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HM-12 Hazardous Worlds - 11/12/2010

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    "I keep getting a strange feeling," Vicky began. "Something is pulling me. Beckoning me." She began moving, leading them through very rough areas, toward barren, scorched terrain. "There is... something..." she trailed off, looking around.


    Brad transformed into his dragon form, fully majestic. "All right, let's go."
    When you are everywhere, you are nowhere
    When you are somewhere, you are everywhere


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      "I get the feeling that Vicky is tracking a person," said Marsha. "And if that is the case, I will need to drop the time stop when we get there or else Vicky won't be able to talk to them."

      Zachary hummed. "That sort of makes sense then. But since she said she didn't want to encounter a male of the species earlier, would that mean she is tracking another female?"

      Harvey commented, "I see a Galactic Patrol camp over there and they look funny stopped in time."

      Angela grrs. "I see that pompous tiger among them. What I wouldn't give to stage some humor in their camp..."


      Inside, the Asgardian Dragons were listening to a skald nervously playing a ballad. Apparently they nabbed him just for this gathering. So naturally his performance wasn't that good.

      One Norse Dragon glanced over at the arriving visitors. "Ho and welcome, noble visitors. I know not why a Valkyrie, a Western Dragon, and an Elven Bard come here, but stranger things happen in the outer planes. I am Zergoth, the Weyr Leader here. What may I do for you today? And please don't tell me that Odin wants a dragon again."

      Andrew giggled at the thought. "Not likely. Our dragon friend wanted to meet some Norse Dragons."

      Valhalla quietly remarked, "Lord Odin is preparing for a midgardian wedding."

      Lori said, "Odin sent me to watch over some dysfunctional teenagers on Earth."


      Fusion and Chester's final stop was at the Costume Shop in Connecticut. "This is the place where every hero who is a hero gets new threads to cover their bodies. These people are eager to please. I brought you here to get you a costume upgrade, Chester, No offense, but that old one of yours looks like your great grandfather picked it out for you. Its not modern nor snazzy. Don't worry; this is my treat. I'll pay for it," remarked the cute sexy devil mouse guard captain prince of steam.

      Chester welled... "If you think I should get something nice... I guess I should take advantage of the offer. Maybe you can help decide on what could look nice on my other form."

      Fusion smiled. "That's the ticket. Now let's see if the tailors are game for an upgrade. They know me very well."

      Chester was glancing around at all of the other folk in the waiting lounge. "Um, Fusion... I see heroes and villains in here. Is this another one of those neutral locations?"

      "Oh yes," he replied. "No one fights or they really get punished." Fusion led Chester into the business part of the business. "Colari? Hi, this is Chester Hill. He needs a modern costume upgrade, much like my style, if you know what I mean..." He winked with a serious look on his muzzle. "I'm paying up front and this is for his other form. He's a government project."

      Colari was one of the jaguar like female tailors at the Costume Shop. "Always good to see you, Fusion. Okay Chester, you transform and we'll get started on your new outfit. We can even get you a custom civilian uniform, too."

      Chester then transformed into Lightning Crest and held still while Fusion, Colari, several other tailors, and even some of the other customers made comments.


      Alex, Kevin, and the Unikron Captain were now at Ravibren Campus in Sun Raven City. Alex was not very pleased with what they found out.

      "I can't believe those unicorns thought you and I were married, Kevin," said Alex with some distaste. "Although if I did marry a guy, I suppose you would be the one. Fortunately, their local mage once he saw the egg fragment I was hatched from told us to come here. As ironic as this seems, I was going to hit the campus anyway. And now here we are."

      The Unikron Captain nodded his head. "Interestingly enough, no one is even blinking twice at the three of us. Not a lot of humans down here. At least we know where Earth's furred races live now."

      Alex said, "The Unicorn Mage said we should speak to the Queen of this City. That she would be able to help us."


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        Vicky ignored the Galactic Patrol base as she continued her way toward an area of deep canyons. The canyons were miles across and many looked as though they had been strip mined. But the one Vicky led them to looked untouched, as if the Galactic Council had managed to put a stop to the mining corporations before they could strip it.

        "We need to get down there," she said, indicating the floor of the canyon.

        Christy nodded, "That shouldn't be a problem. Everyone stand close." Then she used her goddess powers to lift them all and slowly lowered the group down into the canyon.

        The bottom of the canyon was actually very lush with greenery. Very exotic, alien plants covered the lower walls and floor of the canyon where a swiftly flowing river cut through the rocks. The water crashed over jutting stones as it made it way around a bend further down.

        "Anyone for some whitewater rafting?" Marc asked, admiring the water.

        "Another time, perhaps," Kelly responded, indicating Vicky, who was walking along the base of the canyon wall.

        She would walk a bit, then stop to touch the vegetation, attempt to move it, then continue on. After several attempts, she finally found a spot where the plants moved easily to the side, revealing a deep, dark cavern behind.

        "In here," she whispered, entering the cavern.


        Brad politely bowed to the elder dragons. "Greetings. I am Bradford Collins of Australia. And, if I may say so, your musical entertainment isn't very good.


        Kevin laughed. "Well, if I was going to marry a guy, I guess I'd pick you too. So where do we find this "Queen of the City"?"
        When you are everywhere, you are nowhere
        When you are somewhere, you are everywhere


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          Marsha glanced around. "I think I should drop the time stop now so we do cause whoever we're looking for to attack us the moment we do appear." And she did so.

          Zachary said, "And remember... let Vicky do all the talking."

          Harvey nodded his head as he and Angela followed just behind.


          Zergoth smiled at Brad. "Well met, Western Dragon. I hope your meeting with our weyr does you justice."

          Andrew lifted his flute to his lips and played the ballad of the lost unicorn found, which the skald seemed to pick up on pretty fast and he was playing along with the tune quite easily.

          Lori rubbed a hand over Valhalla's neck while she allowed Brad to speak to the dragons.


          Sun Raven Palace

          Alex, Kevin, and the Unikron Captain were meeting with Queen Crysalandra, who was a winged unicorn mare whose beauty and grace seemed to melt the hearts of any male who saw her. However, she took one look at Alex and said, "What brings Silvanus' Chosen to our fair courts?"

          Uber mentally to Kevin and the Unikron Captain, Alex said, ~/Kevin? I think this is the second time we have heard this phrase. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't we hear the same words from Lady Frigga in Asgard when we visited there?/~