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MLP-RL-02 Troubled Boys

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  • MLP-RL-02 Troubled Boys

    Rodeo Land (a male MLP series)
    Cloud Kingdoms - Ponyland

    MLP-RL-02 Troubled Boys.
    By James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter One.

    Christopher smiled back. "My full name was Christopher Saint, but before I got changed, the stallions had shortened that to Chris. After my change, they alternate between Chris and Saint. I am just glad they do not call me Mr. Saint."

    The princess said, "As I mentioned earlier, I was glad to see that your were already hovering because flight uses that as a base for doing everything else. While hovering, swish your tail and that will cause you to drift forward. Flapping your wings like a bird will give you additional lift. While hovering and moving forward, pull your head and horn upward which will tilt your wing angle diagonal and then flap your wings to climb into the sky. To fly downward, while moving forward, lower your head and horn toward an invisible target below you and your body will automatically begin flying toward that spot. To prevent yourself from going splat as you humorously put it earlier, bring your horn and head up so you can see forward and that will cause your body to make a swooping motion. I will demonstrate this at first and you pay attention to my body, wings and horn while I fly; then you try it."

    The following attempts were interesting to say the least. The only time Christopher had problems was when either Celestia or Luna flew too close to him and their proximity in relation to where he was in the air made him lose his balance. He even crashed into Celestia one time. Another problem was that he could not fly in the same manner as a pony. He could never acquire the Superman pose like he had seen the rest of the winged ponies pulling off. And they were younger than him. He seemed to be stuck in galloping feral form. When he flew, his legs constantly galloped.

    Christopher must have looked like he was about to call it quits when Celestia said, "Perhaps we should take a break, Chris. Canterlot wasn't built in a day and this is only the first lesson. I think you have learned a lot this first try. Everyone has their own style for flying. It is better that you use the method you are most comfortable with. We can try again in a few days. And do not worry about when you crashed on top of my back side like that. It was kind of fun in a brother and sister sort of way. Do not give up hope, Chris. Believe me, you did well for the first time. Some ponies take months to get as far as you did."

    Watching Celestia and Luna depart, Christopher growled at himself. "I suck at this. Every time someone flies too close to me while I am in the air, I fall out of the sky. I stink at this. I am never going to get good at flying. I wish there were an easier way."

    At that moment, a rather adorable looking young buck reindeer came trotting into the meadow where Christopher was once again hovering. "Hello Saint. Dad said I could play out here where you could see me. Why do you look so sad?"

    Choosing to tell the young buck the truth seemed to help him release some of his tears he had been holding back. "I suck at flying. I guess since I was born human, it is holding me back in learning how to do something as natural as breathing to a Pegasus."

    The young buck then said, "I shouldn't do this but since you are more deer than pony at the moment, there is an easier way. And you only have to do it once. After that, I can teach you how to air walk which extends into air running. You see, Reindeer don't really fly as you might have heard in Christmas stories. We air walk. And to learn air walking, you first need to eat some magic corn feed. I have some with me that I am not supposed to share with non-deer but since you are so sad at the moment, I want to help you without your making a mistake to ask a magic user for a short cut. Do you want to give it a try, Saint?"

    Christopher landed and accepted the magic corn from the young buck. Not long after swallowing the food, he found air walking easy to learn.


    We finally have the ranch in order for the troubled male teenagers, thought Saint as he and Oracle finished stocking the storage room. I think I did the right thing when I helped Bronco. The extra stallions have certainly helped to get things ready here on Rodeo's boys ranch. A few of the extras whom have been helping out are Ranger Pony, Adventure Pony, Lucky Pony, Disco Donkey, Angel Ass, Danger Donkey, Charger Caribou, Rusher Reindeer and Marathon Moose. They have all been very helpful around Rodeo Land. Discord taught me some more magic just last night; he said that I was learning better than anyone he has ever bothered to train in magic. Any way... the boys are due to arrive today and we should be seeing the first of the few arrivals within a few hours. I just hope they manage to stay human, unlike my stupid stallion or buck ass, whichever the case may be. It is rather weird that I am both stallion and buck rather than one or the other...


    Princess Celestia flew into view as she said, "I just saw the new boys disembarking from the train at the depot earlier, guys! They should be out here within the hour! They looked depressed; I sure hope you boys know what you are getting yourselves into!" And then she flew off in the direction of Canterlot.

    Rodeo then emerged from the boy's quarters and on to the porch of the boys ranch house. "We just got finished. Brighteyes, Applejack and Big Mac will be escorting the boys out here so they don't get lost."

    Christopher as Saint stepped forward and said, "I recall when I first arrived at the correctional ranch on Earth and how depressed I had been when I thought that I had been shipped off to the middle of nowhere. These boys are going to need to see that they are not alone. Of course, they will also need to be assigned a few chores so they can earn their reformation award. I had to do it but it was far harder on Earth; you guys are a pleasure to be around."

    Oracle then called out, "Hey Champion! The boys will be here soon! How is that ice cream coming along?"

    Champion smiled from the kitchen door. "Just finished adding in the last few ingredients and I have it hooked up to the automatic churner! It will be nice and cold for when the boys join us out here!"

    End of Chapter One.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

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    Chapter Two.

    Saint then asked, "How is that tiger boyfriend of yours, Champion? I know you went to see him the other day but since you returned, you haven't mentioned a word about him. Is he okay?"

