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APQC Stories


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These are the tales that started it all. Some completed; others incomplete.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[OQCP-01] BG-01 AniSapien High
Book of Vale (0/0)
A collection of Digital Animation Country stories occurring in the original Quad Counties in Northwestern Georgia and Southern Tennessee (due East of Chattanooga, TN.)
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Lord Pouchlaw
Mystic (0/0)
Blackjack (0/0)
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Lord Pouchlaw
APF-AC-01 Aim For The Stars
Multimon (1/3)
Mascot Hero (1/2)
Come on down south, dahlin', to see the plantations and bayous, and to try out some of our good old-fashioned gumbo and homemade liquor. Ours is such a diverse land where the gentleman is king and the adventures we have are our queen. With an old abandoned plantation, a spooky old riverboat moored in the bayou, a few tree houses... throw in some down home criminal elements, say hello to our sheriff, Huckleberry Hound, and a random local inventor or three... and the adventures are never ending in the toon town of Clementine.
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Further adventures in the Animated Retirement Community (ARC) of QC Planet (connected via Transportal at Animation Park in Kingston, GA.)
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Lord Pouchlaw
[APT-01] THT-01 Clubbing Time
Lightspeed (2/17)
Lion Lord (1/3)
Decadex (0/0)
Timesheart (2/16)
Years after the original Furry Tales adventure ended, a director on Anime World seeks to make a movie based loosely on the first novel with permissions from the publisher in place, sabotage and intrigue eventually lands their real world human in the World of Rale with an all new fellowship.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[Dasher] LAW-DM-02 The Jade Crown
This is where those within Toon Masters and Anime Masters come together to call home in all new adventures.
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TTR-01 Sidekicks No More
The Toon Titans (10/115)
This is where those within the Marvel Furniverse come together to call home in all new adventures.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[AMF-01] IX-01 Social Study
Infinity X (1/2)
This is where my OLD and OUTDATED versions of the QC Planet stories are being moved to.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[CAMP-01] GPv2-02 Young Love
Justice Patrol (12/136)
The Protectors (10/117)