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  • QCP: TF-01 Another Prince Charming

    Terryville - Q.C. Planet

    QCP: TF-01 Another Prince Charming
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle

    Chapter 01

    "And the winner of the Polkaville city election for mayor is... Malchior Fender, yet again. Apparently his muck slinging campaign against the other contenders paid off and the public chose to simply continue with the same old lies rather than to endure a new set of lies. And in other news-"

    The TV was turned off at that point as Theodore Prince slowly glanced around at all the campaign banners in his den and the posters of himself with his slogan. Marilyn Prince, his wife, came in and set a grilled cheese sandwich on the table next to him as he smiled at her and said, "I lost, but you said I likely would against the likes of Oil Can Harry."

    She smiled and petted her husband's head. "I think you're a winner and I'll prove that tonight... in bed." She struck a sexy pose in front of her husband.

    Just then from the corner of the den, the three sons all giggled and snapped the button on the flash camera catching their mom posing like that.

    She glared at them, but then she relaxed and just laughed. "I didn't know we had imps for sons, dear."

    Freddy Prince, the oldest boy, said, "When did dad grow antlers, mom? Or is that why you married him... because he's a strapping buck?" He winked still giggling.

    The younger boys added in unison, "With an 'F' instead of a 'B'." And they giggled some more.

    "Okay sons," said their father. "We don't need to go there, do we?" He winked with a smile.

    All in all, the Prince family was a good family. They tried to do everything just right. Their family life was actually the best it could be.

    "Did you boys feed the animals like I asked?" their father inquired as he looked at the giggling male trio.

    Freddy stood up and walked over to the door, still smiling. "Guilty as charged. I'll do it right now while it's still light outside. And dad, mom is right; you'll always be a winner to us. Something better will come along." And he left the room heading for the barn beside the house.

    Marilyn smiled. "We raised a good family, honey. Good family values despite what Oil Can Harry Ass said about you during the debates. He's just jealous because he has to pay for the nookie he gets." She winked and laughed, which caused Theodore to chuckle some more himself.

    At that moment, there came a knock on the front door and Theodore got up to go see who was there. When he opened the door, he saw Malchior Fender standing there holding a gift box. "Well well, if it isn't the mayor... Oil Can Harry himself."

    Malchior didn't give in to the jibe. "Now there is no reason to be nasty, Prince. You know as well as I do that the people have the final say so in elections. And to show there is no hard feelings, I brought you a gift." He handed over the box and made to leave. "My wife is preparing dinner and I need to get home. Better luck next year, old boy. You'll need it." And then he returned to his black car with the tinted windows and drove away rather fast.

    "He sure was driving fast after giving me this..." Theodore said as his eyes glanced down to the lid on the gift box and he saw the card's inscription. "Rest in peace?" His eyes went wide as he threw the box away from himself and quickly slammed the door close just as the gift box exploded with a C4 concussion blast that blew the front door off of its hinges on top of him, as his entire family jumped and quickly came running. However, the blast wasn't just heard by the family.

    The shock wave seemed to penetrate toon space and the blast and concussion wave was even felt on Q.C. Planet, particularly in Terryville, as every city council member was thrown out of their seats to the floor from the enormous blast. In fact, most of the city sustained damages across the scope. It was even felt as far away as Toonmasters and even in the Marvel Furniverse.

    Mighty Mouse came flying to the windows of the city council chambers to make sure they were okay, then he zoomed off to find the source of the blast.

    En route he was joined by Flittermouse of Gag'em City (Toonmasters) and Nick Furry, the leader of the Rats of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel Furniverse.)

    End of Chapter 01

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    Chapter 02

    "DAD!" shouted Freddy as he ran out of the barn just as the three animated heroes arrived on the scene and all four of them saw the massive crater in the front yard, the absent front door, and the structural damages to the house itself.

    Nick Furry exclaimed, "I'm calling in the F.B.I." And he quickly got on his public Earth emergency radio to call them.

    Flittermouse leaped out of the Flitter Jet and dashed into the house to help the family to safety out in front of the barn as Mighty Mouse used his speed to clean out the house of all important family belongings. It would be impossible to dwell in that house now in the condition it was in. Later, Mighty Mouse was talking to Freddy on the side asking about the incident.

    "I have a clear view of the road from the barn where I was feeding the animals," said Freddy. "and I saw the mayor's black car with the tinted windows pull up in front of the house. The mayor got out carrying what looked like a small gift box. A few moments later, he was more quickly getting back into his car and he squealed his tires as he sped away from the house."

    "What does your father do for a living, Freddy?"

    "He's a minor politician who was trying only for the mayor position in nearby Polkaville where it is rumored that a racketeer became the mayor some years ago and had been running the town under an iron fist. No one was brave enough to run against him until my father stepped up to the plate. For about two months, the TV news reports said that my father was the sure shot shoe in to win and that the old mayor was definitely behind. And then earlier tonight, the TV news suddenly announces that the old mayor somehow won the election and... minutes later, he arrived in front of the house just long enough to leave a gift for dad and then he hurried off fast... just before the explosion."

    By then, there was an F.B.I. agent nearby recording Freddy's statement, even asking him to repeat it a second time for the official record.

    An investigative bomb squad was examining the crater and had already found trace elements of the bomb. It was clear that this explosive was made to be powerful enough to kill a man.

    Theodore was then questioned by the agent and he literally repeated exactly what Freddy had said, only in more detail.

    On the sidelines, the three toon heroes spoke about an idea for the now homeless Prince family. "You're sure of that, Nick?" asked Mighty Mouse.

    "Absolutely, MM," he said. "Based on the information you gave me regarding Terryville and it's location in Q.C. America, I have verified that there is a Terryville at the exact same location in the Marvel Furniverse with the same surroundings. What about it, Flittermouse? Did you find a Terryville where I asked you to look in Toonmasters?"

    The toon bat rodent female wearing the cowl and cape replied, "According to Toonmaster maps, there surprisingly IS a Terryville at that location with the surroundings you mentioned. I couldn't believe it when you asked me to look it up in the United States of Americat. But there it is. And it's got the same population as the one on Q.C. Planet."

