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MM: MD-03 Mega Moonlight

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  • MM: MD-03 Mega Moonlight

    While visiting New York City with his parents so he could shop for an important costume for an upcoming masquerade ball at the school, our hero to be meets Dr. Light and is offered a tour of the Light Laboratory. Within a nearly forgotten closet, the young man finds what looks like a mock up prototype of a robot dog designed to be humanoid. Fearing that Dr. Light wouldn't let him use it for the school dance, he secretly borrows it with the intention of returning it later and has an encounter with Dr. Wily where the young man manages to save Megaman from a trap. Removing the suit later turns out problematic which prompts him to return to Dr. Light for help to remove the costume.

    Aside from the canon Megaman characters who will be guest starring in various episodes, other more unique allies will be appearing. Dr. Jewel is a female scientist whom Dr. Light enlists to aid the young man in his new heroic career; Paulie "Spike" Burnston is normally the high school bully but when he sees the costumed Felix in action later he chooses to help the hero as often as possible; and Angeline Wick is a girl whom Felix knows little about although being a practicing witch with real magical powers is always helpful.

    Felix Smythe (our hero) is a young teenager of below average height (if Rush could stand up like a man, he would be taller than Felix.) He has spiky brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin. He normally wore a Red and Forest Green striped tee shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. When wearing the dogbot suit, he stands a bit taller (almost making him eye to eye with Megaman) and he has a Black, Gold, and Dark Green armored suit with a canine like helmet. As Mega Dog, his suit is a lot like Megaman's except for the helmeted dog head and tail. He uses a transformation device provided to him for his use by Dr. Jewel so he can change between his human form and his hero form. Rush likes Mega Dog a LOT!

    This is a Megaman Universe fan fiction story! Megaman, Rock, Roll, Rush, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Protoman, and all other canon characters of the genre is owned by Capcom. They are used here as guest stars only. I am not challenging the copyrights of stated characters in any way, shape, nor form. All rights are reserved.

    Mega Dog
    Episode Three: Mega Moonlight
    Started on April 6th, 2018
    by Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle

    Felix Smythe, Mega Dog
    Paulie "Spike" Burnston, Mascot
    Angeline Wick, Magica
    Robert Porter, Ace Man

    Dr. Jewel
    Istanbul, a black cat (familiar to Angeline who is a witch)
    Officer Dave

    Guest Starring:
    Dr. Light

    Guest Villains:
    Dr. Wily

    Chapter One: Twinning.

    Being Istanbul's apprentice certainly seemed to do the trick. Felix no longer had to wear the hologram inducing transformer. And he could once again enjoy his favorite foods and drinks. The only drawback was that whenever Felix wasn't busy as Mega Dog and the fun cat needed him, he was instantly teleported to the cat. Fortunately this never occurred in school or else the gig would be up. Not to mention what Angeline might do to her own cat for causing that mess.

    On this particular afternoon, Mega Dog was dealing with Crush Man and Frost Man once again. Istanbul and Rave were close by keeping Flame Man and Cut Man busy so they couldn't over power Mega Dog with a dog pile maneuver. Protoman 2 was also being engaged by Ace Man which wasn't an easy task since Ace Man knew all of Protoman's tricks and battle techniques. Mega Man and Rush were apparently being kept busy in New York which explained why they were not available to help Brookton's local hero.

    Mascot and Magica then arrived on the scene having gotten word from both Istanbul and Dr. Jewel. Mascot was affected by a strength spell that Magica had cast upon him as he went to help Mega Dog while the witch girl went to assist Ace Man against his wicked counterpart. Last to arrive was Roll as she joined Mascot and Mega Dog. "That's right, Dr. Light. Most of Wily's Robots are here in Brookton keeping Mega Dog and his team busy. How is my brother doing against Wily's new super robot?"

    Dr. Light's voice emerged from Roll's communicator. "He is having some difficulties but Rush is doing his best to assist him."