    Champion's happy face turned into a sad one at that point. "He started drinking Scotch when he found out that the production crew over in his homeland would not let him be in his parents' TV show. When I went to see him, his breath almost bowled me over. The leader of their kingdom told me not to let him get his paws on any Ponyland liquor from now on or I could lose my friend. They have him on a double 'A' watch. Yet he still has liquor stashes all over the place. They have been trying to find them all and I was asked not to see him until they could get him cleaned up enough to be decent. After my dating him for several months, now I don't have a boyfriend anymore." He held back a quiet sob.

    Saint said, "I am so sorry, Champion. I didn't know. Had you told us when you returned, we could have shown you better support."

    Champion said, "I did not want to take the focus away from getting the ranch ready for the incoming boys."

    Rodeo then said, "You are our brother, Champion; of course we want to show you our support. Why don't you relax in the kitchen and we can bring the boys to see you once they get settled in. Your ice cream is the best, you know."

    Champion hugged his brother Rodeo fondly before backing off and going back inside the kitchen. "I'll try to cheer up before the boys check on me later. What are their names anyway?"

    Rodeo began reading off the rap sheet on the boys one at a time. "Kim O'Keeffe is the first of the troubled boys. Both of his parents are deceased while his brother Kelly works as a photographer for the Digitech Rescue Corporation. Kim likes hoofies a lot. He was arrested after breaking into a grocery store multiple times to get food for himself. His brother made the arrangements with the court system to get Kim sent to us here at the boys ranch. Next up is Thomas Newton nicknamed as Tommy. He spread Instant Wonder Glue all over the school faculty toilet seats after hearing about it in a Ray Stevens song. The faculty were not amused and they pressed charges when he was picked up by the police. Last up for this rap sheet is Jayceson Jordon or Jay for short. After his family died in a shooting, he ran away from every foster home they tried to place him in. He would have been sent to the same correctional ranch you attended, Saint, if they hadn't closed down after your stay." Saint said, "So we are his last hope for a turn around; is that it?"

    Rodeo nodded his muzzle. "That is the hope and concern of the courts on Earth. When the judge learned that you had joined the staff of our project, she pushed to get Jay signed up into our first year's program." Saint smiled. "We will certainly do our best to help all three of them. We can feed Kim; teach Tommy responsibility; and I can simply be Jay's friend. All in all, I am sure we can make their stay a good one."

    Oracle then said, "The mares and boys are arriving guys! Its show time!" Rodeo said, "Time to go meet our newest charges. Champion, you stay with the ice cream. Come on, Saint." And he led Saint outside of the ranch house to join Oracle on the porch.

    Coming around the corner of the ranch house on the nearby road were Brighteyes, Applejack and Big Mac while on their backs were the three boys and their suitcases. Rodeo and the other stallions then stepped out into the open. "Welcome to the Rodeo Land Boys Ranch. I am Rodeo. This is my brother Oracle. My other brother, Champion, is in the kitchen getting the ice cream ready. And this is our friend Saint. And no, he is not a minister nor a preacher. We will introduce the rest of the stallions, jacks and bucks tonight."

    Oracle and Saint then stepped off of the porch into the open where all three boys got their first look at the hottest stallion/buck on the ranch. Saint then said, "I used to be human; I joined the staff here to help Rodeo by using my previous correctional experience as a guide."

    Jay hugged Saint. "Will you take me on a flight later, Saint?"

    Saint blushed since he only recently learned how to fly. "Of course I will, Jay. But if you are planning on jumping off in a Blue Jay high dive, then you can forget it. I always have a few friends watching me when I am flying since I only recently learned how to fly. They will catch you. And if you land in the wrong area, you might get mounted and that will hurt."

    Jay had that look of 'Darn it, he knows!'

    Saint said, "I had the same thoughts when I was a troubled youth, Jay; the idea and reaction are not new. But I think you might cheer up if you get some of Champion's ice cream."

    Jay then said, "Saint, you guys didn't mention a tiger... I see one near the edge of the ranch house."

    Saint trotted over to the corner of the Ranch House and said to the tiger. "Champion is in the kitchen, Timesheart. He is sad over your condition. He was warned to make sure you didn't get any more Ponyland liquor. We know about your Double 'A' watch. Behave yourself and you can help us with the Boys Ranch. I am Christopher Saint, now known as Saint Pony since my transformation. Champion loves you, Timesy. Are you really going to take that away from him?"

    The tiger leaned his face into Saint's neck and sobbed. "They had me under house arrest. I couldn't even go to the bathroom without one of them coming with me. They were driving me crazy. I finally had to escape. Which wasn't easy. My friend Lighty showed up and I used him as the escort so I could get out of Care-a-lot."

    Saint asked, "If he was your escort, then where is he now?"

    Timesy smiled. "His twin siblings caught up with us as we were arriving at Kal's Chocolate factory. Lighty is trying to keep them out of the sticky chocolate; I gave him the slip and came up here because I knew today was to be the boys' arrival day and I wanted to see some joy before being dragged back to Care-a-Lot. Or more to the truth... Confine-a-Lot."

    Saint escorted Jay and the tiger in through the back door and into the kitchen. "Hey Champion! Look who came to see you!" Saint was luckily not in the line of pounce when Champion sailed through the air and landed on Timesy to hug and kiss on him!

    End of Chapter Two.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon