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    Toon Titans - Revision

    Episode Two: Switching Sides
    By Lord Pouchlaw (Darrel Vanwinkle) and Devvy-boy (Lexington Lonewolf)
    February 1st, 2019
    Join the crazy adventures of the teen aged furred toons of ASPCA City and Gag'em City as they have junior hero missions with a smile around every bend. And watch out for the narrators, zany criminals and that crazy theatrics bell, too! This round robin adventure is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.
    Toon Titans:
    Richard Grayson, Nightflight - American robin
    Billy Moosden, Cmdr Quebuck - Canadian moose
    Kitta Kent, Super Duper Crazy Kitty - Catniptonian orange cat
    Veronica Carmichael, Cheetahna - an Africat black cheetah
    Maggie Donnelly, Cosmic Wizardess - a Futuristic white bunny
    Fairfin IV/"Garth", Sharklad - a Great White Selachiian
    Silver Pemberton, Jr., The Star-Spangled Wolf - Silver wolf
    Victor Bullder, CyberBull - African-American bionic bull
    Galatea Stavros, Wonderoo - Amazon albino kangaroo
    Elroy Harper, Quicky - an English fox
    Rhianna Farley, Falcon Girl - an Egyptian falcon
    Jason "Jay" Todd, Redbreast II - an American winged fox
    Joseph Strife, Lunar Boomer - a Zoostralian moody were-kangaroo
    Benjamin Twayn, Sunshadow - an Africat black sun lion
    Virginia Olivia "Virgie" Hawk, Static Hawk - Peregrine falcon
    Max Kerry, Labyrat - a white lab rat
    Elliot Cannonrider, Slippery Otter - a naughty Sea Otter

    Captain Quebuck, Jr. (Freddy Elkton), a Canadian elk
    Jake Smythe, Tempest Roo - A Zoostralian blue-furred wallaroo
    Anime Titans:
    Ernie Devlin, Kamen Ryuu - Zoostralian dragon
    Jacob Park, Aspiring Light - Galactic three-tone jackass
    (???), Tornaduck - an European Anasian green mallard
    Harvis "Harvey" Tetch, Hatter Hare - an English hare

    Ricky Descoonis, Kamen Tanuki - an American raccoon
    Justa Society of Anime [Toon Justice]:
    Bucky Roberts, Captain Symphony - an English white rabbit
    Xena Kennison, Island Squirrel - a Hawonkikian red squirrel
    Ace Dangers, Dark Night - a black labrador magician
    Rory Owain, Discus Dragoon - a Whalsh dragon
    Hub Marsupial, KangaNet - a kangaroo of an unknown breed
    Zander Lord, Fedora Croc - a saltwater crocodile
    Justa Society of Anime [Justice Heroes]:
    Deryk Roo, Kung Roo - a Paw Springs male kangaroo
    Renard Ranger, Ripper - an Otterside male lion
    Mercedes Diego, Thunderbolt - a Paw Springs female Cougar
    Lamont Faraduck, Long-arm - an Otterside Canaduckian mallard
    Aurora Borealis, Shaman of the North - an Arctic female Polar Bear
    Willona Montenegro, TechnoDoe - a Canaduckian white-tailed female deer
    Lexington "Lexie" Lonewolf, Combat Wolf - a Cowlifurnian human
    Seth Sidarius, Sea Drake - a Cowlifurnian anime Dragon
    Titanic Marvels:
    James Buchanan "Buckhart" Barnes, Star Buck - a Furniverse reindeer
    Roara Hefton, Storm Crane - a Furniverse Africat mutant crane
    Argo Malverne, Arabian Arrow - Arabian stallion
    Kamal Akmad, Guardian Shadow - Anubian jackal

    Paula Roeley, Artema - a white tailed deer

    Sponsors: Justice Furries of Americat:
    Zale Kent/Zon-El, Super Duper Crazy Cat - an orange Catniptonian cat
    Robert "Rob" Rabbit, American Rabbit - a white rabbit
    Bruce Prince, Wonder Dog - a grey/silver mutt
    Arthur Atlantis, Marine Otter - an Atlantean brown sea otter
    Harold Jefferson, Donkey Guardian - a brown/grey/white donkey
    Dr. Scott Hayley, Atomic Squirrel - a red squirrel
    Prof. Tony Farley, Hawk God - a grey/black hawk
    Quintin Black, Reindeer Lightning - a black reindeer
    Stephanie Zatana, Zatabunny - a white rabbit w/blue star on her forehead
    Peter Hancock-Devlin, MagiDragon - a Mexicollie pink/pastel dragon
    Godyva Escamillo, Scarlet Courtesan - a Spanish red/orange vixen
    Jack Roodolph Jr., Kangaroo Chief - a Zoostralian Kangaroo
    Lucius Unicorn, Dr. Unicorn - a mystical unicorn
    Diana Wayne, Flittermouse - a cranky black bat

    HAJI Allies:
    "Wanda", female human of the Hendricks and Johnson Universe
    "Marcus", male human of the Hendricks and Johnson Universe

    Other Allies:
    Shticky Fox, an English fox, a Creator
    Dark Side, a red skinned fallen angel, a Creator

    Various Members of the Legion of Groom; Do they work together? HELL NO!
    Three days after the Costume/Permissions outing...
    Nightflight had patiently educated Redbreast II in Japanese as well as hand to hand fighting styles. And now Nightflight had a team of chosen Titans on an outing with him in Gag'em City. With Flittermouse searching for the Jackler, Gag'em City needed some heroes and since they knew Nightflight the best, they got the Toon Titans this time.

    Kamen Ryuu, Kamen Tanuki, and Aspiring Light were facing off against Road Hogg who had gone to Anime Masters to get revenge on the magic riding cute dragon.

    Kung Roo had his team of the Justice Heroes out patrolling around Los Angeleos at the request of the L.A. Police Department. Deryk was glad that the Elders of Draconia had agreed to permit Lexington and Seth to represent them in the rest of the world. Lexie with his blue flame in full operation, the former real world human was back in top form.

    Star Buck and his Titanic Marvels were meeting with the United Nations in the Furniverse to offer their assistance to global crime fighting. Having official backers made the Furniverse version of the Titans far more formidable within the more serious world.


