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  • [2K_ARC-01] GP-01 Out of the Vaults

    Toonimation Fan Fiction presents...
    Animation City, Buckeye nexus Township, Shannon County Missouri

    [2K_ARC-01] GP-01 Out of the Vaults
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Damn, being the flagship empowerment volunteer for Project Dream Boy sure involves some brutal training; I'm just glad that I don't have to spend all of my training at the Pennsylvania project base. I am Gerard Dandelion Prince, son of top CIA agent Leon Electrum Prince. As of this introduction, I am fourteen years old and the year is mid-2000. Ever since several well-known cartoon and anime stars contacted my father, I have been in the thick of assisting the new Animation City retirement community for animated stars in hiatus with their security program. Sometimes I think they more enjoy my helping them in my empowered form than when I am in my human form. As for how I got involved with this animation project, I will let a good old flashback educate you on how I got myself into this line of business. And away we go...


    Dear Bugs Bunny,

    Thank you, Buster and Babs for the personal autographed pictures that I requested. I didn't think my photographed home-made rabbit costume was all that good but I guess you guys thought otherwise. As agreed upon, if you guys want the costume, just let me know where to send the parcel. How I wish I could have a real adventure with you toons. My dad is one of the best CIA agents or at least that is what his bosses keep saying. The only adventures I get to hear about is the things he did on missions. Sad to say, I am a little jealous. Worse that we are not allowed to have any pets due to mom's allergy to dirty fur. Sometimes I wish I was a super powered rabbit so I could have some real adventures like you and your friends do. I also wish I could tell you where I was currently; due to dad's work, we are often moving around the country and I am sick of moving every three and a half seconds or less. And no I am not trying to be funny. Although we are currently in Comet Springs, Georgia, dad has already mentioned that we will be moving to nearby Atticus, Georgia for his next mission. If only the toons would request an official agent assistance in something where I could meet you and the others in person.

    Sincerely yours,
    Gerard Dandelion Prince, good fan and very bored teenager.

    Gerard folded the letter and inserted it into an envelope before holding it up above his head and saying, "Fan Mail, Bugs Bunny!" And the envelope vanished out of his hand bound for parts unknown. "Save me from boredom, my toon friends. I beg of you. I will even suck your cock, Bugs, if I can just be involved with the toons in a serious arrangement."

    At that moment, his father, Leon Electrum Prince came into the room from the kitchen and he said, "Gerard? Although we are going to be moving soon, one of my Pentagon friends is conducting a project in Pennsylvania and he asked me to bring you up there this weekend so you could help out with the super hero project. I think you might be interested in my friend, son. A Warner Brothers cartoon used his likeness in an early nineties animated cartoon series. Anyway, would you like to meet the real life Dr. William F. Shepherd?"

    Gerard smiled at that offer. "Boy would I ever! I was bored out of my mind, dad! I just sent Bugs Bunny a fan reply to the signed photos he sent of himself, Buster and Babs! When are we going up to see Dr. Shepherd?"

    Leon smiled. "Grab your favorite jacket and your ID wallet, then we will board the Black Knight and head up there right now."

    An hour later, Gerard was cleared through security clearance into the main labs in Fairdale Pennsylvania, before Leon handed the boy off to Dr. Shepherd and then he left again to move the family to Atticus, Georgia, where his next assignment involved investigating the city council on behalf of a local banker.

    Dr. Shepherd shook hands with Gerard as he said, "Welcome to Dream Boy Junior, Gerard. The teen age version of the adult project in Connecticut. As I told your father earlier in the week, the adult version of the project is having issues working with the volunteers they are trying to empower. My theory is that the program can work for teenagers but not for mature adults. We have several volunteers willing to undergo the project to assist us in proving that my theory is sound. They are all thirteen through fifteen years of age. There isn't a single volunteer over the age of sixteen. Therefore, I believe we are inside of the magic empowerment range for success. I also have a surprise for you, Gerard. Someone came and has been waiting for your arrival. They are waiting for you inside of the volunteer room through that door."

