Please' and then he clicked continue. The timer continued to count down and then the question WHAT IS THE GENDER? appeared on the screen. Monty typed 'Male Now Yes' before he clicked continue. Finally, the last question appeared on the screen. WHAT IS THE PARTNER'S NAME? There was no timer at this point. Monty, since he was shown no picture of the partner, typed 'Mystery Boomer'. Then he was asked, DOES HE HAVE A SHORTENED NICKNAME? Monty typed in 'Boomer' and clicked continue. The screen went blank for a moment and then the original screen returned as the device beeped one time as a partner card began to be produced from the card dispenser slot. There was no question asking for a gift certificate nor did it ask for the player to make a payment of any kind. Monty was a bit stymied at this but he reached over and grabbed a hold of the card and looked at it. The back of the card had Aborigine designs all around the game name of Pouch Fighter. When he turned the card over, his breath caught in his throat. Under the name 'Mystery Boomer' were the smaller words of 'Mega Rare Elite' And the partner himself covered in both fine red fur and fine red scales was comprised of Kangaroo, Dragon, Fox, Jackass and Phoenix. Monty was aroused as he looked over the partner and read his stats and abilities.

      Monty then said, "Come to Monty, Boomer. Time to join the partner bracer." And he turned he card around and feet first, he slid the pouched partner into slot number three, picture side up and then he tapped it and said, "ACTIVATE!" In the next instant, Monty found himself up to his neck inside of Boomer's pouch as Mystery Boomer nearly filled the space inside the booth itself. "'ello mate," said Boomer with a very loving look on his muzzle just seconds before he planted a deep kiss on the boy's mouth. "Welcome to my pouch. So sorry if my tools are poking yas in the rump. This is small space. Are we in a phone booth, mate?"

      Monty giggled and said, "We are still in Finnpaw's game shop. He was letting me choose a few partners for my bracer. I guess I should apologize for activating you inside the Pouch Fighter card partner acquisition booth. It is supposed to be customary for you to share one of your powers with me to make the partner bond stronger."

      End of Chapter Three


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        Chapter Four

        Boomer smiled. "Ah did that when Ah kissed yas, mate. Ah am a sneaky dragon roo. Ah gave yas my 'igh Jump and Mega Kick ability. If a bully won't leave yas alone, yas can kick them up to a block away from yas. With 'igh Jump, yas can jump up to the roof of a one story building or up to the second floor of an apartment building. When yas rank me up later on, Ah can share some more powers with yas. Ah should get back into the card now. It is a mite cramped in this booth." And in the blink of an eye, the partner was back inside of the partner card within the bracer, leaving Monty standing where he had been in the booth.

        Monty sniffed himself and said, "Aw man... I smell like kangaroo musk." He then exited the booth as he looked over the other game acquisition booths nearby. He wasn't sure what he wanted but since Finnpaw was going to let him have as many partners as he wanted, he wanted to make a few more choices.

        Today must have been Monty's lucky day or something because every time he chose what sounded like an obscure game to check out, he seemed to score a Mega Rare Elite partner card which never asked for him to pay for these partner cards at all. Of course he was nearly reusing the made-up code in each game booth and being as polite as possible in his answers. The code he was using in the other game booths was, 'MRE-PLEASE'. The game choices in no particular order were: Otterbottom, the Swamp Crusaders, Candles in the Bray, There Are Doors..., Buddy Brothers, Party Edition, Dragon Tail Legends, Lucky Stars and Dream Saddles, Ribbons and Glitter Edition (RAGE). His partners were all male despite the female artwork on the game booths.

        Eventually, Finnpaw was heard saying, "Monty! Are you okay back there?" The boy called back, "I'm still looking over the choices, Finnpaw! I'm fine; thank you for the concern. Why were you asking?" Finnpaw remarked, "Because my override device hasn't beeped once and I've heard you say the word Activate a few times. Are you buying partners after I offered to give you a few for free? I knew you were nice but it sorta hurts my feelings that you don't want my gift offer."