    Mighty Mouse smiled. "Hear me out, my friends... Suppose we were to arrange a three way portal system in all three Terryville locations. On the Q.C. Planet side, there would be two portals large enough for wheeled transport with destinations for Toonmasters and Marvel Furniverse. In Toonmasters, same set up with destinations for Q.C. America and Marvel Furniverse. And in the Marvel Furniverse, same set up with destinations for Q.C. America and Toonmasters. We have S.H.I.E.L.D. install early alert sensors on the portals to keep track of any super powers, good or evil, who make the crossing. A tripped signal would be sent to the JFA Satellite, to S.H.I.E.L.D. itself, and to Supermouse's team in Meta-Star City, the new Protectors. Believe me... no bad guy wants to be flash fried by the mouse of steel. With the portal system in place to provide increased revenue for all three Terryville locations, I hire Theodore Prince as the Deputy Mayor to help me and the other mayors regulate things around all three Terryville locations. We move the family up to a farm outside of Terryville, since they seem to like farm life more that urban living."

    Flittermouse grinned. "Why don't we ask Lord Gerard if he knows of such a farm spread to give to this Prince family? I mean, they could be related."

    At that moment, the cowled bat rodent's narrator made herself heard. "According to the script, Flittermouse, Lord Gerard IS related as a cousin to this Prince family. His father and Theodore are the cousins. So there is a direct relation involved." Then she paused. "I'll be quiet now."

    Nick Furry smirked. "I'm glad my narrator is more subtle."

    End of Chapter 02


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      Chapter 03

      Lord Gerard (Gerard Prince from the first Q.C. Planet series) was all too happy to find the family a spread of land outside of Terryville finding one an equal distance in which their old home and farm was from Polkaville. Mighty Mouse and Gerard made sure the house was in fine shape; the barn had to be big enough for the family animals as well as the family tractor; and as an added privilege, they now had a three-car garage with a built in workshop. The back spread was large and was lined by a nice looking evergreen woodland. Lord Gerard then handed the property deed over to Mighty Mouse, then he departed for college where he had been attending.

      While the F.B.I. laid a trap for the bomber at the old Prince homestead, the family was escorted via the Road Rover jet to Q.C. Planet and directly to their new home. Once they arrived, they were surprised by the number of toon and anime volunteers who were on hand to help furnish the new house and to make sure the animals were comfortable in their new barn.

      Since his father was going to be real busy doing his new Deputy Mayor job in nearby Terryville and his brothers were getting home schooled by his mother, that gave Freddy a lot of free time to explore the area a little. Because they lived on a cartoon world now, he was curious as to who their immediate neighbors were. After making sure the animals were fed and had fresh water, Freddy departed the barn choosing to head out across the back field toward the fence in the back.

      Arriving at the back fence, Freddy walked along slowly until he saw what looked like a black and brown glob of either mud or tar across the wooden fence in an odd clearing of what looking like either liquid black rubber or liquorish taffy. Slowly climbing over the fence, Freddy approached the glob and eventually noticed that the glob seemed to be muttering something.

      "...dammit... gotta get out of this..."

      The glob also seemed to be stretching up and then sitting back down again with a slight audible liquid squirting sound.

      Freddy then stopped at the edge of the clearing and said, "..........Need some help?"

      The glob quickly pivoted its head toward him and that is when Freddy saw the head of a very sexy looking humanoid donkey boy. "Where did you come from?"

      Freddy smiled. "Over there. We just moved in. I was exploring to find out who my neighbors were. So... do you need some help?"

      The donkey boy smiled back and held out one glob goo covered hand toward the boy. "Yes please. See if you can pull me out of this stuff. I can repay you later. I promise."

      The human boy firmly grabbed the donkey boy's hand with both of his hands which caused the globby goo to immediately envelop his hands and stick him to the hand he had grabbed. "Okay, friend... let's see about getting you out of this stuff. Here goes..." And he started backing up and attempting to pull the donkey boy out of the extremely stretchy and sticky tar/mud rubber like stuff.

      Unfortunately, he underestimated either his ability to succeed in the task or the holding power of the globby goo as he got the donkey boy and goo stretched back to the snapping point when it happened... he felt himself starting to not only slide forward again but also being yanked forward directly toward and into the glob goo with the donkey boy.

      "I don't think you planned that, did you?" asked the donkey boy. "Sorry you got pulled in with me. Now we have to wait until the stuff dries out so we can get free."

      Freddy asked, "How long does that take? And how come it feels like..." he struggles in the stuff as it feels like he isn't wearing a thing and it is slowly entering his bottom like a knotted shaft. "...I lost my clothes?" and then as he stretched up and sat back down, he experienced the same feeling the donkey boy had been getting... as it felt like more was squirting up inside his bottom.

      The donkey boy sighed. "Because this stuff destroys clothes and coats your body all over while it tries to arouse and suck you... and it tries to make you like being in it. The moment you got pulled in, you lost your clothes. You are as naked as I am. Don't worry though... I will replace your clothes later when we do get free and go clean up at my place."

      End of Chapter 03


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        Chapter 04

        "Since we're stuck together for now, we may as well get to know each other. My name is Jake Aston, the most local Pleasure Island donkey boy. What can I call you?"

        The human boy replied, "I am Freddy Prince. Nice to meet you, Jake. And don't worry about this situation... it wasn't your fault that I got stuck. I wanted to help you."

        Jake smiled. "Thanks for not hating me for this. Most people don't like nor trust Pleasure Island donkey boys. I really hope you and I can be close friends."

        Freddy grinned. "We are pretty close at the moment." He winked, giggling.

        Jake couldn't help but to chuckle at that thought and then he gave Freddy a kiss on the mouth. "Thank you for wanting to be my friend. Try this... bounce up and then land on your butt on purpose... Like this." And he demonstrated, bounced up and then coming down again with that wet squirting sound again. "Now you do it, Freddy."