    Nightflight had a check-in base set up at the foot of Gag'em City Police Headquarters for those on patrol to check-in at when necessary. Richard had just finished speaking to Cheetahna over his new communicator when his personal cellphone vibrated. He went to a more private spot and answered it, "Richard speaking."

    "Quizzle me this, Redbreast... I know you have changed your name and made a new team... but I desperately need your help to get free of my horrible mother. She won't let me leave home unless I get married or die. She abuses me if I don't bring in stolen goods to sustain her home life. I want to go straight but... I'm rightfully scared."

    Richard replied, "Where are you right now, Max? Flittermouse isn't in Gag'em City currently; she's looking for the Jackler. I'm in front of Police Headquarters moderating the Titans first official outing."

    Max replied, "I'm in the alleyway behind the apartment building where you originally had Argo staying. When you can come by, I will only surrender myself to you. And despite my adult actions from before, I am actually your age. Everyone just thinks that I am older. Please save me and I will put my former skills at the Titans' disposal."

    Richard said, "We will have to grant you a new identity if you are going to be working with the Titans. That way your horrible mother won't know that the Quizzler has gone straight. I will head over and collect you in a few minutes. Don't do anything stupid, Max."

    The phone call ended at that point.

    SDCC arrived at the check-in point where he had last seen Nightflight. "Colleague? Where are you?"

    Nightflight emerged from the telephone booth nearby and walked over to the Crazy Cat. "I didn't hear you crash into the pavement, Zon-El. I had to take a personal call I got. A former badnik wants to make a fresh start. It is someone Flittermouse and I both personally know all too well. He is in a bad situation back home. His mother is the criminal supporter type and he is forced to do as she says or else."

    SDCC nodded his head. "Say no more, Nightflight. Just go save him while I hold down the check-in point for you. I only hope he can keep his word concerning a new start. But if you trust him, then I will help you with his makeover."

    Nightflight handed SDCC a spare Titans communicator and then he headed off to save the white rat.

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    While Seth was looking for a day job as a front to support his mate (for once), Lexington joined up in helping Deryk Roo as part of his team preferring the hero path. Wearing grease paint over his eyes and wore an Ookami-like Oni Mask over his face and a backwards baseball cap (until he can afford a better costume on his own; blame the Lonewolf stubborn streak about earning their keep), Lexington did what he could to assist; he owed that much after the bad start with Deryk Roo years ago. He had a tactical tonfa he could use on patrols (which took up the last of their money). Though while patrolling a somewhat more turbulent district, he had the odd feeling he was being followed. He growled at the feeling, as he brought up the tonfa, and turned to see what was following him. "Must be my imagination..." he dismissed, before continuing his patrol.

    Emerging from its temorary hiding spot, a mechanical bee-shaped drone emerged and after it took a few more photos with its 'compound eyes,' it broke off its following of the anime human vigilante, and flew off to parts unknown.

    CyberBull was in civvies while in the Lab, he was still at the tail end of his recovery, but he looked a lot better, especially with feeling the sun for the first time. He had a thank you letter sent to Hawk God and Atomic Squirrel's internet inbox, and requested to help the latter in further models of Skimplants (Victor smiled when he sent that email). KangaNet returned to Wazebraton to help the Toon Justice team now that his bovine friend is up and running. Though now he can shift between organic and cyborg mode, Victor's new costume covers the parts the bionics wouldn't cover.

    However, in the same room was Super Duper Crazy Kitty, and she was more destructive than innovative. "I am glad you understand the need for a Phone Booth delivery system in the Triple T Tower."

    Victor nodded. "Glad I can work on something worthwhile now that I don't look like something out of a horror movie." He then added a disclaimer. "This would only work for the Toonmasters side of the Triple T Tower. Anime Masters and Marvel Furniverse has a whole different style of doing things where spinning phone booths won't work. Save the spinning for old Police Boxes in Liondon.

    "Spoilsport," pouted SDCK.


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      Richard was glad he had hung on to the trench coat that Argo had provided him with because it was coming in handy now for hiding Max's identity from the public eye while he spoke to Shticky Fox in regards to arranging for a phony Quizzler to be offed by a new hero called Labyrat. Since the trick had worked for Argo, it should work for Max. Exit Sahara Hunter and enter Arabian Arrow. Exit Quizzler and enter Labyrat.

      Shticky was all too happy to help a former criminal get a fresh start under Richard's tutelage.

      Ernie was having a similar encounter while battling Road Hogg; the Porcine villain had forced Hatter Hare to come with him under a threat to his life. So while Kamen Ryuu faced off against Road Hogg, Kamen Tanuki and Aspiring Light sneaked around behind and rescued Hatter Hare who didn't even have any of his gimmicks to protect himself with. Like Max Kerry, Harvey Tetch was nothing without his gimmicks. Once the heroes had the victim at a location of safety, a signal was sent to Kamen Ryuu through his helmet communicator and then the final ride was brought down upon Road Hogg once and for all.

      Road Hogg was placed into handcuffs and handed off to the awaiting highway patrol officers on the scene.

      Ernie went over to look over the rescued hare and he carefully checked him out for possible injuries and likely other tracking devices. Once Harvey had the all clear, Ernie said, "Yas are now under the protection of the Anime Titans, mate. Yas should feel lucky that Richard told me about yas. Road 'ogg shouldn't 'ave nabbed yas away from 'ome. If yas would like, we can escort yas back 'ome."

      Harvey replied, "I wouldn't mind some tea and a place to rest. I really don't want to go back to the boarding house where I was staying since it is a villains' safe house. I owe you for saving me from that awful boar."

      Ernie smiled. "Then its back to the Titans Satellite. We will need Dark Side to clear you so the alarms don't go crazy when we bring you aboard."

      Within the Titans Satellite training chamber, Quicky was out of the cot and demonstrating his archery skills to Star Spangled Wolf and Sunshadow. Cmdr Quebuck and Arabian Arrow were good with bows themselves, but Elroy was a child prodigy with his bow. Every target he aimed at scored a beautiful bull's-eye.

