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AV-MFandSons-02 Winter Work Daze

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  • AV-MFandSons-02 Winter Work Daze

    This is an ongoing story I've been writing that occurs in the QC Planet continuum that is not part of any of my given serials. It involves an adult male human who works for the QC Planet Forestry Service along with his two sons who join him later. The story focuses on the oldest son, Christopher Fernando, whom interacts with the local toon and anime cervines in Reindeer Town where he gets a part time job working for an adult cervine tavern where the entertainment is a bit over the table top and under the table cloths, if you know what I mean. His younger brother, Jean-Francis, spends time with the lake side does drawing them as they graze. Christopher's friend, Lewis Clark, has adventures with Cervine Kline around the fire tower. Enjoy.

    This was started on February 9th 2016 by me, Darrel James Vanwinkle (Pouchlaw/Ratseye)

    Tags: anime, bear, cartoon, digimon, fox, hare, human, male, reindeer

    Marco Fernando
    Christopher Fernando
    Jean-Francis Fernando
    Lewis Clark

    AV-MFandSons-02 Winter Work Daze
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Pouchlaw/Ratseye)
    April 9th, 2016

    Chapter One

    When Marco awoke the next morning in Quickfoot's arms all cuddled up with the living plushy snowshoe hare and Leonard was nowhere to be seen, he looked down at the fur-covered courier. "I wonder when Quicky ended up in my arms like this? I hope he is comfortable. I wonder where Leonard went?"

    Quickfoot quietly said, "He went to test the temperatures outside. He will be back soon. When it gets warm enough, we can see about getting you back to work. But for now, just hold me closely so you keep warm."

    Marco held Quickfoot closely as the hare requested. "I used to have a cotton stuffed Easter Bunny when I was a younger boy. Sad to say, I often did things with him that I really shouldn't have. I don't know why I was so turned on by him. High School dimmed my interest in plush animals, but then I learned that forest rangers often deal with animals. So I went to college to learn how to be a forest ranger. But I never forgot my original interests."

    Quickfoot then said, "I could tell from the way you were rubbing yourself against my butt fur, Marco. But I don't mind as long as I can return the favor. If you're game for some safe play time, then lets do it."

    Marco smiled as he leaned in close and gave Quickfoot a light kiss on his whiskers. "I couldn't agree more."

    At the Bed and Breakfast, Racer, Bookie and Heart-Throb arrived early and they met up with Christopher and Archeon. "Since you don't need Christopher this morning after cleaning up before midnight, may we show the boy where we work at the mines? We can have him return by noon if you really need him."

    Archeon said, "Jean-Francis met my furnace boys last night and he mentioned that the ventilation was a little stopped up. Therefore, I will be helping the younger kids with cleaning the ventilation ducts. So you boys can take Christopher to the mines. I'll be busy all day with this."

    Heart-Throb hugged Christopher closely. "I thought about you all night, Christopher. We are going to let you keep any gem you find in the mine, handsome. Does that sound good?"

    Christopher smiled. "I don't know about that, but I'd love to see the mines with you three."

    After Christopher departed with the three humanoid reindeer patrons, Archeon met up with Jean-Francis, Crafty, Presley and Cole. "Okay boys, we have to search out the ducts and find where the blockage is located. Crafty, you don't have to help out if you don't want to. I know you have a morning schedule with running around th forest and you have to check on your cozy den to make sure no one pilfered any of your honestly acquired things."

    Crafty smiled. "That is what I usually do. I need to check on Marco and then I want to go see what Kline is up to; he took Lewis somewhere yesterday. I slept great with you, Jean-Francis. Thank you for sketching me in your sketch pad. Good luck with the ducts." And the arctic fox zipped out the door into the snow.

    Jean-Francis gave a fond hug to the goat boy and the shepherd dog boy. "Don't worry, we'll do a great job together."

    Cole said, "We will be starting at the bottom and going up from there. Archeon and Presley will be working at the top and we will meet in the middle."

    Then the two pairs split up as the human boy went down to the furnace room with the nice looking shepherd dog boy.

    While Cervine Kline spoke to Crafty just outside of his herd cavern, Lewis found himself at the bottom of the pile of the rest of the herd with Aeris whom he was very much in love with. "Did we do this all night, Aeris?"