        The boy nodded his head and tried it. Freddy bounced up and when he came down, he let his butt land on the gooey cushion beneath him. And when he did, he learned what the wet squirting sound was as it shot a stream of creamy stuff up into his bottom. "Jake... why did it feel like... we were getting filled like a Hostess Twinkie just then?"

        The donkey boy replied, "Because that's what it did, sort of. It injected a pleasure loving fluid into you. It makes us enjoy this rather than be creeped out by it."

        Freddy then asked, "I just remembered that I had asked you earlier how long it takes for this stuff to dry out. I guess it is my fault since I also asked about my clothes at the same time. So how long does it take, Jake?"

        Jake replied, "It takes a few hours, actually, but the best moment for it to occur is high noon. In the meantime, we should keep bouncing up and landing on our butts so we help milk the fluids out of this stuff so it dries up faster. Otherwise... any kind of moisture added back into this stuff will make it take a lot longer to release us. The very first time I was stuck in this stuff... I was stuck in it for about thirty days. The goo prevents people in it from expiring, which means you feel the same way you did before you got into the stuff. On the hottest day, this goo looks like depression of black mud powder. It can be handled safely then in that state. But for now, we have to help it dry out or else we'll both be in this until tomorrow since it is already passed noon."

        The boy nodded his head and started bouncing more and more. "Okay, Jake. Let's get to milking this goo so we can get out of this stuff. But you know... it is starting to feel really good. How often do you get stuck in this goo?"

        The donkey boy was also bouncing in the stuff so Freddy relaxed in not doing it alone. "In truth, when I said that no one likes us Pleasure Island donkey boys, I meant it. My enemies likes to teleport my ass directly over this pool where I fall directly into it. Luckily, this pool is near where I live. And I got lucky today because you happened upon me just after I got stuck. And I got to make a new friend. Thank you so much for giving me a chance, Freddy." He kissed the boy on the mouth again.

        Freddy of course kissed back; not because of sexual orientation, but because this goo was making him feel overly friendly and attracted to his new friend. Besides, it was only a kiss, right? It wasn't like he was kissing a human boy on the mouth, which would be disturbing to him since he was a human boy, himself.

        Fortunately, their time in the goo didn't last very long since Freddy was there to help Jake, and the fact that the afternoon turned hotter than it normally got during an afternoon. By early evening, the goo was flaking and turning to powder which finally released the two from its hold. Of course, the boys were both very aroused after that experience, an unfortunate side affect of being in that stuff, but the donkey boy knew just what to do: he took Freddy back to his place on the other side of the woods. It was a small farm with a small vegetable garden and had a few fruit trees and berry bushes. There was also a nearby spring which fed what looked like a pool of brown mud... as opposed to the black goo they got of earlier.

        Once inside Jake's home, both boys bathed in clean water, cleaning themselves inside and out with scented soap and shampoo. Then they got toweled off and both sat down on what appeared to be a sofa in front of an open fireplace. Jake fetched some clothes and shoes out of Freddy's bedroom at home without anyone seeing him then returned to lay out the clothing on a nearby shelf.

        "When you're ready to go home, your clothes and extra shoes are right there, Freddy," stated the donkey boy as he sat on the sofa with the human boy, petting on him gently. "Thanks for agreeing to be my friend. You will meet a few locals who don't fairly have friends simply out of people disliking them. But as you saw with me, I'm worth it. If I was bad, I could have taken advantage of you several times between when we met and now. I've had many opportunities. But I'm a good boy. Like you are."

        End of Chapter 04


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          Chapter 05

          The next morning made it impossible to get out to meet anyone else. It was raining like there was no tomorrow. Of course it didn't prevent doing the chores. Freddy put on his raincoat and galoshes as he headed out to the barn to feed the animals. He had just finished filling feed troughs and making sure the animals had drinkable water when a furred hand gently landed on his shoulder. When he turned around he saw a four foot tall humanoid male feline wearing an old Salem style set of clothes from the pilgrim era. The cat had pale grey eyes, blue-grey fur, and glowing jewelry. His voice was sophisticated when he spoke, denoting an air of possible noble upbringing.

          "Pardon me, young friend," said the cat with a smile. "The master sent me over here to look for a missing box that one of the other students stashed away. The master traced its location to your barn and therefore, I need your permission to find it."

          Freddy smiled back. Unlike the donkey boy from the day before, this cat was wearing clothes and looked nice. "Certainly. You have permission to look for it. I'm just doing chores. Um... how did you get here? You're not even wet."

          The cat giggled as he held a paw up and caused energy to cascade around his extended furry hand. "Magic, of course. The master runs a magic school across the road from your place. I teleported in; sure beats getting drenched in this weather. Anyway, I will just look for the box and let you continue your chores."

          Freddy reached over and petted the kitty on the side of his head near his ears. The tall pilgrim hat prevented a head rub. "My brother Teddy really loves magic and magicians. Maybe you will get to see him someday." He pulled his hand back and picked up a bucket again. "Good luck finding your box."

          The cat hummed. "You don't like magic?"

          The teenager replied as he filled the bucket with water for a trough, "Teddy loves magic and owns the family cat; Eddie loves contraptions and owns the family dog; and I, Freddy, love role playing games. The goat over there is my personal pet. When it's not raining, he keeps the yard from getting too grassy."

          The cat smiled again as he pointed at the asinine beast of burden. "So who owns the donkey?"

          Freddy giggled. "Jack belongs to dad. When my dad started his career in politics, everyone started calling him an ass. So... he went and purchased one. Then when he was called an ass, he would say, Why yes I am! And I own one too! then he would wink and laugh, and throw in a deliberate braying sound at the end. And then he would say, I guess that vacation on Pleasure Island is still with me!"

          The feline nodded his head laughing. "Jake told me about you, Freddy. He said you were super nice. And I agree. You are. You can call me Lamone, a witch cat in training at the magic school." He bowed with an artistic flair, before rising again and doing a noble tap dance like mini jig on his footpads. Yes, he was not wearing shoes.

          Freddy smiled as he grabbed a towel and he picked up Lamone and set him on a barrel as he started cleaning off the feline's footpads. "Unlike most toon stables and barns, Lamone... ours actually has manure laying around. Save you some embarrassment later among your peers if you went home with stinky paws."