      Sunshadow applauded Quicky's demonstration before saying, "I really should get my own training started. I am like two heroes in one. The Shadow Lion and the Sun Lion. Not quite the Tao effect, but both halves can operate separately from the original. But I merge back into one body when my two sides needs to rest. If Kitta had a tribal outfit, I could really go for her."

      Quicky stopped and made a face. "Ewwwwwwwwww!!!! She belongs to Shark Lad!"

      Deryk Roo raised his new communicator to his muzzle. "Okay, blokes... patrol time is nearly over; return to base for some nice vittles and tea that Ah 'ave brewed for yas joeys."


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        That made the Star-Spangled Wolf laugh for once. "As much as it looks like it, Elroy... Sharklad and Kitta are rivals; they might like each other, but they won't bed each other considering their clashing natures. Besides, his idolized ice sculptures he made in the Holodeck is a clear sign he likes male toons. Also the talk of claspers made it a little more obvious."

        Deep within his quarters, after he breached the waters, Sharklad sneezed! "I swear, this had never happened before.

        Back in the simulation chamber the more modern-looking Star-Spangled Wolf unfurled the wrappings on his Cosmos Staff. "Ready to train with us, L.B.?"

        Lunar Boomer was hiding behind a target amongst those of a training chamber, his thoughts of having to decide making him worry about the consequences. It brought him down so much, a black cloud formed over his head and started to rain on him. Waning Crescents were the worst for Lunar Boomer, especially on the tail-end of that phase. Shy and depressed.

        "Roger!" Lexington said in Japanese, taking a darker-than-he-looks start to his Combat Wolf persona. The oni mask was almost too colorful for him to wear, but it was a good start. Made him feel like he was in the over-exaggerated Kabuki theater, but he wasn't going to . Draconia to him was a lot more like Japan is, and he was glad to have honored them. He then leaped from one rooftop to another with a spiral and stuck the landing, before tumbling down to a lower rooftop very close to the building he leaped off of. "The Meatball best be doing something worthwhile, not looking at the cutie-types.

        Seth was done with an interview and was looking forward to hearing from the postal service. He had taken a service test that tested his patience, but they said they needed a dragon to take on the more dicey neighborhoods. For the heroics, he would leave it to Lexington and Deryk Roo. But he was wanting to support his mate and make a living while they are stuck in Anime Masters so long as Sakar was on rampage in their world. He was refusing to be intimate with his husband until he can either shift forms or have his nethers shifted to a more anatomically incorrect external set. He did ask MagiDragon in secret for help in researching which way would be more possible. Seth noted he wouldn't mind the latter option; Lexington liked the knot that forms in his human form while in heat. Lexington also was closer to him in bed despite the scales. Seth returned to the Hall of Justice afterwards, and looked to TechnoDoe (the technical advisor for the Justice Heroes. "Is Lexie back, Willona?"

        TechnoDoe (real name Willona Montenegro) was the high-tech inventor and support for the Justice Heroes looked to the dragon. "So long as he doesn't invade my workspace his ass won't be grass!" She was introduced to them and when the camera flashed to take her picture a flechette launcher activated and Lexington recovered some of them to pocket. She then remembered that Seth was kind to show how selfish Lexie was being and returned all the flechettes. The Dragon was the friendly one mated to the warrior-like anime human. "Kung Roo just recalled the patrols for tea and snacks."

        "That'll make him a little more happier than he has been," said Seth dryly. "He's still crabby about me wanting to work instead of going back into hero work, I'm lucky he didn't send my tail to the common room couches!"


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          Nightflight, Shticky Fox and SDCC made a stopover at the Double T tower in ASPCA Bay to get Max Kerry registered for the satellite under his new identity as Labyrat and then they escorted the white lab rat up to the Triple T Satellite.

          As they were arriving, Dark Side, Kamen Ryuu, Kamen Tanuki and Aspiring Light arrived from the Anime side with Harvey Tetch (formerly Hatter Hare minus any of his gimmicks or former costume.) Star Buck and his crew were returning from the Titanic Marvels section of the satellite. The Furniverse reindeer had what looked like a tall white unicorn male teenager with him.

          Star Buck said, "Ah, Shticky and Dark Side... just the two I was hoping to speak to. The Titanic Marvels have a new team member. Meet Rick Whitehorn. He's a Kymellian unicorn teenager from Planet Kymellia. For the common folk, he would be an extraterrestrial unicorn capable of teleportation via temporary wormholes and he is a laboratory prodigy in his spare time. He has been studying a few intergalactic martial arts."

          Rick waved an almost timid three-fingered hand at the others.

          Nightflight said, "Remember Max... your new surname is going to be Nigma and your former last name will become your middle name. Once we stage the Quizzler being bumped off by Labyrat, you can never tell your awful mother that you are still alive or else you will be right back under her vile control."

          Max nodded his head since he was under Richard's protection at the moment. "Since you are helping me to make a new start, I will tell you something that might help Flittermouse. Since she is trying to find the Jackler; I will share all of the Jackler's current hide-out locations so you can send the word to your former partner."

          Redbreast II whom was enjoying some tea that Ernie had asked him to help make, said, "Jackler won't like having Flittermouse walking into his bases like she owns the places."

          Max arched and eye. "Who is that, Nightflight? And why is he wearing the Redbreast costume?"

          Nightflight replied, "Jason Todd is the new Redbreast. When I gave up the role, Flittermouse hired him to be the new Redbreast. And she is letting me train him so he can be as great as I had been as Redbreast."

          Harvey smiled when he saw Max albeit wearing the trench coat. "You didn't mention that I would be seeing one of my old friends in your base, Ryuu. I am not so afraid to be here now."

          Wonderoo entered the training chamber and said, "Speaking of gay relations, back when the wayward backup members of the JFA felt lonely for some male companionship, they would contact the junior furry fan called Marcus Johnson. That 'uman joey could 'ave the toon 'eroes smiling again in no time. The bloke is a 'uge fan of the younger toon 'eroes connected to the JFA. Now that the backup members 'ave formed their own team, we should set up contact codes for Wanda Hendricks and Marcus Johnson so we can remain in contact with them."

          Quicky then said, "How did Wanda and Marcus become so involved with the JFA and the backup members originally? I haven't heard their story yet. Or is it one of those taboo subjects that we cannot speak of without SDCC's permission?"