    Aeris kissed Lewis on the muzzle as he quietly replied, "Actually, yes. But then again, we all do this every night. And sometimes all week long day and night if we are in heat. I am so glad you want to be my boyfriend, Lewis. You are so special and a great guy."

    Kline said to Crafty, "Lewis fell in love with one of my herd mates and they are not finished with their play time as yet. You said that Marco wasn't at the ranger tower yet?"

    Crafty said, "The cabin and the tower are both locked up tight and the tracks go out to sleigh tracks and then the tracks don't come back. It looks like he might have gone somewhere with Quickfoot. And I think Leonard is with them because I cannot find the polar bear either. Christopher went to the mines with the three reindeer miners and Jean-Francis is helping the furnace boys clean the ventilation ducts."

    Kline said, "Quickfoot is very trustworthy. More so than both of us, you know. You aren't jealous of anything Marco might be doing, are you? You spent the night with Jean-Francis."

    Crafty grinned. "I don't see the problem, Kline. Lewis stayed here with you. As for Christopher, he will get his in the mines. He might even lose his clothes."

    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two

    North of Buckton Croft, the three humanoid reindeer led the human boy through the snow covered hills to the entrance of the gem mines. "This is the where we mine gems," stated Racer. "We also use the mine's lounge to practice our card playing skills. We have our own tavern in the mine, but we like Archeon's stock better. Most of our stuff is watered down and thus safe for you to drink. It doesn't mean it is nice tasting for us. But on the side, would you honor a session of poker with us before we get to work?"

    Heart-Throb said, "Because of the Freeze Warning last night, we didn't get a chance to play cards with you. And I'd like to see what your skill level actually is."

    Bookie remarked, "For the record, Christopher, I am usually the dealer and the guy who keeps track of bets."

    Christopher nodded his head. "Sounds good to me, guys. A little poker to get the blood pumping. What brand of poker are we going to be playing?"

    "As we told you last night," said Heart-Throb, "we prefer five card stud poker. But you mentioned being familiar with Strip Poker. Since we never wear any clothes and you do, in lieu of clothes, we can offer you submissive sex when you win hands against us. And although we might like being on the bottom, if we won, you would still strip for us. And stay naked while we're at the mines. Does that sound fair?"

    Christopher stated, "As I also said, Lewis beat me when I played against him. Therefore, I'm not very good at the game. But I will play five car stud with you guys. Despite my not being comfortable with strip poker, I can show you what I have when we get into the mines. I can already see what you guys are packing."

    When they arrived in the tavern lounge of the mines, Christopher noticed that there were other humanoid reindeer bucks all gathered there preparing to make their way deeper into the mine tunnels themselves. "You didn't mention having a bunch of work mates in here, guys."

    Racer said, "They are usually already off in the mines by now. Unless something happened somewhere in the mines. How about it, guys; what's the hold up in the mines?"

    One of the supervisors replied, "Tunnel 44 collapsed during the North Winds and Freeze Warning we were told about. We were organizing a dig out team to go in and clear the debris and check the integrity of the beams in that mine tunnel." Then he looked to the human teenage boy. "You must be Christopher, one of the boys who brought in the decent television services we got to watch last night in town. Because of that kind act, you are welcome to anything you find in the mines. Whenever you like. And I mean that, too."

    The human boy replied, "You don't have to go that far, sir. About how long do you think the clearing of Tunnel 44 might take to complete?"

    "Less than an hour with the proper motivation, Christopher," the supervisor replied with a smile. "You could strip out of your clothes in a teasing manner and that would motivate these bucks like never before."

    Bookie went over and placed a record on an old record player and what began playing was the strip tease music for which Christopher recognized from old movies set in the flappers age.

    Christopher got right into the rhythm as the music played as he slowly stripped out of his clothing as he danced and pranced around, making a spectacle of himself. The Buck reindeer were hooting and cheering as they got rock hard erections from the motivational show. The Supervisor then raised his voice, "Okay men! We have a mine tunnel to clear! There will be time for Archeon's new serving boy when we're done!" And the entire throng of Buck reindeer men charged down through one of the tunnels where mining and construction sounds began to fill the air.

