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[APQC] RD-03 Donkey Pride and The Wild Ride

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  • [APQC] RD-03 Donkey Pride and The Wild Ride

    Clementine - Q.C. Southlands

    APQC: RD-03 Donkey Pride and The Wild Ride
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Ratseye/Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Brer Peter and Willy Gator with Carl Weston in tow arrived at Lord Bootlegger's casual cabin like home on the edge of the South river. Within they could overhear what sounded like a Founder Core meeting with the Dog Lords.

    Lord Albert was saying, "...and as per our original agreement, before bringing in Northern made species costumes... you, your dog lord and dog lady advisors get to personally examine these costumes for inappropriate magics that are not welcome in the South. Carl Weston the Sponsor House boy requested a few species costumes and the permission to learn magic from me. While I am not looking for a new familiar, I am following the rules you initially laid out for when I agreed to permit the South to participate in the sponsor program."

    Lord Bootlegger remarked, "It is good that you remembered that little rule, Alby. I had about forgotten about it. I was not in a good mood the day I was laying down the Southern rule along with my personal charm." He then sniffed the air. "Although, I for some reason am now smelling Carl as well as Peter and Willy within close range of this cabin; although I cannot imagine as to why."

    Amaterasu went over to the front door and opened it revealing the three boys with a fist raised to knock on the door. "It is the three of them, Booty Boy." She ushered them inside and closed the door once again. "Make it good, boys. We are here fulfilling one of the Dog Lords' rules and after that, we have more pressing matters in Terryville, Meta Star City and Sea Spray Hills to deal with."

    Brer Peter was nervous as he honestly explained what he had been doing with Carl just earlier and what odd effect they had encountered in regards to Carl's unusual Cursed Virgin status. "Since this is not a normal thing for a human boy to have, sirs and ladies, Willy thought it would be best if we bring it to your attention. I was actually afraid that I had messed up my first time with someone I really like. Carl is a lot of fun; I just wasn't expecting him to be a C.V."

    Bootlegger stroked the fur on his canine jaw. "You must really like him since you actually bathed on a Saturday. I know how you prefer to be muddy to cover up your homeliness. But as I have told you before, Peter, being homely in the South is a mark of personal beauty. Apparently Carl didn't think you were ugly since he permitted you to show him a good time." He then turned to look to Albert and the others. "You never mentioned a sexual curse when you told me about Carl's qualifications for being in the South. I hope the surprise is as equal as my own."

    Founder Core converged to stand around Carl as they all knelt down to begin giving him a magical examination; something that should have been down before permitting him into the South. Lord Albert commented, "Willy is right; Carl's sexual appendages and openings do seem to be bewitched. While he did have a virgin scent, I didn't think it was caused by a spell, let alone a curse. Again for the public record, I am not looking for a new familiar. I especially do not want one that is cursed, for the spell could effect anyone trying to claim him as their own." He then looked to the Dog Lords. "When he was initially examined at A.I.R.S. Depot, he passed his physical and mental examinations although a magical scan was overlooked likely because of the distracting scent he is unwittingly exuding."

    Lord Purzo then said, "On a side topic, gentlemen, the weigh station which was the former house of prostitution in Clementine was not supposed to become the Sponsor House; It was a rest stop only to give the boys a chance to unwind and get used to Clementine. Yet two days later, the boys are still living there and we have two more boys about to move in. Lord Bootlegger, is the plantation estate house ready for occupation for the boys or did that idea fall through?"

    Bootlegger replied, "The plantation house is closer to the railway depot yet further away from the Clementine school. It is surrounded by herd grounds on all sides of whom the stallions and bucks therein are very responsible. And since the weigh station may have contributed to Carl's condition, I will personally have the boys moved into the plantation estate house as of today."

    Amaterasu then asked, "How could the former house of prostitution contribute to Carl's sexual curse? I am just curious."

    Bootlegger then stood up and faced the goddess fully. "As a Far Eastern goddess, Lady Amaterasu, what I am about to tell you may make some sense. The madame of the house was a Far Easterner herself and she preferred her girls to have magical protection to continuously retain their tight virginity and scent in order to please the gentlemen all the better. More often than not, the spell was not cast directly on the girls but upon their personal beds instead. That way when the girls slept for the night, their natural conditions were restored to their former youthful conditions for the next gentleman to enjoy. It is likely that Carl accidentally slept within one of these beds and that would explain his magical condition currently. If this is the case, the spell effect can be easily removed by any lord or lady and there would be no harm done."

