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[AWT-02] BD-02: Virtual Moonlight Tournament

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  • [AWT-02] BD-02: Virtual Moonlight Tournament

    Montropolis - Anime World

    [AWT-02] BD-02: Virtual Moonlight Tournament
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle

    Chapter 01

    Within the Back Alley Games Shop or BAGS for short, Basil Douglas stood before the Lunar Gaiden Partner Request device. From the dust on the keyboard, it appeared that no one had used the device in quite a while. He took the time to blow the dust off of the keypad before swiping the gift certificate through the gift reader which then deducted one game choice from the certificate. After that within the promotional code box he typed in the following code: LARGE-S38.

    Within the Lunar Gaiden World, Moonfang said, "Skywatch, get over here. Your boy just typed in the code. Place your hand on this reader and smile for the camera." When Skywatch did this, he, without warning, in the same fashion as Basil had earlier lit up Star Trek Enterprise style and he vanished out of Lunar Gaiden...

    ...And as the Skywatch Partner Card emerged from the request device, alarms began going off along with a loud electronic voice which said, "Mega Unique Partner Assigned! We have a winner!" repeat, repeat, repeat, etc. Basil quickly grabbed the card and slid it into his partner bracer picture side up and he tapped it as he shouted, "ACTIVATE!" And after activating the card, Skywatch appeared in the game shop right next to Basil as the ratman exclaimed, "Could someone please shut that thing up!"

    The clerk quickly came over since he wasn't warned how loud this device would be during a winning card selection. Using his key, he opened up the electronic door in the base and he pressed the reset button which abruptly shut up the voice restoring peace and quiet to his shop. Then he closed up the hatch and locked it once again. "No one told me it would be this loud when someone won a unique partner card. With that noise all of the sleazy challengers in town would be able to hear it."

    Basil said, "Then I better just get my other two free games and get back to the school." He looked at Skywatch. "You didn't mention that you would end up in the shop with me. But I am glad to see you." He gave the rat a hug. "Mr. Clerk, I will need the Battlecard Jackland terminal as well as the Mobo Zero terminal next."

    The clerk showed Basil where the two terminals were located. Basil and Skywatch both entered the Jackland terminal booth which was hidden by a black curtain where Skywatch taught Basil how to use the Lunar Scout Teleport ability. Then Skywatch said, "I will see you later, Basil." And Basil watched Skywatch vanish from sight.

    Moments after Skywatch had departed, a throng of sleaze bucket hoodlum challengers all entered the game shop and shouted, "Okay, Clerkie, where is the guy who set off the winner alarm? We wanna challenge his sorry ass!"

    The Clerk whom also liked Basil for having the Anniversary necklace chose to lie to the hoodlums. "He paid with one of those Heroes Reach credit cards and when the alarm went off, he grabbed the partner card without looking at it and he jumped in his car and sped out of town. He couldn't have gotten far, if you hurry."

    The hoodlums were then heard saying, "Quick, guys! To the motorcycles! We will kill that fucker if we have to! We have been trying to get that one card for over two years!"

    Then it got quiet in the shop once again. Basil chose to use his time in the terminal game booths wisely. Now that he had the scout teleport ability, he didn't have to walk back to high school. He could just port like most of the digimon often did. The questionnaire for Jackland involved personal questions as he had been warned about. The questions ranged from his age, height, average weight on an average day, hair color, eye color, do you have any scars or blemishes (yes or no,) do you sleep naked on most nights (yes or no,) what color are your average shoes, not counting your own species do you prefer boys or girls to make friends with, do you prefer medium length ears or long ears and are you a country boy or a city boy.

    Then came the question, are you satisfied with your answers (yes or no? if no, then make changes before hitting continue.) After he hit yes, the partner character, an anthropomorphic generic donkey jack, appeared on the screen and there was a color slide bar just below the figure. The wording now read, change your partner's fur color using the slide bar. He can be as nice looking as you want to make him. Basil ended up making the donkey jack in an almost creamy bronze overall fur coloration. Once he hit continue, he was given the question, are you sure about all of your choices; once you hit continue, there is no going back. Basil thought it looked hot as he hit continue. Then he saw a entry slot for the character's name along with a warning message in flashing red which read, Derogatory names will result in your being banned from the game. He typed in the name Douglas. Then a question appeared which read, does he have a nickname (yes or no) and remember that the same rules apply. As he hit yes, a second name box opened and he typed in the shortened name of Doug. After he hit continue, a message appeared on screen which read, present your payment voucher or credit card and welcome to Jackland.

