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Anime World Tales


Welcome to the animated world governed over by King Kazma (of Summer Wars fame) where further adventures in an animated and digital reality occur.

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The DigiCard adventures of Brand Chase and his card partner, Blackjack Jerbodra.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[AWT-06] BC-02 Ace of Spades
The story of a politician's family that is migrated to Kazma's LAW when their old home (in Polkaville, on Earth) becomes unlivable.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[AWT-11] FP-02 The Sign of the Goat
When the Springfield family migrate to King Kazma's world, Monty attends Montropolis High School where he has adventures in Finn Corp Games' Battlecard Tempero Gold.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[AWT-03] MS-02 Allies Abound
In Montropolis, Dennis Thane and his friends have an adventure in and around campus as they combat against a corrupt Digital Police force while using a Digital Card / Partner combo format.
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Lord Pouchlaw
APAW-DT-01 Druidic Majesty
Join Ethan Edwards (Stellar the Dragomon) in his adventures in Heroes Reach and in the Underworld.
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Lord Pouchlaw
APQC-EE-03 The Chaos Tournament
The story of an escaped government project seeking refuge with his brother in Sea Spray Hills.
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Lord Pouchlaw
APQC-LAP-01 Rabbit on the Run
When Robert Rogers and his friend Ralph Potter attend Anime Star University for empowered Law Enforcers, they become involved with King Kazma's newest Heroic Police Force, The Anime Stars.
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Join the all-new adventures of Felix Kornel in Mystic Glen.
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Lord Pouchlaw
APAW-FK-03 Mystic High Rumble
When a piece of Battle Cat's Grayskull forged armor barding is broken and sent to Earth through a dimensional wormhole, it merges with a human teenager named Alexander Daryl Annatrova who unwittingly activates it to become the most powerful white lion in the universe - Pureheart!
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When Bert Thomas and his father Ricky move into an Quadraen community on King Kazma's Live Anime World, Bert must learn to associate with the local Quadraen society as he participates in the local game of choice S'taurrior where he learns to work with a Quadraen S'taurrior partner.
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When the Douglas family migrate to King Kazma's world, Basil attends Montropolis High School where he has adventures in the Battlecard Lunar Gaiden game world.
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Join a teen aged MMO player whom after his favorite game is discontinued, a chance tinkering with the game engine permits him to enter the game world to continue the greatest adventure of his life.
A story by Veronica June.
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Artemis Archer
VJQC-SA-02 Grand Opening
Felix Kornel's Brother Quinn is rewarded with a Battlecard partner after he rescues a magical ball for two devil unimon herd members.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[AWT-08] QK-01 Five Golden Horns