          Wonderoo smiled. "Wonder Dog was the one who shared their story with me... so Ah 'ave permission to tell you..."
          "The Secret Origin of Wanda and Marcus"

          "Within the nearby HAJI Universe, home of the Costume Shop, the Comic Book Shop, and the Music Shop (of Connecticut in their world,) Wanda and Marcus are the individual daughter and individual son of Lord Scarlet Hendricks and Madame Blue Johnson, two superpowers in their universe. Wanda and Marcus are teenagers of their species who have the benefit of eternal life as if they were living in paradise. HAJI is actually synonymous with being the universe that the Power Rangers Valhalla dimension is part of. Everyone is eternal there."

          "During a JFA mission to chase down Brainieagle, the team landed in the HAJI Universe and almost immediately, the toon heroes discovered that they were on the verge of losing their powers since their Theatrics were not sustained by the conditions of HAJI and thus, they suddenly didn't have the power to take down Brainieagle. The JFA shuttle crash landed in Marcus' back yard where he had been throwing a Frisbee disc with his friend Wanda. When they saw the JFA shuttle, they knew instantly who it had to be since they collected the comic books. With the assistance of the junior furry fans, the JFA were able to capture Brainieagle for the return trip to Toonmasters."

          "As thanks for their assistance, Wanda and Marcus were given permanent junior access membership in the famed JFA not as backup members but as Junior Furry Fans. A club called the JFF of HAJI. They were asked to not advertise their new team and to only allow membership to other young people whom they knew they could trust. With the parents' assistance, the JFA shuttle was given a boost of power so they could return to their own universal sector of toon space."

          "Over the course of the next few years, any time the JFA were stumped over Muddy Hawg's cryptic clues, one of us backup members would place a call to the JFF and ask them to suggest an answer that the superiors were simply not thinking about. Of course, in HAJI, they can read our adventures a whole month in advance before we actually do them in our own universe. Even though they told us this a few times, we never abused the rights to ask them what was going to happen in our own futures."

          "They did tell us just before the official formation of the Titans that Richard's idea was going to be approved and then we could graduate from the JFA and be fully featured superheroes in our right in our own new comic book series; they never told us what the name of the team would be. And like any good friend, we didn't want to ask either."
          Wonderoo smiled as she nibbled on one of her own cookies. "And that is how Wanda and Marcus came to be the allies to the JFA and the backup members. Of course, we later learned that Marcus was a closet homosexual and that helped him to make friends with Wanda when they first met. And now you know why I said that Marcus was the one to contact when a male of the team was feeling lonely."

          Quicky smiled as he took one of the cookies and nommed on it. "We need to send the new contact codes to Wanda and Marcus so they can talk to the Titans especially since you guys are their friends."

          Sunshadow smiled as he thought about playing with the human furry fan. "Motivation for our training session... yummy."

          Deryk Roo had poured tea for all of his friends at the JH base and he was serving the promised food that he had prepared as well. "Good job on yer patrols, mates. Ah got word from a few of our police friends that yer assistance was very 'elpful today."

          Lamont said, "My father said that he is glad that you accepted the Titans Alliance, Deryk. And with him not breathing down my neck every few seconds, I can have time to pursue a few of my personal interests."


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            Lunar Boomer shyly peered from behind the target he was hiding behind. He already told his origin regarding his tribe being all male. Even though in the waxing phases he is more confident because of his freedom, he was afraid of the inevitability of having to decide to live with the day creatures on a permanent basis, or endure the body changes and pain that comes with carrying a joey inside his body.

            The Star-Spangled Wolf said, "Looks like L.B. is going to need some motivation to train with us. He then swung his Cosmos Staff and summoned a weak streak of Cosmic Energy just to give Lunar Boomer a gentle push." Come on, Joseph. We don't want to disappoint Dingo Fury and Kangaroo Chief."

            Willona's eyes looked sideways towards Lexington. "You left my lab a mess the last time you were in there. What were you so interested in there?"

            "Ah was inspired to make something that would make a gift that would work with a friend's existing system," said Lexington in a somewhat detached manner as he put down his tea after taking a deep sip. "I used to make upgrades that worked with hero systems in the last world. I was working on a transformation system when was put on a forced vacation for burnout." He paused and adjusted his glasses so the glare obscured his eyes in typical anime fashion, "Ah got a good look at Kamen Ryuu's rider system. It has signs that a friend of mine made it, and Ah am not talking Tom Cat Tomorrow."

            TechnoDoe said, "I didn't know you were an inventor."

            Seth said. "My mate has spent some of his insomniac nights studying the database inside the Dragon Cave, and learned about making a rainy day policy, just as the Mystic Force made the Dragon Soul powers as such for them."


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              Richard's cellphone rang and he pulled it out to see whom was calling. "Richard Grayson speaking. Who is this?"

              Avian gobbling and giggling was heard before a voice said, "Greetings, Redbreast! It is I, the Gobbler! Quizzler's predecessor! I have returned to Gag'em City! Stop me if you dare!"

              Richard rolled his eyes and said, "If you really want me to come stop you, Gobbler! I will come and kick your feathered ass! Where are you in Gag'em City?"

              "The Diamond Egg Museum, birdie boy! Whatcha gonna do about it?"

              Richard grinned. "I'll have to bring my new sidekick and kick you into the last series!"

              "You killed the cranky bat? I didn't know you had it in you, Redbreast!"

              Richard growled, "If only it were that easy! I'm on my way!" And he put his phone away. "SDCC, will you accompany me to bag a supposed retired villain?"

              SDCC smiled as he hugged Nightflight with a fond hug. "I'd be glad to, colleague."

              Richard looked to the others on the satellite, "Hold down the fort, my friends, Crazy Cat and I are going to ruin the Gobbler's plans! If Flittermouse wasn't off looking for the Jackler, I could have just forwarded the info to her."

              SDCC placed one arm around Nightflight and the two stepped over to the satellite transporter.

              But before they could make the trip down to the planet, the satellite communicator activated, "INCOMING CALL FROM HAJI! MARCUS JOHNSON IDENTIFIED!"