          Lamone hummed as he let the boy clean his foot pads. "I could have cleaned them magically. But I will let you clean them for me this time. Normally we witch cats don't let anyone touch our feet."

          The young man glanced up at Lamone and asked, "Is it taboo to touch a witch cat's feet for some reason?"

          "We're only supposed to allow it during sex," he replied. "And I am sure you aren't interested in that. You said your brother was more into magic than you were."

          Freddy put the towel aside. "I'll remember that next time. And yeah, Teddy loves magic. But he and Eddie are being home schooled right now. I'm the oldest brother. Your feet are clean, Lamone. You better find that box for your master so you don't get in trouble for forgetting why you came over here."

          Lamone smiled as he started floating in mid air. "Thank you for reminding me about that. I almost did forget why I came over here. I'll get to that and let you get back to your animals. Although after a year here on QC Planet, they will be talking like any other local. Just letting you know in advance." And the witch cat floated up and into the loft.

          End of Chapter 05


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            Chapter 06

            It wasn't until a few days after the encounter with the witch cat that the rain chose to let up and be nice enough to get out and explore the surroundings a bit more. Freddy was more than ready for the outing since being cooped up with his family for too long was not fun at all despite their cheerful attitude most of the time.

            He was hoping he didn't lose any more clothes because aside from this set, he only had two sets of clothes and shoes left. Although he really didn't mind losing his clothes to help Jake especially since the Pleasure Island Donkey Boy turned out to be so nice and just wanted to be friends.

            Not long after he had left the house in the opposite direction from where he had met Jake, having crossed the road which was still a little muddy from the nearly week long of rain that they had and avoiding the so-called local Witch Cat magic school, Freddy came upon another wooden fence enclosing a farm with loads of animals. Most of them looked extremely muddy as if they had fallen into a slough or worse. He noted the field therein looked as if it had been tilled just before the rain storm and now looked more like a giant mud hole. He couldn't tell what most of the animals in there were doing, but they looked happy. He chose to skirt the fence to see if he could find the front of the property so as to inquire of its owners what was going on.

            When he did reach an opening in the fence, he noted it was a walk trail and not a drivable road. There was a sign at the entrance reading, Tod and Bucky's Breeding Farm; Make Inquiries at the Main House; Play With the animals at your own risk! "Huh? Breeding farm? I thought all that stuff occurred within barn stalls and enclosures. Those animals I saw looked doped up and playing in the mud. I didn't see any breeding going on. Maybe I should ask the owners what is going on and see if they need any help." And he walked through the opening in the fence being sure to stay on the walk trail only. He didn't want to get surprised in an accident off the trail itself by a horny stud or something.

            When he reached the house, he noted that the smell of sex was very loud here but he didn't see a soul in sight, neither human, animal, anime, nor toon. He walked up to the door and knocked on it, but then he noticed the sign next to the door and near a bell. If you knock and there is no answer, ring the bell for immediate service. Thank you for visiting the Breeding Farm.

            "I just knocked and I'll wait a couple of minutes before I knock again. They might be in bed. Having sex from all indications about this place. I wonder what species they are?"

            After a few minutes without a reply, he knocked on the door again. But again, there was no response. At that point, Freddy stepped over to the bell and reached up and pulled the cord.

            In the blink of an eye, Freddy went from standing up on the front porch to being on all fours in a stall in the barn behind the house. His hands and feet were shackled down to the floor and his head was stuck through an opening in one wall where he could see other species' heads lined up in a row and in the trough in the middle was what looked to be a very sweet smelling dessert pudding of some sort. He couldn't tell what was going on with his body. When he tried to get his head free from the hole, he got a numbing shock that made him stop trying that maneuver.

            "What in the heck?" he asked. "Where am I? What's going on?"

            Immediately to his left was a male fox's head which turned to look at him. "Hi kid. I don't think I have ever seen you around the Breeding Farm before. My name is Tod. I own this place. I would offer to shake your hand, but... I'm pretty stuck at the moment. And I am guessing you are too now."

            "I am stuck. Name's Freddy Prince, son of the new Deputy Mayor in Terryville. I knocked on the front door, then saw a sign saying that if no one answered the door to ring the bell."

            "And when you rang that bell, you ended up here with me. Yeah, I just set that bell up this morning and I accidentally rang it myself. I feel so stupid. I hit my head on the bell and it rang. Anyway, you and I will be stuck right here with the other animals until my partner Bucky can come and get us out. He's a rabbit."

            "So he has the keys to the shackles, does he?"

            "You might say that." Although Tod looked rather doubtful at the mention of keys. "I won't lie to you, Freddy. This is a Breeding Farm. In order to get out of what we're stuck in... you have to get 'bred in the back side'... if you know what I mean." He looked sorry that Freddy was about to have this happen to him. "Please don't hate us. This is a profitable business. I can reimburse you for any embarrassment you feel that you have endured while here. And I can go you one further. We get paid millions to breed animals here. If you ever need a guaranteed job someday, I will gladly hire you, no questions asked. And I can offer you a clean room as well."

            And at that moment, Freddy felt his pants and underwear get pulled down around his ankles and he then experienced the power of the rabbit's prize winning tool.

            End of Chapter 06


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              Chapter 07

              Sometime later a very solemn and embarrassed human boy sat on a bench while Tod and Bucky helped him get cleaned up. Bucky looked ashamed that he had to free a nice boy in that particular way. It was a look that Freddy had seen before on a certain donkey boy. "Bucky? Would you happen to know Jake the Donkey Boy?"

              The rabbit slowly and fearfully looked at the boy. "Yes. He's a friend of mine. How is that you know him? You don't look like a donkey."

              Freddy arched an eye as if being out of the loop. "Why should I look like a donkey simply by being Jake's friend?"

              Tod who had been giving Freddy an enema, said to the boy, "You mean Jake didn't tell you what he does for a living?"

              The boy shook his head no.

              Bucky sighed. "Then we are likely going to be the first to place you on high alert, Freddy. There is only one way a Pleasure Island Donkey Boy can live on the mainland like this since the usual ones are stuck on the island without a care in the world."