    As Gerard cleared the door he saw Bugs Bunny, Thunder Bunny and Hoppy the Marvel Bunny sitting on one couch shooting the breeze. Gerard zipped over and gave Bugs Bunny the loving hug and kiss on the muzzle as if it was scripted. Hoppy said, "New boyfriend, Bugs?" Thunder Bunny said, "Some rabbits have all the luck." When Bugs was allowed to come up for air, he said, "Um, doc, your mouth and breath tastes like wintergreen mint. You had time to prepare for this kiss. I wish some of my co-stars cared to prepare like that. I am glad to finally meet you, Gerard. But you have to give all rabbits equal time, you know. We are all here specifically for you." And Thunder Bunny was the next one to get the minty kiss on the muzzle and finally Hoppy the Marvel Bunny although his was shorter. Gerard said, "I happen to remember that you are married, Hoppy. I don't want your wife to think you went to the other side of the gender fence."

    Hoppy laughed out loud.

    Gerard went back over and he sat in Bugs Bunny's lap, hugging him closely again. "I am so glad to be able to meet you not long after getting your autographed photos." He then leaned in closely along side the rabbit's head and whispered, "You have an erection, Bugs. but I don't mind at all." Aloud he said, "Your fur is as soft as I imagined it to be."

    Bugs hugged the boy in return. "I am a bisexual rabbit, doc. I wander around on both sides of the fence. But I wash afterwards. I hope the same of you, Gerard. You really like rabbits, don't you? I rather like you, too. You have given me the best work out of any fan I have ever met. And the minty breath was a bonus too."

    Gerard smiled. "Since I couldn't have a pet, I had a plush version of you as well as a Bugs Bunny hand puppet which I would talk to when I was younger."

    Bugs smiled. "That is really sweet, doc. Perhaps I could give you the most up to date full size plush of me that is available. It even has a direct line phone built in for calling me."

    End of Chapter One.

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    Chapter Two.

    It was while Gerard was holding 'Bugs Bunny' closely that an unhealthy patch of the rabbit's damp back fur shed off into the boy's hands. This surprised him as the fur was stuck all over his hands. "Bugs... I've never seen you shed fur in the cartoons; are you okay?"

    'Hoppy' sighed as he said, "I told you guys that this boy would notice the difference. Time for the truth, Gerard... we are all members of the cartoon rabbit stunt union. We are called in to fill in for a star who cannot perform at various locations because of either prior obligations or they simply do not want to do the stunt in question."

    The Warner Stunt rabbit said, "Bugs Bunny was not able to make it here today so he asked me to come keep you company. Bugs and I are directly related which is why he trusts me to fill in for him. I've done a lot of dangerous stunts for him. I hope you aren't mad at us. If you'd like, I can call him on my phone and let him know that I botched the visit due to my unfortunate shedding problem. This is my off-season; I always shed during this time of the year. I'm sorry if I ruined your dream. If you are upset with me, then Bugs will be furious at me. He might even tar and feather me for botching so easy of a job."

    Gerard chose to be more mature than was necessary. "I'm not mad, Stunt Bunny Bugs; you told me the truth. I would really have been mad had you lied about why you are shedding. Your damp fur feels really sticky and oily. But I'm not made at any of you. I got to spend some time with three cartoon rabbits whom are all great kissers."

    Stunt Bunny Bugs said, "I didn't lie about my sexual orientation; My cousin Bugs is straight except the producers make him do some zany questionable things with guys whom don't even use mouth wash nor mints, like you did before you kissed us. And I do have an erection because you are turning me on something fierce."

    Gerard smiled. "To show you that I am not mad, I will give you something that I was saving for Bugs himself, but since he is straight, you might enjoy this more than he would." He got up from the stunt bunny's lap and he pulled him up to his feet and then he led the cartoon stunt bunny off to the men's bathroom.