    When he slid the gift certificate through the gift reader, a message appeared on screen which read, you young man have taste. Most people are not as creative as you are. And then the Douglas partner card emerged from the terminal slot quietly. Basil took the card and he touched the card to his partner bracer which made the number two partner slot rotate into position before he slid it into place before he tapped the card and said, "Activate."

    In the next instant, the naked anthropomorphic stud of a jack had appeared in the terminal booth with Basil which literally floored the human boy since the partner had appeared in his lap. "Hello partner. Thank you ever so much for making me a nice combination of colors and giving me a nice background. I love you." And since the jack was facing him, Basil got deeply kissed on the mouth by Doug who was hugging him lovingly. When he let up the kiss, he said, "I won't let any hoodlums ever harm you. For the record in case you hadn't known, the ears question also doubles as the package question. And thank you for not making me so erect that I would hurt you during a sleep over. I will teach you one of my abilities and then I will go back to Jackland until you need me." And then he planted a deeper kiss on Basil's mouth as the boy felt the donkey's tongue on top of his own tongue as it felt like some sort of magical power transferred between his partner to himself. When this kiss let up, Douglas said, "Share Form only works with a partner that has bonded with you. Regardless of game, it permits you to transform into the species your partner represents. Going back to normal is just like the Power Rangers. You say, Power Down."

    Before Doug could leave, the boy said, "My name is Basil. We should be on a first name basis. How do I share forms?"

    Doug replied, "With the partner of choice in the viewing slot, you touch his picture and say the words, Share Form. That's all there is to it. I love you, Basil. See you soon; I hope."

    As Doug departed for Jackland via his own game's version of teleport, it dawned on Basil that his donkey partner was lonely and he was deeply in love with the human partner since he had no one else back home. Basil got up to his feet, picked up his gift certificate and he headed to the Mobo Zero terminal booth.

    End of Chapter 01

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    Chapter 02

    Within the Mobo Zero terminal booth, the message on screen read as follows... "So you want to join the Mobotropolis Mobian Defense Force? This is the sign up office. In this game world, Sonic the Hedgehog was killed by Dr. Eggman. (I never liked Sonic anyway; he was such a show-off and his final moments simply proved it.) Now we need cadets like you to help protect Princess Sally Acorn. When you are ready to start, type a partner name into the box and click continue. The name Sonic or any form of the name is reserved in memorandum and is thus restricted from choosing. Even Anton can get this part right; don't prove you are lamer than his French coyote's tail." Basil looked at the message before typing in the name of his future partner. Stripe. He then hit continue.

    On the next screen were the words, choose a species or mix and match parts from two species. When you are satisfied with your final choice, click continue; then you can choose colors. Below those words were rotation capable species pictures of every Mobian Species known to exist. Basil was glad for choice number two, since it made making the partner character easier. He chose skunk like Geoffrey St. John, then he rotated Tails around so he could see how the two tails joined at the tail base. Basil then placed two skunk tails on the back of his partner species in the same configuration as Tail's fox species. When Basil was done making the two-tailed skunk boy, he nearly had an erection right there in the booth. Then he hit continue and there were questions that read, Is your partner male or female and how tall should they be. He clicked male and then he made the skunk five feet tall. He had always considered Tails to be too short in both the video games and on TV. Then came the color choices. He then remembered in an Earthian mystery solving group that the Norse god Hel, brother to Hela, queen of the dead, had a black and white color pattern that looked hot on him. So the new skunk ended up with nearly the same identical coloration which included that one tail was black and the other tail was white. Basil was really starting to get horny now.

    After clicking continue, the unexpected question arose, Is your partner anatomically correct (does he have his tools or is he censored (yes or no.)) Basil made a remark before making his choice, "How else could he use the bathroom otherwise?" He clicked yes, then he clicked continue.