              Freddy said, "He told me that Lampwick gave him permission to live where he is living now. But aside from that, he never told me what he does otherwise."

              Tod hummed. "Freddy... do you know what the word Recruiter means?"

              "If you mean like the army recruiters, then sure... they are the guys who tell you all the benefits of joining their team in hopes of getting you to enroll in their service. What about them?"

              The rabbit said, "Jake works for Lord Lampwick as a Pleasure Island Donkey Recruiter. It's his job to go find boys, befriend them, and then... bring them back to Pleasure Island, put them on a ride, and then while the boy is having fun on the ride, leave him at the Donkey Park. When the boy gets off the ride, he's already growing his donkey tail but he doesn't know it. One thing leads to another and the Donkey ears are next, then his feet and hands become hoofs, then his boy bits, then his body, and lastly his muzzle, until he is a braying jackass like all the others. The boy is stuck there for a year before he gets his voice back. Then he can earn ranks so he can someday get off Pleasure Island. But by the time a year passes, the new donkey doesn't want to be anywhere other than Pleasure Island. So they opt to stay a donkey boy and live at the park. And it's Jake who takes them there. He's one of thousands of Lampwick's Recruiters for the island."

              Freddy's expression went into disbelief. " not Jake. You have to be talking about a different Jake. The Jake I know would never do that. He's too nice. Are you sure?"

              Tod fetched a crystal ball and activated it to show Jake's whereabouts that very moment. They all saw Jake Aston speaking with a human boy about baseball throwing games and how Jake can't seem to win at a carnival game involving baseballs. He somehow gets the boy to agree to come with him to the carnival and in the blink of an eye, they are on Pleasure Island at a baseball throwing booth where the boy pitches the ball and knocks over the milk bottles. The prize is handed to the boy, and then the boy politely gives the prize to Jake. Then the two get some ice cream... and then comes the moment... Jake has the boy go into a ride with some other donkey boys, having told the boy that the ears are just costume parts. Once the ride starts, Jake smiles looking at the stuffed donkey prize, saying, "Freddy will love this stuffed donkey. I could never bring him here. He's my friend. Sometimes I hate this job, but I have to meet my quota to get my promotion. Only three more boys and I'll earn my Captain Rank." And then he walked off with the stuffed prize. Aboard the ride, the boy is seen briefly growing donkey ears like his new friends.

              Bucky sighed as he glanced at Freddy again. "What do you say now?"

              "I...I...I..." He gulped. "I can't believe... he did that to that boy. But... you heard him... he said he could never do that to me. Why is he treating me special?"

              Tod petted on the boy and hugged him. "Didn't you tell us that you helped Jake out of a sticky spot the first day you met him without him even having to ask you to help him?"

              "Yeah," replied Freddy. "That's exactly what happened. So you're saying he's protecting me because I freed him from that sticky goop pool. He thinks he owes me for my helping him to get free. That's... really hard to believe that he respects me yet... he does this to others. I wonder what Lampwick would say if he knew that Jake was protecting me?"

              Bucky replied, "He would probably punish him for hiding a cute boy from him. And you, Freddy, are a very cute young man."

              End of Chapter 07


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                Chapter 08

                The next morning, Marilyn Prince decided that Freddy needed to spend a day in town, so she sent her son along with Theodore when he went to Terryville. Once in Terryville, Theodore gave Freddy some money and then he went inside City hall. Freddy was then free to do as he liked. Since it was a school day for all of the other usual Terryville toon kids, he had the whole town to himself for the most part. Although there were still plenty of other adult toons throughout the town doing their business and minding their own business.

                It was while he was walking past an alleyway when he saw what he thought was a cute and adorable scaly goat boy standing at a door marked as 'Performers Entrance' apparently in the process of unlocking the door. Freddy thought perhaps it was a theater stage entrance to a nightly show. And since he was never in town at night, his curiosity got the better of him and just after the goat boy went in through the door, he ran over and caught the door before it could latch and he quietly and quickly stepped inside before allowing the door to quietly close and lock.

                Once he was inside the door, he saw the scaly goat boy heading down a stairwell to his immediate left. So he quietly and slowly followed him.

                However, when he reached the first landing, he suddenly had no idea which way the cute guy went. There was another stairwell ahead going down, but to the right there appeared to an archway leading outside into a sun lit farm like place that contained loads and loads of donkeys. However, the donkeys apparently to be fornicating with each other blindly. Freddy was intrigued for two reasons... one, he couldn't figure out how there could be a sun lit farm in the basement of the theater; and two, he noted that all of the sexual donkeys were male. He could see no jennies at all among them.

                "Huh?" said Freddy in surprise when he saw the scene before him. "What the heck is this? I thought I was in the basement of the theater. I wonder if they can talk like Jake can?"

                He stepped through the archway and up to one small wooden fence where beyond he saw eight donkeys in what appeared to be an orgy with each other. He gingerly leaned over the fence a bit. "Excuse me, guys... What is this place? Or can any of you talk?"

                One of the donkeys who was less active than the rest in that particular group lifted his head and looked at the teenage boy. "Are you real?"

                Freddy raised one eye brow. "Of course I am real. Why wouldn't I be?"

                The donkey didn't seem to register that he was talking to someone nice. "If you're real, then please lean in here and touch my nose so I can feel you."

                He thought that was an innocent enough request, so he reached all the way over the fence and gently rubbed on the donkey's nose with one hand. "See? I'm a real boy. No wood here."

                The donkey smiled and licked Freddy's fingers and hand. "Yes, you are real. Since you are, perhaps you can do a favor for me. My body is really itchy right now and I'm in such a position that I can't reach the irritated spots. See that barn down the way? Go there and inside find the tack room. Within you will find a full body donkey costume. Remove all of your clothes including your undershorts, then put on the costume. To one side you will find a bottle of anti-irritation powder. Grab that and bring it back here and step inside with us and sprinkle that powder all over my body. If you will do this for me, I promise to pay you for the service. The reason I am asking you to take off your clothes and wear the costume is so your clothes don't get messed up."