        Monty sighed as he had forgotten that Finnpaw had good hearing and he was waiting for his device to chime to alert him to Monty's choices. "The truth is... I received a few partner cards and the acquisition booths never asked me for the gift certificate nor a credit card. They just flat gave me the partner cards."

        Finnpaw had to arch an eye at that as he said while approaching, "The booths must be broken then. I will have to repair them. We cannot have the game machines giving out free partners to everybody. Please make your final choices and let me know the ones you are interested in so I will know which ones to check out for repairs."

        Monty said, "The first one that did it was Pouch Fighter, then the rest in no particular order that did the same thing were Otterbottom, the Swamp Crusaders; Candles in the Bray; There Are Doors...; Buddy Brothers, Party Edition; Dragon Tail Legends; Lucky Stars; and Dream Saddles, Ribbons and Glitter Edition. I was going to use the override on the first ones that actually asked me for the gift certificate but so far, none of them are asking for it. I am in Farmyard Olympics right now."

        Finnpaw then said, "That is one that is literally brand new. If it does the same thing, then I may have to check the wiring in the shop or try to determine if someone is attempting to hack my card booths. You just make your choices, Monty."

        Monty was tempted to not use the code anymore since Finnpaw said his feelings were hurt. But he had already entered the code into this game booth and he had chosen a male goat partner whom he had named Panetheus. He soon had the card in hand and he inserted it into his bracer but he refrained from activating it out of concern for Finnpaw. "Heading to the next game booth, Finnpaw. I am entering Kennel Masters." Finnpaw said, "I didn't hear you activate a card, Monty. Are you okay?" Monty said with a sad sniffle, "I didn't activate it because you said I was hurting your feelings." Finnpaw sighed himself and said, "It isn't your fault the booths are not working right, Monty. You may activate your partners whenever you like. I will still give you the BAGS jacket in your size. What color would you like it to be?" Monty said while standing in the booth, "Could you make it shiny gold with shiny red and shiny purple pin stripes?" Finnpaw smiled. "I have some of those in the back room. You make your choices and I will go get the jacket. And don't worry about my feelings right now. I still like you."

        Monty stepped out of the booth before lifting his bracer and tapping the Mega Rare Elite Farmyard Olympic goat partner, "ACTIVATE!" Appearing before him was the partner tap dancing around on his cloven hooves while playing his flute yet he had a lute over his back. Panetheus stopped and looked at Monty with a smile. "Hello Partner. As you can see, I am a small billy goat but my passion is music. The power I will give you is musical aptitude. No matter what instrument you pick up, you will be able to play it like a pro and you will be able to read music and dance as good as I can. With practice, your music will be able to control and calm enraged opponents. A very useful ability. You will also be able to carve flutes and craft stringed instruments just like I can. For now, I should return to the card; you are arousing me." And he vanished back into the bracer. Monty was a little surprised by that last part since no one had ever said that he aroused them aside from those who were friendly to Vadra.

        He then stepped back into the Kennel Masters game booth. In the promotional code box, he typed 'MRE-PLEASE' and as it did with Pouch Fighters, it took him to a choice selection screen only this time he could see pictures of impressive canines of various types. Because Anubis had impressed him at the farm and he liked the Dragon Wolves and Tod, under species, Monty chose the hybrid choice of Anubian Jackal, European Black Wolf and English Fox. He made the gender male, naturally. Then he chose dark colors in a tasteful way before choosing the name Sinai. As before, it gave him the 'mega rare elite' partner card for free. He put it into his bracer and tapped it, "ACTIVATE!" The partner appeared in front of him on all fours before briefly lifting his head and sniffing the boy's legs, groin and rump. "You smell like kangaroo musk and dragon pouch fluid, master. I am Alpha Sinai, lord of the wooded night. I roam where ever I need to. I will gift you with the ability to see in the dark and to hunt and track as well as I can. You will be able to understand what canines are saying as long as you can hear them distantly calling to each other or if they choose to silently speak in front of you. You will be able to move as one with the night from shadow to shadow exactly as I can. I can sleep within the card or in your bed. The choice is yours." And in a flash, he was back in the bracer.