    Before joining the academy, what was your partner's native clothing like? Please choose a uniform from those pictured. Basil had to scroll the choices far to the right before he found one that matched what he had in his head. It was the tribal uniform of Tikal the Echidna only he modified it to look more Native American with a bare chest and a turquoise necklace. Shoes were discarded and the paws were partially wrapped in tribal leather. When it came to the starting weapons, Basil chose bow and arrows, hunting spear and a Mexican Bola. After hitting continue, the question above a massive list was shown. What is the one Mobian power your partner and all of his people back home have. Super Speed has been purposely removed to sustain game balance. If this turns you lamers off, please click exit and all of your choices will be erased. Basil thought that was a fair warning as he chose Two-tailed Flight.

    After clicking continue, there was a brief message, "It seems we have some smarter cadets this time around." And then the screen changed to the question, Using the drop-down menu, choose the nationality of your partner. This will effect his accent when he speaks. If you are easily offended by national accents, then please hit exit immediately. Basil knew a Mexican boy back in school on Earth and he always liked his accent. It took some searching, but he finally found the choice at nearly the bottom of the list. Selecting that nationality, he then clicked continue. That is when he saw the words which read, present your payment voucher or credit card and welcome to Mobo Zero.

    When he slid the gift certificate through the gift reader, a message appeared on screen which read, young man, I am the real Geoffrey St. John. You have a creative imagination. I wish more players were like you. I hope to see you in game soon even though I don't like humans much, I will give you a chance. And then the Stripe partner card emerged from the terminal slot quietly. Basil took the card and he touched the card to his partner bracer which made the number three partner slot rotate into position before he slid it into place before he tapped the card and said, "Activate."

    In the next instant, the natively dressed Mobian two-tailed skunk warrior appeared in the booth with him and said in that Mexican accent, "Thank you for creating me, partner. From now on, you are my adopted best friend regardless of what form you may wear. I come from a tribe of shamans; therefore, I will grant you the basics of Shaman magic which you may develop later on in our glorious career. Why are you blushing?"

    Basil felt ashamed of himself that he let a sexual fantasy get created like this. "Um, I am Basil. You were the hottest sexiest Mobian I could dream up and I don't want you to hate me because I indulged in making you so charming."

    Stripe smiled as he gave Basil a kiss on his mouth. When he let up, he said, "You are honest, Basil. I will not hate you. By creating my tribe, you impressed Secret Police Captain St. John. Skunks are not at the top of most people's list of likes. But giving us Two-tailed Flight was an extraordinarily good touch. Allowing us our tools shows me that you care about my feelings and you care about my people. When the tribe is created, both males and females fill that tribe. It would not have happened without a nice cutie like you, Basil. Now hold still..." That was when Basil noted that Stripe was getting on his knees in front of Basil and gently pulling the boy's pants and undershorts out of the way before... giving his new friend a much needed fellatio (or for you more crude readers, a blow job.)

    This was likely something that shouldn't have been conducted in the game shop, but his partner told him to hold still and he wanted to impress his partner. And yes, this was his first time of firing off his seed into someone's mouth. Basil would never have thought to do this for just anyone, but as he gently held the skunk's head in his hands, it felt so right.

    Basil was panting hard as he finished emptying himself. "Someday I will return the favor, Stripe. Why do I feel so drained?"

    Stripe smiled as he cleaned up his human partner before replacing the undershorts and pants into their proper place. "Was that your first time getting your cock sucked?" he then slowly stood up to his full height.

    Basil nodded his head. "I guess it was. But it felt so right to let you do it. I am so sorry."

    Stripe hugged Basil close to himself. "I copied the powers you had been given from your other partners while giving you a copy of the shaman basics from myself. I won't use teleport at the academy. But using Skywatch's and Doug's forms might be fun occasionally. I need to return to the Academy to report in. I am impressed by you, Basil. I promise to never hate you." And then he stepped away from Basil before vanishing back to the Mobian Academy. Basil then utilized his Scout teleport ability to return to Agumon's office.