              Nightflight activated the incoming call, "Go ahead, Marcus! What's with the emergency call? Crazy Cat and I were about to head off to battle the Gobbler."

              On screen was Marcus Johnson, the 5'6" tall athletic human with fair skin, short brown wavy hair and having hazel eyes. He was dressed in his backup JFA Members fan shirt and his usual blue jeans. "Guys! I am glad I caught you before you left the satellite. Quizzler's awful mother hired Gobbler to call you; thinking that you had her son as your new sidekick; and she is staging a trap for you guys at the museum so when you showed up with Quizzler, she would step out with the Gag'em City police to have you arrested for kidnapping her son. She is far more PMS-sy than usual because of Max's AWOL status. Plus, may I have permission to come and hang out at your new satellite for a couple of days? Wanda is off at Summer school and I don't have access to her currently. I don't have anyone else to hang out with. I promise to be good. I would just need transporter coordinates for getting there. I could even help people train and do my usual cheering up of depressed team members that I am good at. Please..."

              Nightflight looked to SDCC, "He did just stop us from stepping into a trap, colleague. I think we should authorize him and Wanda to be able to come in and spend personal time with the Titans whenever they liked. We do have a few team members who could benefit from having a nice boy around to chat with or even pet on."

              SDCC nodded his head. "Then I agree. Wanda attends Summer School every year while Marcus is more of a 'Stay at home during the Summer' type of friend. It dawns on me that even though Marcus cheers us up from time to time, aside from Wanda, he really doesn't have anyone to cheer him up when he's feeling lonely."

              Nightflight took a breath and released it slowly. "You're right. We have never heard the two teenagers complain about anything. I am going to clear them to be aboard the satellite whenever they like. As far as I am concerned, Zale, they have as much right to be Titans as we do. They were always there for us backup JFA members."

              Moments later, Marcus Johnson was emerging from the transporter where he gave hugs all around to the Titans and JFA sponsors. "Thanks for letting me come over here, guys. I brought what was leftover of my birthday cake to share with the Titans."

              Richard asked, "So how was your birthday this year?"

              Marcus sat down looking sad. "It was awful. Wanda was already off to Summer School and none of my school chums even bothered to come when I called them. My parents didn't even arrange any cool presents this year. I felt like a loser."

              Richard hugged the teen aged human tightly and said, "You're among friends now, Marcus."

              Maggie then popped into the chamber where Wonderoo was chatting with those in training. "Marcus is aboard the satellite, Galatea; he told Richard that his parents never even bothered to get him any presents for his birthday this year. And none of his friends bothered to come to his party. He said he felt like a loser and he wanted to cheer himself up by spending a few days with the Titans. Richard hasn't said where Marcus is going to be sleeping while he is with us, but he has been known to be open to the idea of cuddling with other males."

              Wonderoo looked to Cosmic Wizardess. "Blimey! 'ow could 'is parents give 'im the cold fish treatment after the joey's total obedience to every request they 'ave ever asked of 'im? Of course the joey can stay with the Titans. So where is Wanda if Marcus is 'ere?"

              Cosmic Wizardess replied, "Summer School. Marcus had no one else to turn to in his current sad state of being. We are lucky he asked Richard for permission to join us instead of just running away from home."

              Quicky slid up and stood point blank with the future bunny and Paradise kangaroo sheila. "Marcus can stay in the wing of the satellite where Lunar Boomer, Sunshadow, Slippery Otter and I will be residing. Our quarters have a beautiful view of the Toon Moon." He then paused, "Um... that's okay, isn't it?"

              Sunshadow laughed. "Of course the boy can stay on our side, Quicky. He might even help us to become more confident in our abilities and perform better in the team. Although I think Lunar Boomer may be migrating between the satellite and the Anime Outback since he is still not accustomed to being around so many civilized toon and anime animals as yet."

              Kangaroo Chief hopped into the training room and said, "Marcus is visiting? KEWL! Ah just love 'ow that joey can scritch and pet on my fuzzy body when Ah 'ave spots that Ah cannot reach!"

              Deryk Roo grinned as he hugged Renard closely to himself. "We're not going to be training and patrolling all the time, mates. So if any of yas 'ave some duty or activity that yas would like to pursue when yer not on duty, feel free to go do these things. This includes using the Titans transporter to go up to the satellite to get information and 'elp from our Titans allies there-in."

              Aurora then wheeled an ine cream serving cart into the dining table. "Ice Cream! Courtesy of the Shaman of the North! Who wants some frozen smoothies?"


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                Lunar Boomer was about to hide again (such is his shyness around others he hasn't worked with often enough to get to know). Lunar Boomer hopped up to Kangaroo Chief. "Is being in that position something worth trying at least once, Chief?" He was a creature of the night, so he would be spending the daylight hours mainly on the Satellite or sleeping in his quarters. Such is the habit of a moon-touched marsupial.

                The Star-Spangled Wolf was now starting to wonder how he got Lunar Boomer to willfully approach when he wasn't so easily approachable even with the push he gave. "If you work a little bit on your training with me and Sunshadow, we can see about satisfying that interest, L.B. On that note, you seem to be non-confrontational."

                Lunar Boomer said, "Alright... He then brandished the Luna Cue, and said something in Aborigine that allowed for the inlay of the waning crescent to glow. "Fair warning; it is still a waning crescent... neither me nor my powers will be that strong. In a couple days Ah will only be good for healing. Remember this when it comes to the gibbous and the crescent moons; if the light wanes, my abilities weaken, if the light waxes, my powers strengthen up to the full moon." He still didn't have the answer to justify his wallflower attitude.

                Seth said, "Like I said, I am looking to support Lexie in the public eyes, let him take the hero path for the time being. It was his idea to follow along with Sakar's demands to confront him."

                "It was either that, or risk the safety of our Twins," Lexington justified. "The anti-evil barriers on the station fences were only for the Demons, Meatball. Dreamtimers wouldn't have been affected by it, no matter how malevolent they are. Uncle told us that much."

                "If you two are worried about your twins, why can't you have them summoned here?" asked TechnoDoe.

                Lexington said, "Until our enemy can be defeated in our world, it's better if we are considered missing/presumed dead. Bringing the twins to another world would likely tip to our enemy that we are still alive."