    Christopher then slowly picked up his clothes and folded them neatly as he placed them on the mine tavern counter top; then he went over and stopped the music placing Bookie's record back into its sleeve and putting that back where Bookie had gotten it from. Then he walked around for a bit and he was glad to find the mine toilet; he went inside and did his business. He was glad that they had spring water and cleaning clothes in there so he could wipe and clean himself when he was done. As he emerged from the toilet, he noticed an almost purple light shining from a side tunnel. He went in to see what it was. In a broken mine wall in which he found he could squeeze into he found a glowing amethyst gem chamber with some sort of platform that had words that he could just barely make out along one side of the circular platform. Standing in the center of the platform, Christopher began to decipher the Latin print into English.

    "Lets see what this says..." said Christopher quietly as he deciphered the old print. "Great Master... For reading this text, my magical powers are now yours." As he read over that line of text, the amethyst glow from the gem like platform snaked up through his feet and coursed up his legs making his body glow all over. Not noticing the glow overtaking him, he continued reading the ancient script upon the platform. "Wizardry is all about the power of belief. If you want it, the magic will happen. If you will it, miracles are possible. To accept this boon, speak the word of power and all shall be yours." Sitting off by itself was the final Latin word on the platform. Christopher raised an eyebrow. "It can't be that easy. it says, Aurora!" and when he spoke that word, the entire chamber erupted in light as he found himself standing back outside of that chamber in the mine's tavern room. When he looked around and saw where he was, he pondered, "If it is truly that easy, I know a good way to test it. I want to go see Orion."

    End of Chapter Two


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      Chapter Three

      Christopher closed his eyes and focused on that sexy Hell Donkey recruiter who had given him the magic ring and in the blink of an eye, the human boy landed in Orion's lap which gave him a sensation he wasn't expecting as it felt as if he had an enormous cock hilted and stretched up his tail hole. He could hear Orion saying, "Good thing I lubricated myself before this guy appeared like this or it might have hurt him a lot."

      Then he heard Orion say, "Christopher? How did you get in my lap and where are your clothes? Not that I mind, but this is a surprise visit."

      Christopher opened his eyes and turned his head where he gave Orion a kiss on the muzzle and then he explained how he had found the magical chamber in the gem mine and how it had given him wizardly powers. "And then when I ended up in the mine's tavern, I decided to test the power to see if it would let me come and visit you. My clothes are in the Mine's tavern room. Am I really stuck on your cock?"

      Orion smiled. "You sure are, love. Five minutes earlier and you would have landed in my bath tub. And an hour before that, you would have landed in the muddy swamps where I had been just earlier."

      Christopher smiled as he kissed Orion again. "I still love you, Orion. I am really glad I can finally meet you in person. You seemed so sad before. How do you feel now?"

      Orion kissed the boy back very deeply. "Like a million credits now that you are here. How long do you think you will be able to stay with me?"

      Christopher replied, "I'm not sure how this magic works so I may be here with you for a while."

      Orion then asked, "Are you feeling any pain by being stuck in my lap like this, love?"

      "I thought I might at first, but oddly, that lubrication you use must remove any possible pain. I actually feel really comfortable being with you like this."

      Orion smiled. "My brothers will love meeting you, Christopher."

      Christopher smiled back. "I am sure I will love meeting them as well. I assume that normally only Hell Donkeys live here in your realm, am I right?"

      Orion hugged the boy tightly as he gently fired off a load of his fluids into his loving boyfriend. "You would be correct. But I am sure you will be just fine since you are wearing my enchanted ring."

      "I am still wearing it because it merged with my finger, Orion. I cannot remove even if I wanted to. I am not making you uncomfortable, am I?" asked Christopher as he felt himself shivering and starting to get heavier while positioned in the Hell Donkey Recruiter's lap. Before Orion could answer, the teen age boy suddenly grew a hell donkey tail much the same as Orion's tail. And then his ears transformed into Hell Donkey ears much like Orion's ears. And then the rest of Christopher's body changed into a Hell Donkey Boy exactly like Orion's body looked. "Um... Orion... what's going on? I feel funny."

      Orion kissed Christopher deeply on his newly formed donkey muzzle once again. "I am so sorry, Christopher. You changed into a donkey like me and my brothers. I still love you; please don't hate me. Before meeting you, I didn't have any true friends aside from my brothers. People tend not to like us donkeys when something like this happens."

      Christopher kissed Orion back deeply. "As long as you promise not to throw me away and you still love me, I don't mind trying out being a Hell Donkey like you and your brothers. So what exactly changed me, Orion? Was it your cock fluids or something else?"

      Orion rubbed on his boyfriend firmly as he replied, "It was a combination between the lubrication, the fluids and the air itself. Remember when I asked you how long you thought you would be visiting me? I knew the local air often caused visitors to change into Hell Donkeys. I just don't know how long it takes. I know the fluids and lubrication can also do it, especially if you get it into your mouth, which you did when you kissed me deeply upon your first arrival. I still love you, Christopher and I did apologize when you did change into one of us. I hope you know I didn't change you on purpose. Maybe your new magical powers will include your learning how to change between your new Hell Donkey and your original human forms. Don't worry, though. I will teach you how to move on your new hoofs and how to move your ears and tail."

      "How often do you get the chance to recruit someone?" asked Christopher.

      "Not as often as I would like, to be absolutely honest," he replied. "Back when we first went into business, we recruited three to six new people per week; but after a while, the numbers dwindled down something fierce until we finally reached the point where we desperately agreed to showcase our business on that TV show which you wrote to me and sent me that nude picture of yourself in regards to. My brothers loved the picture and I wished hard to be able to meet you in person. I didn't know you would gain magic to be able to come see me."

      Orion then said, "For ease of use, love... you have a pretty long primary name; we Hell Donkeys often shorten our names to a one-syllable name that is easy to pronounce. May I shorten yours to 'Chris' so it becomes easier to say?"

      "Sure, love, but yours is two syllables; do your brothers shorten your name sometimes?"

      Orion smiled. "My shortened donkey name is pronounced as 'Ryan'. My brothers often drop the 'O' since it makes my name easier to say. And you may call me by either name, if you'd like. Also, I need to help you with one more thing; when I changed you into a Hell Donkey, I also got you pregnant. Boys can get pregnant in our home realm. We have no girls here."

      End of Chapter Three


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        Chapter Four

        Jean-Francis and Cole the Shepherd dog boy were downstairs near the boy's bunking chamber using a laundry dryer lint collecting brush on one of the duct openings near the bottom when the human boy noticed the dog boy pawing at the seat of his pants. "Is something wrong, Cole?"

        Cole sheepishly smiled at the human boy. "May I suck your cock, Jean-Francis? Your scent is turning me on and it is driving me crazy."

        The boy replied, "As long as the activity doesn't prevent us from cleaning the ducts down here, I'll let you do that, Cole. I am surprised that Crafty didn't try that with me last night. He slept quietly and never moved from my arms." Jean-Francis then unzipped his pants and pulled them and his underwear down permitting Cole to take the human penis into his canine muzzle for a sensation that the human boy would likely enjoy a lot. Jean-Francis continued to turn the lint cleaning brush inside the duct work.

        Eventually, Presley the goat boy brought sandwich lunches down to the human boy and the dog boy along with a cooler full of colas. "Archeon asked me to bring lunch down here for you guys. Um, why are your pants and underwear off, Jean-Francis? I thought you humans liked to cover up."

        Jean-Francis replied as he looked down beneath him. "Cole wanted to suck my cock, Presley. Since he asked politely, I decided to permit him to do it while I continued to clean the duct work. In fact, it is getting easier to move and turn the lint brush."

        Presley then said, "Since you are open to the idea of sex, may I mount you from behind, Jean-Francis? I will let you mount me afterward. Cole and I often do each other every night."

        The human boy thought it over before saying, "Promise not to hurt me and I will let you mount me. How is Archeon doing upstairs?"

        Presley moved around behind the boy as he said, "The reindeer at the mines called for Archeon to come and help them find your brother. He disappeared out of the mines without any of his clothes. And they are very worried about him. So we are here at the boarding house by ourselves for now. It wouldn't be the first time. This might feel weird at first but I promise I am not going to hurt you." And then he planted his small thin penis into the human boy's anus and gently slid it inside of the willing boy before gently thrusting against the human boy's backside lovingly.

        At Quickfoot Silversail the lightning fast anime snowshoe hare digimon's home, Marco was enjoying a meal and hot tea with the digimon hare and the polar were-bear, Leonard Baroqueski. "You say the reindeer at the mines lost track of my son Christopher and now they are actively looking for him?"

        Leonard nodded his head. "That's the fact, Marco. At least we know that Kline doesn't have him; he has Lewis still. Your other son, Jean-Francis, is helping Archeon clean the duct work within the boarding house."