    Brer Peter smiled from the side. "If that is the case and I also have heard of these magical beds, then I truly did nothing wrong with my first time with Carl. I am so glad since I was afraid that I was broken."

    Lord Paul then rose back up with a smile. "Thanks to Willy's quick thinking, we were able to resolve Carl's problem without resorting to deportation. You do your father proud, Willy." The toon latex coated gator blushed at the praise since it wasn't likely he would get such praise later. Paul then said, "I only hope Robert is staying out of trouble while we are all distracted here."

    End of Chapter 01

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    Chapter 02

    Usanine was finally out of his mud hole as he approached the peach row blackberry bushes to get something to eat and as he lowered his head to nibble at a few sweets, his nostrils detected the fragrance of Robert's clothes in a pile saturated with Carney's musk. Then when he saw the pile of clothes neatly folded in front of himself, he teleported back to his mum, the unicorn buck leader to make the report. "Mum! Carney changed Robert into a unicorn without yer permission! Come quick!"

    Since Sungrain was nearby when Usanine made that announcement, he charged over to the peach row bushes at the same time that the unicorns made their teleport. Sungrain actually liked Robert and this was an underhanded stunt for a unicorn to pull just to get down someone's pants.

    "See mum!" exclaimed the donkey unicorn hybrid. "Here are Robert's clothes and his shoes! Both his and Carney's scent are all over the clothes!"

    The unicorn buck sniffed the pile of clothes before straightening up and raising his voice, calling out, "CARNEY! WHERE ARE YOU? ANSWER ME!"

    On the back side of the peach orchard within Bosnan's Gully where most of the herd went to relieve themselves, Robert in his unicorn form was standing with his hind legs spread and his tail lifted toward the hole that contained unicorn manure. He was in the process of crapping out a steady stream of liquid pollutant waste that smelled bad and looked like it was glowing. "Ugh... that sounded like the herd buck, Carney," he said as he tried to focus on the task that Carney had brought him to the gully to do.

    Carney replied looking worried all of a sudden. "Someone probably found your clothes and assumed the wrong thing. You stay here and continue pumping out this toxic waste as I instructed you to do. I will go and confront my father. He may be Usanine's mother but in my case he is my father. I changed you without his specific permission so he is likely going to punish me... because I chose to care about someone who needed help badly. I hope to be back. Do not let any other unicorn have sex with you. If you get pregnant, then you have to give birth before you can be changed back into your human form. And birthing is not fun."

    Then he teleported back over into the peach orchard.

    When he arrived and saw Sungrain to one side he quickly turned his head and said toward the herd greeter. "Bosnan's Gully. Go." He then turned to face the unicorn buck leader once again. He all but ignored the hybrid. "I can explain, father!"

    Sungrain bolted off in the direction of Bosnan's Gully with Usanine following him.

    The unicorn buck leader focused an angry gaze upon Carney and said with control. "Make it good or else I will send you straight to Lord Bootlegger. Most of Founder Core are in the South today."

    Carney met his father's gaze and replied with some fear in his voice, "The body wash failed to work; all it did was to make Robert's hair grow out into the length of a horse's or a unicorn's mane which he trimmed off before coming back outside. At that point, I offered to help him with the unspoken cure that you gave me back when I was dying from radiation poisoning before you made the body wash. I used to be human myself and the transformation cure you gave me absolutely worked on me. You told me at the time that transformation was actually a purification process and the activity always worked. I explained to Robert that he would only be a unicorn temporarily and just long enough to crap out the toxic pollutants that was making him sick. After his transformation, I took him straight to Bosnan's Gully where he could pump out the toxic radiation. Same as you did with me. In fact, I did exactly as you did with me. If you are angry with me because I cared enough to give my cure to someone else, then go ahead and be a hypocrite as you punish me."

    The unicorn buck growled under his breath before saying, "It is a good thing you said 'temporarily' or else you would be in front of the Lords and Ladies right now explaining your trappy devious trick to them. I am not going to punish you because you chose to share your cure with someone who needed it. But you should always ask me first since I can control my hormonal seed when mounting someone; you could have accidentally had made Robert pregnant without meaning to. And should that be the case, he would be stuck as a unicorn for the next three weeks. Bootlegger would definitely find out then. Lets go see how Robert is doing."

