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  • [AWT-01] APAW-RR-01 Anime Star University

    [AWT-01] APAW-RR-01 Anime Star University

    Anime Star City - Robert Rogers: Mega Star (The Anime Stars)
    Episode One: Anime Star University
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Anime Star City; Anime Texas, Anime World

    King Kazma spoke to the head recruiter of the Red Rabbit Army as they stood outside of Anime Star University. "All right, Allen, what is the plan for choosing a new student police force for the Red Rabbits?"

    Allen Rabbit was a tall slender brown and white rabbit who wore a bright red outfit (slacks, shoes and security jacket.) "The plan, sir, is to invite promising students to join campus security, at first, as a means of giving them the Red Rabbit Police test and those who score a passing percentage will be invited afterward to join the newly forming Anime Stars Heroic Officer Police Squadron (HOPS for short.) Once we have a selection of promising members, we will assign a rotating leadership, so all team members get a chance to lead HOPS in public. The one student, overall, who performs the role the best over time, will become the definitive leader and those who choose not to listen to the instructions given by the leader will be asked to leave the team. It is pointless to have a team leader if the team members are not going to take that leader seriously. The team will be graded on Leader conviction as well as Team Member cooperation within said team. If the team leader tells you to hop, the team members should hop. Members who do not conform toward being in the team the leader is currently within will not be permitted to hang out with said Team Leader. Various Red Rabbit divisions will be able to make better use of team leaders who can uphold their part of the deal; team members who lack conviction are simply holding themselves back and are obviously not ready for inclusion in a serious team. And conforming to the university standards, King Kazma, overall, they will be doing this for a grade at all times. They are going to be watched at all times. Students who think some other activity is more important during team time will not last as a team member. There is no 'I' in team, sir. If they believe that their other activity is more important no matter how important they believe it is, then they will be excluded from the team and from team meetings, all of which must be overseen by a Red Rabbit supervisor. Remember, these students will be getting graded. They are still enrolled in University classes unless they feel they are falling behind or they have tricked themselves into thinking that being here is a reason to have a party and goof off."

    Kazma said, "As long as you are sure that this may work out for the best."

    Allen then replied, "Even if it doesn't, sir, we are sure to get a few field marshals for the Red Rabbit forces out of this exercise."

    Kazma didn't look convinced.

    At that moment, a Red Rabbit doe approached the two and said, "Need I remind you both that the cat lord has never tried this and despite his lack of assisting young heroes, his heroic force was taken from high school stock and nearly all of them suffered from hormone eruption which caused them to be distracted during hours when they should have been focused on heroic exercises. Their team would never listen to the one they demanded lead them, they had no definitive mentor to guide them, and they had at least three distracted 'do whatever they wanted no matter what the leader says' members among their number. One of which was born with hereditary leadership abilities and chose not to exercise them."

    Allen then commented, "Angela is right, sir. Mentoring students from college stock implies that they are past their teenage desire to mate with every member on the team. Not to mention, the cat lord's teen age heroic team were not doing their activities for a grade. Our group would be performing their activities for a grade which would help them focus to do better to impress the mentor instructor watching their performance."

    At that moment, another rabbit approached Allen and handed him a report. "Allen, sir! ASU graduate Star Rabbit reporting in, sir! We have located a potential leader on Earth who is already a hero in his own right. He rescued a boy from drowning in flood conditions in his home state of Kentucky. He willingly completes family assigned chores and he is looking into colleges right now. Imbuement Services are in the process of preparing the young man for empowerment."

    King Kazma then spoke up, "As long as the young man doesn't end up as another rabbit, I think we can accept your candid choice for the newest attendee to this university."

    Angela remarked, "Make sure the brochure for ASU reaches the young man's hands, Star."

    Star replied, "I don't think that is going to be an issue, Ms. Angela. Robert Rogers is planning on attending a college with his best friend. His friend Ralph Potter has a magical potential of great renown. The males in the boy's family come from a long line of magic users. Neither Robert nor Ralph know anything about this as yet."

    Allen smiled. "How much training will Ralph need to learn to use magic?"

    Star stated, "According to our research, the Potters are naturals at using magic. We assume it will take no time at all for him to learn to use the magic that comes natural to him."

    Kazma said, "Will Robert be able to cope with the idea that his friend makes him seem like a peon?"

