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    Just'a Society of Anime - Character Profiles

    Super Duper Crazy Cat and the American Rabbit decide to mentor a new team of Anime heroes in the United States of Animation as they fight against injustice across the world. Based in Los Angeleos, our heroes are ever ready to wallop enemies no matter where they appear. This role playing game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.

    The Character Profiles in this Thread are only for the Players / Writers who are going to be joining me in this role playing game adventure. All characters may live in their origin zones, although their headquarters are in Los Angeleos.


    Darrel's JSA:

    Super Duper Crazy Cat, Zale Kent/ Zon-El - Orange Tabby Cat from Toon Masters' ASPCA City
    Robert Rabbit, American Rabbit - White Rabbit from San Franciscolt

    Bucky Roberts, Captain Symphony - a white rabbit from the B'rattish Isles
    Ace Dangers, Dark Night - a black Labrador magician
    Xena Kennison, Island Squirrel - a Hawaiian red squirrel
    Deryk Roo, Kung Roo - Kangaroo from Paw Springs
    Renard Ranger, Ripper - Lion from Otterside
    Mercedes Diego, Thunderbolt - Cougar of Paw Springs
    Lamont Faraduck, Long-arm - Canadian Mallard from Otterside
    Aurora Borealis, Shaman of the North - Arctic Polar Bear from Ankhorat, Alaskat
    Zeke Kent, Super Duper Crazy Rabbit - a calico rabbit (son of SDCC and the American Rabbit)
    Joseph Devlin-Kent, Zoostralian Rocket Roo - an anime Anime Cat/Were-Kangaroo from Devonshire Australia (Dreamtrail)

    Chip's JSA:

    Hub Marsupial, KangaNet - a kangaroo of an unknown breed
    Zander Lord, Fedora Croc - a saltwater crocodile
    Rory Owain, Discus Dragoon - a Whalsh dragon
    Willona Montenegro, TechnoDoe - White-tailed Deer from Vancougar, British Columbiass, Canaduck
    Lexington "Lexie" Lonewolf, Combat Wolf - Anime Human of Australian Outback by way of California (Dreamtrail)
    Seth Sidarius, Sea Drake - Toon Dragon from Briarwood, California, (Dreamtrail)


    Hero Name

    Real Name:
    Home of Origin:
    Primary Power:
    This is a Sample Form.

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    Darrel's JH Characters:
    American Rabbit

    Real Name: Robert Rabbit
    Sex: Male
    Species: White Rabbit
    Home of Origin: San Franciscolt
    Primary Power: Transformation (Super Form)
    Kung Roo

    Real Name: Deryk Roo
    Sex: Male
    Species: Kangaroo
    Home of Origin: Paw Springs
    Primary Power: Britton Griff Dojo Martial Arts

    Real Name: Renard Ranger
    Sex: Male
    Species: Lion
    Home of Origin: Otterside
    Primary Power: Skateboarding Hotdog

    Real Name: Mercedes Diego
    Sex: Female
    Species: Cougar
    Home of Origin: Paw Springs
    Primary Power: Lightning

    Real Name: Lamont Faraduck
    Sex: Male
    Species: Canadian Mallard
    Home of Origin: Otterside
    Primary Power: Firearms
    Shaman of the North

    Real Name: Aurora Borealis
    Sex: Female
    Species: Arctic Polar Bear
    Home of Origin: Ankhorat Alaskat
    Primary Power: Mysticism


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      Chip's JH Characters:

      Real Name: Willona Montenegro
      Sex: Female
      Species: White-tailed Deer
      Home of Origin: Vancougar, British Columbiass, Canaduck
      Primary Power: Technology
      Combat Wolf

      Real Name: Lexington "Lexie" Lonewolf
      Sex: Male
      Species: Anime Human
      Home of Origin: Australian Outback by way of California (Dreamtrail)
      Primary Power: Tae Kwon Do, Swordsmanship
      Sea Drake

      Real Name: Seth Sidarius
      Sex: Male
      Species: Toon Dragon
      Home of Origin: Briarwood, California, (Dreamtrail)
      Primary Power: Hydro Breath Weapon


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        Captain Symphony
        • Alter Ego: Bucky Roberts
        • Home of Origin: Liondon, United Kingdom
        • Sex: Male
        • Type: Anthro White Rabbit
        • TM Relation: N/A
        • Powers: Super Strength; Invulnerability; Enhanced Vision; Flight; Martial Arts; Mute (speaks with Ear Lang)
        • Catch-Phrase: His wordless expression said little, but his long ears said more than the spoken word would allow.