    Within the shower room portion of the men's room, the boy removed his clothes and he proceeded to give the stunt bunny a blow job. The stunt bunny was game for this activity as he proceeded to return the favor for the boy's human arousal. The stunt bunny wanted to warn the boy about imbibing a cartoon animal's sexual fluids. But the activity made him forget all about it. Once they both had gotten some relief, the stunt bunny proceeded to take the activity to the next logical step as he helped the boy learn about dual mounting with a male partner. Toon physics was important in making this activity more successful. When the activity ended, they both took a hot shower as Gerard helped to apply curative fur lotion all over the stunt bunny's back and the rest of his shedding locations. The shower ended with Gerard giving the stunt bunny a deep kiss on the muzzle. "See, I'm not mad at all. You got me all excited; If I wasn't a Bugs Bunny fan, then I would never have gotten to meet you and your stunt union friends. I should get dried and dressed so I can go check in with Dr. Shepherd."

    Stunt Bunny Bugs said, "I was going to warn you not to drink a cartoon animal's sexual fluids, but you had me down before I could tell you. I hope nothing bad comes from the drink you got from me. Thanks for applying the fur lotion all over my body. I hate shedding, but it happens once a year. Even Bugs sheds once in a while."

    Once he was dried and clothed, Stunt Bunny Bugs groomed the boy's hair before escorting the boy out to the labs and then he stepped back to stand with the other stunt union bunnies.

    Dr. Shepherd had several other teenagers mostly male and one female. "Gerard Prince? This is Valiance Knightmane, Darren Hayes Montauk "Dazmont" Merlock, Steven "Jag" Draughn, Jamie Zamak and Lena Hawthorne. The current volunteers for Dream Boy Junior. The last three are cat fans."

    Gerard couldn't help making the obvious open joke since the cat fans were comprised of two males and one female. "So those three are the Samurai Pizza Cats?"

    Dr. Shepherd smirked. "But which is which? Anyway, its time to get you guys prepared for the empowerment process."

    After a brief change of clothes into one piece bathing suits, the volunteers were placed into empty fluid capsules and every teenager was equipped with a snorkels which were connected to oxygen hoses. Then the capsules where closed up and the empowerment fluids began to fill up each capsule with colored cream like goop which submerged each human teenager. Dr. Shepherd then began to fine tune in the animal choices the volunteers requested during volunteering.

    Gerard wasn't sure what the other teenagers were feeling, but to him, he felt electrical pain cascading throughout his whole body as his eyes felt like they were on fire as his body felt as if it was becoming slender yet athletic at the same time. He felt his head puffing out around his nose and chin while it felt as if his ears were being stretched up over his head. And perhaps worse was his agonizing feet pain because it felt like his feet were inflating to a new size. And near the end of the transformation, it felt as if his tail bone was itching something fierce as it felt like something was growing out of his back side. At the same time, his genitals painfully transformed within his shorts as he felt his sheathe forming. And finally, he felt his new fur growing in all over his entire body. With his new muzzle not quite fitting the snorkel properly, he felt the fluids entering through the sides of his muzzle as he could taste the semen like fluids seeping down his throat. He was soon sporting an erection much as Stunt Bunny Bugs had been earlier when Gerard first met him.

    He then heard Dr. Shepherd exclaim, "Calm down, Gerard! The empowerment process isn't finished yet! Clench your eyes shut hard! Just hold out for another minute or so! Please!"

    In the next moment, it felt as if the snorkel and oxygen hose dislodged from his new muzzle as it felt like he was now drowning within the empowerment fluids. He quickly began tapping on the capsule glass in Morse code... 'I cannot breathe'. And following that, the fluids began boiling within the capsule as Dr. Shepherd began to quickly shutdown Gerard's capsule and he hit the drain fluids button. As the remaining fluids drained out of the capsule, Gerard began vomiting out the remaining fluids which had gotten into his throat and stomach moments before he felt as if he had diarrhea as he felt fluids soiling his shorts while he wore them. Gerard's new appearance looked like Ace Bunny of Loonatics Unleashed even though that animated character had not been created yet.