                Freddy thought it sounds like a reasonable deal. "Okay, sir. I'll be right back." And he pulled himself away from the donkey and headed off toward the barn. Once he got there, he opened the door and stepped inside. He had barely taken two steps when he tripped over a fallen tool and fell directly into a wet wallow of some strange smelling slime and water. Extracting himself, he continued on to the tack room and he went inside. Within he did find the donkey costume and the bottle of anti-irritation powder. Freddy then started removing his clothes since they were literally soaked in that foul smelling stuff from the wallow. Putting the costume on was a bit challenging since the only opening in the costume itself was located just under the tail. The costume luckily felt stretchy which made getting the suit on a little easier. He got his feet down inside back hoofs, then he had to squat down in order to get his head, arms, and torso into the opening of the costume. It wasn't an easy task, but he finally managed it. He then took a moment to get his hands and arms situated just right. He thought it felt strange that his penis seemed to fit into the sheath of the costume. He then got his head situated within the costume head, making sure the eyes were lined up just so. There was a full length mirror inside the tack room where he admired the fit.

                He then grabbed the powder bottle, or rather he tried to, but the costume's forehoofs made that task a little more difficult than it had been said, as the powder poofed up and coated his donkey costume all over, making it feel quite tight all over his body. But refusing to be defeated by a powder bottle, he held the bottle in his mouth and carried it that way back out of the barn and all the way back to where the donkey had been in the pile at. Stepping into the enclosure, Freddy spit the bottle out of his mouth and looked into the spot where the donkey had been and he wasn't there.

                "Now where did he get off to?" he asked. But as he was turning around to leave the enclosure, he suddenly was grabbed and pulled directly into the position where the other donkey had been!

                End of Chapter 08


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                  Chapter 09

                  In the meantime, Marilyn Prince had chosen to give Eddie and Teddy some time off from home schooling by driving the boys into Coolsville for a special treat. When they arrived at the Coolsville studio lot of the New World Mutants, the boys saw right away what their treat was: both the Swat Kats and the Road Rovers were on the set signing autographs. Both boys were ecstatic!

                  Teddy went over to the Swat Kats and got autographs and was asking them lots of questions.

                  Eddie got autographs from all of the Road Rovers, then slowly looked around when he noticed that he was missing one autograph. "Um, Hunter?"

                  "What is it, sonny?" asked the Road Rover leader with a smile.

                  "Where is Blitz?" inquired Eddie with a frown. "I didn't get his autograph. Did you kick him off the team?"

                  Hunter sighed. "He is back over there at our motor home. He thought no one would want to see him. Exile, Colleen, and I usually get all the fans." He then gave Eddie directions for getting to the motor home's parking spot.

                  Eddie nodded his head and headed off to get the elusive autograph.

                  Colleen asked, "On the show, I just obey what the producers have me say to Blitz, but I actually hate doing it. Blitz gets depressed pretty easily."

                  Hunter hugged her. "Yeah, I know. Our producers suck tennis balls."

                  Exile grinned. "So do you, leader boy!"

                  Hunter replied with a smile, "But they are so good!"

                  At the almost secluded motor home, Eddie knocked on the door. "Blitz? Are you in there?" he asked hoping he would get to meet Blitz.

                  When the door opened, he saw an anatomically correct anthropomorphic male doberman standing there who looked as if he had been getting really excited over either a girly magazine or some naughty video. But this was certainly not Blitz. "Who are you?" asked Eddie not knowing if he came to the wrong motor home or what. "I am looking for Blitz."

                  The sexy doberman smiled. "This is right motor home. I'm his stunt double, Sturm. When you see Blitz in all those extremely dangerous stunts in the show that would kill a human... that's me doing those actions. And I enjoy doing it. Welcome to the wheeled Casa De Blitzensturm... Doberman Rover Central on Wheels. Blitz is back in the bedroom. I thought I heard the shower running so he might be doing that. Are you a doberman fan or did Colleen put you up to this?"

                  Eddie grinned. "Girls are icky. I was getting everyone's autographs and I noticed that I didn't get the most important autograph. Blitz's. But I didn't know about the stunt doubles. I can get your autograph, if you want the star treatment too."

                  Sturm invited the boy into the motor home and closed the door behind him. Inside, there were all manner of sex toys, S & M equipment, and naughty male canine centerfold like posters all over the walls. In one corner there was a personal gym and over on one shelf was a complete line of Toon Doberman hygiene products and sprays. The whole environment smelled like a jock's locker room.

                  The boy blinked his eyes at all of the ahem adult stuff. "Um... which way to Blitz?"

                  The stunt dog pointed the boy down the back hallway of the motor home and walked part of the way with him before saying, "My room is in here. If you ever want to learn some neat stunts, come on by and talk to me. Blitz's room is in the very back behind that door back there. Just go on in and admire him while he's showering." And then Sturm entered his room leaving the door slightly ajar.

                  As Eddie just barely cleared the door to Blitz's bedroom, he suddenly tripped and fell head first into some sort of weird machine with mechanical hands, canine dildos and milky baby bottle nipples.

                  End of Chapter 09


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                    Chapter 10

                    Blitz who was dressed up in a black tuxedo and Exile who was simply wearing his standard uniform had Eddie outside in front of his mother where the two rovers were using a first aid kit to tend to the boy's bruises he sustained when he fell into the machine. Blitz said, "He is lucky it wasn't plugged in, Exile."

                    "Why you all spiffed up in that suit?" asked the Russian Husky. "Did I not get an invitation to something?"

                    "My brother in Germany is getting married," replied the Doberman. "Would you rather go in my place?"

                    Exile made an awful face. "Wait... the brother who thinks he is better than you in everything? That brother? No thank you. But wait! He said you would never gain a fan and you have one now. This boy wants your autograph. Maybe you could get his mother's permission to take him with you to the wedding and then your brother could see how wrong he was."

                    Blitz blushed as he glanced at Mrs. Prince. "I-I-I don't know... she looks scary. Especially when she heard how the boy got hurt in my motor home in your machine."