        Marco replied, "My sons are pretty reliable when it comes to helping someone with a job they have offered to do. What's the word with the weather, Leonard? Will I be able to get to work today or is there a problem around the ranger tower?"

        Leonard replied, "Due to the high winds and freeze warning last night, a layer of thick ice formed over the doors to the ranger cabin and to the elevator of the tower. Crafty said he had an idea to melt the ice without using fire. So he went back to his lair to see if he had any heat conducting oil. You might be better off just staying with Quickfoot for another night just in case, Marco. It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow. If the reindeer at the mines cannot find Christopher, then I will lend a paw to locate him; I certainly don't want to ask Kline for assistance. He is rather horny for a sexual reward."

        Quickfoot commented, "Kline has Lewis; isn't he satisfied with having one of the boys in his lair?"

        Leonard replied, "Most of Kline's herd are currently in heat right now, meaning they are in the mating mood. And that likely means that Lewis got pregnant last night."

        Marco arched an eye. "He got what? How on Earth could that happen between a bunch of guys?"

        Quickfoot smiled at Marco. "Actually, through toon physics, male digimon can get male humans pregnant if the conditions are right. I would never do that to you without your permission, Marco. I like you too much to try that with you. But if you wanted to get me pregnant with an egg, then I would be game to carry your newest child."

        Leonard then said, "But truth be told, the male hoofed animals are the worst of the worst when it comes to sex without permission. Kline's herd will not bother the female reindeer who graze around the lake, so that is one of their illuminating graces. The reindeer who work the mines are generally well-mannered thanks to Archeon's influences. But the rest of the hoofed animals in the north, you take a chance when they are around. Those of us with paws are able to keep our minds out of the gutter. As you know through your being up here in recent months, Crafty is more interested in your goods than in your manly goodies. Kline doesn't like your bosses. I keep you company when I am passing through because you are a great conversationalist. And from what you now know of Quickfoot, he keeps himself clean so he doesn't lose his job."

        Marco thought about it for a moment, but then he changed the subject. "Where did you sleep last night, Leonard? I was actually worried about you."

        Leonard smiled. "I brought in some firewood for Quickfoot's fireplace and then I got the fire going before curling up on the couch across from the fireplace. I was going to sleep on the rug, but it looked like something nasty was on it, so I opted for the couch instead."

        Quickfoot smiled. "I was wondering where the extra wood came from. As for that nasty looking spot, I spilled some molasses and herbal tea the other day and I guess I missed a spot where it fell. I will get that taken care of immediately. Thank you for alerting me to the stain. I try to keep a clean cottage here at home."

        End of Chapter Four


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          Chapter Five

          Having told Quickfoot and Leonard that if he didn't get some work done in the wilds, he could lose his ranger job, Marco agreed to return to Quickfoot's cottage after making his rounds. Therefore, Marco while pulling his supply sled trudged along through the snow toward one of the forestry markers that was on his route. As he was nearing the stone marker near the edge of the wood, he saw what looked like a gray colored unicorn shivering in a deep snow drift. He normally never saw any mythical creatures while making his rounds so this was a definitive first. He marked a check mark in his note pad before pocketing the pad and pencil and approaching the unicorn slowly. "Do you need some help, stud?"

          The unicorn buck replied, "I am stuck after the wind blew me off the trail into this ditch. If you could help me get back to my den, Mister Ranger, I would be glad to give you a reward from my storage cave."

          "I am Marco Fernando, the forest ranger who is here under the four year trial period... my first year still and you are the first unicorn I have ever encountered while making my rounds. I'll pull you out of the deep snow and then you can rest on my sled in which I will bundle you up in a thermal blanket before I pull you back to your den. You will have to direct me there since I do not know where you live. My sons would probably love seeing a unicorn. Now let's get you out of that ditch."

          "That local white fox calls me Sticky, but my actual name is Plastarine. I appreciate the assistance you are offering me today, Marco. I've dwelt locally for years, but today is the first time I have ever seen you here in the north. I am in charge of Summer Valley but like anyone in this area, even I have to go to Buckton Croft to get supplies."

          Marco tested Plastarine's front legs to see just how stuck he was in the snow drift. "Summer Valley sounds pretty warm; which is likely a god's send for someone like you, I imagine. Yes, you are in this drift pretty deeply, but I can get you out. I will need to use my rope; you are not afraid of having a rope tied around your barrel, are you?"