    As the capsule was opened, Dr. Shepherd handed off Gerard to the stunt rabbits and instructed them to clean him up in the shower room and make sure he got an enema as well as a full muzzle and throat cleansing. It was important that the boy remembered who he had been.

    End of Chapter Two.


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      Chapter Three.

      An hour later, the stunt rabbits had a cleaned up Gerard Bunny at the ready for Dr. Shepherd's inspection. "What was your full human name?" the human researcher asked.

      "Gerard Dandelion Prince."

      "Do you remember the names of your family members? And if so, please name them."

      "My father's full name is Leon Electrum Prince and he is a C.I.A. agent as well as a weekend live-action role player; My mother's full name is Rianne Luna Lombard-Prince and she was a library researcher and former secretary for a hunter organization; she is currently a housewife. My older sister's full name is Lupa-Vega Babe Prince and she is interested in rocket sciences. We have one older brother whom is already off at college majoring in business and sales. His name is Klayton Willowby Prince; although he usually drops the Prince surname and calls himself Klayton Willowby. He is the only member of the family whom has black hair."

      "Gerard? You have only lived in one location before today. Where was that location?"

      That was when Gerard broke out of his casual answering stance as he growled, "As if?! Dad was all the time moving the family here, there and everywhere right after each and every mission he came home from! Lupa and I bitched repeatedly about having to move so often! I hope you were joking about living in only one location!"

      Dr. Shepherd smiled. "Yes, that last question was to make sure you were in your right mind, Gerard. Since you passed my test, let's get you suited up into an outfit and see about naming your new lapine identity. And remember... always be careful about naming yourself; once you choose something, you will be saddled with that name for life. Even if you grow to hate the name, the public will still call you by the first name you gave the rabbit."

      Gerard then asked, "How did the others fare in their empowerment, Dr. Shepherd?"

      Dr. Shepherd replied, "Only your empowerment worked, Gerard. And that frankly puzzles me. The empowerment fluids were the same in all cases, except yours was the only one that worked. This is a mystery that I need to sort out."

      Gerard then thought about it before saying, "Perhaps not the same, sir." And he then explained how he had given Stunt Bunny Bugs a blow job just before the empowerment and how he had drank the stunt rabbit's fluids and then he also got a healthy dose of the empowerment fluids down his throat. "If the others never received the added species catalyst then they didn't receive the same dosage that I had. I didn't mean to drink his semen, sir, but it just happened when I was showing him that I wasn't mad at him for not being the real Bugs."

      Dr. Shepherd said with a grin, "Rabbits and Foxes really do have one-track minds. Since your explanation might be the necessary missing formulae link, I will need to make some phone calls and then attempt the others' empowerment a second time. In the meantime, decide on your uniform design and what name or names you will be calling your rabbit. And remember the warning I gave you. Choose carefully. You don't want to permanently be called... Shit Bunny, do you?"

      Gerard made a bleck face as he replied, "I have some ideas in mind for my lapine names, sir. I was thinking about joining the stunt bunny union under the name Dandelion, which is my middle name, but my heroic name would be Captain Rabbit or shortened to Cap for ease of use. Captain Rabbit, the Security Bunny; and Dandelion, Stunt Bunny for Hire. What do you think? Two identities defined upon what outfit my lapine is wearing at the time. When wearing the hero outfit, he would be the Captain; when wearing his casual clothes and stunt gear, he would be Dandelion."

      Dr. Shepherd said, "Then we should be getting your uniforms in order. But we also need to be finding out what your powers are. I have an idea on what one of your powers might be. When you were in the empowerment capsule, the boiling fluids wasn't caused by the machine, Gerard. You have some sort of Molecular Vision power."