                    Just then, a male Rottweiler wearing an old Romanian rain coat over a Romanian style outfit and an old world style hat with a feather in it arrived on the scene. He walked over and knelt where Eddie was getting treated. With a wave of one paw... a magical effect occurred and all of the bruises and hurts simply vanished. He then said in a most fluent European accent, "Sorry I'm late, guys. My son needed my attention and my husband was being demanding."

                    Exile nodded his head. "It's okay, Muzzle. You didn't miss much. But now that you're here, you can give Eddie your autograph. He likes us Road Rovers."

                    Eddie blinked his eyes. "You're Muzzle? You're not in the straitjacket and hospital gurney?"

                    "That is only for the TV show, son," he replied. "This is how I dress off camera." Muzzle then signed Eddie's autograph book with a smile. "There you go. Cherish it forever."

                    Blitz then signed Eddie's autograph book and said, "If the team had more ladies and one or two more guys... I might be convinced to renew my contract next year. But as is... I am seriously thinking about accepting that one job offer I had received last week. I get tired of the same old line-up all the time. Anyway, I got to go to a wedding now. Not that I want to. My brother thinks I am a loser. Personally, I think he is just using the wedding to show off his new Fraulein."

                    At that moment, a shout was heard from both Swat Kats as the Turbo-Kat Jet suddenly lifted off on its own and began flying off to the South. "I thought you removed the keys from the ignition, T-Bone!"

                    The bigger muscle Kat replied, "I did!" He dangled them in from of Razor in plain view. "See? It acted like the remote control auto-pilot activated!"

                    Razor released a pretty bad swear word. "That boy was in the jet, pal! We gotta go get him back here!"

                    Eddie said toward his mother, "Sounds like Teddy was kidnapped, mom! You gonna pull out your cape and go after him? I can stay here with the Rovers! I know I won't get in any trouble! I promise!" Of course he had his fingers crossed behind his back. "I can use the time to talk to Sturm about the stunt work he does! He said I could visit him later! The Turbo Kat is getting further away!"

                    Marilyn grabbed both arms of T-Bone and Razor, and started ushering them off toward the family car. "Let's get going, you two. We have to go find your jet and my son."

                    Once Mrs. Prince and the two Mega Kats were gone, Colleen asked Eddie, "Guv? Do you always cross your fingers behind your back when you make a promise to your mom?"

                    "I'd never get to have any fun if I didn't, Colleen," he replied as he started looking around the filming lot. "It's no different from all the times you've told your producers that you were going to get some sleep, then sneak out and hit a few dance clubs with that pudgy Corgi girl you hang out with after hours. I remember seeing her photo with you in one of the tabloids."

                    "Touche, guv," said rover collie with an obvious blush, after which Eddie headed off to explore.

                    Hunter eyed Colleen with an obvious grin. "You do THAT?" He was starting to giggle.

                    Exile laughed. "Maybe she is just exploring both sides of the fence, eh Comrades!"

                    Blitz petted Colleen on the back. "Ignore them; they only laugh because what they do is worse."

                    End of Chapter 10


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                      Chapter 11

                      "Thanks for getting me out of that sticky spot," said Freddy as his rescuer, an oily, scale covered, goat boy assisted in cutting the costume off of the human boy's body. "You say my clothes weren't in the tack shed?"

                      "Hold still," the scaly goat boy replied as he worked with the leather cutting clippers. "I looked all over the tack shed and all I saw was another donkey costume like the one you're wearing. They usually have customers put those on so they can try out being the animal of their desire without getting stuck as one. I guess you simply ended up with a faulty costume since you couldn't get yourself free of it." He smiled as he then said, "My name is Blimey. Yeah, just like the British exclamation word."

                      "I'm Freddy Prince and I think you are really good looking," he replied as he held still for the clippers as they maneuvered between his skin and the costume.

                      "So what brought you into the Plundered Desire?"

                      "The what?" countered Freddy as he heard the name of the place for the first time. "Is that where I am?"

                      Blimey giggled. "Yeah, this is the Plundered Desire. Its an adult type of club where sexually minded people explore their fantasies. That section I freed you from is called the Donkey Farm. It is where asinine fornication occurs between any gender, although it is almost always all male. Normally, you have to pay to get in through the front and they don't allow anyone under the age of 18 to even enter unless you have an adult escort. And I can see right away that you're under aged yourself. So are you with someone or did you get in another way?"

                      Freddy honestly told Blimey about following a scaly boy into a back alleyway where the scaly boy used a key to unlock the back entrance and went inside; and before the door closed fully, Freddy had run over and grabbed the door and gone in himself where he continued to follow the boy downstairs. "But upon reaching the first landing, I didn't see where the boy had gone and then I saw the Donkey Farm, so I went in since one of my friends elsewhere is a donkey. One of the donkeys in one enclosure asked me to help him so I chose to do as he asked. He directed me to the tack shed and when I went in, there was this smelly pool of wet stuff on the floor which I fell in, then I got out, removed my clothes, and then I put on the costume I found, tried to grab the powder the guy wanted, which poofed all over my costume, then I returned and I got stuck."

                      Blimey stopped clipping the costume at that point. "Oh boy... you had an encounter with the ghost of the scaly boy who used to work at the Underclub a hundred years ago. He would show up in the alleyway, unlock the back door, and go inside, where he would descend all the way down to the Underclub where he would go to the dressing rooms and enter one... before promptly disappearing. You aren't the first one to be curious enough to follow him. The story goes that there was an electrical accident in the Underclub and the scaly boy was electrocuted. His ghost still arrives for work and proceeds to the place where he enjoyed being the most." He resumed clipping the costume.

                      Freddy felt really sorry for the ghost of the scaly boy at that point. "I just wanted to make friends with him. He was really cute; that's what attracted me to him to begin with. Are you sure he is a ghost? No other scaly boys have keys to the back door?"

