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    Planet Earth Blue - Frontier Future

    FF-EF-01 Beyond Revelation
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Pouchlaw/Ratseye)
    Written on 11/19/2015

    Chapter One

    Archaeology was never like this before. My dad taught me everything I currently know about this field of science before his disappearance. But I don't think my friends were prepared for what happened once we deciphered an ancient hieroglyph coated in one thousand years of dried mud and meteorite dust.

    Perhaps I should introduce myself and my team to you. Despite being teenagers, most of us are the last known humans from Planet Earth. The rest are locals of this world we are on now.

    I am Eugene Fairfax, the son of Professor Kiwanis Fairfax the Archaeologist. I stand around five feet nine inches tall with an average build and average weight for my height and I have blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. I would usually wear blue jeans, hiking shoes and a biker jacket over a white tee shirt, but conditions on this world haven't been kind to our clothes so my jeans are a little less than ragged shorts and my jacket is all I have left of my torso covering since I sacrificed the tee shirt to help provide a homemade bandage for a wound one of my friends sustained upon arrival on this world. The airship/house fared better than I thought it should have. At least we have a roof over our heads.

    My friend and part time colleague is Ulric Vladimir the ex-football jock. Yes, the guy built like a brick shithouse. six foot nine inches tall and can bench press nearly a thousand pounds. He bawled like a little baby when the airship crashed and he sustained the wound on his leg. Short black hair, brown skin, and green eyes. His pants are only a little better than my own. He accidentally left his shirt at the former last camp site. The lady with him is his fiance, Jerico Prince the registered nurse. If it weren't for Earth's last known doctor, I would be lugging a lot of the equipment around by myself. Jerico stands at six foot two inches tall and Ulric claims she once won a beauty pageant. She has long sandy blond hair, brown skin, and grey eyes. Her body is something else. Sadly, Ulric and Jerico are our only hope of procreating the human race from scratch. More on that in a moment.

    The two reporters we could have done without. I mean, they cannot stand each other and they are always fighting over something or another. Lucretia Kazimirez of the Soviet Daily Beacon and Horatio Urban of the Roman Catholic Register. Both are white people, sad to admit since they don't even act human most of the time. Lucretia has long curly red hair and green eyes while Horatio is bald with dark blue eyes. When it comes to work detail, they are both totally unreliable. They showed up to do separate stories on my missing father.

    The rest of the team are locals of the new world we are now stuck on. The slender naked wererat looking guy is perhaps the best worker that hooked up with us. All I have to do is suggest a task that needs done and he is ready to help me do it without question. I guess that's what happens when you free someone from a trap. Copernicus the wererat stands at five feet eight inches tall and weighs less than I do. He is covered in matted black fur but he has the prettiest violet eyes. They actually glow in the dark at night. I've been teaching him how to read and write English. He speaks well enough. He was the one who explained how most of the locals ended up on this world. Strangely most of their ancestors came from Earth like we did. They have been here on this world for quite a while.

    The female centaur and the male faun seem to be close friends. She is about my size and the faun is more Robin Goodfellow's size from a Midsummer Night's Dream who is more fey like than the Greek Satyrs and Fauns. They have been bringing us food and drink ever since we helped to solve an irrigation problem their farm had been having. Her name is Dalia and his name is Fain. They really grow some nice fruit and vegetables.

    The Flame Stallion that watches our activities from the nearby ridge is called Vulcan. He says he is a Nightmare Lord who was kicked out of his herd. I think he is too handsome to be a scary nightmare. The black wispy looking wolf whom is often assisting me when everyone else is being lazy claims to be a Hell Hound who has lost his powers. It is thanks to him that we have had meat on the table occasionally. I never ask who or what he killed to get the meat since we humans need meat to survive without attacking each other. The wolf's name is Nightfang.

    Then there is a musical Greek Satyr who is a jack of all trades and is a tinkering specialist for repairing mechanical things. His name is Jason. He says he was once human like us but an evil sorcerer changed him into a satyr. I'm not sure how true that is, but he is another one of the reliable and trustworthy people on the team.

    Shayla is our Werelion seamstress. She weaves material and can repair clothing. In fact, she has been working lately on repairing our pants and ruined shirts. When it comes to women, I like being around her. She can fight and hold her own easily. And she doesn't take any lip from Lucretia and Horatio at all. Of course, I have noticed Shayla using some magic herself which tells me that magic use is more common than science here on this new world. Shayla mentioned that she cannot understand why humans bother to wear clothes at all.

    Now for how we came to be the last known humans and the story on what happened to Earth. My mobile home which was shaped like a wooden sailing ship complete rigging for the dirigible balloon, motor and propeller was what I used to go to remote archaeology sites when I was working. I am barely nineteen and already working in my chosen profession. The year was 2163 and we were parked at the last known location my father was known to have traveled to before his disappearance four years prior. He and his team were all missing. No signs of foul play were evident since no one from that expedition was ever seen again. Ulric, Jerico and I didn't want to bring the two stupid reporters with us since they were loud and obnoxious to be around. And so damned lazy. Ulric threatened to throw them off the airship during the flight up to the site if they didn't shut up. Have I mentioned how built he is? Good. It is handy to have his muscles on this team. I think he also worked as a bar's bouncer once.

    We had just deciphered the symbols on a flat disc object we had found and we were in the process of discussing what Earth Blue meant. The disc was shaped like a planet and even had a light ring around it. Lucretia grabbed the disc and held it up to the side of a nearby imprint in the side of the cliff comparing the imprint to the disc. We noticed it was a perfect match and then before we could decide what that had to mean, stupid Horatio who was jealous that Lucretia was stealing his thunder again tried to snatch the disc out of her hands and during the struggle, he accidentally slammed the disc directly into the imprint. What came next was the warning rumble within the mountain we were parked on top of. Making a dive for the airship, I shouted for Ulric and Jerico to jump for it. They did so just as the reporters did the same. Jerico was easily able to get on board and thanks to the dumb asshole reporters, Ulric was injured when his leg slammed into one of the hooks on the side of the airship. I almost threw the two overboard myself at that point. Once I got the airship air borne, I removed my shirt and threw it to Jerico who was asking for white cloth to staunch the bleeding on Ulric's leg. The damned reporters didn't lift a finger to assist Jerico at all. That was all I could stand from these stupid people. I tied them up back to back and left them on the open deck of the airship while I went back in to pilot the ship to safety. Or at least to attempt to. But just as we were starting to gain altitude from the mountain, there came an explosion that literally tore open a hole in the sky and the airship fell through the hole and I fought to keep the airship from crashing. The last we saw of Earth was from the planet exploding through the self repairing hole we had just fell through into the new world.

    And now you know why I despise these stupid reporters. In their competitive stupidity against each other... they destroyed the Earth.

    End of Chapter One