    Star explained, "Once Robert himself is empowered, he will be thinking about his own powers too much to worry about feeling less than his friend, sir. The empowerment device we are choosing to use is a cowboy hat, sir. Once he willingly puts on the hat and uses the activation phrase of his own free will, he will forever have his powers, sir. And I believe he will enjoy the powers being given to him. We are choosing to mix a C.O.W.-boy of Moo Mesa with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe as well as the Superman protocol. In his empowered form, he will be Mega Star, the most powerful C.O.W.-boy in the universe."

    Kazma then asked with a serious gaze. "He isn't going to be stuck in his new form, is he?"

    Star replied, "Hell no, sir. We are smarter than the cat lords on QC are; he will be able to 'power down' when he isn't needing his empowered form."

    Kazma nodded his head. "I have never liked the way their magical Toonium always seemed to get humans stuck in their new toon forms -- one way."

    End of Chapter 01

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    Chapter 02

    Rogers farm, just South of Lone Oak, Kentucky; Planet Earth

    The teen age Robert Rogers held his pitchfork as he gave the horses and cattle a fresh supply of hay from the nearby bale. Today he was without a shirt in his faded blue jeans and rawhide work boots. He had short blond hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. "Here you go, boys and girls. Nice clean hay all for you awesome farm animals. I wonder when dad will be back from the feed store." As he turned to get another pitch of hay, directly behind him where the cattle were standing he heard a voice.

    "Those dogs eat more than we do, Robert."

    Robert came to an immediate stop when he heard that voice. He then turned around and looked at the bulls. "It is too hot of a day for a joke like this, Ralph! Where are you?"

    When Ralph didn't answer him, Robert pulled out his cellphone and pressed the number for Ralph's mobile phone. After it rang twice, Robert heard Ralph on the phone.

    "Talk to me, Robert," said Ralph. "Whatcha need?"

    "Have you been over to my house today?" asked Robert still looking directly at the bulls.

    "Negatory, Savior Boy!" exclaimed Ralph. "You said you were going to be working in the sun all day and mom won't let me leave the house until she is sure that I am not sick from almost drowning. I would really love to be over with you but my mom says, no way, Jose. Why do you ask? What happened over there?"

    "I was making commentary in the barnyard the way I usually do and I swear I heard a voice reply to my comment from directly behind me. But when I looked, all I saw were the bulls," he said as he studied the bulls from where he stood. "I'll talk to you later since you are not over here at the farm today. Rest well and I hope you are out of that bed soon." He turned off his phone and put it back into his pocket. "Okay... take two. I need to spread the rest of this hay." And he turned away from the bulls to put the pitchfork into he bale once again.

    "The dogs may eat a lot, but not as much as Bossybelle has been putting away lately." he said as he pressed his shoe against the pitchfork into the hay. Once again, directly behind him, he heard a voice from the direction of the cattle.

    "That's because she is pregnant."

    Robert turned around fast and he was again looking at the bulls. "Okay, which one of you is replying to my comments? I deserve to know!"

    And of course, none of the bulls said a thing now that the boy was focused directly upon them.

    Robert then glanced over at the horses. "A fresh apple for the horse who points out which bull is talking to me."

    Naturally, the horses played as dumb as the bulls were playing and none of them moved an inch.

    He now looked to the bulls. "I'll get the salt block right now if you bulls move away from the one answering my comments."

    Again, none of them budged an inch.

    Robert grabbed his pitchfork and finished getting the fresh hay to be pitched into the corral with the bulls. "Since no one wants to tell me anything, I am just going to finish my job in silence before I head off to check on the other animals. If the dogs could talk, I'll bet they would love to tell me things to my face." He turned to work in silence.

    "I wouldn't bet on that."

    This time, as Robert had said, he ignored the voice since it wasn't going to talk when he was looking. He continued with his assigned job.

    "There are rules in nature, Robert."

    Robert finally broke his silence without looking. "I am the only human on the farm today. What rule says I cannot see which animal is talking? Did they kick you off of King Kazma's planet or something?" He figured it had to be that since talking animals normally only lived on Anime World.

    "Like it says in the Code of the West, always steer your friends in the right direction and never horn in on another bull's territory. You will win more friends that way."

    Robert stopped working but did not turn around. "Did a witch cast a spell on one of you Moo Mesa bulls? And if the answer is yes, what can I do to help you break the spell?"