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                  Kangaroo Chief looked to Star-Spangled Wolf and said, "Ah can see the look in yer muzzle expression, mate, and the answer is easily understandable once yas know my background. Back when Ah got my start with the Justice Furries as a backup member..."
                  "The Secret Origin of Outback Jack and Kangaroo Chief"
                  "Ah was born to a moon-touched alpha mob boss devil kangaroo named Titanoroo in a far removed place simply called, 'The Realm'. Ah was given the name of Super Jack Blood Moon since that was the phase of the moon Ah was born under. A rare super blood moon at the time. When it was the fullest of the age and it had a red tinge to it which made it look as if someone had bled all over the moon itself. Ah'm just glad Ah didn't 'ave to clean it up. My military mob unit mates all agreed that my birth name was too long. So Ah shortened it to Outback Jack."

                  "During a bloody conflict in the Aussie portion of the Realm, one of the stupid magic users botched a spell to summon demonic forces to the Realm to win over the conflict in their favor. They accidentally summoned Dr. Unicorn and Muddy Hawg, along with Flittermouse, Redbreast, Wonder Dog, Marine Otter, and their leader, Super Duper Crazy Cat. The core membership of the Justice Furries of Americat. The heroes crash landed close to the camp where my unit mates and Ah were stationed. As par for the course, it was Redbreast who smoothed things out so our army didn't flat out attack them. That bird 'ad leadership qualities that the rest of their team seemed to lack."

                  "Convincing the JFA that an evil magic user 'ad summoned them into our world... Ah agreed to lead Redbreast and 'is superiors to the enemy base camp where the evil magic users were angrily trying to figure out why they couldn't control the demons that they 'ad summoned. And then Flittermouse signaled 'er teammates that she was about to go postal with one of 'er rants on the idiot spell casters. Oh, the things she said... The Furvinerse censorship box would 'ave put in overtime that day. At the end of the brief conflict, Dr. Unicorn and Muddy Hawg announced that they could get themselves and their friends back to their 'ome dimension. Ah was torn because Ah 'ad just made friends with Redbreast and with their leaving, Ah would never see 'im again. Titanoroo then told me that Ah was born with a 'igher calling; 'ow Ah would never be a simple boomer warrior. 'e told me that if Ah wanted to go with Redbreast and the others, then Ah should make the effort to represent the Realm in their world as Outback Jack. 'e granted me the Dreamtime ability to make the crossing between Toonmasters space and 'The Realm' whenever Ah liked."

                  "Returning to the JFA satellite with the 'eroes, Ah set up quarters in a side space of the satellite which Ah could change on a whim. Their team was initially surprised that Ah 'ad chosen a closet. Later, Redbreast escorted me to Zoostralia where 'e assisted me in legally acquiring a red kangaroo station in the Zoostralian Outback. Then utilizing my dimension crossing power, Ah linked a closet door at the station to the closet door aboard the JFA satellite. Richard and Ah bonded easily since Ah was so impressed by 'im. Later during the visit to HAJI, when Ah noticed that Marcus was showing an interest in rubbing on my body to soothe out my aches and pains, Ah asked 'im to get naked and 'e could play with me all 'e liked. Ah never expected 'im to do it... but joey was Ah wrong. 'e took off 'is clothes and bodily rubbed himself all over my body. And then Ah learned that 'e was into same gender attraction and the JFA 'ad some of the 'ottest bodies in the comic books. Marcus' inherent powers 'ad not awakened as yet. 'e even gave me a fellatio when Ah asked 'im to do it. Of course, Ah returned the favor... or was it the flavor... 'umans are so salty... yummy."

                  "Recently when Muddy Hawg chose to retire and 'and off 'is powers to a deserving backup member, 'e chose Gay Dragon since 'e 'ad the least ability of anyone in the backup members collection. After 'e was chosen to get the promotion, Ah told SDCC and Wonder Dog that Ah was leaving the JFA for a while to find myself and whatever importance that Ah represented. It was while Ah was on Toonmasters where Ah chanced upon an old Zoostralian Shaman who was losing a battle against 'is arch nemesis, Gorillana, a female ape who would grow to gigantic sizes to commit crimes. When Ah saw that a powered strike was about to crush the kangaroo shaman, Ah popped in and saved the old roo saying, "courtesy of the JFA's own, Outback Jack." When Gorillana saw that Ah 'ad saved the old roo, she demanded to know who Ah really was. And joey, Ah believe she regretted learning my real name that day. There was a full moon in the sky and Ah stood firm and tall in front of the old roo shaman as Ah replied, "Super Jack Blood Moon! Moon-Touched Devil Kangaroo of the Realm!" And the air turned dark as Ah made my announcement, lightning was flashing all around although the full moon was still clearly visible in the mists... as it turned blood red with an almost sinister wicked grin. The old roo shaman touched 'is power staff to my fore'ead and told me that for saving 'is life, Ah was being gifted with the Kangaroo Chief power of 'is people and 'ow Ah should use it to defeat villains like Gorillana. Then Ah learned the word of power and in a flash, Ah was as big as Titanoroo back 'ome. Kangaroo Chief was born and Ah gave the dirty ape a thrashing for daring to come to Zoostralia at all."

                  "When Wonder Dog and Donkey Guardian learned that Ah 'ad new powers, Ah was invited into the full membership of the JFA; Ah got my promotion just as Peter Hancock 'ad gotten 'is promotion. Then Ah learned that Redbreast, Cheetahna, and Captain Moose were overlooked and they were thinking quitting the JFA. Again, Ah was torn... Richard was my inspiration for being in the JFA at all. Then when Ah got word that the JFA would be mentoring the Toon Titans, a team that Richard was leading, Ah decided to do anything for the bird... no matter what. Ah love 'im."
                  Kangaroo Chief sniffled as he finished things up. "...and Ah still love Richard. 'e is a good friend which Ah do not want to ever lose."

                  Sunshadow arched an eye. "You can summon shadow storms? I thought I was the only one who could do that."

                  Wonderoo grinned. "The more we learn, the stronger we get."