    When they arrived within view of the blond maned and blond tailed white unicorn that was Robert, Usanine could barely contain himself. Sungrain was speechless over Robert's fantastic appearance. Robert's spiraled horn was the same color as his hide but it had a light blue glow around it that was the same color as his eyes. "Um... ugh... hello sir. Please do not be angry at your son for offering to help me get rid of the toxic illness."

    The unicorn buck slowly approached Robert and looked him over. "I have never seen a unicorn body in your coloration in all my life, Robert. Despite Carney not asking me first, you turned out fantastic. Quite fabulous in fact. Let me explain the rest of his story so you know everything. When Carney was suffering from his sickness, he agreed to anything to be cured of the radiation illness. He couldn't afford medical coverage like you could. He agreed to join the herd as a unicorn permanently to be cured of his sickness. In fact, if he hadn't told you that you would only be like this temporarily, then this would be your body for life."

    End of Chapter 02


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      Chapter 03

      Back at Sponsor House, Huckleberry Hound led Adonis Chadmore inside and showed him to his new room. "Brady, the school principal will be by to see you tomorrow night. Enjoy your new home, Adonis." And he headed off again.

      Adonis quietly unpacked his gear and he set up his stereo system. And soon... the rocking sounds of Donkey Bash were vibrating throughout his room.

      He soon received a toon mail package from a small bird holding out a pad for his signature. Adonis smiled and he signed the form. "Thanks." And he took the package and opened it. It was the very latest CD with the whole 'Fan Kit' only personalized just for him with his name and the band's signatures and everything.

      Adonis said, "AWESOME!"

      There was also a note from the leader of the group. 'Welcome to the Planet!' etc. But it looked hand written and used his name as well. So it was not some form letter. It was actually written to him.

      Adonis said, "I hope I get to see Donkeyberry Finn and Jack Ass from the Ass of Spades! They are my favorite actors! I wonder how the Donkey Bash found out that I was here?" He grinned. "I am really excited! They really wrote to me!" Adonis was super excited and glad he knew so many cartoon donkeys!

      The Donkey Bash band lived and played at the teen hangout in Clementine. Adonis was ecstatic when he heard that his favorite band lived in the southern town he was getting to live in. If it wasn't donkey related, Adonis wasn't interested in it. He's a donkey fan. And because of his one species like... he likely wouldn't be in much trouble. Unless Donkeyberry Finn's or Jack Ass' kids were like Willy's friends were. Not likely.

      Huckleberry Hound soon led Jason Darkmoore inside the Sponsor House and showed him to his new room. "Brady, the school principal will be by to see you tomorrow night. Enjoy your new home, Jason." And he headed off once again.

      Jason nodded his head to the hound and headed inside his room. He lifted his shades and tossed his duffel bags on the bed, "Nice place..."

      It was a nice weight station. There were enough bedrooms for 12 boys total on both second and third floors. The ground floor rooms were shared by everyone.

      Jason stretched a bit and said with as he thought for a moment, saying aloud, "I heard someone likes a band." He started putting his things away. Setting up an expensive and high qualify pair of laptops on the desk and his football and baseball gear in the closet along with his clothes. Jason was into sports, computers, and rebel gangs. He was rather like Jackson Knightmane in many ways; but he was too young to get moonshine on his own.

      Jason flopped down on his bed, staring at the ceiling, "Seems quiet." He then jumped up. "Well I'm bored. Time to find something to do."

      Except for the Donkey Rock in the other room, it was quiet. Jason meant quiet as in 'nothing happening'. He knocked loudly on the open door to Adonis' room.

      Adonis glanced over toward the open doorway. He was wearing a brown football helmet with large donkey ears wielded on top. "Hey! I guess you're my new housemate!"

      Jason raised a brow and chuckles, "Your an ass."

      Adonis grinned back as he said, "Thanks!" High praise to be compared to Asses!

      Jason chuckled and figured it would be. "You are the only other one here today?"

      Adonis said, "I was told there were two others but with my music going, I was sure one of them would have said something by now." He walked over to his stereo and turned it off. "I'm a Donkey Bash fan. I just finished putting the fan posters of the band members up on my walls." One of the posters showed a Donkey Rebel. He's one of the band members. He then took the helmet off and set it on his desk. "Adonis Chadmore." Jason grinned. "Adonis ChadMORE?" He laughed and pointed to himself, "Jason DarkMOORE." Adonis said, "Glad to meet you, Jason. So what are your main likes?"