    Mega Dog did a back flip and landed next to Roll. "A super robot, huh? So that is what Wily is up to. How did he free himself from the quick drying diarrhea steel that he was stuck in?"

    Frost Man then said, "How did you know what he was stuck in? We spent several hours cutting him out of that stuff."

    Mega Dog remarked, "Two witches put the whammy on him for transforming me with science instead of magic. They thought he was insulting their magical talents."

    Suddenly Crush Man exploded into a million pieces and Cut Man's snippers turned on himself. Flame Man and Frost Man were back to back unsure of what was going on and then they were instantly within a water globe which turned to solid ice before the whole thing vanished into what looked like a Blue and White Poke Ball. Protoman 2.0 fired his blaster toward the entrance where the shot changed into flower petals and fell to the floor. Standing in the opening were three ominous gentlemen wearing pitch black clothes with obvious arcs of power vibrating around them.

    Istanbul irked as he exclaimed. "It is the Grand Tribunal. Word must have reached their ears that I was doing good deeds unselfishly. And out of curiosity, they came to see for themselves."

    One of the gentlemen pointed a finger at Istanbul and the cat suddenly transformed back into his human warlock identity. "Istanbul! We are here because we learned that you illegally gifted someone with an apprenticeship which you are forbidden to do while under your punishment! We need to evaluate if your actions are just or not! As for the one who thought he could harm us, he can tap dance and do ballet at the same time until we release him! He will also sing the Pinocchio song of I've Got No Strings!"

    Protoman 2.0 then began to move in dance and he was singing although everyone could see that he was trying to resist the power futilely.

    Mega Dog then stepped over in front of Istanbul and said, "I am the one he offered the apprenticeship to so I could be gifted with the power of Twinning because I was slowly transforming via science into a robotic dog instead of having it happen with magic. I would be able to stay human as long as nothing bad happened to Istanbul as a fun magical cat. He stated that I wouldn't have to learn any other magic at all unless I changed my mind and chose to learn such later. If he did the wrong thing to help someone other than himself, then I am doomed to lose my humanity and then I cannot finish high school. I am only a teenager, sirs."

    Tribunal member number three came over and examined Mega Dog lightly. "I sense something unusual about your body. What substance did science use to make this change happen in you?"

    Mega Dog replied, "Dr. Wily used Form-Fitting Rubber. Later Dr. Light told us that this vile stuff had nearly the same properties as Mutagen from the Teen Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book. He said I was lucky I was still human underneath the changes but then the vile stuff started to take the rest of my humanity away from me. Everyone searched for a solution and Istanbul offered his solution which seemed to work. I am assuming that it hasn't, is that what you are implying?"

    Tribunal member number one approached and said, "Witches and Warlocks discovered this vile stuff centuries ago and tried to destroy the knowledge of how to make it. If a scientist recreated it once again then he has unleashed true terror back into the world. If you are infected with this stuff then you must receive the cure before you lose everything about your life entirely. Do you like being able to become this canine hero to beat off bad people in the defense of other humans?"

    Mega Dog sighed. "I like being a hero, yes, but I am what I started as; that would be like asking a witch or warlock if they liked using magic. The obvious answer would be yes, but how they use it should be the deciding factor. I am sorry that Istanbul forgot the rules when he offered to help me to retain my humanity. What other choices did we have at the time?"

    Suddenly Istanbul was back in his black cat identity. And a new female witch strode into the warehouse chamber. "Who chose to restore Istanbul without my direct permission?"

    Istanbul whispered, "It is the Head Witch. Normally you don't do anything without her direct permission."

    Tribunal member number two went over to the Head Witch and quietly explained all of the events up to that moment. Mega Dog was then being examined by the Head Witch. "It has been rough for you, hasn't it, young man?"

    Mega Dog replied, "I wasn't aiming to get transformed like this; but the end result has been useful for my hometown. Please don't be mad at Istanbul for helping me to stay human."

    End of Chapter One.