    "Robert! Catch!"

    The young man turned toward the voice as he saw what looked like a cowboy hat with a star affixed to it flying through the air toward him which he caught in his hands. As he held the hat up so it blocked the view of the bulls, he heard the voice say, "Put it on and let it hang down to rest upon your back for now. Just remember... By the Code of the West. Say it."

    End of Chapter 02


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      Chapter 03

      He put the cowboy hat with cord on over his head and let it hang down upon his back. He had been wearing a bandana anyway so this wasn't much different. "Is this a combination between the Masters of the Universe and the COW-Boys of Moo Mesa? I guess there is only one way to find out."

      Robert struck a pose as Prince Adam might do in preparation for his transformation as he shouted, "By the Code of the West!" Robert's deputy star upon his cowboy hat erupted in glittered light as what appeared to be a dust devil began to revolve around his transforming body. He was then hit with the full magical energy of the law as his body bulked up as muscular as Dakota Dude's usual form displayed; this was followed by his head taking on the appearance of Marshal Moo Montana but instead of the letter 'M' on his cowboy hat, his deputy's star resided in that position. His red bandana was around his neck as his body was covered in armor similar to Dakota Dude's clothing although his feet became cloven bovine hoofs while he had a bull's tail jutting out from behind him in a decent manner. His armored uniform was mainly sienna and gold in coloration with silver gloves over his powerful hands. His star blasters then appeared in their holsters on his belt along with a coiled lasso as well. He shouted, "I am Mega Star, the most powerful COW-boy in the universe!"

      His fur color was the same as his human hair had been although his horns and his hoofs were as tan as his human skin had been. His eye color had not changed at all. Although he stood a little taller than both Dakota Dude and Marshal Moo Montana, he could feel the power coursing through his body. "Let's see what all I am capable of in this form. Man, even my voice sounds different when I am suited up." And then he got to work on the rest of his farm chores discovering that he was stronger, faster and also capable of making incredible jumps from the ground to the hay loft. "This is surreal!" And then he found that with a little focus, he could create dust devils as he also seemed to have some sort of minor wind control power. And then he made the leap of faith as he jumped toward the sky. He almost forgot to stop as he penetrated the cloud layer in the lazy sky before slowly coming back down and hovering there just under the clouds. "Transformation into a COW-boy of Moo Mesa Form, Super Strength, Increased Speed, Acrobatic Muscular Control, Lassoing Skills, Marksmanship, Wind Control and now Flight. My only question is... why me? Why was I given these powers? Am I to fight a new bad guy? Time to get back to the farm; I just hope I can land without going splat."

      Once he was back on the ground near the corrals, Mega Star heard the family truck returning from town. "Uh oh, I need to power down before dad sees me like this." And in a flash of the same glittered light, Robert had returned to normal although the cowboy hat was sitting on his head now and the golden yellow deputy's star was now on a necklace down inside his shirt. "So that's how it works. Now to go see how dad did in town." And he headed around toward the front of the farm house.

      Helping his father unload the truck, Robert asked, "May I take a copy of mom's instant cure all broth over to Mrs. Potter's place? She won't let Ralph out of bed until she is sure he isn't sick from where he almost drowned back when I saved him from that dip in the river. And he is starting to go crazy in that bed she has him in."

      Mr. Rogers replied, "She still has him in bed? That was over a week ago! As long as your chores are done, you can go over there. I know Ralph is your best friend but keeping him under house arrest is ridiculous."

      Robert went into the house and using his mother's photocopier, he made a copy of the recipe for the instant cure all broth. Then he carefully tucked it into his pocket before heading outside and standing just on the hidden side of the garage before he made ready to travel to Ralph Potter's house.

      Robert struck his pose as he shouted, "By the Code of the West!" Robert's deputy star upon his cowboy hat erupted in glittered light as what appeared to be a dust devil began to revolve around his transforming body. He was then hit with the full magical energy of the law as his body bulked up as muscular as Dakota Dude's usual form displayed; this was followed by his head taking on the appearance of Marshal Moo Montana but instead of the letter 'M' on his cowboy hat, his deputy's star resided in that position. His red bandana was around his neck as his body was covered in armor similar to Dakota Dude's clothing although his feet became cloven bovine hoofs while he had a bull's tail jutting out from behind him in a decent manner. His armored uniform was mainly sienna and gold in coloration with silver gloves over his powerful hands. His star blasters then appeared in their holsters on his belt along with a coiled lasso as well. He shouted, "I am Mega Star, the most powerful COW-boy in the universe!"

      With a leap toward the sky, Mega Star flew along the back side of the trees so no one along the local highways and roads would see him pulling this stunt and then he landed just out of sight near the Potter's front door. "Power Down!" Robert smiled as he loved how these powers worked and he stepped out into the yard and up on to the front porch where he knocked on the door. "Hey! Anyone home? It's Robert! I brought over a copy of my mom's cure all broth recipe for helping Ralph to get better!"

      When the door opened, Mrs. Potter smiled at Robert. "I was making some cookies, Robert. Would you like one?"

      Robert smiled as he pulled out the recipe. "I'll make you a trade; your cookies and Ralph in exchange for this broth recipe. Come on, ma'am; I really need Ralph; you are driving him crazy by making him stay in that bed for longer than a week."

      Mrs. Potter then said, "Promise me that he will be with you and I will allow him to go with you."

      Robert said, "As my mother is a high class lawyer and I am having trouble choosing a university to attend, I promise that Ralph will be with me at my place where we will be looking over college documents. I hope he is going to come to college with me when I go. Then I can make sure he doesn't fall into the river again."

      Mrs. Potter chuckled as she made a joke. "He is already jealous over his cousin Harrison getting to go to that school of magic in Scotland." She then winked with a grin since it was a Harry Potter/Hogwarts joke that seemed to annoy the men folk of their family.

      Robert showed he was a good sport by laughing at her humor as he handed over the recipe and saying, "Good one, Mrs. Potter." And after he got his cookies, he went to Ralph's bedroom where he said, "Get out of that bed, faker. Your mom is giving you to me. I need you over at my place. Wait until you see what I can do."

      Ralph smiled as he whipped back the blankets to reveal that he was already dressed and ready to go with his backpack and a suitcase. "I knew you would come to my rescue again. Now let us get out of here before she changes her mind. She told that joke again, didn't she?" And then the two were heading out of the Potter House.

      End of Chapter 03


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        Chapter 04

        Mega Star was carrying Ralph as they flew along behind the tree line just out of sight of the road. "And you have no idea on why they gave you these powers?" asked Ralph as he held on to his suitcase and backpack.

        "It was just so out of the blue that I could scarcely believe it," was the reply from the super-powered COW-boy as he carried his best friend. "It sure made getting my chores done faster and more efficient."

        Ralph then remarked, "I think you are right about the coming bad guy you might have to fight. Mentors don't just give out powers without a serious threat existing somewhere. I wish I had powers so I could watch your back. Then I could be your sidekick or heroic partner. Playing hero solo is for the birds, you know."

        Mega Star then said, "I am thinking about telling my dad about this so he isn't worried when he hears about Mega Star later."

        Ralph replied, "I am no Lois Lane and you are no Superman; I just say, be careful with who you tell about this."

        Mega Star then asked, "You don't think I should say something to my dad? I know my mom would go ballistic."

        Ralph smiled. "Now you are thinking ahead. If you do tell your dad about this, make him promise not to say anything about this power to your mom. Being the lawyer, she might confine you to the farm and then no college."

        Mega Star grinned. "That depends upon where we choose to go to college. Wait until you see the college invitations that I got. I even got a few from Anime World."

        Ralph said, "We're country boys, Mega Star. I don't know if we would fit into a big city college. But if the college were in a down home type of area, I think we could both go for that."

        Mega Star smiled. "I think we can find something like that on Anime World. Otherwise, we might end up going to the University of Texas."

        As Mega Star started to land just behind the Rogers house, Ralph asked, "What makes you so cemented on going to Anime World?"

        The powered COW-boy set his friend down. "Power down!" and Robert returned to normal as he replied, "How long do you think it would be before someone reported seeing the flying COW-boy and then I wouldn't be able to be seen when I needed to be out and about? Come on, let's get into the house and look over the college brochures."

        Ralph commented, "I am surprised that the snooping Becky Willoway hasn't seen you flying around by now. She is always trying to get some sort of dirt for that gossip column she writes."

        Robert then said, "Now you know why we should go to Anime World. One story by her and my career would be finished before it started."

        Ralph said, "My mom says she is relentless once she has her nose in a story."

        As the boys entered the house through the kitchen door, they were about to go up the rear stairs when Robert heard his father saying to someone in the living room, "It is an interesting photograph, Ms. Willoway, but what makes your source so sure it came from my farm?" Robert came to a dead stop when he heard his father say those words. He then whispered to Ralph, "Play along with what I say." And at that moment, he stepped out of the kitchen and into the living room. "Man, dad, you should have seen Calvin's new remote control sky camera. It looks just like one of the COW-Boys of Moo Mesa. I about got a crick in my neck watching it fly. I almost believed it was real."

        Becky Willoway was about ten years older than both Robert and Ralph while she had black hair and brown eyes. She stood up out of her seat and looked to Robert. "So you saw the flying COW-Boy contraption? And this Calvin admitted that it was something he built?"

        Robert smiled. "That's about the size of it, ma'am. Sorry you made this trip out here for nothing but perhaps you might like a few cookies instead." He held out a couple of Mrs. Potter's cookies to the unwanted female who took two of them before she snagged the photograph and departed the house to get into her car.

        Mr. Rogers stood up as he heard Ms. Willoway's car leaving the farm. "I never thought she would leave. Robert, your timing was awesome but you have to get up pretty early in the morning to make your good old dad buy that story. Calvin went to UCLA two weeks ago. He wouldn't come back to Kentucky for no reason. So what is really going on?"

        After taking his father and Ralph up to his bedroom, Robert pointed his best friend to the college brochures before turning to his dad and saying, "Dad... A mysterious force gave me super powers while I was doing my chores and now for the proof. But when I show you this, please do not tell mom about this later. I wanted you to know but I am not too hip on the women in this area learning about my good fortune."

        Robert struck his pose as he shouted, "By the Code of the West!" Robert's deputy star erupted in sparkling light as his body glowed and the transformation began. He was then hit with the full magical energy of the law as his body bulked up as muscular as Dakota Dude's usual form; this was followed by his head taking on the appearance of Marshal Moo Montana but instead of the letter 'M' on his cowboy hat, his deputy star appeared in that position. His red bandana was around his neck as his body was covered in armor similar to Dakota Dude's clothing although his feet became cloven bovine hoofs while he had a bull's tail jutting out from behind him in a decent manner. His armored uniform was mainly sienna and gold in coloration with silver gloves over his powerful hands. His star blasters appeared in their holsters on his belt along with a coiled lasso as well.

        He then withheld the shout at the end and he said to his father who looked a mite stunned, "I am now Mega Star, the most powerful COW-boy in the universe."

        End of Chapter 04


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          Chapter 05

          Mr. Rogers looked over his transformed son with an articulate examining eye. "Very Moo Mesa like, son. Whomever the mentor is paid attention to precise quality when they designed your overall costume and species identity. Your lasso is a lot like Cowlorado Kid's own lasso and your five star shooters are very much like Marshal Moo's own firearms. I like how the deputy's star is in the center of your cowboy hat instead of the letter 'M' like Marshal Moo's hat. Being Mega Star, you would have an 'M' like the Marshal's and a star fits you better. What all powers have you discerned since acquiring this identity?"

          Mega Star replied, "As I noted before you came home, dad, I have Transformation into a COW-boy of Moo Mesa Form, Super Strength like Dakota Dude, Increased Speed, Acrobatic Muscular Control, Lassoing Skills like the Kid, Marksmanship like Marshal Moo, Wind Control and Flight. A virtual Cowboy Superman. I don't know if I am invulnerable or not and I am not in a hurry to find out. Like I asked Ralph earlier... Why me?"

          His father remarked, "Maybe your mentor witnessed your rescuing Ralph from drowning and he was impressed by your resolve to do the right thing. As you know, law enforcement runs in our family on both sides. I was a police officer until my accident in the line of duty and your mother is a high class lawyer. After being released from the force, I acquired this ranch here in Kentucky and followed my childhood dream. To have a cattle and horse ranch."

          Mr. Rogers then said, "As for Ralph's father, as you both know from his performing stage magic at grade school functions in the past, magic and sleight of hand runs in the Potter family. Ralph could likely pick up the trade easily. Even though Mrs. Potter makes the Harry Potter jokes, the truth is far stronger than you might imagine, boys. And stranger. The males in the Potter family are capable of learning powerfully REAL magical spells. Therefore, Ralph, you are a potential magic user. What you do with your heritage is up to you. I thought I would bring this up before you went off with Robert with the dream of becoming empowered like him so you could become his heroic crime fighter." He paused when he saw Ralph's facial reaction to that statement. "I nailed it, didn't I?"

