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[MTandTPP-04] Pucklantis Lives

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  • [MTandTPP-04] Pucklantis Lives

    Mallard Thunderbeak
    "a Mighty Ducks - the Animated Series universe adventure"
    Mighty Ducks characters and concept owned solely by Disney
    Mallard Thunderbeak aka Sigmund Wyndtrough owned by Darrel Vanwinkle (writing as Ratseye/Pouchlaw)
    All other characters owned by board members (at The Legacy @

    [MT&TPP-04] Mallard Thunderbeak and the Puck Police
    Episode Four: Pucklantis Lives
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    June 1st, 2017

    Mallard Thunderbeak, male former human now a Mighty Duck duplicate of a young Canard Thunderbeak, hero
    Stefano Webster; Electronics and Mechanics specialist
    Caesar O' Donald nicknamed as Zero; Ace pilot and weapons specialist
    Eira Swanson; Communications specialist
    Fiona Ducaine; Swat Operative and Tactician
    Falcone of the Raptrin Brotherhood of the Blade; detective; customs agent
    Harmony Harper; Puckworld Sports Representative and Reporter for the Nightly Puckworld News team; undercover

    Carol Mason Wyndtrough, female human, wife to Mallard, junior Olympic Figure Skater
    James Talbot, male human, friend of Carol's; practicing magician, wealthy eccentric
    Captain Ace Kannis, male human, legal guardian for Mallard; Police officer in San Francisco
    Aramus E. Quincy, male human, former best friend to Sigmund; goes crazy when Sigmund becomes a duck
    Chester West, former human now a Percheron law horse on Stallos II.

    Dr. Theodore Quark, male Puckworld medical technician, allied to Wraith

    Chapter One

    Frozen felons covered in their own puke was not a pretty sight for Homeland Security to have to deal with as they picked up the awaiting frozen cargo. "Totally Yee-uck!" exclaimed one of the head officers, before he turned to look at Mallard Thunderbeak who was conferring with Ace and other city police officers. "Okay Mallard. I am impressed that you stopped these guys without causing property damage; unlike the Mighty Ducks in Anaheim. They cannot have an outing without blowing something up. Klegghorn has complained over their antics on more than one occasion. How is it that you can do what they cannot?"

    In the blink of an eye, Mallard was point blank with the Homeland Security officer as he gave him a hug and a wink. "I didn't ask for these powers, as you probably know of my story by now. I was in a coma and Wraith the Saurian Sorcerer had a Puckworldian evil doctor injected my body with some sort of experiment they had been working on. I transformed into this duck body and it comes with an arrangement of powers including a temporary power slot that replaces itself; from week to week. One of my temp powers was to switch back to my human form for nearly a month. But I have since lost that power. This teleport power is the latest temporary power. Think Superman as a Duck with an extra power slot that changes from week to week."

    Mallard then released the officer and said, "Unlike the other Puckworldian Ducks, I know we are not above the law and I feel we can do the job without destroying things. Besides, The Mighty Ducks were an ex-military unit back on their home world."

    The Homeland Security officer groaned as he glanced up at the night sky. "My god. That sort of makes sense from the destruction they cause when going after crooks."

    Mallard smiled. "I have one of them under my wing, a sidekick; and I have been training him to perform as we do without all of the explosions. He is surprisingly doing well; until he rejoins his team when they need him."

    The young handsome officer said, "Just keep training him; you will surely get through to him eventually. Just tell him that he cannot be your sidekick if he blows things up. Looks like my buddies are ready to go, Mallard. Hope I get to see you again; you're a pretty nice duck." And the officer headed off to join his unit.

    Mallard went back over to Ace and the others saying, "I just scored another young fan. I'm a pretty nice duck. End quote."

    Ace then said, "I have noticed that a lot of your new fans are members of law enforcement, Mallard. I think the idea of a trustworthy law duck is growing on a few people."

    Mallard smiled. "I suppose I am setting the standard for law ducks."

    "How many do you have under your wing now, Mallard?" asked one of the other human officers.

    Rubbing the bottom of his beak, Mallard replied, "Not counting my sidekick... and the two on the reserve team... Zero, Stefano, Eira, Fiona, Falcone, Drake 2 and the thirty mammalians under his command, the forty to fifty duck engineers and their families who joined up with us when we acquired our city and our star ship. It comes up to a little over a hundred non-human law enforcement mammals from other worlds all under my wing. And with our allies on Stallos II... It is a verifiable zoo of epic proportions. Mainly law horses and law jaguars. With the galactic war going on just beyond the boundaries of the Sol system, we are lucky to be in neutral space for the time being. The Galactic Patrol had to move their base of operations into our solar system for their own safety. Thankfully, they are willing to work with us when we need things."

