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    Nightflight went to the entrance of the computer room and said, "Cyberbull! FALSE ALARM! We were still receiving new members and mentors who weren't aboard as yet. Could you please shut that off?"

    Captain Americat and Star Buck emerged from the Dark Titan section of the base and when he saw who was in the receiving area, the ever serious cat just grinned. "Looks like someone dragged the Golden Age toon heroes out of their arm chairs." Then he raised his voice, "Were there nothing good on TV, Star-Spangled Wolf?"

    Ernie glanced across the room at the younger wolf, Silver Jr. and said, "Lookit the sexy wolf pup, mates!"

    Cheetahna sped out of the communications room and said, "Oh, its my father's friend, Star Spangled Wolf and his son ...who did turn out quite hot looking..."


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      The alarms were silenced for the sake of the two wolves. At least they will prove not to be a threat. CyberBull said, "Security Protocol silenced/ Lupine units added to white list. "Do you wish to include any more to the white list that currently are not present, Nightflight?"

      Silver Jr. unraveled his Cosmos Staff and it was glowing as he covered his ears the best he can. "READY TO TAKE OUT DEFENSE SYSTEMS IF I NEED TO FATHER!"

      "Down Boy," Silver Sr. was the first to uncover his ears, and patted his son on his shoulder to have him stand down and uncover his ears. "Man, that security system is effective. Had me on the defensive. If I wasn't so closely related to canines, I wouldn't have been effected as much." He then saw a few of his old comrades from the Golden Age. "AH-ROO! Seeing old dogs that didn't give two figs about being theatrical over the pride of Americat is a sight for sore eyes. This is my son, Silver Jr. Son, That is Captain Americat and Starbuck. Now all that's missing is the Cat of Steel that grated on my nerves before my Swan Song!"

      Though Sharklad had a look of interest for the wolf pup, he knew that the boy wouldn't be interested. He could figure that about the young Star-Spangled Wolf. "I have a feeling that he would make pups with a dam, rather than be curious about my claspers." Noticed he said 'Dam' instead of 'Bitch.' he was taught well enough to keep his words appropriate in the presence of Captain Americat.


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        Nightflight then said, "The white list will be modified as we gain more young members, Cyber Bull. You did a good job on setting the alarm though. Well done." He then headed back out to check on the other potential Toon Titan arrivals.

        Super Duper Crazy Cat smiled at Captain Americat as he shook the serious toon feline's furred hand. "Despite the event this team is being put together for, Cap, I have not forgotten what you taught me during the secret mission. Sometimes life isn't just about Theatrics. Sometimes life is about being the best you can possibly be."

        Captain Americat cracked a smile when he heard SDCC say those words. "Since you are saying something that pleases me, colleague, I will give you a return smile for a change."

        Ernie bounded over and gave Nightflight a hug along with the trademark Devlin wink. "Thanks for letting a noob like me be in yer new team, mate."

        Nightflight grinned. "Since your pop got promoted in the Justice Furries and we cannot have Gay Dragon, we are glad to have his uber kawaii sexy son instead." He gave Ernie a kiss on his scaly snout. "I have to go check on the rest of the young heroes now..." he paused and added, "....mate." before heading off once again.

        Marine Otter emerged from the bedroom corridor. "Okay Garth... I got your wild and wet sleeping chambers all arranged. It is no place for a cat, thankfully."

        Wonderoo next gave Nightflight a hug and a kiss. "Ah am so glad to be finally getting to team up with the rest of yas young former sidekicks."

        Within the kitchen, Maggie finished making some decent vittles and bits for the team and the guests there of. She had made toon coffee earlier for which Kitta seemed to appreciate getting a cup. "I think we are actually going to be able to get along with each other in this new team. I never expected to become a footnote in our own 25th century history discs."


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          "Something wet and destructive to my hair?" SDCK said. "Not after I went after a sub once and nearly lost my life after the Dogxamites had to abandon plans for our planet to be New Dogxam. Barbaric butt-sniffing hedonists. And not when there's a fish course for twenty with rows of serrated teeth."

          Lady Narrator reminded SDCK, "Not all Dogxamites are like that SDCK."

          "But still... Most of them still hate Catniptonians for our world being destroyed, and theirs being ravaged by the remains of ours... radioactive litter covers their world, as well as Catniptonite."

          Sharklad nodded and walked over to see what his sleeping chambers looked like.


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            NIghtflight said, "We can leave membership open in case other young heroes want to join us."

            Captain Moose smiled. "I rather like the new base, eh hosers? Although if the JFA needs one of us to help with monitor duty, we should agree to help them."

            Ernie hugged Nightflight. "I just like seeing all the nice and sexy bodies around here."

            Shticky Fox said, "I will be staying up here with you guys to oversee your activities for the beginning portion of your interim."


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              SDCK grinned. "This could definitely bring me some new inspiration for my Theatrics book."

              The younger Star-Spangled Wolf arched an eye. "Theatrics book?"