      "I know my eyes felt like they were on fire while the rest of my body felt electrified. I have martial arts from the lessons that my father instructed me in to defend myself from bullies in the various places that we have lived. As for any other powers, we will have to run some tests."

      Using Zero-G simulation and switching the controls between on and off at odd intervals, they learned that Gerard's lapine identity could fly while another test rendered an invulnerability power. Unlike Superman, he didn't have super breath or as Gerard called it, breath so bad that would knock the buzzard off of the shit wagon. Also unlike the man of steel, Gerard did not have super strength nor was he completely impervious. Blunt items broke against his body while sharp items like a medical needle could still penetrate his outer hide. He also could not fly faster than the speed of light. He could barely reach the speed of sound if he really pushed it. However, he had super senses, like a rabbit would and he could manipulate his lapine ears to make various semaphore like sign language if he was trained to do so. This meant that he could eventually learn the Ear-Lang of the Frontier Rabbits.

      After receiving his stunt uniform chosen by the three stunt bunnies, they took Gerard off to the stunt bunny union to get him registered under his new stunt bunny identity.

      Stunt Bunny Bugs said, "Just remember this one rule of thumb, Dandelion: never talk about how you used to be a human unless they figure it out on their own. As long as they think you are the newest stunt bunny, you can get signed up officially and you will receive offers to perform stunts for various lapine stars in the industry. They will require you to perform a screen test during sign up. Just make sure you let the camera man know the type of work you are best suited for."

      Signing up for espionage stunt performances, his screen test went swimmingly as he got the attention of a few directors especially so when he identified an arsenic scent coming from one of the prop trunks. When he opened the trunk along with stage security at the ready, his alert nature proved to be correct. The entire trunk had been laced with the stuff. And that was bad because an animal star was supposed to be locked into that trunk later in the day for a filming session. "You have good senses, Dandelion. It is going to be a pleasure having you around the filming studios. Your screen test was better than most stunt rabbits from ages past. Almost as if you were raised in that lifestyle. We'll be in touch with you later."
      End of Chapter Three.


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        Chapter Four.

        Upon their return to Dream Boy Junior, Gerard saw that the others had finally completed their empowerment processes and were now getting the examination from Dr. Shepherd. There was a tall muscular mouse man built like a body builder; there was a white furred Norse wolf man in much the same build as Gerard; There was a jaguar man with a South American appearance yet stood much like the wolf did; There was an African lion man with a similar build to the mouse man; and there was a white furred female Persian cat woman built like a sexy Miss America, yet there was something magical about her aura and overall appearance. "I see you got the empowerment done, Dr. Shepherd," said Dandelion as he now worked on his heroic outfit at the same table with the others. "I got signed up with the Stunt Bunny Union in the Espionage division."

        Dr. Shepherd asked, "Did you have any problems getting signed up?"

        "In truth, no," he replied. "I even helped them to locate a poison laced trunk that a rival actor sabotaged which was in their prop department. The Union Directors really like me."

        The mouse whom had been Valiance said, "I can fly too, Gerard, and you aren't the only one with secret agent family members. Both of my parents are secret agents with Whitehall; they are currently M.I.A. Jamie and Lena can also fly, although Lena and Dazmont are the magical ones."

        Steven said, "My nickname in high school was Jag and I would appreciate it if you called me by that nickname as well. At any rate, I am assisting Dr. Shepherd with our quick change costume changer devices. If only the Swat Kats had access to this stuff back in their hay day."

        Gerard couldn't help but to make a nice comment. "You turned out sexy and slender like me, Jag. So you are the science wizard on the Dream Boy Junior team?"

        Jag replied, "It was more than a passing fancy back in high school. I even surpassed Paul Haley's science scores which often made him mad when he thought he was about to wow the teachers only to have me show up with something I invented years ago that functioned far better than his stuff did. I am the Jaguar version of Bond's Q; only my stuff doesn't blow up."