    Nosedive then approached Mallard and said, "Thanks for being patient with me, Mallard. My brother and I were the only ones not involved with the ex-military unit back on Puckworld. The others, were experts in their craft which included blowing things up. I was never meant to be part of their team. Canard originally wanted to leave me behind. But Wildwing said that if he wanted my brother, then I was part of the package or no deal. We had lost our parents early on in the Saurian Wars. If Canard were to return full time, they wouldn't need me in Anaheim for the weekly games. Then you could really mold me into shape as your partner."

    Mallard smiled as he hugged Nosedive. "I don't care what the other ducks say about you, Dive. I may not have wanted you as my sidekick and partner at first, but you have presented some good ideas that have helped the team."

    "I'm just glad that I get to be Uncle Nosedive for your twin children that Carol is currently carrying. Have you decided what to name them?"

    Mallard replied, "Carol and I have talked about it and we have chosen the names of Catherine Skywing Wyndtrough for the girl and Richard Thunderwing Wyndtrough for the boy. Being completely human was the bonus that Carol's parents had a preference for. They just wanted to be grandparents to normal children."

    Ace then said, "Their middle names are to be their Duck identifier names while the rest are their human society names."

    At that moment, Mallard's communicator beeped. "Mallard speaking."

    "Eira here, Boss Duck. I have some good news. As strange as this may sound, I think I have solved the issue with the dimensional transportation device. Do you want to know while the sidekick is around or would you rather wait until later?"

    Mallard was waiting for this news, but Eira had a major point. For some reason, the Mighty Ducks didn't want Mallard to see whatever the big secret back on Puckworld was. "Eira; we cannot talk about that over this connection. We will meet later. Rendezvous in twenty. Mal out." He then looked to Nosedive and said, "Dive, I want you to go with Ace and brush up on some more of the law terms that he was educating you in. I'll be back later. I need to go neck with Eira."

    Nosedive grabbed Mallard's arm. "Mallard, please... I swear to you; we Mighty Ducks are not hiding anything from you. Don't make me go off with Ace. I want to be with you."

    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two

    Mallard grabbed Nosedive's beak and he displayed a roll of duct tape. "If you cannot take orders, Dive, then the deal is off and I will have to place you under citizen's arrest like I did with Aramus that one time."

    And then without warning, Mallard vanished in the blink of an eye leaving Nosedive with Ace and the others. Dive then said, "I just don't want anything bad to happen to Mallard."

    Within Eira's lab back at base, Mallard appeared and said, "Dive almost crossed the line before I chose to come straight to you. I love this teleport power. So lay the news on me, Eira. I could use some good news."

    Eira placed a bracer on Mallard's wrist as she said, "The portable wormhole generator was never made to transport more than one person across the void, Mal. Therefore, the solution to this dilemma is to have you use it to transport yourself back to Puckworld and once there, you plug this homing beacon chip into a communications mainframe computer on the real Puckworld and that will permit our star ship to make the trip between the real Puckworld and the real Earth whenever we like. But you have to get the homing beacon to the real Puckworld first. Think you can do that for the Puck Police?"

    Mallard smiled. "And while I am up there this time, I should pick up the supplies that Dragaunus asked me to get the first time."

    Eira said, "You don't have to be flying to be able to open the wormhole. Just open it and go. Do be careful, Mallard. We care about you as much as Carol does."

    Pocketing the Homing Beacon Chip, Mallard stepped back and struck a pose before he said, "Pucker Up!" And in a flash, he transformed from his street clothes into his Puck Police commander uniform. Then, Mallard faced a wall and activated the wormhole generator and he leaped through the opening.

    Moments later, Mallard arrived on Puckworld on what looked like the destroyed remains of a city street. He could see duck citizens trying to pick up the pieces of their world to make their lives livable once again. Exploring the city he had arrived within, he soon located the news communications building that Harmony Harper worked for and going inside the building, he made his way to the basement where an emergency news room and communications mainframe was fully operational. And he planted the homing beacon into the mainframe computer before heading out again. His next stop permitted him to find and pin to a wall... Dr. Theodore Quark. "Didn't expect to see me on Puckworld, did you? Just tell me how I can get restored to normal and I won't pluck you bald."