        The last booth that caught his eye was called Digimon Fantasies but it had a sign over the door which read, 'Out of Order'. Monty crawled under the sign and into the booth before standing up to look at the screen. He could see that the payment device was broken but everything else seemed to be fine. He opened the control panel and turned on the game booth before entering the code one more time and then he clicked continue. The partner appeared on the screen immediately appearing to be a cross between a dragon, a rabbit, and a deer. He was hot to trot in the nude although he had a worried look on his snout. Monty then decided to name his partner, Paddington, his own middle name. Then he clicked continue.

        End of Chapter Four


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          Chapter Five

          As Monty saw the flickering word 'processing' on the screen, he suddenly noticed a beam of data from a lens in the top of the booth shining a flickering green light down at him. He quickly held up his bracer and caught the beam of data light in the partner bracer which then formed into a partner card inside his bracer in the proper position. The partner on the card was Paddington himself and he was holding up a sign in front of himself that read, 'please do not activate me yet; tell Finnpaw what happened first.' Monty squatted down and reached into the control panel opening where he turned the game booth off as he had found it before scrambling out the bottom of the faulty booth where he collided with Finnpaw who had just came out the back room with the gold jacket.

          "Oof!" muttered the houndramon as he noted that Monty was almost on top of him. "Monty? Were you in Digimon Fantasies just now? That game booth was heavily malfunctioning and is dangerous to use. Please tell me the truth and I won't be angry with you."

          The boy then proceeded to tell him everything as he showed Finnpaw the Paddington partner card in the bracer who was still holding the sign in place. When he mentioned what code he had been using, Finnpaw had to smile since that explained how Monty was getting his special free partners. But when Monty explained about the flickering green data light that emerged from the top of the game booth and had been aiming at him before he held his bracer in the direct path of the beam... Finnpaw was as concerned as Paddington had been before.

          Finnpaw then said, "The malfunction was causing new partners to merge with the players who were attempting to legally purchase the partner cards. You got lucky to block the beam with your safety bracer like that. I need to open the programming port of your bracer right fast so please hold still."

          As Monty held as still as he could, he watched as Finnpaw opened the access panel in the bracer and then the houndramon connected his light pad device directly into the bracer where he proceeded to detoxify the rogue coding from the Digimon Fantasies game card and from the bracer where Finnpaw could see the rogue coding trying to corrupt the entire bracer. This took nearly an hour of extracting the rogue virus and encasing it within a crystal cube where the code formed into a pouting face. Finnpaw said, "All done. Closing up the bracer, Monty. Once I am done, you can activate Paddington. But I think you have enough partners for now."

          Monty said, "How many of the games I chose were on the road toward falling out of favor?"

          Finnpaw replied, "All of them except for the last three you got partners from. You are lucky to be human what with the close call you just had with Digimon Fantasies."

          Monty sat to one side of Finnpaw as he said, "I promise to take care of every partner I now own." He hen held up his bracer in front of himself and he tapped Paddington's picture and said, "ACTIVATE!" Paddington the Dragabuckimon appeared sitting next to Monty where he immediately hugged he boy. "Am I ever glad you blocked the data beam, partner. Otherwise, I would be stuck inside your body right now. You may not like my primary ability... I have an arousal inducement ability which causes my opponents to get horny for their friends and partners while choosing to leave me alone. This means that an opponent will try to mate with their partner when they are affected by my ability. Have you and Finnpaw done it yet?"

          Monty replied, "I think Finnpaw is interested in my little brother Richie; so no, we haven't done it yet."

          Paddington smiled. "Would you like to?"

          Monty and Finnpaw said it at the same time in stereo. "NO, we do not want to." Then the boy asked, "Why are you so horny, Paddington?"

          Paddington replied, "Because you put one over on the machine. If I had a useful ability to share with you, I would give it to you. I guess I am just a useless fantasy."

          Monty pulled his partner into a hug. "Never call yourself useless. If you hadn't warned me with that sign, I would have activated you without realizing there was a virus in my bracer."

          Finnpaw said, "Paddington, gift your partner with your home visitation power. The ability to transport yourself between your environment to this world when normally called by your partner. Monty will make good use of the ability and that will prove that you are not a useless fantasy. It isn't your fault that a teenager claimed a partner card from an adult card game. Nor is it your fault that you like this boy as much as the rest of his friends and myself do."

          Monty then inquired, "Digimon Fantasies is an adult card game? You should have placed an age warning on the booth. But since I claimed Paddington, I am going to keep him."

          Finnpaw smirked as he said to Paddington, "Monty has a part time job out at Tod and Buck's Breeding Farm. So his surprise in choosing an adult card game is not too surprising since he ia a little experienced anyway."

          Paddington gave Monty the ability that Finnpaw had mentioned along with the heat and erection inducement ability. Then he said, "I should return to my card before people start assuming the wrong thing, Monty. But I will be back when you need me." And he vanished back into the bracer.

          Finnpaw then placed the gold jacket on Monty's torso. "Lets get you back to your bedroom. I can sense that your mom is about to call you for dinner."

          Monty smiled. "When I am not around, are you and Richie spending clean time together?"

          Finnpaw grinned. Yes, unless you would like me to sample your father instead. Lets get you back to your room." And Finnpaw held on to Monty before the digiport occurred that took them back to Monty's bedroom. "Don't forget that you have a date with Jack this Saturday morning. See you around." And Finnpaw digiported out of the house.

          Monty smiled. "I think I will permit all of my partners some freedom out of the bracer tonight in my room. That way, they can all meet each other."

          End of Chapter Five


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            Chapter Six

            Having introduced his parents to all of his card partners the previous night and giving his siblings permission to visit with them the following day, it was now Friday and leaving his bracer in the sock drawer next to his wallet, Monty stripped down to absolutely nothing and only bringing a bath robe along with him folded up, the boy digiported from his bedroom to Rex Rabbitmon's bedroom to fulfill his employer's request as an early morning surprise. When he appeared, he saw that Rex was still in his own bed alone although the covers were tented at about where the rabbitmon's groin would be. Monty laid the bath robe on a nearby chair before going over bedside and leaning down and whispering into Rex's ear, "Ready for some early morning play time?" Rex muttered sleepily in return without opening his eyes, "...not right now, Vadra... my cock might hurt you..."

            Monty grinned as he grabbed some of Rex's own lube and applied some of it to his own tail hole and then he slicked up his penis before sliding under the covers where he planted himself directly inside the rabbitmon's fuzzy backside and then he hung on tight for what was sure to be a wild ride. And not a moment too soon because the moment he had put himself within Rex's bottom, the rabbitmon came fully awake and had twisted himself around and was returning the favor to the one surprising him in his own bed.

            With his eyes now open and he saw who he was then having sex with, most of the fight left him as Rex started looking apologetic. "I'm sorry... you triggered my wild side, Monty... Please don't hate me if I hurt you with my big cock. I wasn't expecting you this early in the morning. But you are in me and I am in you. This activity is called dual mounting. It is when two people have sex with each other at the same time." As he gave Monty a kiss on his lips, Rex began to realize that Monty's bottom felt slick. "You used lube, didn't you?"

            Monty kissed back and nodded his head sheepishly. "I wanted our play time to be special for you. I am keeping my word by spending this time with you. You don't smell horny this morning, Rex. Did you finish the job on Buck last night or did someone else manage to pin you and him down?"