        It was certainly different having a mute as the leader of the new team, but Dark Side had spoken: Bucky Roberts would lead the new team in Toonmaster's West. He only hoped that the coming Toon Titans they were to help train didn't ridicule him for being a mute.


        Dark Night
        • Alter Ego: Ace Dangers
        • Home of Origin: San Franciscolt, Cowlifurnia; United Species of Americat
        • Sex: Male
        • Type: Anthro Black Labrador
        • TM Relation: known to American Rabbit (JFA)
        • Powers: Mystical Strength; Impervious Barrier; Magical Vision; Magic Spells
        • Catch-Phrases: "If you think I am something, wait until you see that stud rabbit who leads the team."

        Even though he was as powerful as Super Duper Crazy Cat, but far more serious, Ace Dangers knew that his powers were magically based. He wasn't a strange visitor from another planet, like the Crazy Felines were. His first planned stage show was upstaged by a news report of the Crazy Cat of steel defeating Tex Luthor. And since the public seemed to love heroes more than magicians, he decided to become a hero himself. And the next time an upstaging occurred, it would be him stealing SDCC's thunder. Although he loved being around Captain Symphony, he did sympathize with the rabbit's mute disability. So he gladly supported the lapine in all he did.


        Island Squirrel
        • Alter Ego: Xena Kennison
        • Home of Origin: Honolulupine, Hawonkiki; United Species of Americat
        • Sex: Female
        • Type: Anthro Red Squirrel
        • TM Relation: Known to Marine Otter (JFA)
        • Powers: Fire and Lava Powers; Water Manipulation; Hover Surf Board
        • Catch-Phrase: "Aloha!" and "Ready to hang ten?"

        Xena Kennison was an island princess of the chain of islands in the Polynesian Ring of Donkey Fire, Hawonkiki. But since discovering her powers and having worked with Marine Otter and Sharklad on a few occasions, she felt she was ready for a real hero team. And what better team to join than the newly forming Toon Justice team in Toonmasters West?


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          • Alter Ego: Hub Marsupial
          • Home of Origin: Perch, WZ, Zoostralia
          • Sex: Male
          • Type: Anthro Kangaroo of a mysterious breed, Vaccine-class.
          • TM Relation: N/A
          • Powers: Ability to enter cyberspace, or bring useful items out from cyberspace like tools or weapons; trained in using boomerangs; expert in computer technologies.
          • Catch-Phrase: Time to surf the KangaNet, mates.

          KangaNet is a rather odd roo to start as a superhero in Toonmasters West, especially because he keeps his hero suit on most of the time. However, Toon Justice will be glad to have someone like him on the team, especially when he works on his favorite past time; defeating viruses of various kinds in the team's computer network.

          Fedora Croc
          • Alter Ego: Zander Lord
          • Home of Origin: Jackalville, Floridophin, United Species of Americat
          • Sex: Male
          • Type: Anthro Saltwater Crocodile
          • TM Relation: Former Student of Britton Gryff; former Fedora villain (exiled).
          • Powers: Martial Arts, enhanced reflexes, indestructible fedora hat, dart master
          • Catch-Phrase: "Hmph!" and, "Someone translate the Ear Lang for me..."

          A grumpy (yet very dapper) superhero with an unknown past, save for his martial arts expertise. He always have feathered darts in his jacket and a special one attached to his fedora. Zander Lord's tolerance may be low, but he makes up for it in his duty to protect the innocent youth from being victims from criminals that he used to be. He rarely shows other emotions, save for annoyances.

          Discus Dragoon
          • Alter Ego: Rory Owain
          • Home of Origin: Swansea, Whales
          • Sex: Hermaphrodite
          • Type: Anthro Beefy Whalsh Dragon
          • TM Relation: N/A
          • Powers: Martial Arts, Discus Throwing; Weakness: very limited flight
          • Catch-Phrase: "Wotcher, mate." and "Eat discus, scum!"

          Adding more diversity to the team, the athletic hermaphrodite Rory Owain was selected to be part of the Toon Justice team. Though sie may seem to be a bit big for a draconic herm, sie let hir discus throwing do the talking. As Discus Dragoon, she has various types of discuses that can do various types of things. Being different hirself, sie can quick to the defensive on behalf of Captain Symphony, should someone discriminate about his muteness.