                      The oily scaled goat boy made the final snip of the clippers which caused the costume to fall off of Freddy's sweaty naked body. "A few of us employees have keys to the back door, but none of us would break the rules to let a handsome cutie like you inside no matter how much we wanted you to have a good time. So it had to be the ghost. Anyway, you're free of the costume although you really need to take a shower now. Come with me to the Underclub and I'll let you use the performer's shower room. As for clothes, we'll just have to see about getting you some replacements. We can have our tailor measure you. How many sets of clothes do you have left at home?"

                      "I only have two sets of clothes and shoes left," he said as he walked with his new friend down the stairs. "I lost one set of clothes while helping Jake Aston get free from a black rubber pool. And now I've lost a set of clothes in the Donkey Farm. If I lose all my clothes, my mom won't let me make any more outings. I got away with explaining how a rubber pool dissolved my clothes the first time. But I don't know if she would believe my losing a set of clothes in a tack room."

                      "Unless she saw a toon wearing your clothes and she recognized them as your clothes..." suggested Blimey. "That way you could tell her that you were helping a business owner and someone struck you from behind and when you woke up in an alleyway, you found yourself naked. A nice goat boy helped you get the proper care and some replacement clothes." He then paused.

                      "Say... how would you like a Friday night job here at the Underclub?" asked Blimey with a smile. "All you'd have to do is walk across the stage naked before the patrons, stand behind a podium, and read off the performers and acts that would be appearing that night. And before you decline, let me explain: none of the patrons are locals; they are from the Underworld itself. Therefore only demons, devils, imps, and Hellions would be seeing you naked. You could store your clothes in my dressing room. At least think about giving it a try just once. It's a paying job and that could help your family."

                      Freddy was intrigued since he would be working where Blimey worked and no one in Terryville would be seeing him naked. Plus, he could use an allowance...

                      End of Chapter 11


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                        Chapter 12

                        That night in the Prince farm house...

                        "What did you say happened with mom?" asked Freddy to his brother Eddie as they enjoyed a meal around the dinner table.

                        "She went crazy when the Swat Kats' Turbo Jet kidnapped Teddy from the autograph signing session," he replied with a giggle. "And after she left, I got to meet one of those really handsome and cool Arden pizza hounds. I got $100 simply for showing him where places were on a map of Coolsville."

                        Teddy said, "I didn't touch any of the controls! Turns out that a mechanic down at one of the jet service stations accidentally activated the remote control pilot to bring the jet in for its routine maintenance. He was really surprised to see me in the jet and then he looked embarrassed when the Swat Kats and mom showed up to rescue me."

                        Marilyn sighed as she looked at the uniform that Freddy was wearing. "Need I ask what happened to your clothes this time?"

                        "One of those hoodlum toons in town hit me from behind and when he found out that I didn't have any money, he stripped me and left me naked in an alleyway behind an adult theater building. And before you ask what I did with my money you gave me... I had put it in the glove compartment of Dad's car before we went into town and then I forgot that I'd put it in there until later that afternoon. When I woke up, this scaly goat boy named Blimey had brought me inside the theater and into his dressing room where he had a doctor making sure I wasn't seriously injured. After the doctor cleared me, Blimey gave me these clothes to wear, one of the costumes from his dressing room, which I have to return to him later... and he asked me if I wanted a Friday night job as a performance barker. The way it works is that I walk across the stage with a smile as I wave at the crowd, then I stand behind a podium and I read the notes explaining what acts are starting. The last guy who did it got hired away and now they desperately need someone to fill the position. I told them that I'd have to ask you guys for permission to do the job."

                        Theodore hummed. "And this would be for just once a week on a Friday night for pay?"

                        "That's right, dad. If I did this, then I'd be earning my allowance and be gaining a work skill in town. So can I do it?"

                        Eddie quickly said, "Since we're on the topic of jobs... the pizza hound asked me if I wanted to have a part time job helping him at Arden Pizza. Unlike Freddy's employment offer, mine is every afternoon between 3 and 6 PM in Coolsville. Meaning... while its still light outside. Mom could drive me in to the job at 3 and pick me up at 6. All I have to do is help him get his blue backpack on and then hold the map while he delivers pizzas. The alternative job position lasts from 7 AM to 9 PM and I'd be working inside the pizza parlor itself. If I had to do the last one, I'd miss all the home schooling sessions mopping floors and cleaning tables, at first. I was also told that Arden's manager can provide in-job training if I want a higher paying job... like pizza delivery."

                        Theodore arched an eye. "I thought they only let the hounds deliver the pizzas..."

                        Teddy now said, "I got to meet Lamone when we got home, Freddy, and he said that his master was getting ready to hire someone to help with filing at the Witch Cat school across the road. Lamone asked mom if it was okay for me to work over there. I hope she says yes cause Lamone is really fluffy looking."

                        Freddy said, "I just had a great idea! Mom and dad haven't had a decent honeymoon of their own in a long time. Tomorrow is Friday night. Mom and dad can give us all permission to spend three days with our employers while they go off to a spa resort in Port Ottercrest. I've heard its a tourist spot and they have romantic accommodations. Mom would take Teddy to Arden's at 3 PM; I'd do my evening chores and make sure the animals had food and water for three days; at 5 PM mom would drop me off in Terryville while Teddy joined up with Lamone for a three day weekend with the magic cats across the road. Then mom and dad would head off for Port Ottercrest from Terryville. Mom and dad would return on Monday afternoon and then they could check on the rest of us to make sure we're okay. Sound like a plan? Come on... please?"

                        Teddy was a pro at the sad puppy eyes and he used them.

                        Marilyn grinned. "Now I think you're trying to get rid of us."

                        Freddy grinned back. "Weren't you the one who was saying the other day how you'd like to drag dad off to a private place for a few days once someone told you that Mighty Mouse has a human sized bed at work?" He winked, giggling.

                        As Marilyn blushed, Theodore laughed. "Yes, he does have that bed at work, but it's not for sex, Freddy. It is used for the after lunch nap that he likes to take and being a healthy man myself, I don't have to snooze after lunch. Besides, I've seen what he eats and that is too much glowing cheese for anyone."

                        End of Chapter 12
                        End of Episode One: Another Prince Charming

                        Stay tuned for Episode Two: Weekend at Work