      Jason chuckled, "I guess you sum it with 'Southern Comfort', sports, animals, toons and rebel gangs." He nodded to the poster, "Which I see you are familiar with. They wouldn't let me bring my motorcycle during the initial trip. I'm 15, god damn it! I built it with my own two hands!" Jason waved a hand, "But ah... I'll build another one here, I suppose." He grinned, "I've been designing my next one in AutoCAD on my laptops. It is gonna be one sweet ride. So I may ask your Ass friend for where he gets his parts from. Maybe some others if I can find a good biker/rebel bar."

      Adonis replied, "Oh yeah! That one is Shadow Ass! He's a guitarist with the Donkey Bash! Motorcycle, black leather gear and the rest! He runs a Biker Shop and a Biker Garage. His sign reads, Custom Rides For Yer Ass! Why don't we see if he will let you use his garage and shop so you can build your new motorcycle?"

      Jason said, "Cool with me. So, he's a Guitarist huh? I would have thought those big thick things most donkey toons have would get in the way." He was shown a photo of Shadow in front of his shop and garage. "That's what he does when he's not playing the guitar," remarked Adonis. Jason checked out the picture. "Cute."

      End of Chapter 03


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        Chapter 04

        Adonis said, "I don't know how Donkey Bash found out that I was moving in today. They sent me a gift and a hand written note. I also like Donkeyberry Finn and Jack Ass from Ass of Spades."

        Jason said, "I dunno. Maybe it's a big deal." He grinned, "Your really into jack asses, huh?"

        Adonis said, "The ones and only. I figured that one species would get me in less trouble than being a fan of many. Those other two boys aren't here, so I'm sure they are out in some sort of trouble caused by multiple species."

        Jason said, "Meh. Species aren't the problem. I'll tell you what the problem is. Sex. Plain and simple. Sexual encounters are the root of all evil." He grinned wickedly, "But that's not to say they aren't fun; it's the main reason they are trouble."

        Adonis replied, "Well... I've had sex with one of the band members' sons... when they were visiting Earth once... we didn't get in any trouble there."

        Jason said, "On Earth, I'm sure it was quite different than here. But that's just my philosophy. If you aren't ready for trouble, keep your pants on."

        Adonis remarked, "Well, he was wanting to try it and he was a gentleman."

        Jason grinned, "I understand. How was it?"

        Adonis said, "I think you'd like it. He said I was good. And I think he was good. Toon Physics prevented damages."

        Jason chuckled. "Safe assumption."

        Adonis said, "No assumption involved. He told me that Toon Physics would be used when we did it. Otherwise, I wasn't sure if I would have tried it. But I believed his word and he was right."

        Jason raised a brow... "Um, the ASSUMPTION was that I would like it."

        Adonis said, "No assumption there, either. You would like it. They are gentlemen."

        Jason said, "Maybe but it's an assumption until we put it into practice." he chuckled, "Your a silly guy; I like you."

        Adonis said, "Well, the ASSumption always has a nice Rebel ASS in it." He winked.

        Jason chuckled, "You are SUCH an ASS."

        Adonis said, "I know. My enemies back home would call me an ASS hole, and I would loudly say with a smile, 'Thank you!' They would get so mad after that, too!"

        Jason giggled, "Ever thought about having hooves?"

        Adonis said, "SURE! I've had dreams about it!"

        Jason laughed, "Well maybe you'll get a chance."

        Adonis then said, "In one dream, I was on Pleasure Island and Lampwick tells me that he can't change me into a donkey because I already am one."

        Jason grinned back. "Yeah your an ass alright."

        Adonis said, "Well, at least I own a football helmet."

        Jason said, "I have a full set of baseball and football equipment if you ever need to share."

        Adonis said, "We'll see. I'm an ass though."

        Jason chuckled, "Yes, yes you are. And if you start spurting a tail through my uniform, your payin' for the repair bill."

        Adonis laughed; at least he didn't laugh like a donkey.

        Jason chuckled and patted Adonis on the back, "I'm sure you'll be braying like a real ass in no time."

        Adonis giggled. "What are your favorite toons and animals?