                  Quicky smiled as well. "Richard loves all of us. Maybe you should go nab Richard to prevent any other sleaze from getting any sexual ideas with the Robin boy."

                  Butch of the L.A. Lions came in and said, "There may be a way for you to contact home without letting Sakar know that you survived his kill strike. Since he hates technology, he would ignore any tech calls coming in to an ally of yours... or even... a family member. I believe you have a comic book reading half-brother back home who is more alert than any other member of your family. In fact, Ripper is the counterpart of the lover to your comic book reading half-brother. Chip Lonewolf would be the best one to get a message to so he knows that you two didn't die at the dirty croc's claws."

                  Deryk Roo smiled. "Way to come up with an awesome plan, Butch! Ah am so glad to be one of yer lions!"

                  Ripper looked to Lexington and Seth. "The idea has been presented forth; Where as my counterpart is a Kitsune, I get to be a toon skateboarding lion."


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                    Lunar Boomer blushed at the idea of fellatio. He has seen it done in first mating rituals before his time to go on his journey to experience the communities of the day creatures. It's not uncommon for his tribe to witness mating rituals to ensure that it is done right for the returning tribal were-roos.

                    The Star-Spangled Wolf said, "You are both creatures of the night, as you too talk about the moon. That explains how sociable he is towards you. "

                    "Kangaroo Chief was the first were-roo I met that wasn't a tribal were-roo," said Lunar Boomer. "'e reminds me of my pouch-father; the bloke that gave birth to me after my father's first mating ritual."

                    "Full-brother," corrected Lexington in a sour yet honest tone. "Chip was adopted by the Thorn family after Mum put him up for adoption be'ind father's back when 'e was on a month-long 'unt to try and make father give up 'is work as a Demon 'unter. And 'er silence about it didn't stop me from making whoopy with 'im." He remembered how sick they were about what became incestuous. However it was really tame compared to the lustful infatuations of their cowboy cousin Cade. "Chip should be more easily reached, since Sakar's eye is not on California. 'e wants domain over Australia."

                    Seth then said, "How can this be done, Butch? No one in Australia should know lest they become a target." Knowing that much from Lexington's past decisions helped him surmise that. Plus he wanted no harm to come to the twins. "Chip doesn't go to Australia unless it's an important trip. He is more attuned to American heritage than Lexie."


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                      Kangaroo Chief said, "In the Realm, wolves are also creatures of the night. So if yas were to try being more natural to the paths of the moon, yas could be as embraced as we are. Not to mention, Ah just like to see the other males as tribal as we tend to be. Ah think yas would look good in the nude, Sylver. Ah think yas are plenty patriotic without the colorful threads."

                      Sunshadow chuckled at the thought of undressing the Star-Spangled Wolf.

                      Maggie grinned. "If that is what is going to happen, then I will go back to the kitchen." And she teleported away.

                      Galatea smiled. "A lot of the amazons wore nothing back on the island. Ah think Sylver might look as nice as we did. If yas 'onor Jack's request, Ah'll bake yas a whole bunch of cookies."

                      Elroy said, "I think I should resume my training. Fantasizing over a teammate is barely tasteful when it is done publicly."

                      Richard and Jason saw Maggie re-appear in the kitchen as Richard asked, "What is going on in the training room, Maggie?"

                      Maggie replied, "The topic started going into Gay Dragon's old neighborhood. So I chose to return to the kitchen. They were talking about undressing Sylver, Jr."

                      Richard smiled. "Well, he is one of the hottest canines on the team."

                      Jason said, "I am sure that isn't helping the situation, Richard. But it is your team; you know them better than I do."

                      Richard said, "Back when we were backup members, I was the heart-throb of the backup team. I was both diplomatic as well as romantically attractive to nearly every male and female we encountered. Flittermouse once said that I was practically in Crazy Cat's lap a lot of the time. She also once said that I could probably convince Zale to hand the JFA over to me."

                      Billy then added, "It is hard to stay humble when all of the superior members think so highly of Richard, eh hoser?"

                      Butch glanced around the room and his eyes settled upon Dark Side who was quietly watching the dinner from the corner. "We have a Creator here; just ask him to contact Chip, whom he has met once before during the original Dragon Soul vacation to Toonmasters. The other way of getting Chip's attention would be to kitnap his kitsune boyfriend, or even, force Chip's Theatrics Bell to ring to get his attention. I believe he keeps it within his briefs."

                      Dark Side chuckled, "Butch, I think you are just horny. You couldn't handle Chip's little Kitsune friend. Renny is super playful and has a large magical libido. As for contacting Chip, I can do that right now over my Courageans Communicator." And he pulled it out to show everyone that he actually had one. "Thankfully, I still have Chip's phone number. Should I call him?"


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                        "Ah wouldn't mind trying both Silver and Marcus myself. So how bout it, Silver? Want some male interaction?" he winked.

                        "That reminds me, I need to make a call to Dad. Excuse me." The Star-Spangled Wolf used his Cosmos Staff to lift off and fly himself out of the room in record speed leaving a fading streak of cosmic energy."

                        SDCK was kicked out of the Lab after harrassing Victor too much about the phone booth delivery system. "Speaking of Zon-El, was it he that gave you the Nightflight costume? My childhood home is in Kangador, so I remember that costume well from before Catnipton was destroyed.

                        "At least if he knows, Sakar can't go after 'im for information. Spiritland is good with not allowing Dreamtimers to take shortcuts to deal with enemies. And Renny only submits to gingers." he then said. "Please do, Dark Side."

                        Seth hummed, "Don't take it that badly, Butch; our Renny only is submissive towards gingers." He then said, "Wait, did Chip ever get a Courageans Communicator?"

                        "Ah doubt it," the anime human said, "Chip didn't fight alongside any Dreamwolf characters. Renny, and a good fraction of Owen's bunch would be the only ones Ah suspect would probably 'ave one from that ol' dirtball since they teamed with American Eight. Yas were there weren't yas, Seth?"

                        Seth looked down. "Oh... right. The Leviathan and Red Warrior's antics were stuck in my mind when I was there."

                        Lexington rubbed his chin. "The appearance of both wasn't mutually exclusive, Ah 'ope."