            Rex humped and gyrated on and in the boy as he replied, "It takes twelve hours for me to build up feeling and smelling horny. I bathe before sleeping and when I wake up, I smell and feel fresh. Well, except for this nice surprise you are giving me this morning, Monty. We will both bathe when we finish our play time, although we both might get pregnant from this activity. This is a breeding farm."

            Monty grinned. "I would have surprised, Drawn, Hardy and Vadra but then I likely wouldn't be able to get away from them for who knows how long. And I know Drawn would have put an egg in me because he did that with Vadra yesterday. The poor little scaly deer boy couldn't even move when I last saw him."

            Rex smiled as he said one last time, "Less talking, more fucking, sexy." And then he kissed Monty deeply once again as he really got involved with the early morning session that the boy had initiated.

            Two hours later, both occupants were in the shower laying their eggs while Tod stood nearby watching. "They say the early boy gets the buck cock. How are you feeling, Monty? I hope Rex didn't stretch you too much. He was once called 'The Stretcher' back in high school. I have had my times with him as has Buck and about twenty other students and faculty at the time."

            Monty replied, "I'm not hurt at all; I had the foresight to apply some lube before starting. Why are you out here, Tod? Are you wanting some play time yourself?"

            The foxmon grinned and said, "Buck is no longer in heat, thank the digital gods, and I come out here ever morning to give Rex a morning fellatio, a blow job if you don't know what that is... but since you had your play time with him, I don't know if he would still want it. As for my playing with you, remember when I taught you about knots?"

            The boy nodded his head. "Yes."

            Tod petted Monty on his wet head and said, "Lube is all well and good, but a knot from a canine is going to hurt a little unless... Gangarunimon gave you a sexual enchantment yesterday, didn't he? Kangaroos have prehensile cocks which hurt no less than a dog's knot does, but the winner of painful knots goes to dragons since they have nine knots on their phallic rods of might."

            Monty nodded his head once again before asking another question. "What can I expect from a partner card who is a cross between Kangaroo, Dragon, Fox, Jackass and Phoenix?"

            Tod smiled. "The best sex I can imagine. No no, actually, if he ends up on top, you can expect some painful sex from the prehensile, knots, flared head and heat inducement."

            The boy asked the obvious question next of 'What is a flared head?' and Tod took the time to explain it to Monty in careful detail. "Once something like that is in you, don't move for a few hours because it can lead to a ruptured colon. Wait for the mounter to pull out of you since that will tell you that he is done with the session. Otherwise, you might not wake up from the activity you thought was just simple fun. I am so glad you want to learn about sex before you try it, Monty. Not everyone is as careful as you are."

            As Monty finished laying his three rabbitmon eggs, he finished getting cleaned up before saying, "I think I will make my rounds and check on all the stalls; maybe get things ready for other clients." When Tod didn't reply, Monty turned back to look to see why it got quiet and he saw Rex holding Tod's muzzle down over his rabbitmon sheathe for the morning blow job. Rex waved Monty away so the boy could go do what he said he would do.

            Monty made his rounds; empty stalls got a fresh layer of hay pitched around the floor as well as an all-natural air freshener sprayed upon trouble spots. Occupied stalls were a different story since the client might be horny enough to mount anyone brave enough to come inside. The air freshener was applied and Monty politely spoke to clients explaining that Tod and Buck would be along shortly to assist them. It was while he was chatting with a client near the end when Buck arrived and gave Monty a body to body hug from behind before carefully turning the boy around and giving him a deep kiss on the mouth. "So good to see you here, Monty. I am glad Rex hired you. Where is he anyway?"

            The boy smiled as he kissed Buck in return while rubbing on the Rabbitmon's bulging sheathe with one hand. "Tod and Rex are in the industrial strength shower where the fox is in the midst of giving the rabbit a blow job. Tod said you were no longer in heat. I am glad to hear that, Buck, although your sheathe is as big as Rex's was this morning when I surprised him."

            End of Chapter Six