    Dr. Quark replied, "Sad to say, Mallard, if I did help you return to your human form, you would immediately fall back into your coma. You are only awake and mobile in this duck body."

    Mallard growled a little at that admission. "Give me a good enough reason to let you live, Quark!"

    Dr. Quark then looked Mallard right in the eye as he stated, "Canard Thunderbeak is still alive. You can find him in a prison cell in the wormhole between worlds. That is where Wraith has him stashed. If he was dead, you wouldn't look like him any more. You would have a more unique duck appearance. Furthermore, Dragaunus expected you to get to Puckworld eventually. I've seen him on planet several times without his ship; the Raptor. He really wants his ship back on Puckworld. Look around of what is left of Puckworld before you choose to help him get his ship back here, Mallard. Do the people here look the way you would want the suffering to look on any world?"

    Mallard then recalled how most of the ducks looked when he first arrived. Many were wearing the rags of their former clothes and boots. Many looked as if they hadn't eaten in days. "You win, Quark. But I have to bring something back to Dragaunus to prove that I finally got to Puckworld."

    Dr. Quark then said, "If you load a few crates with Saurite Pollen, and then place the locks back on the crates, you could take that to Dragaunus. Saurite Pollen makes Saurians extremely sick and weak. It has no effect on mammals nor avians so you would personally be safe from the stuff. On your way back to Earth, attache a chain to the prison cell that Canard is trapped in and then tow it behind you on the trip back to Earth. Drop the prison cell off at your island base then take the pollen crates to Dragaunus and drop them off and leave stating that you found Quark and want to beat a cure out of me. He will believe that and he will simply let you go. Then you return to your base and you work on freeing Canard from the cell. I will go you one further favor, Mallard. I will give you the medical experiment documents regarding what we did to get you changed into a duck. You can work with your magic using friend whom convinced the Earth doctors to keep your life support systems on and he can try to decipher the experiment notes to see about restoring you to normal. Keep in mind, Mallard, should he succeed in restoring you to normal, you will lose all of your current powers. Make sure you really want to be human again before you attempt this."

    Mallard replied, "It is something to consider carefully."

    Dr. Quark nodded his head. "Should you choose to remain a Puckworldian empowered hero duck, I will provide your Puck Police team with medical supplies from our clinic. Last word I had was that you had well over two hundred ducks swearing fealty to you, Mallard."

    After receiving the papers regarding the experiment and storing them into his backpack properly, Mallard was off to the warehouse to pick up the supply crates. Once inside the warehouse, Mallard opened a crate and proceeded to break each individual supply item before dumping Saurite Pollen all over the top of the supplies. He then sealed each supply crate and replaced the padlocks before placing these into a sack for the trip back to the wormhole. Mallard didn't have to break the supplies but he suspected a double cross from Quark in regards to the Saurite Pollen so the supplies were broken into two separate pieces. Last it was a jump back into the wormhole between worlds where as he followed Quark's directions to where he found the prison cell with the Puckworldian occupant. Without letting Canard see him, he said, "Are you Canard Thunderbeak of Puckworld?"

    The occupant replied, "Yeah, I am. Why are you hiding and who are you?"

    Mallard replied, "I will explain later but for now, I am with the Puck Police and I am rescuing you from this place." He attached the chain to the top of the cell and flew off with it.

    End of Chapter Two


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      Chapter Three

      Within Eira's lab back at base on Earth, Mallard reappeared from the wormhole portal with the prison cell in tow. "Eira... work on opening this cell while I am gone. I have to deliver these supplies to Dragaunus; not that it will do him a lot of good. I also need to go fetch my friend James. I will be back later."

      Eira replied, "As you command, Mallard. See you soon." And she got to work om cutting through the lock on the small prison cell as Mallard vanished via teleportation. Aboard the Raptor, Mallard appeared with the supply crates. "Good news, Dragaunus! I finally reached the real Puckworld. Here are your supply crates. I also tracked down Dr. Quark; I need to return and beat a cure out of his worthless hide. Good luck on your repairs." And Mallard teleported away before Dragaunus could comment. Not to mention, he didn't want to watch the reaction when Dragaunus got the Saurite Pollen in his face. At James' home on Warlock Hill, Mallard asked James to come over to the island base that night to help decipher some mystic medical notes regarding his transformation. And then Mallard flew off over the bay of San Francisco as he put out the call to Nosedive. "Return to base, Dive. I need your help with something. Mallard out." And then he landed in the yard of his estate. As he landed, he saw Wraith waiting for him.

      "I warned you, Wraith... you are not exactly welcome around here. Quark told me that you informed him about my project. That was the only way he could recite off the exact number of ducks I had under my command since he hasn't been on Earth since you and he changed me into this rotten duck form."

      Wraith then said, "Hear me out, Mallard. Since Quark gave you the medical notes for the experiment and I know you are considering a restoration to your old body... I am willing to grant you partially what you think you really want. Quark did not lie when he said that if you gave up the duck to return to human form, you would fall back into a coma. However, I can tell you how you can reacquire the ability to shift back to your human identity if this is what you truly want. And I promise, this is not a trick this time. Dragaunus is already mad at me for making you into a duck at all. All you have to do is surrender one of your permanent powers which will be replaced with the human transformation power. Then you can be human whenever you like as when you had the power before it wore off and another power took its place."

      Mallard said, "I will consider this offer; but I want to know something more: you knew about the alternate Puckworld dimensions before I bumbled through the other worlds, didn't you?"

      Wraith nodded his snout. "Yes, what of it?"

      Mallard continued. "The genetics of Canard Thunderbeak that you and Quark injected into me came from a version of Canard whom died during the experiment, didn't it? I know this because I recently found and rescued the real Canard Thunderbeak. He hasn't gotten to get a good look at me as yet. Just be honest with me, Wraith."

      Wraith replied, "You are doing quite well for a law duck detective, Mallard. What you said is the truth; the only way that Canard would live again was if he resided within the body of a man whom had formerly been in a coma. You were chosen for that reason alone; no one else matched the criteria at the time. You were not supposed to end up with all of the powers you acquired after the fact. Quark and I are not sure why you became empowered simply by receiving that alternate Canard's DNA. You can do things he could never do."

      Mallard then said, "Do I get to choose the power to give up or is there one that Dragaunus wants gone forever? I am not stupid, Wraith. Besides, I enjoy using my vision power to look at Nosedive when he lies to me."

      Wraith made a face. "That is truly appalling, Mallard. But yes, you get to choose the power to replace."

      Mallard then smirked, "If it is so appalling then why are you aroused?"

      Wraith said, "Just choose your most annoying power to replace so I can get out of here."

      Mallard remarked, "I want the temporary power slot replaced with the transformation ability into human. I get tired of getting a new power that goes away after seven to fourteen days. You did say the most annoying power."

      Without warning, Dragaunus and Nosedive appeared in the yard where upon Dragaunus grabbed Wraith by his collar and Nosedive shielded Mallard with his own body.

      "Stefano's early alert sensory alarm he installed in the estate yard worked really well!" stated Mallard's junior partner. "When we saw Wraith bothering you on the monitor, we sent Dragaunus a message to let him know that Wraith was up here yet again without his permission!"

      Dragaunus didn't look too happy himself. "Wraith, you and Quark are in enough trouble for sabotaging the supply crates that I asked Mallard to retrieve for me. Every crate contained Saurian sorcerer powder along with broken supply parts. I cannot be angry with Mallard since he never opened the crates before he brought them to me."

      Now Mallard was really upset; the so-called Saurite Pollen was actually a sorcery component to assist Wraith in his schemes on Earth. The Saurians didn't look violently ill in the slightest. Dragaunus did appear lividly angry which was his norm nearly all the time when dealing with his underlings. Mallard stepped around Nosedive where upon he grabbed Wraith's magical staff and he proceeded to snap the staff in one fell motion as he broke it over his knee which caused a bizarre explosion blasting those standing there; knocking them away from that spot. Mallard had collided with Nosedive and as the two landed in the what felt like the deepest end of the swimming pool, Nosedive placed his arm around Mallard's chest and he swam for the surface. Yet another unexpected twist; Nosedive could swim while Mallard could not.

      When the two broke the surface of the water, Nosedive was surprised to see that they were in a river just off shore from what looked like a Puckworldian city and there were ice flows in the river as well. "What the? We're on Puckworld. I need to get Mallard out of the river." And he began towing his partner off toward the nearby shore.

      When they reached the shore, Nosedive picked up Mallard in his arms and he began carrying his partner back through the city en route toward the Flashblade homestead.

      End of Chapter Three