          Plastarine smiled. "Oh the valley is warm with its natural hot springs, Latex pools and clay mud swamps. The valley itself is accessible through my den. A race of mythicals live there." He then smiled at Marco who was getting the rope. "Better around my barrel than around my shaft unless you have a fetish for petting on soft fur and smooth hide. And despite what I just said, I try to keep a clean mind, which is hard to do when I meet nice handsome people like you. Your wife probably guards you something fierce."

          Marco tied the rope around the unicorn's torso and front barrel as he replied, "My wife has been deceased for the past few years. She was killed by a drunk driver."

          Plastarine looked abashed. "I am so sorry! I hope I didn't sound too crude by mentioning her in the way that I did!"

          Marco then positioned himself around a tree trunk as he pulled on the rope with all his might causing the unicorn to dislodge from the snow drift. "No, don't worry about it. You heard me mention my sons and you simply thought my wife still lived. Now a few guys back in college once said the wrong thing and I got to watch her parents cream the college jocks for being insensitive. I think the jocks were in the hospital for several weeks after that." Marco came back over to the unicorn and helped him settle down on the sled where the human then wrapped the thermal blanket around the unicorn stud buck. "There, that should help you get some warmth back into your body. I'll pull the sled and you direct me to where your den is. You are far nicer than Kline is."

          "Not to sound mean, but it doesn't take much to be nicer than Kline since he is a reindeermon in heat," replied the thankful unicorn sitting on the sled. "He sniffs a male's crotch to evaluate whether they are a virgin or not."

          Marco while pulling the sled remarked, "I am not sure if you are sure of that statement then, because Kline has been sniffing my crotch and it is obvious that I am not a virgin since I have two sons. He said that I have the scent of someone the animals do not trust upon my clothes. But as you just said, he never smells any other part of my clothes; only my groin."

          Plastarine gave Marco directions on where the entrance to his den was located and soon, they were arriving at what looked like an old gem mining operation and they mine entrance had a wooden door over the main entry point. "This is it, Marco. The mining reindeer used to mine this location until they accidentally broke into Summer Valley. I informed them of where the current gem vein could be mined at and in thanks they gave me the old mine to use as my den and access point for traveling to Buckton Croft."

          As Marco was removing the rope from the unicorn, he noticed in the distance that they could see the upper part of the fire tower from the mine entrance. "Good news, Plastarine. You can see the fire tower where I work from the mine entrance. And now that I think of it, I have noticed this mountain before while working from the tower but I didn't pay it much mind since nothing bad was ever occurring over here." He then coupled the unicorn's head and muzzle to direct him to the treeline where the fire tower could be seen at. "See, that is where I am usually working." He then let go of the unicorn and said, "You know what? I think I will let you keep the thermal blanket to remember our meeting by. May I have a look at Summer Valley while I am here?"

          Plastarine smiled. "Certainly, Marco. Just remember what I said was in there and watch your step. If you fall into a pool, you will likely have to use this blanket yourself while your clothes get cleaned. That is if your clothes survive the dip into those mud and latex pools. I am sure the local mythicals of Summer Valley will be glad to meet a nice guy like you. Come, I will show you the way."

          After passing through the outer den, the two reached a rear door that was warm to the touch. Upon opening this door, Marco could see the warm hidden valley with soft warm grassy and muddy paths. "Perhaps I should get undressed before going in and then retrieve my clothes as I am leaving," he said as he began to disrobe at the entrance to the valley.

          Plastarine remarked, "You may leave your clothes and shoes within this crate with the hinged lid. One moment..." He then raised his voice. "Hey guys! I'm home from my walk! I met the new forest ranger and he wanted to see Summer Valley! I brought him home with me! He is undressing before entering! If you guys are in the communal Mud Pool, just shout out the word Yes so we can hear you!" The unicorn paused after saying this and then they both heard a collective shout in return: "YES!" Plastarine smiled at Marco whom was naked now. "I can lead you there so you can meet the others. I wasn't wrong about how handsome you are, it seems." He then led the naked human through the warm clay paths to the edge of a heated clay mud swamp where several imp-sized pony like humanoids with pony tails and manes were relaxing in various spots within the clay mud pool. They all waved a hand at the nice human and said, "Hi."

          End of Chapter Five