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  • Scripted Lives [Info Thread]

    Octavia's "Scripted Lives"

    Plot: Three toon legacies run a stage theater where they produce live entertainment for a local TV station.

    Location: Terrence City

    Anastasia Sandiego (daughter of Carmen Sandiego)
    Songhorn (son of Cowlorado Kid)
    Tom Selleklaw (Studio City Werewolf)

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    Character Profiles:

    Anastasia Sandiego
    • Home of Origin: Meta-Star City
    • Sex: Female
    • Type: Anime Human
    • Relation: Carmen Sandiego (mother)
    • Powers: Female version of Arthur Lupin; Wears Amethyst and Orchid clothes
    • Catch-Phrase: "Until next crime, player." followed by a shout from her mother "That's my line!"

    Anastasia Sandiego is the daughter to Carmen Sandiego, the world famous red clad female thief. When No-Heart reported in to the Underscore Guild about the open recruitment in the All-Stars, Anastasia saw this as her big break to work with a real team of young actors on a tried and true mystery solving show. Much to the dismay and amusement of her mother, she found herself welcomed with open arms. Applying her skills when necessary, her adventures were short lived as the team couldn't carry itself without the original legacies who made the team great originally. Teaming up with Songhorn at his request, they migrated to Terrence City where a new project with its own adventure began to gain its own momentum.

    • Home of Origin: Moo Mesa
    • Sex: Male
    • Type: Musical C.O.W.-Boy
    • Relation: Cowlorado Kid (father)
    • Powers: Code of the West skills with a pistol, lasso, and whip along with horsemanship
    • Catch-Phrase: "Get along, you little doge... the open trail is my friend..."

    Songhorn is the son of the Cowlorado Kid (from Moo Mesa.) Born too late to be in his parents now cancelled series, he works for a playhouse in Coolsville playing the music required for their stage productions. When he learned that the All-Stars were recruiting, his father encouraged him to take a chance and bite the bullet. Being an All-Star could only help him later on in his own life and thus he joined the team. With him came the music the team was missing. With a song in his heart, the open trails beckoned. Although the experience was short lived, he invited Anastasia to join him on another project which presented a fantastic opportunity to make them into stars of their own.

    Tom Selleklaw
    • Home of Origin: Studio City
    • Sex: Male
    • Type: Werewolf
    • Relation: N/A
    • Powers: Actor; Werewolf; Cyber-Spirit
    • Catch-Phrase: "During the day I carry a magnum. But at night..." *ominous chuckling*

    Tom Selleklaw is one of the werewolf actors from Studio City. He was mainly hired by the All-Stars to help Zachary Van Wham with Brent's werewolf problem. He has claimed that he isn't homosexual like most werewolves but who knows how true that really is? He stars in a TV show of his own filmed on location in Q.C. Hawaii. I am sure you have heard of it... Magnum W.I. (Werewolf Investigator.) He is a pretty nice guy and most ladies really go for him. When Songhorn and Anastasia begin their new project, Tom assists them with his production knowledge.


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      Episode Guide:

      01) The Lady in Red
      -- As they open their new production theater for their first show, Carmen Sandiego is suckered into being the first guest star to perform in their stage numbers.
      02) TBA
      -- tba

      (List will be updated periodically.)