    End of Chapter 02


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      Chapter 03

      Within Agumon's office, Myrdramon, Glitter, Sony and Slick were having a discussion with Agumon about Basil when the human boy suddenly appeared in their midst. "Um, hi guys." And in the next instant before any of them responded to his greeting, all five non-humans sniffed the air at the same time but only Slick sniffed at Basil's pants. "That's the source, guys."

      Agumon then got up and he escorted Basil out of his office and down to the school shower room where he had the boy strip and take a decent shower with soap. "So who introduced you to sex?" asked the school principal.

      Basil replied while lathering up good and washing his groin thoroughly. "My third partner, Stripe the two-tailed Mobian Skunk. I had a hard on after creating him and I was so embarrassed. I apologized to him for making him so attractive and charming. And he gave me a blow job to show he wasn't upset with me."

      Agumon giggled. "You crossed Tails with Geoffrey St. John?"

      Basil blushed again. "Along with a sexy Mexican accent, the garb of a Native American and... the fur colors of the Norse God Hel. You know... the guy with the flap in Hazardous Materials back on Earth?"

      Agumon laughed. "With all that, I am surprised you didn't spooge right in the game shop even without the fellatio."

      "I almost did. I was so embarrassed that I went that far with a character creation."

      "People often indulge with far less on their plate. What games did you choose?"

      Basil said, "Lunar Gaiden, as you know. I actually got Skywatch's partner card."

      Agumon then said, "There have been some sleazy bullies trying to get his card since the game first came out."

      "I heard part of what they said before they left; they think they can kill the player and then claim the card."

      Agumon shook his head. "It doesn't work that way; the moment you died, the card would vanish back into the system and they couldn't get it back unless they input the code you used."

      Basil then said, "The second game is Six Hoofs Over Jackland or as it is known in the lesser circles, Battlecard Jackland."

      Agumon turned the boy to face him. "Be very careful in Jackland; Medina is investigating player disappearances. You will likely encounter Dr. Joanie Zamak in the game world."

      Basil replied, "I guess that might explain why Doug the Donkey is lonely."

      Agumon said, "Just be his friend and be careful in Jackland."

      Basil then said, "Game number three is Mobo Zero."

      Agumon replied, "That one is supposed to be a lot of fun. Geoffrey St. John governs over the game itself."

      Basil said, "I was afraid that Stripe was going to hate me for making him so charming. But he said he didn't hate me since I invented his whole tribe."

      Agumon then said, "Lets get you rinsed off, dried, dressed, and off to your last hour class with the rest of your friends who were worried about you." And then the rinsing occurred before Agumon used a blow dryer to dry the human boy before toweling off the rest, and then Basil gathered and put on his clothes as well as his Partner Bracer.

      Basil was soon standing with Myrdramon and the others at the door to the final hour class. Basil took a moment to greet Slick and Sony.

      Sony said, "Those Multi-Partner bracers are super cool, aren't they? My sister Aurora and my brothers Vision and Nomad assisted Zecma, the Imp Brothers, Finnpaw and Raluta as well as his father Rao as the Dream team of all game creation dream teams to put this bracer together and make it work properly. They got tired of all of the idiot challenges that were occurring with Battlecard games that were causing property damages in the middle of city streets, in school hallways and more rarely, in church pews on Sunday when players who were forced to attend services got bored. When receiving a challenge, you can either decline the challenge or accept it and then... the challenger and you are transported to the game world in question where the match progresses along with a disembodied match narrator to give a play by play to the action that occurs. He also awards scoring at the end of the match before making sure both players and their partners get returned exactly to where they had been before entering the game world. So if they were in church before, they will still be in church when they return."

      Slick then said, "As long as you can physically see another player in the same area as yourself whether you can see their bracer or not, you can ask your bracer's narrator to send the other player by name a challenge. And yes, when you are by yourself, you can have a nice chat with the game match narrator. They are quite social."

      Basil remarked, "Sounds like a good combination. And I like the idea of being able to talk to the game match narrator just for fun. Anyway guys, let's get into class and try to have some fun." And then they all entered the last hour class doorway.

      End of Chapter 03