        Jason hrmed, "Yah, That's a DAMN good question and I haven't the foggiest. Isn't it grand?" He grinned. "'course I can't say I'm disinclined to decide. It's just somewhat difficult given all the permutations. Animals I suppose would be easier and for that I'd say Canines, Horses and Rats/Mice. However I can find things to enjoy in others as well; my mother had a pet cat; my uncle still does."

        Adonis said, "So you like Lord Albert?"

        Jason replied, "Yes. In his own way, he is adorable."

        End of Chapter 04


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          Chapter 05

          Adonis remarked dreamily, "I was processed by and got to meet Lord Paul. Now he is a stud!"

          Jason said, "Would I wish to be in a relationship beyond that with him? No. I saw him at the station and I agree. Purzo was also cute."

          Adonis said, "I've heard that Purzo is into the New Age stuff."

          Jason said, "Indeed...Interesting!"

          Adonis said, "So... what should we do now? I don't have the foggiest of where the others are."

          Jason said, "We could check their rooms..."

          Adonis said, "Good idea."

          Jason says, "I'll take the left and you take the right?"

          Adonis headed off and looked inside Robert's room. The typical pictures of Sorcerer Skunk, Bayou Fox, Briar Bear and Barrister Hare were on the walls. "This guy is an oddity; I wonder what the other boy is like?" He returned to meet with Jason in the hallway.

          Jason met with Adonis and said, "These rooms over here are empty."

          Before they could go look into Carl's room, they both heard Robert return with something walking on cloven hoofs.

          "Thanks for leading me back to my clothes, Cornelius. And please don't punish Carney too much for wanting to help me with the cure. I feel fine and I didn't get stuck; he kept his word. True you were right there to make sure he did."

          Adonis whispered to Jason briefly, "I owe you a dollar if the so-called cure involved sex."

          Jason whispered back, "You're on."

          The unicorn buck leader (Cornelius, obviously) was a handsome bloke as he came into view walking along side the equally handsome human boy (Robert Domingo). "He should have gotten my permission first; if he hadn't used the word temporarily in his explanation to you, I swear, you would have a unicorn skin suit made from his hide to wear. We are lucky his sexual mounting and horn insertion didn't get you both pregnant and stuck as a unicorn. I do not want to be on the receiving end of Lord Bootlegger and Founder Core..." He paused as he noticed Adonis handing Jason a dollar. "Of which, they are approaching the weigh station right now. I was just making sure Robert got back in one piece. My sons will be getting a lecture tonight in the matters of lusting over a human boy."

          Adonis then asked, "Are there any donkeys in that herd field?"

          Cornelius nodded his head but then he added, "Yes but I am going to give you the added warning so you don't go and get stuck. The humanoid donkeys in Clementine are polite enough to use protection and they will promise to help you stay human; the feral donkeys would fuck you right out of your humanity and then you would be stuck that way. As well as pregnant. You can make friends with the ferals, but if you value your humanity, keep your pants on. They cannot help you return to normal as we unicorns and the lords of the region can."

          The unicorn buck then said, "If you want to make this into a game to help you focus, you can. Who can stay human the longest? The winner gets a boon; the loser can ask to be restored. I sadly have to tell Bootlegger and Founder Core what my sons did earlier. I am afraid, naturally, but in order to retain the rights to live in the South, I have to obey the rules."

          Jason smiled. "At least you are responsible and you made sure Robert got back human and intact."

          At that moment, the Lords and Ladies of the South along with Founder Core entered the weigh station building with Carl, Cole, Peter and Willy in tow. Lord Bootlegger (whom appeared to be a rather normal looking Black Labrador with a red headband on his head, wearing a black tee shirt and blue jeans) said, "Time to get these boys over to the actual Sponsor Plantation House as soon as possible. And as for Jason, I sincerely hope the indiscretion on his sponsor forms can be cleared up to prevent his deportation. He chose the South but I can understand Cheer Bear's rules well enough to avoid getting the Care Bear Stare myself."

          Jason was quick to pipe up. "What indiscretion? I filled out the papers entirely."

          Lord Paul approached Jason and showed him the previously missed line that Jason had accidentally forgot to fill in that asked for the name of the local in the region that he was choosing as a voucher just in case of emergencies."

          Adonis then said, "Jason told me that he was into rebels and motorcycles; and after my mentioning Shadow Ass from Donkey Bash, Jason wanted to meet him. Maybe Shadow could be Jason's Clementine Sponsor."

          End of Chapter 05