          Mega Star chuckled. "Yes, Ralph was wishing for powers when he learned I could become this super form so he could join me as my partner. But since I am trying to choose a college to attend, I rescued Ralph from house arrest to help me choose a college and then we could both go enroll together."

          Ralph held up a brochure and said, "This one from Anime World seems out of place, Robert. When I first started looking at these brochures, I didn't see this one at first, but as I was sorting through them after your father mentioned being a former police officer, I found this college brochure for an Anime University dedicated to Empowered Law Enforcement. It is endorsed by the Red Rabbit Army who work directly for King Kazma. I think it is mighty coincidental that this brochure suddenly shows up after we learn about your legal background and how my family hides magical powers."

          Mr. Rogers then said, "Coincidental or not, have you forgotten who was just here asking about Robert's new form? She is going to get lucky enough to corner Robert eventually if he stays in this area. Becky Willoway is not the one you want to do your first newspaper article for, guys. She can make you out to be a perverse threat or even get the government curious about your powers if you get trapped in her cross-hairs. We need to get you boys off to college as fast as possible. Does that brochure have a phone number, Ralph?"

          Ralph replied, "Yes, It is..." and he recited off he phone number as Mr. Rogers used his cell phone to call the number.

          Allen Rabbit answered the call. Anime Star University. Allen Rabbit of the Red Rabbit Army speaking. How may we help you this afternoon?

          Mr. Rogers explained who he was and how his son and his friend were interested in the college and how a gossip columnist has noticed his son practicing his new powers recently and how the woman was now snooping around. "Becky Willoway can make life awful for anyone she reports the dirt on, Mr. Rabbit. Is there a way to get my son and his friend off to your college discreetly? The boys are hiding out here at my ranch in the upstairs rooms currently."

          Allen replied, We can open a portable Stargate directly into your home, if need be, and you can arrange for its permanent installation where ever you would like for it to reside. This way, you could check on your son's progress whenever you liked. We encourage parental participation when viable. We are the ones who aided in granting your son these powers as a reward for his selfless heroism when rescuing his friend from drowning. We did not mean to come across as creepy or underhanded. We are looking to train a new law enforcement team who would be sponsored by both the Red Rabbit Army as well as King Kazma himself. If you would prefer to decline our offer, we can send one of our medical technicians to remove your son's new powers citing that he was chosen as a mistake. But something tells me that this version of the story wouldn't sit well with you, Mr. Rogers. Would it?

          Mr. Rogers almost cursed but he prevented himself from doing so. "Give me a moment." He put the call on hold as he looked at Mega Star and Ralph. "They fessed up that they are the ones who aided you in acquiring these powers, Robert. They said it was a reward for your rescuing Ralph from drowning. They are putting together a new Law Enforcement team that would be based out of the college and directly sponsored by both the Red Rabbit Army as well as King Kazma. And if memory serves me right, Robert... King Kazma is not the type to do this to a nice boy just to acquire a sex toy, not like those disgusting cat lords who had the toon retirement community and all of those missing person reports nearly weekly some years ago. Anyway, they say if you want to decline their offer, they can arrange for your new powers to be taken away as, get this... a mistaken choice in the hero it was presented to. They implied that if word got out that you were a mistake, you would have problems getting into a college or finding work later. I don't think you were a mistake; do you?"

          Mega Star grinned. "Like it says in the Code of the West, dad, Opportunities freely given shouldn't be set aside just because you have no information on the backers. I say we give them a chance. If it doesn't pan out, just remember who mom is. I enrolled at a university of theirs and if they reneged on my attending their college, the legal and media coverage might ruin them. Mom AND Becky Willoway? Nuff said." He winked at his father with a chuckle.

          Before Mr. Rogers continued the call, Ralph muttered, "That is called Blackmail, Mega Star."

          Mega Star grinned. "If it works, then so be it. If I go down, so will they. I am sure they do not want to be compared to simply doing what the disgusting cat lords were doing in years past with all the missing people. Right?" He laughed once again.

          End of Chapter 05