        Another hour passed at the design table before Jag handed out Pendant Necklaces which had some sort of circuitry built in. "These are your costume changer pendant necklaces. They can be activated in one of three ways. You can reach up and tap them with one hand which will activate the quick change function which will replace the clothes you are wearing with the heroic outfit in your chosen colors. Until I can fine tune the costumes, they are all similar in appearance save for their color schemes. Number two activation method, say the words, 'Level Up'." You do not have to shout these words. Later we can fine tune your words to make it unique to you alone. Method number three... I have the pendants mentally attuned to your own thought processes. If you are ever gagged and/or you have your hands tied behind your back, you can still change costumes in a flash simply by thinking the costume change words. In the case of those of us with long tails or manipulating appendages, you can use their prehensile capability to touch the pendant with a tail tip or ear tip in Gerard's case and make the costume switch. You can even designate a trusted friend or significant other the ability to activate your pendant for you in any of the methods although the costume change only functions for your body. The pendant Necklaces can be worn under your jump suits and shirts and still be activated. When you are ready to switch back to casual mode, just say or think the words 'Power Down'. This should keep the process as simple as possible for now."

        Jag stepped out into the center of the chamber and demonstrated the costume changer so the others could see how it was going to look. "Level Up!" And he was covered in a Spandex outfits which had black form-fitting pants, a gold belt with the Dream Boy Junior symbol upon it, the torso was covered in a form-fitting Spandex white tee shirt with a cool looking leather jacket in their chosen color also having the Dream Boy Junior symbol upon the right hand side of the chest. Their leather gloves and boots were the one color and they all had cool looking light sensitive goggles with a communicator ear piece built into them. The whole ensemble had a style all their own. "The goggles are something that I put together years ago for a government project that was never fully approved. So we get to use them now. They have view sensitized lenses which become sunglasses in bright light, clear viewing night vision goggles in darkness and they even have a built in communicator for contacting other Dream Boy Junior team members. The costumes are self-sanitizing which is done the moment you change into and out of your costumes. This will keep foul odors and filth away from your overall appearance when it is important to look and smell clean."

        Jag then powered down and said, "Team vehicles will take a few days. Even if you can fly, it is important that you have a team vehicle during those times when you don't feel like flying or in a guys' case, when you just want to 'Wow the babes'. We will all get motorcycles, cool cars, water vehicles, air craft vehicles and even space craft vehicles. I am even planning Ice, Inline and Roller skates as well as Surf and Skate Boards in our colors."

        Dr. Shepherd said, "Everyone line up and announce the names you have chosen to use in your heroic identities. This is for the official record."

        "Level Up!" Gerard was second in line, thank the gods. He didn't want to be first even though the government had the highest respect for him. "American Mouse!" "All-Star Rabbit!" "Whitepaw!" Princess Arcana!" "Lion Lord!" Crusader Jaguar!" And at the end, they together shouted, "We are the Champions! Project Dream Boy!"

        At that moment, a representative from the Pentagon came into the room holding a clip board and she had a pencil over one ear. She was wearing a blue naval uniform with a white cap on her head. "Well done, Dr. Shepherd. Your version of Dream Boy puts Dr. Anderson's version to shame."

        All-Star Rabbit exclaimed, "I know you! You're Admiral Priscilla Thompson! The Pentagon operative who goes around and personally checks on all of the government issue projects to make sure they are still operational and to get progress reports!"

        She smiled as she looked at the rabbit. "That is right and how would you know that, Mr. Rabbit?"

        All-Star Rabbit replied, "You came to a Thanksgiving dinner at my family's home in Boston when we lived there to personally give my father his next mission. Hannah was busy with something else. You might say my father is the best party goer in the C.I.A. He only needs twelve hundred and fifty experience points to go up a level."

        Admiral Thompson grinned. "Gerard Prince. I am glad to know that the Prince blood ended up in this project. But let us try to keep this inspection professional, shall we?"

        End of Chapter Four.