                        "No... Red Warrior was a bounty hunter seeking the villian that ended up summoning the Leviathan of Dreamwolf." the Anime Dragon said. "She did try to kill me and Owen after snapping from not sleeping for days."


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                          Kangaroo Chief giggled. "Darn, the sexy wolf pup got away!"

                          Wonderoo smiled. "'e is a city wolf; not a naturalist like the rest of us."

                          Quicky said, "I am sure he will be back later. He probably didn't like becoming the target of affection as quickly as the topic became."

                          Sunshadow snickered. "Even Crazy Kitty said that the wolf pup was a hottie. Someone will tie him down eventually."

                          Richard looked to Kitta. "Actually yes, Kitta. You arrived the day that Zale gave me this costume. It took you long enough to ask about it. Flittermouse made me strip down to my skivvies before I could leave the Flitter Cave."

                          Jason then inquired, "I wonder where Garth went after they returned from the aquatic show? Slippery Otter has also been quiet since Marine Otter brought him up here."

                          Richard hummed. "Those are good questions. They are likely both at the satellite aquatic chamber. Its like having an indoor tropical beach and simulated wave pool on board."

                          Dark Side hooked the Communicator up to the main screen as he tapped in the planetary code for Chip's personal communicator. "When he answers, his image will appear on this screen. And if his sexy cutie is with him, then we will see him, too."

                          Deryk Roo said, "Thanks for doing this for our two lost joeys, Dark Side." He then leaned in and smooched his Ripper on the lion muzzle.


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                            Lunar Boomer grinned. "And 'e smelled very ripe for a virgin, too. Ah'm surprised a looker like 'im 'asn't gotten a male booster just yet."

                            SDCK said, "Remember that the fish course for twenty has to be submerged in water ever-so-often to reset the timer on his air breathing? He spent too much time out of the water, and asked not to be disturbed while he takes on the restorative properties of the water." She then shudders. "As for Slippery Otter, he's just way too nasty right now. Someone punch him for me the next time he pervs out, will you?

                            The screen showed up with a reddish-brown Stag with majestic antlers behind him, and the Akinobu Kitsune Zord cleaning itself in the far background. Chip's fiery red hair made his new crimson magic attire more fiery-looking. The clasps holding his cape onto his uniform was in the shape of a silver leaf. The image came up in a square on the screen, judging his Crimson Gripper has a square screen. It looked like he had a more regal role nowadays compared to his last Toonmasters visit as a knight in-training. {This is Chip, Forest Lord of the Briarwood Forest. What can I do for... Oh hey Dark Side! And Deryk Roo too! I was about to patrol the Forest with Ramus. What can I do for the both of you?}


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                              Sunshadow remarked, "Perhaps one of us will get to surprise him soon so he learns what he is missing. The lions back in my tribe were playing around all the time."

                              Kangaroo Chief who was in his regular size and form said, "Until we get a chance to 'elp Sylver calm down next time, Ah think we should focus on our training. Show me that yas 'ave been trying to train, Joseph, and Ah will take yas on an Outback patrol with me tonight. Ah got word of some nocturnal defilers who think that the Outback is easy pickings."

                              Elroy smiled for a change. "If American Sparrow were still free, ahs would never find me in Zoostralia. I got to go down there once when I was tracking one of our enemies and they went straight to a armed camp in the Outback that had a camouflage netting canopy all over the top of the camp itself to prevent nosy fliers from seeing what they were doing inside the camp. Sparrow hated walking so she sent me in on foot and when my arrows started flying, bad guys were running out of camp into the Outback in their undershorts."

                              Wonderoo stated, "Sparrow got taken by Interpol back to Zooroepe for a VIP stay in one of their super prisons. Wonder Dog confirmed it when 'e called Interpol just this morning about 'er whereabouts."

                              Speaking of Interpol... A call came in to the Titans' call in monitor. "Shticky Fox speaking from the Titans Satellite," he replied to the caller.

                              "Shticky? A young hero in training recently heard of the new Titans team and he asked us if we thought the new team might like to have a Zooroepean Skunk in their glorious number. What should we tell him?"

                              Crazy Cat and Nightflight stepped over to stand with Shticky as Richard said, "I am Nightflight, the leader of the Titans team, sirs. We will need to know the youngster's name and we will need to receive some background data on him so his presence doesn't set off the satellite alarm while he is here."

                              Interpol's reply was, "His real name is Filipe Aerosmith; his hero name that he has been using is Aeromafleuve or in English, The Fragrant Sage, although that is more of a title than a name. He is Furench by nature and his family owns and runs a cafe and bakery. He is related to an infamous Gentleman Thief in Furance itself, although he said that discovering this power has convinced him to use it for good purposes in an attempt to clear the family name. Since he has been assisting us in catching Zooroepean criminals, we agreed to put in a call to the Titans and see if you wanted to take a chance with this young skunk."

                              Richard rolled that name around in his head before replying, "Shticky will come to fetch the new hero. But we will likely shorten his name to simply Aeroma since the rest is a title as you have already admitted. We will attempt to make his stay a good one with the new team."

                              Interpol replied, "Many thanks, Nightflight. Overall, he is a good boy and good in the kitchen if that helps other members who like to prepare meals." And then the call ended.

                              Shticky headed off to fetch their newest member.

                              Richard turned to smile at Kitta. "We are getting another chef in the Titans. That will certainly help around here."

                              Dark Side smiled at Chip. "You look good in those clothes, although not as good as you looked to Rat Nick when you accidentally became a beaver. Speaking of old home week, we have two people who need to speak to you on a private level. Not so private that your mate cannot listen in, like the sneaky Kitsune that he is." He stepped aside to reveal Lexington (Combat Wolf) and Seth (Sea Dragon) to Chip (Forest Lord). "Perhaps you can help them to get settled in. They will explain the rest to you. As for Deryk Roo, he is leading the newest hero team here in Los Angeleos. Richard Grayson finally started his new team and it has been receiving a lot of popularity. As a matter of fact, we could probably clone you to create Garuda Boy back when you tagged along during the Dragon Soul vacation. I think Garuda Boy would make a fine Titan."

                              Deryk Roo giggled as he hugged Ripper closely to himself as he watched the phone-home call commence.